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  1. The Eddmeister
    06-27-2012 10:02 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Hi mate! Been a while!
    Took me a nice holiday

    How's the exams going? Still studying like crazy?
    Or it all done with & you're all happy hahah
    Done any catching up on your backlog of games? I enjoyed Alan Wake, was fun
    I thought L.A Noire was ok, until I played it for a while.
    Like all Roxkstar games got very repetitive after a while....

    How goes the anime? I have to catch up with Fate FT & Knight in the Area!
  2. EliteShadowMan
    06-20-2012 08:30 PM
    Why does Mirai Nikki have to be censored!?!? i'm only on episode 9 but it's still getting to be a bit ridiculous!
  3. The Eddmeister
    06-03-2012 09:52 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Hahah! Best get the studying done, then the anime
    & I think everyone jumps for joy when school/uni is finally done lol.

    Well that is a bit responsible but sometimes I can't resist the urge if a new game lol. I currently have about 8 games I ain't played yet I still bought Dragin's Dogma haha.
  4. The Eddmeister
    06-02-2012 02:03 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Hahah same here! I hear an Anime is good, it goes on the list.... Bloody thing is getting bigger by the day >.>

    Ahh I'm so glad my exam days are behind me lol I'm not the worlds best at studying hahah.

    It's great! I'm loving it! The game world is massive! Seems even bigger because if a disticnt lack of fast travel.... So your just running everywhere getting into fights lol.
    I'm playing as an Assassin atm, he owns! Got some real nasty moves
    Like the pawn system, constantly have my friends pawn in my party. He got the game before me so his pawn is a bit higher level which is handy since it has quest info & moster weaknesses etc.
    If you like open world RPGs I'd recommend it mate. Fun game so far
  5. The Eddmeister
    06-02-2012 01:50 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Yeah my list just keeps getting bigger & bigger! When I finally get some free time im just going to become an Anime hermit. I know it lol.

    Oh they were silly, but good fun cheesy as hell haha

    Just started Dragons Dogma a few days ago so that's been eating up most of my free time. Today was my FT day though. Manga & Anime
  6. The Eddmeister
    06-02-2012 01:32 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Soul eater. I remember my cousin mentioning that, & death the kid. Never got round to watching it though lol. Far to busy!
    Hmm 2 seasons eh. Might have to put that on the list to watch.

    Hahah both great movies. Kate Beckinsale in her tight outfit. Can't beat it!
    Good that it has some likeable characters too.
    Mystery is always good
    I hate it when its oh so predictable.
    Yet I still watch the predictable ones lmao
  7. The Eddmeister
    06-02-2012 01:11 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Ahhhh, the older brother. Knew I recognised his voice.

    He was proper OCD about cleaning lol
    Oh? Ain't seen that. Got a happy ending? If so might watch it haha

    Ok maybe it's Type Moon that don't like male leads lmao.
    Going into al that depth & stuff
    Yeah I think I will check it out mate. Ain't seen a vampire anime before so should be good
  8. The Eddmeister
    06-02-2012 09:29 AM
    The Eddmeister
    Indeed it does! Lol

    Gotta love Saber on a bike & in a suit
    Who does Lelouch do the voice for? I knew one of them sounded familiar lol
    The anime itself is pretty good.

    I'll admit, I liked Taiga. Just something about her. Felt sorry for the main lead, with his evil eyes everyone thinks he's a delinquent lmao.
    Was a ok watch, for a romance one lol.

    Is he a douche too? Or is it the majority of the male leads you don't like? Lmao
    Vampires instead of the holy grail eh, sounds a tad odd
    May have to check it out thouugh, or just skip the game & watch the anime. Probably easier that way lol.
  9. The Eddmeister
    06-01-2012 01:52 PM
    The Eddmeister
    AYE SIR!
    Everyone needs more happy in their life

    I've caught up on Zero, well as much as crunchy roll will let me catch up.
    Rider has just taken that homoculous woman. Saber got on her bike
    Been watching Knight in the area too. Football anime, I'm enjoying it. Annoyed that it's still ongoing though... Gotta wait for new episodes lol
    Finished Toradora last night... Romance anime....
    But, everyone likes a happy ending lmao
    So what's the game about? Same kinda thing as FSN?
    Might have to check it out if it's any good
  10. The Eddmeister
    05-28-2012 05:58 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Pfft, that's why I stay away from that Facebook shite

    Yeah, it does feel a bit recycled. Lack of imagination. I know it's only a filler but we would like something new...
    Lol that leader cat is a bit of a twat.
    Once he declared his "love" for Lucy it was all to predictable. I mean his shield is pretty sweet, a bit cheap though. Little Natsu is funny, but I feel it will wear off quick

    That was an epic chapter! When I got to the bit where she was like " I'll take on all 100" first thing I did was look at the page number, thought oh shit got to wait for next week...fuckers.
    Then oh my, she just pawned em.
    S class monster, even one of the ten Mage sages may have trouble....
    Erza pawns all & looks good while doing it

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