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30 Days Until Witcher 3!

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  1. Slaughter.
    Today 03:40 AM
    Hehe. I was humbled when he called me "nothing more than a troll". I really felt good then.

    It's not that bad, but man the story is bad. I can't believe the same team behind the utterly breathtaking Deus Ex: HR let down so much with this one. I'm sort of confused on how the collectibles work. Are some spread out throughout the map in the chapters, or in the city map itself? Do the secret areas work the same way?
  2. Slaughter.
    Today 03:24 AM
    I said that because I told me I had no valid opinion, which I clearly did because three of his five points aren't affected by platform.
    Thief is the most mediocre game ever. Story sucks, ERIN'S A FUCKING BITCH, and the city is poorly designed. It occurred to me that Eidos has no idea how to make a steampunk setting, but they are really good at cyberpunk.
  3. Dirty130
    Today 01:49 AM
    Spiral, Walt and I are all available tomorrow if you want to try The Pre Sequel again?
  4. Spiral 462
    Today 12:02 AM
    Spiral 462
    Man, Wilhelm sounds so cool! If I was going to do another character, I was going to choose Claptrap, but I'll be keeping Wilhelm in mind too! To be able to shoot while sprinting sounds so nice, I often wished I could do that with my Siren. I would be running around and wanting to keep my speed up, but when you had to shoot something, it would make you slow down to a crawl! Lol. His drones sound so cool, they almost remind me of Axton's turrets because of how they do all of the work themselves. I really like that! I can't wait to get Nisha leveled up more so I can get more points into her Action Skill. Right now it runs out so fast and I don't think I have auto-aim yet, or if so, it's no good lol.

    I haven't heard from Walt yet, hopefully we do soon!
  5. Spiral 462
    Yesterday 10:17 PM
    Spiral 462
    Yeah thanks again for that, because I was going to check for them again today when we play and if they weren't there, then I would be searching online for some answers too. It's quite possible I never used any of my Keys in the 360 game, so that's why I didn't think to go to the kiosk first lol. I'm glad you're liking Wilhelm so far! He just looks like an awesome character, I like his style. Ohhhhh yeah, I enjoy doing Spring Cleaning but I do it in small doses now! My gaming room always seems to get dusty pretty fast too, and I have one of those air purifiers in here but I never use it! I need to fix that, lol!
  6. Spiral 462
    Yesterday 09:52 PM
    Spiral 462
    Ahhhhhh, I didn't know that! I didn't realize I had to go to the kiosk to redeem the Keys first lol! Wow, I feel silly, ha ha... Thanks so much, so now when we start up I'll head to that kiosk. Whew! I thought they were gone or something. I didn't know that Bahroo was a member here! From watching tons of Borderlands videos over the past year or two, I've definitely come to know him around YouTube. And yeah, I just got done cleaning my bathrooms and going around the whole house with Lysol wipes... it's a great, relaxing day for some random cleaning! Ha ha.
  7. Spiral 462
    Yesterday 08:41 PM
    Spiral 462
    Ha ha, yeah it was all good, Chaos was really helpful and knowledgeable, as always! But I'm looking forward to playing some more this evening, for sure! I got a message back from Walt, he said he'd just gotten home (this was just over an hour ago) and he was going out for a bit, but he'll message us to play as soon as he gets back. So hopefully we'll be playing soon! Yeah, I do know of that "Bahroo" guy you mentioned! I'll look at his Nisha build. I think I was using a laser weapon too yesterday, that also froze enemies. It was lots of fun! Now I just have to figure out where my Golden Keys are lol, I don't know why when we went to Concordia and we went to use the Chest, all of us were showing that we had zero Golden Keys.
  8. Spiral 462
    Yesterday 03:47 AM
    Spiral 462
    Tomorrow sounds good then, and Dirty said he'll be happy to join us, so let me know if you'd like to message Walt? If not, I can message him. I'm having a lot of fun with the Pre-Sequel so far! I think the anti-gravity jumping is my favorite thing about it lol.
  9. Spiral 462
    Yesterday 03:46 AM
    Spiral 462
    Awww, no worries Bigg! It all worked out for the best, because even if you had hurried back and got on, you would have found that none of us could play together anyway. Shortly after you left, we all got kicked out of party chat and when we went to try to join back up, all Friends showed as Offline and Friends Activity was down, along with any multiplayer in the Pre-Sequel. And for me and Dirty, it's still down, hours later lol! So really, it's ok, I'm glad you got to do your projects and have a nice dinner with your family. Yeah so far, Nisha is doing ok, but I'm going to look up some good builds on her. I've seen YouTube videos before where she was super deadly when she activated her Showdown skill, but I can't remember where they had her points at. I'm going to play around with her Skill Trees, for sure.
  10. Spiral 462
    Yesterday 02:23 AM
    Spiral 462
    Well sadly our party chat and multiplayer broke tonight! We were right in the middle of playing and I got kicked out of party chat and when I went to look at my friends, it said everyone was Offline and no Activity Feed would show up. Ugh, lol. Dirty said his was showing the same thing. But yeah, I imported my Nisha character, so I'm starting with her. I'm free tomorrow though if you want to play again! I hope your school projects went well today.

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