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  1. aksawy
    05-15-2016 07:00 AM
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  2. itb72
    08-02-2009 05:09 AM
    cool. open world hack n' slash rpg... sounds like my cup of tea . and yes, i love all the blood, gore, brutal violence, flying limbs and topless maidens of Conan... so yeah, the game is pretty decent to say the least, even for a second playthrough. hehe.
    have you signed up for the dashboard preview?
  3. itb72
    07-31-2009 05:52 AM
    awesome. so its a dungeon crawling game like Baldur's Gate, right? and i hear that its really a big game with over 600 quests that you can do too. i'll plan on picking it up for sure once the price goes down or when my brother finishes playing his copy of the game. currently i'm working on my second playthrough of Conan on the hardest difficulty. its actually not even that hard, but then, i do have some cheats turned on... hehe.
  4. itb72
    07-27-2009 07:17 AM
    its still in beta right now i think and they only do it monday thru fri, usually around primetime hours, like from 4pm til 9pm or so. ill send you a friends request on LIVE if you ever wanna get in on it together
    yeah please do let me know how you like the game when you get it. i think you'll enjoy it. just don't go driving in your real car immediately after playing the game... i found that it really affects your driving skills. for reals! lol. my bro said that after i'd be playing the game and we took off somewhere, i'd be speeding everywhere i went. lol. and i would never realize i was til i looked at the speedometer and true enough, i would be doing 45mph in a neighborhood area.
    which sequels are we talking about? i'm only looking forward to Batman Arkham Asylum, Red Dead Revolver and Beatles Rock Band, since i still have tons of other games i need to finish.
  5. itb72
    07-25-2009 08:10 PM
    you can actually now get Lego Batman for 20 bucks new at Best Buy! my bro says he's gonna get it so i'll just wait for him to finish it and i'll play it when he's done.
    as far as i know, there's not much a difference but alot of people say that Most Wanted is the better game. it's the only NFS game i've played. after i 100% Pure, i think Fuel is what i'm going to play next. ive heard some good things about it and its offroad too.
    have you play 1 vs 100 yet? if you haven't and if you like trivia games, you should really try it. it's actually pretty fun and you get to play with your avatar! my avatar looks pretty cool in his cowboy hat with all the 1000s of contestants. lol. and you get to win prizes too!
  6. itb72
    07-25-2009 11:11 AM
    great. 4am and i'm still wide awake. haha.
    yeah, so Pure is an amazing racing game, although trying to do all the stunts can be a little tricky and will take some practice. but if you want to do just some crazy street racing and cop evasion, id recommend Need For Speed Most Wanted. come to think of it, id play that one first just so you can build your racing skills. its also pretty fun and you don't have to mess with figuring out stick & button combinations like in Pure.
    i might just rent DJ Hero from work just to try it out. i would need to know how it works so i can sell it anyways. yeah, it looks like its gonna be awkward and i'm no DJ. but i will do my best to raise the roof when i get it. haha.
    nope, no Lego Batman yet. but i am patiently waiting for Batman Arkham Asylum. i'm a big Batman nerd... so i kinda have to buy the collector's edition on release day. hehe. you gonna get Batman too?
  7. itb72
    07-24-2009 10:55 PM
    yeah one of these days i will play Last Remnant. i'm just playing so many games right now, and i'm almost done completing a few of them too. i just started playing Conan about a week ago and now i'm almost done with my first playthrough. right now, its my favorite game. M-rated hack n' slash games... violent, bloody, and shamelessly fun. gotta love em, haha. Oblivion is another game i'm loving, but its a looong game to 100%, so i'm just taking my time finishing it. Pure is a off-road quad racing game, and thats pretty fun too. almost done with that one. and i'm playing all the Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands that i can get my hands on too, and practice when i can to get to Expert level. i have Lego Indiana Jones too, and i'm thinking about starting that one soon. what kinds of games are you into?
  8. itb72
    07-24-2009 02:50 AM
    you're a RPG fan eh? nice! i was deliberating getting Last Remnant while i wait for FFXIII. but i hear that even though it has pretty graphics, the gameplay sucks. have you ever played it? my lil brother said he enjoyed Lost Odyssey and he's playing Sacred 2 right now too. you'd both get along great! haha. Sims 3 eh? i would find it hard to turn myself away from that game. that game looks ridiculously fun and awesome. looking back, i think Sims 2 made my personal life more sad, as i paid attention to my people than my own life. lol. if only they'd release a Sims game for the 360, then my life would be complete! haha.
  9. itb72
    07-23-2009 03:37 AM
    ooooo... camping. how i miss the nice cool breeze and noise of the forest and a passing river. peaceful campfires and roughin' it. and then there was that one time when a goblin came out of nowhere and killed me. oh wait... that was in Oblivion.
    yeah i have a week long vacation coming up too next month. i can't wait. i need to get away for a bit and refresh. refresh, meaning play more games while i'm away. haha.
    gaming addiction eh? what kind of... "addiction" are you into?
  10. itb72
    07-22-2009 03:06 AM
    hey again. i'm doin good, just got back from a long dragging day of retail work. whoopee! so now i'm gonna sit on my butt and game til i get to do it all over again tomorrow. lol. what a life, eh?
    so basically thats my life in a nutshell at the moment. work, game, eat, game, sleep, rinse and repeat. i like it. how about you? whats goin on with you?

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