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  1. Pez
    07-29-2008 02:42 AM
    My Pinatas don't... They're all ruffians. Every last one of them. Always picking fights with eachother!

    It's okay though, if any of your Pinatas try anything funny, I'll do justice with my spade.
  2. Pez
    07-29-2008 02:34 AM
    I loved the first VP aswell. It was awesome.

    Can't wait for the second... If it has online play I'm taking you on at whatever it is you might do on it.

    I'm glad you spammed my wall, I spammed yours back and it is entertaining. I thank you for it and encourage you to spam it whenever you feel like it!
  3. Pez
    07-29-2008 02:24 AM
    Bring it I shall... Just give me a few months time to train and then I shall bring it!

    I still suck at WoW, I know about nothing... I just do my things like questing and killing... That's about it.

    I'm on the Aerie Peak server, but I'm on the European version methinks...

    Well I think it's safe to say your charm won't get you in trouble with me, 'cause you called me cute which means you rock.
  4. Pez
    07-29-2008 02:13 AM
    In that case, I SHALL not lose. Even though I suck and probably will lose.

    I wouldn't have the slightest idea about the epic mount, I'm still a noob...

    My highest level is a level 18 Warlock...

    Is Naruto worth a purchase, or should I just borrow/rent it?

    I own a DS too, but I don't use it often... I prefer my PSP more methinks, just 'cause I love Loco Roco, Lumines and Crisis Core.

    Yeah the Wii rocks for when you have friends over! I used to love kicking their asses at the baseball on Wii Sports.

    Yes, I blame my cuteness too...

    See what you've done?!? My head will explode!

    Not really... I blame your charm.
  5. Pez
    07-29-2008 01:58 AM
    Yeah you probably would whoop my ass... I ain't making no sammiches though! I'll make orange juice instead.

    You're soo much more of an avid gamer than me... As of late, I've kinda drifted away from my 360... I blame World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core on the PSP!

    Is Naruto any good? I was considering getting it, but I've heard it's quite short... I've not really heard or seen anything of the gameplay/story though...

    I spent all my wages mostly on clothes and alcohol, so I could get wasted and dress smart while hanging with my friends.

    Apart from that, I've spent money on re-buying Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, a 60-day card for Wow and FFVII Crisis Core for the PSP, which is an amazing game btw!

    I own a Wii, but have yet to buy SSBB... I rarely look at my Wii, nevermind play it! Maybe I should dust it down and give it a whirl sometime...

    I blame you for calling me cute... ALL YOUR FAULT.
  6. Pez
    07-29-2008 01:44 AM
    In all fairness I'm pretty shit at Rock Band, but I enjoy it so what the hell!

    I play on Medium with the guitar and drums. Sometimes easy with the drums if I suck at a song and wanna get a bit of practice in at it.

    And I CANNOT sing. I have tried though, and passed Say It Ain't So by Weezer on expert. I was over the moon with that!

    I have Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey. I've hardly played them though. I'll get round to doing it sometime in the not-so-distant future. I hope... Just so I can get VP2.

    You will need to pay the shipping costs for the seedless raspberries btw 'cause I'm pretty poor atm... I spent all my wages...

    What's hot, the fact you have a profile stalker, or the profile stalker is hot?
  7. Pez
    07-29-2008 01:31 AM
    It's okay 'cause I stalk your profile all the time. Not that you'd know... Or do you...?
  8. Pez
    07-29-2008 01:30 AM
    I don't like them 'cause I don't like pips...

    If you find me some without pips I will love you for life! Guaranteed!

    I was playing Rock Band just a second ago, but me gives up...

    What games do you play usually?
  9. Pez
    07-29-2008 01:19 AM
    Hmm... Is it a Halo? I thought it was a flash of lightning above your head. I must've been mistaken.

    I'll get onto posting a picture. My one is pretty small and sucks.

    I only like Raspberries if they're seedless, which is hardly ever methinks...
  10. Pez
    07-29-2008 12:17 AM
    I don't believe you!

    I'll only believe you once I see your puppy face, then I will look in a mirror, make a puppy face and decide...

    Well we have something in common there! I hate oranges but love orange juice!

    I practically hate ALL fruit apart from apples and grapes, but love all the fruit juices! Apart from grapefruit anyways... It leaves a funny taste...

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