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  1. Kairi
    08-31-2014 10:10 PM
    [Another four messages for you!]

    I have heard the challenges can be quite difficult; I guess I'll have to see for myself once I get to them! They look like enjoyable games to play though; I think I'm going to get started on the first one after the current tournament that I am in.

    Wow, that is a lot of different games to play all in one day! It seems like he has a good taste in games already as well, Banjo-Kazooie and Minecraft are some solid choices! I think it's best to work on one game before another, but I usually like to have a main game to work on along with 2-3 other games at a time, so if I feel like playing something else for a while (as I have a lot of long games in my backlog), I can take a break from that game and move onto another one for a while.
  2. Kairi
    08-31-2014 10:10 PM
    They definitely are, but surprisingly the move-in went really smooth with them being organized and not majorly screwing anything up! Hooray! XD I've noticed that, and they is nothing wrong with typing a lot; I'm guilty of doing it myself quite a bit. :P The degrees will probably help in my case since I'm hoping to be a translator, and I'm sure something that says I studied languages would be helpful!

    Getting a small flashlight is a good move; I got myself a small Assassin's Creed one that I have on my keychain that does the job. =) That didn't freak me out, but that is really strange and sounds like a horrifying experience! D: I haven't had much experience with anything supernatural, but I have heard a few stories from friends saying they have had creepy experiences before.
  3. Kairi
    08-31-2014 10:10 PM
    Popcorn is easily one of my most favorite foods! I used to eat a bag a day, but I've cut down since I started university since I can't afford to eat that much of it. XD I like almost all kinds from it and almost always enjoy it except this one time I had a kind called "Blast O Butter"...that company was not kidding when they meant Blast O Butter >_> There was an explosion of butter in the microwave and butter was all over the place since it was in the microwave, on the counter, and it got all over my mom too when we were trying to clean it up. The popcorn itself was also so buttery that it was soggy! It was quite disgusting. x.x If you ever see "Blast O Butter" popcorn, I highly recommend avoiding that kind! We are definitely popcorn lovers indeed! =D I wish it wan't so expensive too, but you always have to buy it! :P As for that dispenser, that sounds awesome! O_O I need to find one of those!
  4. Kairi
    08-31-2014 10:09 PM
    Don't worry about the message count; I go over the limit all the time and even had to split it into 5 messages before. XD

    Yeah, $6 per person, and at night it is $7! We try to go often to see movies for cheap since we haven't seen anything cheaper than that anywhere else yet. It's a great price for them too; I know at home the tickets are $10.50 just for a matinee! :/ I have definitely seen a lot of movies in the cinema this year, and it seems like we saw quite a few of the same ones! I saw Frozen, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Lego Movie, Divergent, Captain America 2, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Bears, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Maleficient, Lucy, Earth to Echo, Guardians of the Galaxy, Into the Storm, and If I Stay. Having a movie buddy is great! I tend to watch movies with one of my friends, but sometimes I will see movies in theaters with my family. She ended up being evil? D: What happened? If it's too personal to share, that's okay!
  5. Kairi
    08-31-2014 11:46 AM
    [Three messages for me too! XD]

    They can be quite horrible :/ I tend to carry a tiny flashlight in my pocket so I have a light source besides my phone if I need it. He saw something supernatural when the power went out? o.o

    I'll definitely have to try that out and see how difficult I'll find it then! That's a shame that you can't get the original 200! =( Wow, he plays on a lot of systems and sounds like he is becoming quite the gamer; you raised him well! :P
  6. Kairi
    08-31-2014 11:46 AM
    They have given me A LOT of trouble just within the past year =( I could go on a rant about them and how stupid and disorganized they are :/ I'm just hoping that this move-in will be smoother than the last and they don't totally screw up again :/ Yeah, I think that is a bullshit reason too, especially since they already put me in there despite me not being 20, and now they pulled me out because of that and want me back in the dorm; they are putting me in the exact same room too x.x I hope I don't have the nomad stage, but I may have to depending on if I can find a job or not; I have a feeling that when the time comes, a lot of people are not going to want to hire a 20 year old that just got her degrees T_T Thanks for the luck, I'm definitely going to need it!
  7. Kairi
    08-31-2014 11:46 AM
    I want to see the movie again too! XD Those tickets sound quite expensive :/ I'm fortunate the tickets at my theater are a bargain at only $6 per person! My friend and I have gone quite a few times over time summer since there have been a lot of interesting movies coming out recently, and we wanted to take advantage of the cheap prices. :P I usually want a tub of popcorn too, but I don't always buy one despite being a HUGE popcorn lover. XD

    They have a dancing Groot for sale?! :O I didn't know that o.o I want to see it now!

    I still need to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well, and that is what my friend and I plan on doing next as well as watching Captain America 2 again since that is coming out on DVD next month I have a lot to watch too with all of my movies, and now I'm back at school and have access to all of those library movies again! =D
  8. Kairi
    08-31-2014 04:09 AM
    [I broke the character limit too :P]

    Yeah, the university housing office isn't exactly kind to out of state students that live far away and make me move in and out quite a bit. -_- Kind of sad that the sole reason that I couldn't stay in an apartment was because I'm not 20. >_< I feel like I am probably going to end up a nomad too once I graduate since I have no idea where I should go and finding a job is definitely going to be difficult at first. =/ I hope you can find a place to settle down soon! ^^

    Glad to hear the movie was entertaining! Thank goodness the power is back on now; power outages can really suck, especially when they take a long time to restore the power. I've been through a few situations where the power company doesn't restore the power for a few days, or even two weeks >_> That reminds me that I still need to start the Peggle games after buying both of them XD Does your son like playing Xbox a lot?
  9. Kairi
    08-31-2014 04:08 AM
    I had "feels" when he gave the girl a flower too! The goofy smile made me laugh a lot as well as the time when Rocket was telling them the parts and Groot grabbed the one trying to be helpful, and then Rocket was yelling at him. XD "We are Groot" made my eyes water along with the part where Rocket was holding on to a part of Groot and crying! T_____T The baby dancing Groot at the end made me happy though! ^.^

    I don't know what I'm going to do with myself; a friend and I marathoned all of the Marvel movies in the MCU in about a two week period since we were extremely excited about Guardians of the Galaxy, and now we are out of movies! :O We are thinking of watching all of the older ones now while waiting for Avengers 2 and Guardians 2!
  10. Kairi
    08-31-2014 03:37 AM
    My favorite character was Groot; he was awesome! I never thought I'd feel so emotionally attached to a talking tree until the end of that movie; Groot sacrificing himself near the end made me tear up too! I also liked Rocket a lot since he was humorous. I liked all of the Guardians a lot though; I'd say it is my favorite Marvel movie so far! Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is apparently coming out July 28, 2017, so there is about a three year wait. :'(

    My night is going well, just sitting in a hotel waiting to move again tomorrow. This will be my second move in a week and a half since I had to move out of an apartment, back home (which is like 10 hours away), and then back here to go into a dorm. :/ How is your evening? Yeah, I noticed that as well! XD

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