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  1. Spiral 462
    07-17-2015 08:19 PM
    Spiral 462
    Ahhhhhhhh I started to write you back, I'm leaving it open in another tab here on my laptop ha ha, but I'll have to finish it later! I'm about to run out for the evening to see some friends visiting in Orlando, so expect a message either later tonight or tomorrow morning after I wake up lol. I'm sorry! I think I write too much sometimes lol! And thanks for that imgur picture, I took it all in too. It was funny all of the pink (romance) lines that went to Geralt, lol.

    I'm really excited about getting the books now, after what Shirley's been saying in my blog! I think it's a great idea for you to finish up some books and get back to reading a bit until your next game comes out. You could even sneak in some Witcher books as well!
  2. Spiral 462
    07-16-2015 08:50 AM
    Spiral 462
    Yeah they didn't explain the White Frost too well, I feel like I know very little about it! They touched on it, but I'm not too sure. I guess Ciri stopped it by going into the heart of it, from what it looked like? Does that mean everyone is safe, the White Frost is never coming to their world now? I really don't know. She went into it, and then the next thing I knew, I was in the cut scene with her in the Inn and Geralt was giving her the Witcher sword. I'd love to know more about it too. I'm guessing the Wild Hunt used it somehow, and that's why when they went somewhere, the ground would freeze and everyone could see their breath? It had to have something to do with the White Frost, right? I'm not entirely sure though.
  3. Spiral 462
    07-16-2015 08:50 AM
    Spiral 462
    Yeah you really never hear anything about the other schools though, like the Cat, Griffin or Bear. I wondered, where are those Witchers at? Hmmm. The world really does feel empty now without Vesemir, Yen, Triss, Lambert and Eskel, or anyone to talk to. I wish they were there too, just for some more closing dialogue and maybe even to answer a few questions to help tie things up.
  4. Spiral 462
    07-16-2015 08:49 AM
    Spiral 462
    Ohhhhh, I didn't catch that Keira might be a little girl! Oh my gosh, that's a bit creepy, now I wonder how old she is?? Especially since she slept with Geralt and Lambert lol! I know back in those days in real life (Medieval days) it was nothing to be married off by age 12, because their life expectancy back then was so short, so they typically started early. So I wonder if she's that young? That's crazy to think about. I forgot to tell you, I didn't know Yen had a hunchback!! No! Why does she have a hunchback? I hadn't read that before, so I don't know the story behind it. Gosh, she's so beautiful, I would never have thought anything like that.
  5. Spiral 462
    07-16-2015 08:49 AM
    Spiral 462
    Oh I was going to tell you, I loved that closing part where it mentions about Yen and Geralt growing old together somewhere, sleeping all day and eating breakfast well past noon lol! I said to myself, "Awwww, they're like an old married couple now!" Ha ha! But you know, I think it's sweet. Geralt can't fight monsters forever, and I know Yen wanted to settle down too. They're so perfect for each other.
  6. Spiral 462
    07-16-2015 08:48 AM
    Spiral 462
    Yeah, sadly it doesn't seem like anyone is going to be trained at Kaer Morhen anymore to come up in the Wolf School. If anyone was going to do the ritual and raise the little Witchers, it would have been Vesemir. I don't know, Geralt isn't getting any younger, so maybe he would step up to that role one day. But who knows... I'm still so upset about Vesemir! He taught Ciri so much too, and really was like a Dad to Geralt. I wish Yen and Triss and Keira could have done something to bring him back!

    Oh yeah, I did go over and speak to Vesemir and Uma in between quests at Kaer Morhen and I was laughing when Geralt would ask him that crazy question about Universals or whatever, and Uma would just reply in a bunch of babble, and Geralt would say, "Me too." Ha ha!
  7. Spiral 462
    07-16-2015 08:48 AM
    Spiral 462
    Ohhhh yeah, Caranthir's fight was epic! I kept avoiding the Elementals that he was summoning, and I would get behind them when he would shoot the projectiles at me, so he would hit them and kill them for me though! That worked pretty well lol. But that was awesome how Ciri started the fight and then Geralt ended it, ha! That was a pretty gorgeous fight, because I loved how it was set on the ice like that. I loved the cut scene (I made a clip of it) when Ciri's part of the fight was over, and you see Geralt up on the landing and he starts defrosting! It was so cool lol!!! Gosh, the fights at the end of this game were just GORGEOUS!
  8. Spiral 462
    07-16-2015 08:47 AM
    Spiral 462
    Yeah Imlerith's fight was soooooo good, I loved the cut scenes! That part at the end was so fast paced!! He kept teleporting behind me and swinging his mace so fast, I eventually got a rhythm down where I would dodge just in time to avoid his mace and I would counterattack, just in time to dodge again as he appeared behind me once more lol. It was great and very fast paced, but I managed to keep up there for a little while! The best part, indeed, was when Geralt used Igni on his face and he took his helmet off. I was like, "Wowwwww!!!!" He looked like Freddy Kreuger lol!
  9. Spiral 462
    07-16-2015 08:46 AM
    Spiral 462
    I'll definitely be paying more attention to the Aen Elle lore and the history with Lara Dorren's blood. I loved that scene too when Avallac'h knew he couldn't stop Ciri and just gave in to letting her do what she was going to do, and said, "Be careful" rather than try to stop her lol.

    Yeah when I first saw the Crones, I was like, "Whoa" lol! I mean, what in the world...?! But oh man, they got nasty pretty fast. And ohhhhhh I was mad too when the one flew off with Ciri's medallion that she got from Vesemir. I didn't like the fact that one of them got away at all, as now I wonder if they are really dead at all. They were pretty powerful and I wouldn't be surprised if the Whispess could somehow bring the other two back. I know Ciri has a lot of personal feelings tied to that medallion, so I'm worried the Crone might use that against her in her dark magic or something, since she has it. I didn't like that part one bit!
  10. Spiral 462
    07-16-2015 08:45 AM
    Spiral 462
    Oh yes, Lara Dorren! I was the same, trying to really take everything in when they found that huge family tree that Avallac'h had drawn on the wall in his laboratory, and Yen was making comments about it. I was trying to understand how this all affected Ciri and where she came into it. I'm still left with lots of questions as well, which again makes me really hope for a NG+ so that I can play it again. I really believe that when we play it again, we'll pick up even more on story tidbits that will fill in the gaps, so to speak! It's SO much to take in during the first playthrough, because the game and story is so huge, I think you can only absorb so much at a time lol. But if/when we do another playthrough, I think we'll have a lot of those, "A-ha!" moments as we'll catch even more the second time around.

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