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  1. Kairi
    10-29-2011 04:20 PM
    Yeah, it is! IT helped me defeat enemies really quickly.
    Yes, I definitely do need a hug! Yes, I am serious, it went to half price, but oh well! XD It was worth it so I don't really care lol
    Haha I'm really love amusement parks. If you still like them and have a passport, check out Cedar Point... the rides are amazing
  2. Kairi
    10-29-2011 04:01 PM
    Oh, then I used that stamp too! XD I just don't know the stamps by their names, only by what they do.
    Then you should ask her then! She would probably know what it is!
    Um.. I don't know since I haven't been able to play since last weekend... some bad stuff happened this week :/ And apparently Costume Quest DID go on sale! Oh well, it was worth all of the points anyway lol
    Maine is a really nice state! I didn't really move since it was a second house for us, but we had to sell it T_T Connecticut is really nice! Yes, Cedar Point is an amusement park XD I LOVE going there though! The area was really nice and the park is the best amusement park I've ever been too lol
  3. Kairi
    10-27-2011 10:45 PM
    Haha yeah, you have asked in like every message so far if I played it yet. x.x What did the Wolf Stamp do? I don't remember.. x.x
    Haha you should ask around then. :P
    What states do I think are awesome? o.o Personally my favorites are Maine (Really nice place, used to have a house here and I miss it ), Connecticut (the places I've been there are nice), and Ohio (Two words....Cedar Point!!).
  4. Kairi
    10-26-2011 11:58 PM
    Ohh okay. Thanks anyway! XD and no. x.x I'll tell you when I DO get to play it. :P I used the counterattack stamp on my Robot character.
    I do? o.o Thank you! ^_^ Lol it doesn't seem useful at all, but now I'm really curious what it is. :P
    Haha that's nice to know. n.n Why don't you like Ontario? o.o
    Hahaha why does Idaho look awesome to you? What is Sawtooth then there?
  5. Kairi
    10-25-2011 11:42 PM
    Yay! XD Do you know what is on sale for the Shocktober thing? o.o And I haven't gotten a chance to play at all remember? -_- And yes, the robot. It was very convenient to be able to move faster.
    I don't think I should have taken it, I probably would have failed since I don't think I'm smart enough :/. Haha you should ask someone that has the class! XD
    I make lots of typos all the time so I usually don't mind as long as it's understandable :P. Lol okay, I didn't know a like was supposed to go there XD.
    Well that's all I know about Idaho at least. XD I don't live anywhere near that side of the country or have been there so I don't know much lol. What is Sawtooth? I honestly never heard of that a type of fish? o.o
  6. Kairi
    10-24-2011 07:52 PM
    Haha I wanted to wait.. but oh well. I think it was worth that whole point card since I really enjoyed it. I will play it when I have time. And yes, I am. I'm finishing the one for the original, pretty much only need to explain the Fall Valley quests and then I'll be done. ^^ Then I'll play the DLC and guide that n.n I mainly had my main character as the robot because of it's costume ability outside of battle :P
    No, I am not in any of those. I could have taken AP Biology, but I didn't. What IS Catridge Removal anyway? XD Did you ever ask?
    ...Canada** You know I typo everything. XP and you "really most parts of Canada"? Huh? XD I didn't know YOU were most of Canada!! O_O Lol. :P
    Haha all I know about Idaho is Idaho Potatoes. XD
  7. Kairi
    10-23-2011 11:03 PM
    Haha I defintiely will at some point.. I already bought the DLC. :P I was pretty focused; I wanted to win that challenge! XD 45 minutes to remember the shield? o.o That's not good! D:
    Yep! AP are the hardest and the highest.
    Haha that's good to hear! I can't wait to go to Canda someday! ^_^
    Thank you! n.n Congratulations to you too!
  8. Kairi
    10-23-2011 01:36 AM
    I can't wait to start the DLC! I'm curious how this DLC will end. n.n I was up to about... 1 AM playing it? XD
    Oh yeah, I did see that!
    I get the 1000's in games because I think it's fun! It's okay if I don't get the hours back lol.
    No, I never was in AP courses. o.o
    I guess? I don't know? lol And I think we are going to Quebec City but it all depends if the school lets us since field trips are rarely allowed in the first place. :/
    Um.. I have no idea. XD Let's make it a tie to be fair since we never did saw if it was the first to 200 or 250 :P
  9. Kairi
    10-22-2011 02:27 PM
    I love this game so far! ^_^ And that's okay! Sorry for not replying back to many of your messages last night.. but I was intensely playing the game and trying to get ahead. :P
    Aww, your should buy the collection again! Yay Beyond Oasis! I think I might have, but I'm not sure since that was a long time ago o_o.
    Haha probably not since I don't think I'll be able to beat some missions on hard, and the other achievements require multiplayer. T_T
    18 pages back too? Oh no! D:
    Haha I'm not in any of those :/
    We just started biochemistry in Biology! XD Yay Canada! I might be going there with French Club in a few months!
    I'm about to enter the carnival at the moment. C:
  10. Kairi
    10-22-2011 12:07 AM
    Yep! The contest will begin! ^_^ This is going to be really fun.
    I like single player games a lot too! And no I did not.. only beat the achievements. :P
    Yeah, it seems time consuming but it will be all worth it once you finish!
    Not the fat man again! D:
    Your welcome! I seem really smart too? o.o
    I remember that stuff! I can try to help you if you want.

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