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  1. jackanape
    06-17-2009 03:27 PM
    Ha - forget that PM. As I see you went and added the score box in there. I'm coding and checking it through now.
  2. jackanape
    06-17-2009 08:51 AM
    Ha ha, I did see that whole Mass Effect review thing as it was still around when I joined the team. I assumed that wasn't what he was referring to though as I thought he'd left by then.

    I was right about the rest though. Go me.
  3. kaleido42
    06-16-2009 10:33 PM
    I just noticed a mistake I made. I submitted something in the submit forum with two parts but named one of them wrong. The first (wrong one) I named Burnout Roadmap Updated Part1 and the second (correct) I named Burnout Paradise Roamap Updated Part2. I know it's pretty obvious but just so no one accidently slips up thinking that the the first one was for a different game (possibly revenge?) and waited for the second part. Just thought I'd let you know as things always go wrong when the idiot (me) gets involved .
  4. Da CRU Mughhh
    06-16-2009 02:02 PM
    Da CRU Mughhh
    Still working on getting my Brother's in arms copy back for the last achievement! He's being very slow at finishing the game! And let's hope i can navigate the menu's and find out how to do level select cause i don't have the American copy anymore :/
  5. Saix00726
    06-16-2009 05:49 AM
    More and more im starting to see in any games forum a boosting method or one of those Im to lazy to use the achievement trading thread posts get flamed with the Boostings Cheating, ur gonna get your gamerscore reset, or my favorite U SUCK LEARN HOW TO PLAY kinda replies and believe if at all possible for you to start issueing temp bans or something. Although I do indeed agree that people posting the achievement trading post threads outside of them deserve it for being morons. Sorry for the very unpunctuational argument but I would hate to see the best xbox achievement site turn into forums with constant hate and dumb replies going on constantly. Some forums you can see this going on in would be the COD:WAW, Maybe Red Factions dont remember, and though the topic is over a few months old there was something in the hawx forum I believe and im sure there is plenty of this nonsense going on in halo 3 forum lulz.
  6. EnviableKira
    06-16-2009 05:03 AM
    What on EARTH posessed you to jump to conclusions and think you have a right to practically insult me over something that exists entirely in your head is beyond me..
    And who you think you are I don't quite know, but you clearly need to find a better use of your free time, instead of lurking over my gamerscore and making up silly little stories like some sort of understimulated infant.

    Read the messages in reverse order =]
  7. EnviableKira
    06-16-2009 05:02 AM
    If I was a so called cheater, and had any clue what so ever on how to do such things..i'd also know the absolute ridiculousness of having a gold membership that's monitored more so than silver memberships and running the risk of not only having my XboxLive account banned, but my very Xbox not being able to join XboxLive ever again.

    So it's quite fitting that your message opens with the words "Not to be a dick" when, by implying that i'm actually idiotic enough to resort to such behaviour, whilst falsely accusing me of being someone who takes the entire fun out of gaming by cheating, and also thinking me the type of person who, if he were to cheat, wouldn't do it properly and instead would get himself a mere 27,000 points which is nothing compared to the worthwhile gamers of today..
    You are, indeed being a dick by your own subconcious admission.
  8. EnviableKira
    06-16-2009 05:01 AM
    "I think it's funny that you failed to cheat on Star Ocean and a few others though."

    That's a paradox in itself.
    1. You're telling me that I cheated, but at the same time "failed" to cheat. If, by some miracle I hadn't spent the past two months unlocking acheivements for The Last Remnant and the past few days constantly unlocking acheivements for Street Fighter II (which i'm sure there's a record of for any Xbox Live staff to see the seperate dates of when I gained such acheivements) you're claiming that I know how to "cheat" and somehow receive full gamerscores for games, and yet at the same time don't know how to cheat and receive full gamerscores for games.

    2. You ask the very question that proves your words to be contradictory and false, "what's the point?" exactly..what would be the point? I'm playing Mortal Kombat, then i'll be moving onto Castle Crashers in which i'm building up my acheivements..and i'll keep playing them until their scores are just as high as my other games.
  9. Mrs Cliffton
    06-16-2009 12:50 AM
    Mrs Cliffton
    you seem to always be one of the most reliable admins here so i was wondering where i can/should create a thread suggesting people try and make a firefox personas repping x360a? thanks man
  10. NBA Kirkland
    06-15-2009 11:09 PM
    NBA Kirkland
    is x360a on twitter?

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