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  1. The Eddmeister
    05-08-2012 04:39 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Hmm top 5 eh.
    Saber, Zero Rider, Kiritsugu, Archer, Gilgamesh.

    I don't know, just something about FSN Archer, just liked him. & his Noble Phantasm was awesome! Took 5 lives off Hercules before he finally died :O

    On Fate/Zero 2 I've just finished episode 4, they have them all on the crunchy roll app. So I been watching them on that, but I don't have a subscription for it, so I have to wait up to a week to watch episode 5 on it. May try & find a compatible website with the iPad & watch it lol
  2. The Eddmeister
    05-08-2012 02:01 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Yeah I loved that episode, all of them giving reason as to why they are the best king,over some wine. Can't beat it haha.

    I can't wait to find out who he is, gotta be someone badass I bet!
    I been trying to think of historical "weapon masters" since he can use anything
    I can only think of one but I doubt it's him! Unless the are going to have two Aruthian Legends in the war... Lancelot. That's who I'm thinking, but knowing me I'm way off lol. Probably be some unknown badass knight

    As for my favourite character (after Saber of course) I would have to say Rider.
    He seems big & silly but he's very shrewd & funny to boot!
    That may change when I find out exactly who Berserker is, but until then Rider it is

    Loving how badass Emirya is. He just gets the job done! The complete polar opposite to Shirou.
  3. The Eddmeister
    05-07-2012 04:10 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Yeah he does look badass. I agree with you that he's a lot better than Hercules, he was just a smabling hulk lol. Was nice to see Gilgamesh get a bit flustered, think he was thinking what everyone else watching was! Lol

    I've just finished the first season, my fave episode has to be the one where Saber, Rider & Archer sat down for a drink & chat. I just found it awesome! Then assassins turn up & Rider just annihilates them! Now that's what I call a Noble Phantasm lol
  4. The Eddmeister
    05-06-2012 10:46 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Yeah they do lol.

    OK, you were right, Zero is the shit! im on ep 9 now. Cant believe HOW much better it is. I really want to know who the Berserker is, he looks tough as nails, anything he uses becomes his Noble Phantasm. Whats that all about!
    & then throwing & dodging all of Gilgamesh's weapons... Oh my lol

    & I will say this, Saber can really wear a suit lol
  5. The Eddmeister
    05-06-2012 03:03 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Lmao you really don't like him!

    I can't wait to see her on a motcycle lol.
    I'm on ep 3 now, finally got some time so started it. I forgot how hot Saber was
    & how bullshit powerfull is Gilgamesh!! Just a tad unfair lol, he just owned that assassin.
    That caster servant looks a bit of a weirdo... That poor little kid
    I worked out who Iskander was lol, can't believe they class Alexander the Great as a Rider... Weird. Would like to know how they actually class the servants. Surely Gilgamesh should be a sbaer or knight class, not Archer lol

    I agree with the badass master, was surprised to learn that he is known as. Mage assassin... Wouldn't have guessed that from Fate/Stay Night lol
  6. The Eddmeister
    05-06-2012 11:25 AM
    The Eddmeister
    Ahh well that's good to know lol, my pc is awful! Let's hope it works
    I must admit I was a bit annoyed at not finding out the servants real identities & seeing their noble phantasams, so that will be nice.

    Haha Shirou just seemed so... Meh what should I do! I want to win without anyone getting hurt

    Gotta love Saber though.
    She has a motorcycle!?!

    I was going to start Fate/Zero this weekend, but I got invaded by family lmao, so will probably start it Monday, or maybe today if I'm lucky & they leave early hahah.
  7. The Eddmeister
    05-05-2012 02:55 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Ahh I know what you mean. Yeah Chidori is a bit like that lol. I still love her though

    Is the visual novel pc only? Coz mine is atrocious lol, shame I can't get it for iPad lol, that runs much faster
    I will definitely have to check it out, I really enjoyed the Fate/ storyline, was intriguing so I'm sure I will enjoy the novel

    Yeah I loved Sabers armour too, looked so sweet.
    Haha 2 Saber avatar pics eh, you must really like her
  8. The Eddmeister
    05-05-2012 01:47 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Tsundere's?? What on earth is that lmao.
    It's not necessary to watch the first series, just shows them meeting etc & what the main story is. But you don't need that for fumoffu, it's just random episodes lmao.

    Oh aye? There's a movie!?! Oh my I'm severely lacking in my Fate/ information lol

    That's Saber! <3 her! Weird to see her not in her armour or clothes she wears in stay night lol, I was squinting & figured it was her, but didn't want to guess lmao.

    Is the visual novel worth getting! Even though I watched the anime? Or just skip it.
  9. The Eddmeister
    05-05-2012 12:29 PM
    The Eddmeister
    Well the first season of Full Metal Panic has mechs in it, as does the 2nd raid.
    The premise of the story is a young mercenary/soldier has to go undercover in a school to covertly protect this student. The Fumoffu series, is all in the school. No mechs or anything involved, just mini episode (12mins or so) of funny going ons in & around the school life. I loved it.

    Fate/Stay Night was pretty good, the whole "quest for holy grail" got me hooked straight away. I was a tad sad at the ending though, I'm an ol romantic at heart lol I want a happy ending dammit!
    I had no idea it had other series (until you mentioned it in the Anime forum) & that it was originally a visual novel game. Have you played it by chance?
    Guessing you're avatar is a character from Fate/Zero?

    Regarding Gintama I was talking to that guy who's always in the Anime forum, tehapoc & he sent me a clip of it, asked him about it & he said it was good, so I started watching lol
  10. The Eddmeister
    05-05-2012 11:56 AM
    The Eddmeister
    Oh wow you should write summaries lol. Very good description.
    Sounds quite cool, may have to check that out
    I don't think anything I have seen is close to FT's level, well maybe Full Metal Panic! fumoffu.
    If you ain't seen that I'd recommend it, very funny

    Nah that's about all I'm watching mate, Don't really get a lot of time to sit down & watch them & I ain't got a clue about what's good or not hahha. I'm new to the whole Anime scene so I mainly ask my ill cousin about what I should watch. He's the one the suggested FT & Fate/Stay Night.

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