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  1. Kairi
    Yesterday 09:27 PM
    I don't think any of them care at all since they are all crazy! Sometimes I try to decipher what they are saying, but I can never understand what they are trying to say. XP

    That could definitely be a possibility; I am definitely hoping for them to do that so I can play the game! I think getting King Brian to make royal decrees about things is a great idea! Please ask him to make a decree! =P

    I hope he will agree to build a zoo! Perhaps you can start persuading him to add one when you ask him about the decrees? I really like the octopus, which is why I adopted him. :P His colourful tentacles matches our usernames too! XD Maybe he can also help assist us like our birds and start using facepalm attacks against the spam? LOL

    Actually today is the due date, so you aren't overdue yet! You still have some time before I will start bugging you! :P Hooray! At least it is progress!
  2. Kairi
    Yesterday 09:27 PM
    I just got the exam today, and I got an 85% on it. The exam was not a fun one and was quite long; there were a lot of phrases on it, and I didn't have all of them memorized, so I had to make up a bunch of words. My classmates are planning on confronting the professor again on Friday, and if that doesn't work, we are going to the head of the department.

    I wish that was the case here, but unfortunately it isn't. :/ I might look and see if there is a taxi service or something around here when I go look into the bus situation; if there is one that is cheap, I'll have to check it out.

    We probably should find a spell that works! One of us needs to go find Hermione or something since she would probably know a spell that we can use! :P Doug's food does sound awesome, especially that miso ramen that he keeps telling me about...Doug makes me really hungry sometimes! I definitely want to go to that banquet! Perhaps they should make that as part of that annual Pax Party or something? XD
  3. Kairi
    10-15-2014 08:38 PM
    Some of them actually do that, but it's not very common. They are pretty easy to spot though since they tend to ramble so much nonsense, and it is a lot of fun wielding my ban hammers and getting rid of them. :P

    That is a shame then! Hopefully I will be able to play it; I'll try my best to find a Mac version of it!

    I bet their office is already filled with owls! XD We definitely need to bug Brian about adding a zoo to the kingdom so all of our animals can live comfortably. :P Also, I went to the Octopus Adoption Center and found this silly guy; he seems like a very friendly octopus!
  4. Kairi
    10-15-2014 08:38 PM
    Wow! :O The exam is Friday, and apparently we are just supposed to memorize stupid sentences from the book and just spit them out on paper for the exam; that is just proof that we aren't learning anything. :/ At least I know the head of the department fairly well, so that is good for if/when I go see her.

    Yeah, it is probably best. XD They do not have taxis here, so that isn't an option. I would try walking there, but unfortunately it wouldn't be possible for me to do so safely. I think there are buses that go from the university to over places over the weekends somewhere; I will have to look into that! I don't think they go to the theater that I normally go to, but perhaps it might go closer to another place where I can see it.

    They certainly are since they make a great snack! It probably would go bad or else I would owl one over. I wish food could be transported without going bad; I have wanted to send people food before ad have some sent here too like Doug's miso ramen. XD
  5. Kairi
    10-14-2014 05:25 PM
    They are much better! Most of their titles are incoherent and nonsensical! :P

    I will check out Syberia when it comes out, but I might not be able to get The Longst Journey if it's PC exclusive since PC games tend not to be Mac friendly at all. =( Hopefully there is a Mac version available somewhere!

    That is probably the case! The Spamwow company is probably furious and ignoring them, so they just keep receiving numerous owls until it's finally removed from everywhere. XD He is pretty awesome, and I'm sure he will do a great job with assisting the octopus! Perhaps he can also help the lion out with taking care of our cute animals too? It sounds like there may need to be a zoo area built in the Max Club Kingdom at this rate since there are so many animals!
  6. Kairi
    10-14-2014 05:25 PM
    There isn't any engagement at all :/ Yeah, I thought the French excange student constantly correctly the professor would be a big warning sign to her, but apparently it isn't. I really do not want to take the exam in there this week! I hope it improves as well; if it doesn't, I'm seriously thinking of going to the head of the department about the whole thing.

    It looks like my friend won't take me, but I'm not going to ban hammer their car about it since apparently they are very close to being completely broke. :/ I offered to pay for them, but they won't let me. I guess I can always see it when it comes out to DVD at least!

    Definitely do so! :P Ohhh that sounds good! Oreos are always good to have! I should probably buy some more when I go to the store next! I will have to make sure I find an octopus when I go as well so we can have it facepalm for us! XD They probably do that for that reason unfortunately. :/
  7. Kairi
    10-11-2014 03:56 PM
    Oh no! You should switch on that poor Xbox! D: Syberia sounds quite interesting; I will have to check that out; I may end up getting it myself since I like point and click games! I'll have to check out The Longest Journey as well!

    Polar bears are awesome, and they are one of my favorite types of bears! ^_^ I hope you get to go someday! I don't think someone is ignoring their Hogwarts letter since none of the owls have letters with them; maybe someone at Trading Standards is sending out spam? XD

    Yes, we have! Down with the character limits! lol Here is a polar bear facepalming at the character limits; I still need to hire that octopus!
  8. Kairi
    10-11-2014 03:56 PM
    You should definitely visit them; they actually had Oreo cheesecake last night so that is even more of a reason why you should go there! :P

    I'll have to find a friendly octopus that wouldn't mind facepalming for us then! I wonder if some of those people in those comments just go to the musicvideos just for trolling other people and starting arguments. :/

    I hope I won't need to pester either, so I'll give you a week from today to write an entry before I start pestering. I think the book is written by Heldris de Cornualle but some people say it's anonymous for some reason. I hope you can find it somewhere! It should be a lot of fun indeed!

    Exactly! I rename a lot of the spam titles in there to really silly things since who wants to see the stupid spam titles anyway? :P
  9. Kairi
    10-11-2014 03:55 PM
    It is really dull; my classmates and I actually struggle to stay awake in there sometimes, and we never want to be there. She really should get another book to teach from and stop referring to it as much as she does. The French exchange student often has to say something sounds awkward or a work is too old; her electronic dictionary even says "old word" by half of the things the professor suggests us to use! :O That sounds like quite a long time for an experiment; I hope none of yours end up being that long either!

    Awesome! =D If you get the chance to see those, let me know your thoughts on them! I hope I can find a way to go see The Boxtrolls; apparently my friend that usually goes to the movies with me and gives me a ride there doesn't want to see that one, and I'm not sure if I can take a bus over there. :/ Hopefully I can figure out a way to see it!
  10. Kairi
    10-09-2014 09:29 PM
    LOL I just had to share this!!!! XD

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