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  1. SuperNova X2X
    01-10-2009 05:14 PM
    SuperNova X2X
    Strange, that doesn't work o_O
  2. SuperNova X2X
    01-10-2009 05:06 PM
    SuperNova X2X
    Hey Pants, I'm always using quick reply, so I was wondering, what's the shortcut for the tounge expression? I know that wink is ; ) but I've never figured out what the tounge one was. Thanks, Shadows.
  3. Simzo
    01-10-2009 12:28 AM
    That faces of x360a is turning into trouble.. haha. Insults flying left right and centre. I lol'ed when Leo called you a troll. Not a good idea.
  4. leocomerlato
    01-09-2009 10:39 PM
    It could possibly be because you are King of the Pants and I only wear spandex
  5. leocomerlato
    01-09-2009 10:18 PM
    What Im trying to figure out is how you found out that RvB thing...I'm assuming you have an account over there because not a lot of people know that I used to go by an internet handle...
  6. leocomerlato
    01-09-2009 10:00 PM
    Woah there tiger, why jumping ship? I'm trying to have a conversation with you and understand where you're coming from and you're bringing all of that out? I may be twitter crazy, there isn't anything wrong with that. I am banned from RvB and you know why? Not the administration, the moderators who still hold a grudge against me. I was banned when I was 17. Two years ago. I talk to the staff of RvB, I play games with them on XBL.

    Now I'm trying to understand why you are going to go ahead and label me, I'm not trying to cause trouble, I'm not in the thread derailing it, I'm not trying to butt heads with you, I'm trying to understand you.
  7. leocomerlato
    01-09-2009 09:44 PM
    I’ll agree that I probably shouldn’t have made that post last night and you’re right for calling me out on that, but I don’t agree with the way you did it. It seems to me as if that post annoyed you and you decided to attack me by calling me a liar.

    Lastly, I’ll tone it down with the pictures but I’d like to point out I’m not posting a picture of myself all the time.
  8. leocomerlato
    01-09-2009 09:41 PM
    I feel like there is no reason to continue this conversation in the other thread as it will just derail it, which I don't think would be fair to the people watching it.

    Iím not new to the internet, Iím not new to forums. I know what trolls are and that post that you directed at me certainly looked as if it was written to get a reaction out of me. I know that you are a moderator, but I also donít feel like that means that you wouldnít troll. Iíve seen moderators, on other sites, who are just that and use their powers to give out what they view as their own personal justice rather than community standards. I'm not saying that's you just that your post in which you insinuated that I was a liar really seemed like what a troll would do in my opinion.
  9. sanchez375
    01-09-2009 12:08 AM
    0-16 hahaha.....sorry, so whts up?
  10. TheColdWolf
    01-06-2009 09:50 PM
    Hey, i have been trying to get someone to race me to 100K in the submit a challenge thread but so far no wants to with your permission i would like to know if i can make my own thread asking if someone between 1,000G to 5,000G would like to race me to 100K?!

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