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  1. Slaughter.
    Yesterday 09:51 PM
    Ha! I'll be on most of the day today so I can level up on the character for the crafting achievements.

    Actually no. The guy was a dick and got off before I could message him so I just played 3 games and invited two twelve year olds to boost with me. They were actually civilized!
  2. Slaughter.
    Yesterday 12:17 AM
    Literally not even fair. I can still give you some weapons though and some materials if you're still interested!

    Completed Blacklist today!
  3. Slaughter.
    08-26-2014 12:32 AM
    Will you be on tonight at 6? We could finish all the coop and then depending on what the weekly challenge is we can do that this week.

    After that the completion will be mine.
  4. Slaughter.
    08-25-2014 04:37 AM
    Okay. I literally missed you by a MINUTE for the coop today. Let's plan for tomorrow afternoon at around 3:45PM? (Pacific time but we're both in CA so I don't think that matters)
  5. KillerBEA
    08-23-2014 07:03 PM
    You might find humor in this:
  6. Slaughter.
    08-23-2014 06:33 PM
    I'm on now so we can do the coop together. Can't thank you enough.

    Let's do the weekly challenge while we are at it.
  7. Slaughter.
    08-17-2014 04:20 PM
    You got a titanite slab in the first try?!?! I farmed for 3 HOURS with 10 humanity and the covetous gold serpent ring and didn't get one.

    LOL. Seath's boss fight at first is actually impossible. Wear a ring of sacrifice and you'll wake up in a cell in the archives. Continue through the area and fight Seath again. The moonlight Greatsword is a tail cut from him. I actually really struggle with the tail cut but the idea is to stand right next to the crystal and then let him destroy it. He'll be stunned for a tiny bit. This is your chance. Sprint behind him and attack te tip of his middle tail.

    I struggle cause he always moves it around and I can't hit it. Then he starts moving again. He does a tail smash attack that's hard to dodge. I can't do it, but that's the strategy.
  8. Fragarach Luin
    08-16-2014 08:48 PM
    Fragarach Luin
    Sorry, lads, been moving around and such. All is well, but life is a little crazy right now, what with the residency starting and all that. I'm not just ignoring you because I hate you, I just barely have time to even sleep at the moment.
  9. Slaughter.
    08-15-2014 05:57 AM
    One more thing before you do Nito. Be sure to get his covenant before you kill him btw. After Pinwheel, you'll be in the Tomb of the Giants. The tomb is pitch black, but there is a way to negate the difficulty very easily. When you get to the first bonfire, go up the latter and talk to the man named Patches (bald and uses an axe). He'll ask if you're a cleric. Say NO, then walk to te edge and he'll kick you into a little pit. Loot the three corpses in front f you for 3 Proud Knight souls and te Skull Lantern. The Skull Lantern will make the glow radius around you significantly larger. Then just sprint through to the next bonfire. Then sprint to Nito's fog gate.

    Be sure to be human so Paladin Leeroy will invade. Be careful to not kick him off the cliff as his drops are required for the Knight's Honor achievement.
  10. Slaughter.
    08-15-2014 05:00 AM
    Also when you get to Nito, an easy way to kill him is to get a divine weapon and stay put. The way the boss starts is you fall through a hole to wear he is. Nito is a necromancy and has an army of skeletons helping him and he will resurrect them. But not with a divine weapon! Stay right there when you fall and take out the initial batch of skeletons that swarm you (with your divine weapon so try don't constantly get resurrected). Then wait for Nito to come over to you. He hits hard but has a blind spot to his left side. Just stay there and when he hunches be sure to stay where you are and block with a high magic resist shield. It's very easy this way.

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