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  1. itb72
    07-24-2009 02:41 AM
    yeah as far as i know, GoW online mp is still pretty popular. just to let you know, i don't have all the new maps yet. but if they're free ill download 'em.... lol. i'll see you in the morning then! arizona time, not yours! lol. but most likely i'll still be up when you get online
  2. itb72
    07-23-2009 03:43 AM
    hey you. we still on for Friday? i can't wait to get back into Gears again and do some co-op again with you. we should do some online multiplayer as well. lol. should be fun.
  3. itb72
    07-17-2009 02:56 AM
    a right plonker? lol i hope that doesn't mean anything too extremely bad.
    well now that i finally finished the hard career in GH:A i can move onto the online co-op and battle achievements. i'll save the expert career achievement til later. i wanna at least improve before i attempt it. good thing i have a plethora of Guitar Hero games and a Rock Band game to practice with. the only GH game that i don't have is World Tour, which i am thinking about getting too, since i've started playing the drum career in Rock Band.
    yes of course i would love for you to help me out with some games. i have alot of games that are not on my played games list on my gamercard. so i'll put those on there soon and you can see if there's any that you would wanna play with me.
  4. itb72
    07-16-2009 05:50 PM
    ohhh so you didn't get The Game Of The Year Edition? thats a bummer. thats the one that would have all the DLCs, including Shivering Isles. wrinkly wood elf vampires are sexy too! haha. right now, i'm trying to finish the major questlines. the last two achievements are to close the main gate and to complete the main quest. i think those two achievements are worth 160 GS. so that would be quite a boost to my gamerscore. did you see that i finally got my 10K milestone? lol. now i can finally sleep well at nights and not worry about it. haha. too bad you don't have GH Aerosmith. i need a co-op partner for that game. hopefully school is goin good for ya. have you decided on a major course or what you what to graduate in?
  5. itb72
    07-14-2009 12:21 AM
    heys yous. oh i'm sure you'll like The Strangers then if you liked Silence of the Lambs. just don't hope for a typical Hollywood ending. lol. i actually have seen Silence before. its just been awhile. right now, i'm watching the new season of 24 that recently came out on DVD. its okay so far, just not as good as the previous seasons. hopefully it'll get better.
    i am almost done with Magic. but i might have to wait til next month when i visit my brother in California to 100% it. the local 2-player coop campaign is all i have left to do on it then i'm done.
    so are you renting Oblivion or did you buy it? i played it for a little bit over the weekend and did a main story quest. i'm at level 20 with Quinlan Jir, my dark elf rogue :P what's your character's name? and what class are you playing?
  6. itb72
    07-11-2009 06:22 PM
    heyyyy. i'm so tired... lol. so i stayed up til 4am watching The Strangers and Silence of the Lambs and then woke up at 645am to go to a morning training at work. lol. sometimes there is just no reason to my insanity. i guess it was morbid movie night too and i couldnt wind down. oh yeah, The Strangers was really good and intense, especially since it was based on real events. i actually got spooked and jumped in some parts. lol. it has a very depressing ending though.... no wonder why i wanted to watch a movie on Hannibal Lecter right after. haha.
  7. itb72
    07-11-2009 08:04 AM
    nice! kudos to the both of us for our loyalty to this site. we should both be monatarily compensated for our dedication and expert advice and meaningful contributions. hahaha.
    omg.... i'm watching The Strangers... have you seen it? it's pretty freaky and i'm getting scared.... lol.
  8. itb72
    07-11-2009 07:37 AM
    you just might be awake to witness my 300th post on this website. haha. if only i could find something worthwhile to reply to. :P
  9. itb72
    07-11-2009 07:25 AM
    yes answers would be great, especially since i'm a yankee. lol. let's see, next time i'll be home around 1pm my time.... would be... monday! i am somewhat curious to see what the game is all about. but if you had fun with it, then i should like it too. :P
  10. itb72
    07-11-2009 07:17 AM
    yeah i saw you playing it this morning before i left for work. yeah its available here in the US too. maybe there's a demo i can download. it's a avatar game too, right?

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