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  1. Madhatters13
    01-19-2012 11:09 AM
    Looking back, I probably should've bought MW3 on the 360. That way we might've been able to salvage some enjoyment out of it between us. I've gone back to Black Ops now for my CoD fix; might see if I can get to 15th prestige before the next one.

    Yep, I'm mostly focussing on archery and magic. I do have a glass sword and the mace of Molag Bal for when things get personal though.

    Okay, I'll take another look at the list and we can go for it. A few I can remember that I know I can help out with are Pure and the Rainbow Six games.

    Skyward Sword is very enjoyable so far. The motion controls work brilliantly, and the story is very good so far. Haven't played L.A. Noire yet that needs to change soon! Good to hear you had an enjoyable Christmas.
  2. oooz1991
    01-17-2012 09:24 PM
    i got a chunk of what i wanted to do done, but then the leader of my group told me not to work anymore during christmas :P so I'll be working on finishing that tomorrow and thursday I can imagine

    yay, now you see! Come back to the battlefield/gears side. we have cookies!
    It's a good game now and then but on the whole I don't massively like it for playing for long periods. I much prefer playing bf3 online and Gears horde I like gears online, but it seems to just be run and shotgun people

    you have finished it... finished it!! hahaha i may well do that, but I intend on not playing ME3 when it is released and leaving it for my dad to play because if i play it, i will not see any revision, let alone any sun! haha! so i'll see about skyrim, but its on the cards!

    shes always at matts :P dont tell her i said that! :P hahaha! I'm glad you're enjoying it man uni is an awesome experience. But you're right, minus the work. Bit of an inconvenience DX :P
  3. Madhatters13
    12-29-2011 09:58 AM
    It would've been an ok-ish game if it wasn't for all that collectable hunting. I'm looking forward to FC3 though; looks like they're making it more like FC1, which I loved back in the day. Wow, that's quite the bargain for Saint's. Can't really say no at that price.

    I've hardly used them either, but it makes me laugh that it has less ammo than any of the other launchers, especially when it only unlocks for one level. I haven't touched MW3 since Christmas Eve though.

    You make my character jealous with talk of Legendary Daedric Armour. I've only got a set of Elven armour atm, but I've spent most of the game so far running around in my Arch Mage's robes.

    I saw that list of games that Undead Nightmare is going to be added too. Certainly keep you busy. I should be able to help out with boosting a couple of them.

    Yep, I had a good Christmas. Got L.A. Noire and Skyward Sword. I've got back into playing ME2 this week though, so haven't got round to playing them yet. How about you?
  4. oooz1991
    12-29-2011 09:35 AM
    lucky, I have a report to write with a group that is now scattered around the world :P It's the basis of the project we have to do all through second term. It's going to be hell! :P

    I like sniping, I've always just enjoyed it. But I do agree. It's just so satisfying when you get a kill :P however I do have strong hatred to those that just sit and camp the entire match, it's just boring and I usually make it my aim to find them and stab them haha! (I'm horrible :P) of the 3? what is the third?

    level 40, nice! very nice! I want that game but I just dont have that kind of time so I have a mental block of avoiding it :P is it really as good as everybody says? :O
    Haha yeah, so long as you pass you have no pressure! don't worry you prefer it at uni? :O enjoying it there then? good to hear! Have you seen rachel at all? :O I hardly saw her the entire term and I'm supposed to be living under the same roof! :P
  5. Madhatters13
    12-23-2011 03:09 PM
    I don't like having that many ranks either. I can't say I see the point of the RPG unlocking at level 80 either, especially when it's not that good from what I've seen on Youtube. I'm level 24 at the moment. Been doing sidequests in Solitude and Markarth. My favourite Daedric artifact so far is the Sanguine Rose, had lots of fun with that!

    Haha, I'd love the experience, but the price tag... not so much. Have a great Christmas mate!
  6. Madhatters13
    12-23-2011 03:09 PM
    Haha, I feel the same about way about deciding I wanted to join the Royal Navy. I really wish I'd come to that realisation when I was 16-18 — back when there wasn't a 2-4 year average waiting time.

    I'd certainly recommend Undead Nightmare. My only complaint was that I could never find the unicorn for the trophy attached to it, but that's just my luck. I had a guide that told me where all the diamonds were on FC2 and it still took a good 40-50 hours to collect them all. Then there was the risk of it glitching if you didn't recieve a reward on the assassin missions. It doesn't bear thinking about. From what I've seen of Saint's Row 3 it looks like something I'd have fun playing. Will have to pick it up in the new year.
  7. Madhatters13
    12-16-2011 01:58 PM
    Nope, still haven't started the campaign. Will have to get round to that over Christmas/New Year. I've got to rank 50 so far. It's pretty fun, but in all honesty, I prefer Black Ops still. I know what you mean about the pace. There is rarely an opportunity to win a firefight if you aren't the first to pull the trigger. I've put 45 hours into Skyrim so far, and loved every minute! I haven't got very far in the main quest, but I seem to have a knack for finding the Daedric quests. I've done 5 of them so far.

    It was very good. We got to see some of our favourites like Christian, Randy Orton and Sheamus. The pyro at the start made me jump though; wasn't expecting it considering it wasn't a televised event.
  8. Madhatters13
    12-16-2011 01:58 PM
    Haha! No worries.

    I think the programming one would be interesting, but I guess it's not really possible to look forward to what amounts to a huge pile of work. Silly thing to ask in hindsight.

    I couldn't get enough of Red Dead. It was everything that I'd hoped Call of Juarez would be. Quite why it took so long for someone to make an open world Western game is beyond me. L.A Noire finds itself on 'that list'. I'll try and get round to playing it next year sometime. Unfortunately, Far Cry 2's diamonds put me off collectable hunting forever.
  9. oooz1991
    12-13-2011 10:32 PM
    No worries at all, I understand the pressure of having loads of work How is it all going?

    Tbh I spread across all classes now, like assault for the healing and reviving. Engineer for the same as you, I do admit I love sniping so recon is a must. Got a 650+m headshot last night XD MW3 is alright, I don't enjoy it anywhere near as much as BF3 or Gears, but its good now and then Which do you prefer?

    hahahah what level are you? I have a guy on my friends list who was level 50ish within about 10 days :/ I really want it, but I'll never be seen again between work and skyrim! :P Probably a summer plan

    That will always happen, had a test yesterday where they said it'd be the same as examples and it was NOTHING like it :P but don't worry, just do the best you can! I hope it's all going alright! I can't wait, really can't wait! I love it here and love everybody but it's been a long term and I'd love to see the family again Presuming you'll be home for christmas?
  10. Madhatters13
    11-26-2011 11:56 AM
    Yep, I saw. How's it going so far? I've only played the multiplayer, but I'm really enjoying it. I'm rank 40 atm, and my fav weapons are the M4A1, MG36 and the CM901. How you doing on Skyrim too? I saw your tweet on release day about people not appreciating you putting their chickens to the sword.

    I went to watch WWE Smackdown at the LG with my sister. It's something that she's been wanting to do for some years now, but we didn't want it to involve 100's of miles travelling, so that event fit the bill quite nicely.

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