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  1. Bax x360a
    08-07-2008 08:18 PM
    Bax x360a
    I was wondering why you left a blank message It was a nice thought anyway
  2. Bax x360a
    08-07-2008 08:10 PM
    Bax x360a
    I'm more important than them though

    Sucks that you're not feeling any better yet A month end report doesn't sound like alot of fun either! I'm so jealous about your boyfriend getting an Iphone cake, how cool is that!! Sounds like your a good girlfriend Can I get an Iphone cake for my birthday?

    I'm pretty sure you're 5 hours behind me now... I read on Pez's board that you have to get up at 5.30am for work, I've gotta get up at 5.15 myself Absolute killer isn't it. I keep randomly falling asleep in the afternoons! I won't take the mick about you sounding manly, aslong as you don't sound the same the next time we play Sounding manly is my job not yours, you've got to sound all cute and everything

    I can't believe you've only played Gears once... I have every right to disown you now! Gears = best game ever!! So amazin, gears 2 is gonna kick some serious ass I can't wait.

    I'm glad you don't smoke aswell. I've never touched a fag in my life and have promised myself I never will. I look younger than I am aswell, got a babyface One of my favourite footballers called Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is 33 and looks about 18 so everybody calls him the Baby Faced Assassin because he's an awesome striker; I've kinda got the nickname now aswell

    One of the most expensive places but one of the best aswell I bet... Only the best for you ey! Just wondering by the way, what actually is your name? I never introduced myself, I'm Alan. Everybody calls me Bax because my surname is Baxter.

    I never even look forward to the weekend anymore because I've got to get up at 5am on saturdays... I work 6am - 10am, the lamest shift ever!!
  3. Bax x360a
    08-07-2008 07:30 PM
    Bax x360a
    Checking the site but not replying to my message. I'm heartbroken
  4. Pez
    08-07-2008 06:49 PM
    Dearest Rae, If I could, I would, but the internet isn't as advanced as you'd expect yet. God-damn internet makers...

    Ooo la la, check you with the vacation. where you going? Too right I'll miss you, no spam on my wall or my XBL messages for bit . I'm sure we could revolve around gaming in VP2 and Halo 3 though if you pick ti up cheap.

    I won't blow you off, I promise. Only reason is 'cause I WANT MY SAMMICH! Please?

    Why the hell do you have to wake up for work at 5:30AM? What time do you start?! Craziness I tell thee...

    I've only had black hair for a couple of days... Since sunday or monday methinks. My natural colour is a plain old brown, not too dark, not too light.

    Yeah I've seen those boxes of hair treatment. They're funny. They always advertise beards, and not the hair on your head... Plus they always look fake and they smile too much.
  5. Asariel
    08-07-2008 06:45 PM
    So I see now, always seemed a bit awkward to me.

    Aye, he messaged me on Xbox and I said I'd get him through it the next day but he never replied to me, assumed he had managed it! Minions just need to be on the bridge right at where it connects and then just off it the other side, should do rightly then. But like I said, I still died at 32 minutes the first time. Oh and finished the tower, just that floor 45-46 what a git to get past. If my connection wasn't messing about I'd be having a bit of craic online now.
  6. Bax x360a
    08-07-2008 10:01 AM
    Bax x360a
    Awww still sick huh? That must have been around 2.40 am your time right? I think you're 6 hours behind me. Hope you get better soon

    Movie buddies sounds good It'll have to be only talkin about them instead of seeing them together though lol. Trust me, don't watch Cars on a rubbish downloaded copy or something, get the best out of it on Blu Ray, it looks incredible. I can even send it to you if you want, I think it's region free... Good call about bringing a girl to Wall-E No one I really like around here at the moment though. Think I'll have to wait until it's released on Blu Ray to see that one...

    I haven't seen it, but theres another documentary programme similar to Planet Earth called "Earth". That might have lil baby animals and polar cubs... Theres a massive Polar Bear swimming on the front cover.

    Saturday 10am your time sounds good to me for a game, that should be around 4pm my time. What you thinking about playing? Have to be a bit of Gears of War after you whoop me at Soul Caliber

    You're right, you DEFINITELY don't look old. I couldn't believe it when I found out you're 23, you thought you were around my age (I hope thats not an insult). Theres definitely too many places to last to go travelling. Going to Africa and experiencing a Safari could be a pretty amazing experience aswell. As you said, Italy to see the Colosseum, so many places and so little money Where abouts in Canada do you live? Do you guys have states like they do in the US?

    5ft 7" is a pretty cool height for a girl in my opinion, I'm only 5ft 10" Its not good when girls tower above you lol. One of my mates is going out with a girl 2 inches bigger than him, and he's 6ft 1" !! It doesn't look right...

    I find it funny that you call it just Hockey, shortens it abit I suppose. England has a national Hockey team who are on TV every now and then, but I've never heard of an English Ice Hockey team; I don't think theres even a league to join over here Whats floor hockey? I'm pretty sure you can skate 1000x better than me aswell I've never tried, I'd just fall flat on my arse haha.

    Hope you feel better when you wake up x
  7. KFZ Scrubs
    08-07-2008 07:34 AM
    KFZ Scrubs
    actually its a lot easier than you would think!
    Its just really time consuming seeing you got to put at least 6 or more hours online and then make 3 milliong gold.
    All in all though i got 1k maybe 3 or 4 days after i bought the game and 30 hours, even though im done im doing custom characters for fun
  8. Pez
    08-06-2008 10:29 PM
    You're sick? And I'm getting the blame? Totally unfair.

    I blame my awesomeness. It made you jealous, which made you angry, which made you stressed, which played about with your immune system, then you got ill. Makes sense, trust me.

    Epic fail indeed. Online is awesome, single-player not so. I guess I can let you off, you did mention VP2 afterall.

    I've not got round to it yet... You hit the nail on the head, I've gotta wait until this weekend to sort out my wages etc. Once they're sorted out, it's the first thing I'mma gonna buy.

    I got bored of blonde... I'd had it a whole three months. Plus black makes my hair look thicker, as I'm paranoid about losing it at a young age. My Dad lost his at 19.
  9. Pez
    08-06-2008 10:17 PM
    But as soon as anyone blames me, the blame goes straight back to them. So I blame you.

    GET HALO 3. That way you can bask in the awesomeness that is Team SWAT. I LOVE IT!

    I always get Pez withdrawals... It sucks...

    But don't worry, I had Rae withdrawals too, so don't feel left out.
  10. Pez
    08-06-2008 10:07 PM
    Says the person who doesn't try to organise a rematch and doesn't talk to me.

    Up for some Halo 3? I'm online now and will be until the early hours of the British mornings.

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