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  1. oooz1991
    04-29-2012 07:23 PM
    3ish weeks, I haven't hit the month mark!

    the only thing I disliked about the ending is the fact that you don't really find out what happens to most of your squad. I have a secret love for Garrus and I don't like the fact I don't know what happens to him otherwise the game was incredible! Did you do NG+ on insanity?

    For most of summer (don't know the plans yet) I'll be at home so 3 hours ahead. we'll have to arrange it in advance but you have me on facebook so fire me a message anytime and I'll try to sort it if you decide to go for it

    hahaha I've got LA Noire my dad bought to play, Prototype 2, Halo CE-legendary and mindjack (lol). Sniper Elite V2 ordered. Exams finish friday, it's going to excellent Let you off then, hatred removed,why didn't you?

    hahaha apologies for late reply. Getting raped by exams and revision. but likewise, 2 weeks!!:P I'm doing good man, excluding exams. Failing at those :/ :P How is all with you? many exams? good luck if you do!
  2. Madhatters13
    04-15-2012 07:59 AM
    I saw some old screenshots of RS when I was playing it. It has changed loads over the years. I'm quite looking forward to Guild Wars 2 now; was interested in Guild Wars 1 last year, but saw a sequel had been announced so I figured I'd wait and put my efforts into that instead.

    Have you had an enjoyable Easter break? Mine has been pretty good. Have been mostly playing Pokémon SoulSilver, and finally gave Spec Ops on MW3 a try. I'm hoping to hear back from college for my next course (Access to Higher Education - Chemistry) sometime in the next fortnight or so. Dreams of going to UEA.
  3. Madhatters13
    04-15-2012 07:45 AM
    Apologies for the incredibly late reply. I have been trying to bend time and space to make this reply not quite so terribly late, but it hasn't been working out.

    Your mention of demo download time brought back horrible memories of the Haze one on PS3. Took around 4 hours because of its size and the sheer number of people downloading it, but I can't imagine even 1 of them being impressed, because even on the hardest difficulty it was over in a matter of 10 minutes.

    I completely agree, collectables are definitely the worst. Not so much when they break down how many are in each location but games that say "There's 300 [super-awesome pointless collectable] in this game, go get 'em" can go die!!
  4. oooz1991
    03-17-2012 07:04 PM
    I wouldn't worry, my gap is a month :/

    Yeah I understand, I'm using the conversation threads less often now. Use it for updates on information/in-game stuff for games I'm playing. Like at the moment I look at SSX, BF3, ME3 and Gears 3, occasionally Forza but there isn't anything really :P 40 hours in a week, That's impressive!

    I saw that you're playing ME3 on insanity now, is it hard?
    Have you already completed it? what do you think? I haven't played much of the story, not had the time... Tend to play the multi in some evenings.
    If you ever do want to do Gears on 4-player then subject to when,I'd be interested in joining. couple of achievements we could get with 3 consoles!
    mmm it'll be a long time before DLC for that comes out, but its a big old game!

    forgot you got the limited of ME3, I HATE YOU! :P Prototype I will only buy day one if I definitely get that RADNET thing

    hahahaha, hey its been a month for me. no worries :P cold enough here for there to be snow atm DX
  5. Madhatters13
    03-10-2012 08:00 AM
    They're the only reasons I ever play them too. Too much hassle to download them for the most part. I remember the first demo I ever played, the first Tomb Raider. I got to the edge of this underwater chamber, and had to ask my Dad if Lara could swim.

    I think Shadow Broker will be the one I start with, then do Arrival. Did you get Mass Effect 3 yesterday? I will definitely pick KoA up sometime in the coming months. I've been playing the Jak and Daxter collection the past few days. It ticks 2 of those boxes - fairly straightforward trophies and great fun to play. It's just collectables... lots and lots of collectables.

    When I started playing RS last year they'd just started a graphical overhaul. Can't say I was a fan of the finished result (I preferred the simpler look), so I haven't been back. Woah! I guess it's a good sign if there's still things to do that keep you coming back after that much playtime.
  6. Madhatters13
    02-23-2012 09:31 PM
    That sounds like a plan.

    That's the one annoyance with demos - getting a random chunk of the story that makes little sense. I'm hoping to start working my way through the ME2 DLC this weekend, but knowing me I'll probably end up just playing the Starhawk beta. I feel the same, funny thing is I still get far more invites to Black Ops - I never see anyone on MW3.

    I thought about getting KoA this week, but looking at the huge pile of games I have just sitting there unloved atm, I think I'll save it for when the summer game drought hits.

    Good to hear you're enjoying it. With Runescape I started playing it after reading about all the various mini games and what-not you can take part in (well that and I knew my PC would run it ). They all sounded pretty fun, but I never did try any of them out. :O I think I'm about level 25 or something, mostly because everyone else who played it was lvl 80+. I might go back one day though...
  7. Madhatters13
    02-15-2012 09:40 AM
    Apologies for being non-existent on XBL recently. Hopefully we'll be able to have our gaming session sometime in the next few weeks.

    Have you tried the Mass Effect 3 demo yet? I really want to, but I need to be getting a move on and finish (read: start) the DLC for ME2. Haha, if I could go back to November I wouldn't touch Elite with a barge pole. Having seen the 2 maps they've brought out with Elite so far, I can't say I'm looking forward to playing either.

    I'd love to see an arena too. I hope they opt for larger DLCs like the Shivering Isles as opposed to Fallout's smaller ones. I'm so far behind on Skyrim. All of my friends are finishing it now and I've hardly made a scratch on any of the questlines except for the College of Winterhold.

    How's it going on WoW so far? I'd love to start trying some more MMOs this year. I'm hoping to get round to trying EVE Online sometime soon. Been meaning to play that for so long now.
  8. oooz1991
    02-04-2012 03:13 PM
    hahahaha I just wish I could play the shit out of that game but I want to avoid it to get work done. Though I may well buy it on release and complete it before easter. Just if I do that it'll remove the fun of playing it afterwards. Have to see what my exam timetable ends up like, since I want to preorder prototype 2 to get that RADNET thingy. that is coming out smack bang in my exams. So we'll see
    hahaha shes always there man. No agreed, neither would I. But I literally DONT see her :P Not everybody knows games like us, have to dumb it down a bit DX DX any snow where you are man? sorry, talking too much :P
  9. oooz1991
    02-04-2012 03:12 PM
    no worries man I use it for news on new games and DLC, why the lack of effort? Not playing games as much? :'(
    have you done gears on 4 player? I've done 2 and 3 players on a fair few chapters but not 4 DX
    Fair enough, I absolutely adore horde, could play that endlessly but the mp i don't play as much!
    hahahaha I think they're probably waiting a bit since a large number of people haven't completed the main bit yet :P I'd need some SERIOUS patience to be able to complete that game :P I admire you man!
  10. Madhatters13
    02-02-2012 10:40 AM
    It's really not a problem mate. I've been feeling a similar way about the whole internet recently.

    That sounds good. Not sure about Saturday yet but I should be around to play anytime Sunday. I'll keep you updated via the Tweeters if anything changes. I really regret buying into the hype of CoD Elite; that money would've been much better spent on chocolate or something. I'll probably try and get to at least 13th prestige - that's my favourite icon.

    Haha!! I remember reading an article a few months back about rumours they might be returning to Morrowind or Cyrodiil with the DLC. I completely agree though, they need to hurry it up. I think I need to hurry up and make some more progess too.

    Haha, I hadn't played a Zelda game either before Skyward Sword. I feel a similar way, it just feels a little like a wasted gaming session if at least one achievement hasn't popped when playing a game.

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