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  1. hodge
    04-11-2012 06:17 PM
    I'm nearing almost a month, so it's not that bad =P

    ME3 on insanity was really easy! I played as a vanguard (I think) so I had tech armour already, but then got defense matrix as well, so I was taking quite a bit to die! Plus my powers recharged really quickly even with the 2 powers active all the time, so yeah, not too hard at all tbh! Oh, and I loved it! Ending was a bit disappointing, but still a great game!

    I might do gears over the summer, I'm not sure. I'll let you know if I do though! Oh, and I didn't get the LE of ME3 in the end, so you don't have to hate me now! =P I really need to finish/start the games i have, nevermind thinking about more new ones!! =P

    Next time, my target is to reply within 2 weeks! Let's do this! =P Hope you're doing ok man =]
  2. hodge
    02-18-2012 01:21 PM
    Again, sorry for the gap =P

    I don't know why the lack of effort. I guess I'm just a bit bored of the site tbh. I used to go on the forums all the time in my gap year, but since I've come to uni, I have way more stuff to do so I just don't bother with it =P It's not that I'm not playing games as much either. Last week alone I played KoA for over 40 hours....

    No, I haven't done gears on 4 player. Me and a friend were going to do it with 2 controllers each, and just do it that way, but that still remains to be seen. Apparently the Skyrim dlc will be more like an expansion than a dlc, but they've only just started working on it =[

    Yeah, I'm getting the LE day one and I cannot wait! Have you tried the demo yet? Oh yeah, prototype 2...damn, I want that game too! I think I'll wait for that one though, don't really want to buy anymore new games for a while =P

    There was snow here when you asked, but because I can't spare 5 minutes to reply to you apparently, no, there's no snow anymore =P
  3. hodge
    01-31-2012 01:58 AM
    Yeah, I got all the achievements done and most of the main/misc quests, but I really want to go back to it! Just wish they'd release some dlc already, I'm getting withdrawal symptoms over here damn it!! =P Probably a good plan, but as usual, I'm getting ME3 day one and playing the shit out of it!

    Yeah, I spoke to her on skype the other week and....she was at matts =P Tbf though, if I had a gf here in hull, I probably wouldn't spend much time sleeping on my own... =P Yeah, tell me about it! I have an essay in for thursday and I'm really struggling with it! It's only reviewing 2 games, easy right? Well the stuff we have to talk about in it and the way we have to right it is just dumb! =\
  4. hodge
    01-31-2012 01:58 AM
    Apologies for all the late replies, just struggling to find the effort to actually come on the site anymore =P

    Yeah, I would come back, but my mate at home has Battlefield, so I can't really play that, and I'm just trying to get the co-op side of Gears done right now, but that's going very slowly which is annoying =P Horde is fun, and I don't mind the shotgun play of gears online (I can actually do that), but I just can't seem to play it for very long. I'm just not really into mp atm =\
  5. hodge
    01-11-2012 02:30 PM
    Hahaha, did you manage to get the report done or get it started or whatever you were hoping to do? =P

    I think I meant 2, as in I prefer MW3 out of the 2 =P Saying that though, I'm starting to dislike MW3 now, just isn't as good as any of the other CoD games =\

    Yeah, well now I've finished skyrim =P Well, all the achievements that is! Getting to level 50 was a bit of a pain, but I got there eventually. Yeah, it really is good, amazing in fact! Possibly one of my favourite games ever. You should get it for the summer, but then you may never see the sun again =P

    Yeah, there's so much more going on at uni, I have way more friends there, it's just better imo. Minus the work that is, I could do without that =P Yeah I've seen her twice over the holidays. Haha, really? Is it because of timetables or what? =P
  6. hodge
    12-22-2011 11:02 PM
    Work is alright. Haven't got much now I'm finished, just an essay and some revision to do. You got much work to do over christmas?

    That's pretty awesome! One of my uni friends does that all the time, and gets loads of ridiculous sniper kills, but that is all he plays as. I find sniping so boring on BF! =P I prefer MW3 out of the 3 much faster paced which is what I like - running and gunning ftw! =P

    I'm like lvl 40 on it I think. I know people who are way higher than 50 and yet haven't done half the quests I have =P Yeah, probably not the best to play it while trying to work as well. I managed it (just), but then again, I am a lowly 1st year =P

    I had another test the other week which I hated so much! No time at all to answer the questions =\ Ahh well, thank god it's only the first year! =P Yeah, I'm home for christmas. I actually prefer it at uni than here, but only because of all the friends I have there! =P
  7. hodge
    12-08-2011 08:22 AM
    Sorry for the really late reply! Things have been a bit hectic with coursework and exam etc the past few weeks

    Ahhh I see. I like the engineer because you can help your team by taking out vehicles, but then you can just run in, get loads of kills and capture the objective =P How are you liking MW3 otherwise?

    Skyrim is seriously amazing! Probably one of my favourite games I've ever played! I've sunk sooo many hours into it already, and yet I still keep going back! =P

    Oh, he told us that the questions would be similiar to past exams, and that we should look at them, and revise the most common topics, since they'd be on the test in one way or another. Turns out that none of those topics were on the test, and instead, a third of the qustions were about something that we mentioned in passing (there's mention of it in only one sentence of his slides). Oh well, I'm getting some pretty good results so far, so hopefully I can keep them up! Looking forward to christmas then?
  8. hodge
    11-20-2011 08:49 AM
    I don't know tbh. I just have some natural talent for fps games I guess. Plus I play engineer on BF, so I'm always getting loads of kills and objectives etc, and not sitting at the back, sniping and only getting like 3 kills =P Hmmm, no lag that I can think of. The only lag I've encountered recently was on MW3 =P

    Yeah, I'm struggling to find the time for everything atm! Skyrim is literally eating my gaming time up (LOVE IT!!) and now I'm trying to fit AC:R in...ahhhhh! Stupid uni! I just want to game! =P

    Yeah, 250 is alot! And now everyone hates the guy again, so yeah, alot of fun in my block.... =P I've had so many tests now it's stupid! Had one the other day that was crap though! Our lecturer lied to us about it!! =[
  9. hodge
    11-06-2011 04:50 PM
    Haha, yeah I saw you yesterday, sneaking into my squad! ;] Yeah, going on your own would be pretty pointless. Although you'd at least have a lot of like-minded people (read: nerds) to talk to and keep you company.... You could have even gone in costume! =P

    Batman is freaking awesome! So good! If you played the first one, it's pretty much the same, but totally worth playing! If it wasn't for BF, I would've played alot more batman, but alas, BF is just too good =P

    Yeah, he did own up, and now he has a 250 fine. Serves him right really =P Yeah, the course is starting to get a little better. I've had like 4 tests already that count towards the exam, and the one I thought I'd do really badly in, I got 22/28 in, so not too bad =P
  10. hodge
    10-25-2011 10:33 PM
    Yeah I just had to enter the MAC address into the Uni's website and it worked fine after that =D Yep, I've got both pre-ordered already, and have done for a long time =P Won't get to play BF3 until this sunday though, going home for the weekend! Yeah, I've never been to one either, and I don't think I could ever be bothered to =P

    Yeah, apart from this weekend when I spent pretty much all of it on Arkham City =P Oh yeah finally went for it huh? How is it compared to 3?

    Yeah, that window's all been sorted now. He went to the warden and owned up, so it's all good now! Yeah, he's alright I guess. He's nice, but gets quite loud when he drinks, and that's pretty much every night =P I would've said it was him regardless. I'm not paying money for something that happened while I was in bed, screw that! Yeah, uni is good! I'm really enjoying it, but the course is quite confusing! Slowly getting there though!

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