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  1. Da CRU Mughhh
    04-20-2009 03:34 PM
    Da CRU Mughhh
    Umm yes Patron is the best only one i can drink. However i prefer my Jager and my beer. <3 beer lol

    4-6hrs should be a breeze that is as long as i dont' hold you guys back. who knows maybe I'll kick ass in the game, its been a long time since i have played it. and the part i keep getting suck on was some comic bit, where i had to disable the bombs or what not. but i keep blowing myself up and i called it quits after that bit. but if i don't need to get the comics then i should be okay at the game (crosses fingers). lol

    LOL at all the crazy smiles you use
  2. Da CRU Mughhh
    04-20-2009 02:14 PM
    Da CRU Mughhh
    That is pretty bad ass, That shouldn't take long at all.. How long is the game when completing the game with 4 players we talking 4hr or we talking 8hrs.. LOL i guess it doesn't really matter its one of the first games i got for my 360 and i only have 55 points Yup I'm up for it no doubt.

    @ your PS what are you trying to get me drunk lol Just kidding. Me drink Tea lol i dunno about that. I am an American lmao!! haha i probably will drink some though but shhh don't tell.. (however i might have to use patron in it, its the only Tequila i drink)
  3. Da CRU Mughhh
    04-20-2009 01:37 PM
    Da CRU Mughhh
    I might be getting off work early, and if i feel up to it and your on ill message you to see if you wanna play or if you see me pop online send me message. But i warn you my voice is all scratchy and yucky lol!
  4. Da CRU Mughhh
    04-20-2009 01:36 PM
    Da CRU Mughhh
    I'm sick ATM so i havn't done much of anything this weekend. However i need to finish up GOW2 tonight or close it it we are almost done, then i have to run through it on insane cause im on casual while he's doing it on insane.. I'll let you know. I'm sure it cant be that much longer lol. That is if i get tonight depending how i feel

    I honestly can't say im looking forward to Marvel cause i suck at the game sooo much, but I'm sure with more then just myself it will be good and ill look forward to it then! Who is all playing the game. You me, I think i heard Crusty might play it? hell im happy if i get 100 points in that game lol!! But I'll let you know when im done! i hope your not in a crazy rush for the game to be done. Hell i havn't even looked at your gamercard to see if you finished the game!! lol *looks now* damn 990 in the game
  5. Da CRU Mughhh
    04-18-2009 04:30 PM
    Da CRU Mughhh
    I'm sorry it wouldn't work for us! However i got my NAT open now lol!! And i can tell you how to do your as well if you ever figure out your password

    LOL i should in enjoy marvel? i dunno about that i started it could not get passed a certain bit! lol but im sure with someone else to play with and not by myself it can't be too hard lol! yea we can start that beginging of the week. Cause tonight i have to finish up REV5 boosting. and Sunday i have to finish GOW2. so ill be good for monday or after that Thanks a ton..

    And again sorry we couldn't connect to each other last night!
  6. Da CRU Mughhh
    04-17-2009 08:35 PM
    Da CRU Mughhh
    LOL well i dont' like to sit back and let someone else do the work, i will help out the best i can, but im horrible at the game lol!! but i appreciate the help big time
  7. Da CRU Mughhh
    04-17-2009 05:38 PM
    Da CRU Mughhh
    haha i dont' exspect you to help me, Homecourt only takes what maybe 20mins if you have good connection.. The game kicks you out alot lol Where Marval im sure takes a bit
  8. Da CRU Mughhh
    04-17-2009 12:52 PM
    Da CRU Mughhh
    Yup I sure do have HomeCourt *wonders to my self* why does everybody ask if i have this game. lol For some reason I get asked about this game all the time.. But yea i can help you with the Ranked matches, its pretty quick..

    And what you don't like my 55 points in Marvel *cries* you know my favorite number is 55 right? LOL okay im just joking haha yea 55 in that game is kinda sad lol.
  9. Vendetta
    04-11-2009 12:27 AM
    Got your friend request man we will for sure have to game sometime soon for sure. Noticed you were playing Dirt. I need to put that back in my xbox and play it especially since the trailer for DIRT 2 came out and it looks amazing.
  10. TAXI DRIVER 420
    04-07-2009 06:50 PM
    dude wheres my sig man thats cold

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