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  1. hodge
    02-04-2012 09:34 PM
    Yeah, I'm starting to get the same tbh. I need to try and find something new to look at on here =P

    Yeah alright, I might be on tomorrow afternoon/evening, but I'm not sure. If you see me on, then message me, tweet me, whatever, and we'll sort something out =P Oh, you subscribed to elite? I never even bothered looking at elite tbh, just seemed like a waste of time and money. I never buy CoD dlc anyway, just because it's far too much for what it is =P

    Oh really? That would be pretty interesting, but if I had to put money on anything, I'd say an arena will feature somewhere. I can't believe there wasn't one in Skyrim, the one in Oblivion was awesome! I know that they weren't going to rush the dlc so they could make it really well, but still, I don't want to have to wait much longer =P

    Yeah, that's how I play most of the time =P Although saying that, I tried WoW earlier and I have to say, it was far better than I thought!
  2. hodge
    01-31-2012 01:42 AM
    Apologies for all the late replies, just struggling to find the effort to actually come on the site anymore =P

    Yeah, that would have been good. We'll have to play sometime soon, maybe at the weekend sometime? Yeah, I don't really miss the CoD fix right now, just really cba with it =P Haha, maybe that should be your next project, getting to the 15th prestige, if you can stand it that is =P

    Man, I just really want to go back on skyrim so much! I wish they'd release some dlc already! I'm dying over here =P Ahh, I love the mace of molag bal! Possibly my favourite weapon in the game!

    Ahh awesome, I've never played a zelda game before. I think that needs to change at some point soon, but I hate playing games without achievements. I just love the constant reward or the feeling of working towards a goal, I just get bored otherwise. That's probably a bad way to play games really, but I'm just a slave for that achievement unlocked sound =\
  3. Gackt
    01-14-2012 02:38 PM
    Thanks man
  4. hodge
    01-11-2012 02:14 PM
    Yeah, I only play MW3 when I have people to play with. I just can't get into this mp for some reason. Normally I'm pretty good at it, but this time I'm just doing really badly for most of the games =\

    Hahaha, oh I see. Running a mage character then? When I started again I went for a mage, and it was alright, but nothing can compare to my dual wielding tank! =P

    Awesome! Just let me know which ones and we'll sort something out =] Yeah, I don't know how many I'll actually get done, but it's something to work towards

    Nice! I loved L.A. Noire! I didn't think I was going to enjoy it, but I was really surprised with it. Skyward sword any good? I've heard good things about it, but it's just not for me =P Yeah, I had a pretty good christmas. Didn't get any games since I bought all the ones I wanted, but good nonetheless =]
  5. hodge
    12-27-2011 05:25 PM
    Guess I'll have to add Undead Nightmare to my list of things to play then, and also make sure I never even consider picking FC2 up! It just sounds brutal! Yeah, Saint's is amazing, I really enjoyed it. I've only got a few achievements left now, but I really cba with them just now =P I only paid 20 for it as well, so it was money well spent!

    I don't see the point in the RPG altogether tbh. I've never used them properly I guess, but still, they just seem really bad =P Ahhh I see, I don't think I've done the quest for the Sanguine Rose yet. My favourite would be the Ebony Mail, but now I have a full set of Legendary Daedric Armor I don't need it, so I guess Mehrune's Razor now.

    Did you have a good christmas?
  6. hodge
    12-22-2011 11:40 PM
    I'm around that rank too. I don't like how you have to get to lvl 80 to prestige. Just seems too much work! =P My favourite is still the 1st MW. Nothing will ever beat that! The daedric quests are awesome! What level are you in it? The main quest isn't the greatest, but that's not what Skyrim is all about! =P

    Wow, some names I actually recognise! I would've loved to go as a kid! I always wanted to go to wrestlemania, but it was never going to happen =P
  7. hodge
    12-22-2011 11:40 PM
    Yeah, programming is pretty interesting. I just wish I'd started it a long time ago, so I'd be really good now and enjoy it more =P But yeah, so much work to come! =\

    Yeah, red dead was amazing! I want to go back and play undead nightmare, but I've too much to play it's killing me! =P Ahh yeah, never played Far Cry 2, but I heard it was a bitch to finish! I don't like them, but if a game's going to have collectibles, I like them when they have them on the maps, or you can buy an upgrade to find them etc. Another sandbox game you should play: Saint's Row 3 (if you like that kinda thing) Man it's fun! So random! =P
  8. jamie1000013
    12-17-2011 05:57 PM
    Thanks a lot man. Should of checked for it first. It's taken me like 10 minutes to think of a title lol.
  9. hodge
    12-11-2011 06:56 PM
    Have you not played the campaign on MW3 yet? It's not too bad really, but no the best. The MP is pretty good, but I just haven't played enough of it. It seems alot different than some of the others in terms of pace for some reason. Skyrim is so good! One of my fabourite games to date! I've stoppped playing it for a little while, since I was starting to get a little burned out on it . I suppose 70 odd hours will do that to you =P

    Oh I see, how was that? I used to love WWE =P
  10. hodge
    12-11-2011 06:56 PM
    Apologies for the late reply! Been quite hectic lately, and then the rest of the time I just couldn't be bothered =P

    I know that 2 will be on programming and IT professional skills, but not too sure of the others. Not sure if I'm looking forward to them in all honesty =P

    Yeah, I had Canis Canem Edit when it first came out too! That's the reason I bought bully, just so I could go back and play it again. Plus it's by rockstar, and I went through a bit of a rockstar stage with LA Noire, Bully nad a bit of Red Dead. Collectible hunting wasn't too bad in bully really, certainly not as bad as most sandbox games with lots of collectibles!

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