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  1. Kairi
    01-31-2010 04:37 PM
    Whoops, sorry about that. I'm not very good with writing sentences as I said, so it probably wasn't worded right to being with. Suru does mean to do, not sure if it comes at the end of a sentence though- I haven't really taught myself much about making sentences yet.

    That is pretty much what I was trying to say. I was saying "... Please do not post my age in english. I do not usually tell people." No reason to say oops, just as long as you didn't rewrite that whole thing in English it's okay.

    I was also using a Japanese/English dictionary I have to help me post that for things I didn't know how to say, so that is probably why. Which words? I can tell you the meaning

    Think that says something along the lines of "I'm sorry, my japanese still needs a lot of work."

    Watashi no nihongo wa warui shippitsu.
  2. Kairi
    01-31-2010 02:48 PM
    I thought so lol, at least I got the other two XD And yep, that's what I said.

    I didn't know kanji were just words, guess I learn something new everyday I am probably going to work on learning kanji soon. I really like learning different languages, so I wouldn't think it's a waste of time at all. I am currently trying to learn French too ^_^

    Have fun! It says "I am 24 years old. How old are you?" I guess I can anwer it lol Probably not an answer you expected XD It might be a little hard to read, I'm not used to writing sentences yet.

    Watashi wa juuyon sai desu. Onegai shimasu suru nai keiji suru watashi no toshi no naka de eigo. Watashi wa suru nai itsumo iu hitobito.
  3. Kairi
    01-31-2010 04:09 AM
    Yeah, I actually did I just gota DS game called My Japanese Coach so hopefully that heps me learn more .

    I thought Kanji was the writing in manga and Japanese games, not hiragana. I guess I mesed up there lol I didn't know you can't make sentences with that either lol

    I am going to try translating agin , had to use the dictonary a bit more this time XD I think it says something like "I am from England, mornings are a disaster, good night!" think I got the second part wrong lol.

    Watashi wa Amerikajin. Oyasumi nasai! :P
  4. Kairi
    01-31-2010 01:16 AM
    I haven't imported before but I've been thinking about it. I am actually trying to teach myself Japanese, and I canread and speak romaji very well, I don't understand all of it yet though. It's kind of hard teaching yourself it, but there isn't any one who can speak it in the area I have played a Japanese version of Pokemon once and didn't have too many problems though except I couldn't read the kanji. I might understand the voice actors a little bit for Final Fantasy XIII, but definitely not the text.

    I kind of like the english VA's for Final Fantasy XIII, one of the better VAs I've heard recently. I've gotten used to subtitles from the Japanese anime I watch, but I'd like to watch a cutscene lol

    I'm going to try translate that. I think it says something like "I'm sorry- excuse me! You like the Japanese language?" Had to look up sumimasen in my Jap/English dictionary XD and Hai!
  5. Kairi
    01-30-2010 06:52 PM
    That sounds like a really good plan! I was doing to do all three playthroughs at once of Infinite Undiscovery, but that gave me a good idea so I won't get bored of it. Probably doing to do a normal run and get any achievements possible so I don't have to worry about those, then play another game, enjoy playing hard and get anything I may have missed, then play something else, and then finally play infinite and enjoy myself. Rather get the achievements all done and over with so I can enjoy the othr two playthroughs.

    I would definitely want to avoid boring myself to death playing the same thing over and over again too.

    If you are going to buy it twice, have you thought about importing a Japanese PS3 copy? Then you really playing the original lol I was honestly thinking of buying a PS3 for Versus and FFXIII but then it was announced for 360 and then ended up buying that instead XD
  6. Kairi
    01-30-2010 04:27 PM
    Yeah lol. I can get M rated games, but my folks have to approve, which I highly doubt they will approve of this one

    I like Infinite Undicovery, and other Tri-ace games too. The combat systems are great in their games. I thought they were in there lol, maybe they will show up in the upcoming Resonance of Fate too.

    Yeah, I like working on one game at a time. I was thinking of getting all of the achievements in Infinite Undiscovery before I played Final Fantasy XIII, but I really want to play Final Fantasy XIII as soon as possible. I'm going to try getting all of the achievements too

    I wanted to buy Tales of Vesperia a long time ago lol I would buy it now but I have too many games I already have I would like to finish and I've had trouble finding a copy recently.
  7. Kairi
    01-30-2010 03:45 AM
    I did hear about the sequel, and I am very excited about the release. It comes out soon in Japan and its coming here soon too because I noticed the ESRB has its rating on their site. Unfortunatly, I'm probably not going be allowed to buy this one, thanks alot ESRB -_-

    I had to post this in two messages, it couldn't fit in one XD
  8. Kairi
    01-30-2010 03:44 AM
    Your welcome!

    I don't really use youtube videos either, it was only a suggestion. The only time I ever used one was something that gave me an idea on how to get an S ranking on Inphyy's "Ywa Ue Uar" mission for N3.

    I understand what you mean by easy bosses. I like having a challenge, and easy bosses kind of bore me. i think the Ethereal Queen showed up in Valkyrie Profile too, but I'm not sure, need to buy that one too :P

    I already have Infinite Undiscovery- it was actually the first Xbox 360 game I got- it's just not currently on my gamertag. It used to be, but it got wiped off when I got Xbox Live along with my hardrive and my gamertag overwrote itself I am planning on playing Infinite Undiscovery and getting all of the achievements after I play Final Fantasy XIII. If I did it before I might not be playing Final Fantasy XIII for a while XD
  9. Kairi
    01-29-2010 08:48 PM
    Going good here? You?

    Your welcome! I was thinking about getting Star Ocean, but I think I am going to buy the first two on PSP first.

    Good luck with Ethereal Queen too, if you are having a lot of trouble, you can always try looking at Youtube videos or a video guide or something. I've found them to be very helpful in the past.

    Thanks for the luck! I seem to be naturally good at N3 for some reason XD I've only played as three characters so far, but i am going to say Inphyy for now. Mainly becuase she uses a sword and I am very good with controlling her. I haven'y played as Tyurru yet, but I'm looking forward to it, she seems like a cool character lol
  10. Kairi
    01-29-2010 02:15 AM
    Hello there!

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