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  1. Spiral 462
    02-20-2015 02:57 PM
    Spiral 462
    Ha! Well you're in luck, the idea that I have does not include Limbo. Although, who knows 6 months or a year down the road, I might change it up and include it... But for now, it's all fun and nothing too stressful! Ha ha! Btw, that's pretty cool that we have a lot of completions in common!
  2. Spiral 462
    02-20-2015 02:48 PM
    Spiral 462
    Ah ok, thanks Scotty! And I certainly hope to have it up soon too! I'm starting to look into the idea right now, and I really hope you go for my Club. That would be awesome! I'm definitely going for yours since it has KoA and Dogma in it, it just might take me a little while before I'm there. Thanks so much for all of your help and advice! If I don't get my Club up this morning, I will do it this evening or tonight. Although it might be late for you, so if you don't see it tonight, then look for it tomorrow morning (your time) when you get up! It won't be anything as super-spectacular as I was originally planning with Unmechanical, but I still hope to make it fun!
  3. Spiral 462
    02-20-2015 02:29 PM
    Spiral 462
    Yep, you are right. I've considered that option, too. I'm thinking of the idea that I had, and looking at my completions, and I think it's still possible to do a fun Club along the lines of my original plan! I'm going to experiment with this new idea and see if I can put something together today. And yes, I love Floyd's Club because I've already completed all of his games so that will give me 2 Clubs for the first Award! That's awesome! Do you know, are we still able to have our own personal Award tile for our own Club, once we get it up? I remember reading something about that when the idea was first announced.
  4. Spiral 462
    02-20-2015 02:14 PM
    Spiral 462
    I really like your Club, even if it is long-winded RPG's though! They are well worth the time spent, I have no doubt. RPG's have always been my favorite genre, although in the past year, playing so many different types of games have really made me love all genres! I had an idea for a Club, going with a certain "theme," if you will lol, but I wanted to include Unmechanical: Extended Edition in it. However, I am about 90% sure it is region locked. It's available in the US and Europe, but I don't think it's available yet in Australia. Which stinks, because they claim that it's available "Worldwide" on their official website, for the Xbox. But I've looked and even asked a friend on here to check his Marketplace, and it's not showing up for the Aussies. If it was, I could throw my Club out there right now lol. *sigh* I'll keep thinking, though!
  5. Brako Von Cruel
    02-19-2015 11:37 AM
    Brako Von Cruel
    I reckon for a single player game its going to be fun, but the controls are a bit clunky and I can't be bothered with that in multiplayer. Especially when it can take up to around 15 hours or so.

    Fell out with Oblivion too lol. Just finished the Mages Guild and the Master Wizard cheevo never popped even though I finished the main quests. I think you need to speak to the 2nd in command before the old guy gives you the black soul gem. Got a save near there I think or I may try the save right before I fight the Worm King and see if I can go back for the promotion.

    Might play something else for a bit though. Got about 30 odd games in my stash
  6. H0p3sfalL
    02-18-2015 06:25 PM
    Thank you good sir!
  7. Brako Von Cruel
    02-17-2015 11:43 PM
    Brako Von Cruel
    Hey Scotty,

    Did you ever 1K Sniper Elite V2? So many times have I missed the opportunity. Enjoyed what I played of the single player back on PS3, but anything over 2 hours for online and I'm just bored as hell.

    Hey, how has your XBL been today? All day I've not been able to stay signed in longer than a minute. Only now at 23:45 has it stayed connected and downloaded SEV2.
  8. Spiral 462
    02-17-2015 06:56 AM
    Spiral 462
    Thanks for the information and links, Scotty! I am definitely making a Club soon, but wow, I thought it would be very easy to throw one up but I'm finding I keep changing my mind and can't really decide for sure on what to go with though, lol! I keep thinking of a certain few titles, then while I'm in the process of thinking of a Title and Blurb, I remember other games I've played and then I think, "No, scratch that, I want to put those games in! They were awesome!" So I keep going around in circles. But I'm really excited to get one up and I'm definitely going to aim to make a decision soon! If I remember correctly, your Club has KoA and Dogma in it, right? If so, your Club is awesome!! You know I can't wait to play those, so then I might just have to go for your whole Club.
  9. Barmie Bubbles
    02-16-2015 08:07 AM
    Barmie Bubbles
    Thanks Scotty I hadn't even noticed to be honest. I added the sig quickly on my phone yesterday before I went to work but I'll fix it now!
  10. Brako Von Cruel
    02-11-2015 10:57 PM
    Brako Von Cruel
    Cheers mate.

    Had to put Borderlands 2 on hold though. Its still too soon after playing the first one, that the sequel just feels way too similar. Maybe in a few months I will be able to appreciate it more.

    Gonna work between Oblivion and Wolfenstein: The New Order. Oblivion is the whole reason I cam back to the 360.

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