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  1. Kairi
    Today 02:23 AM
    [Four yet again XD]

    That sounds like a fun game! The dying robots sounds kind of sad though. D: Nice N64 game choices! :P I plan on buying Banjo-Tooie at some point since I love Banjo-Kazooie, but I'm hoping for a price drop first as I dislike paying full price for digital games and buy most of mine from sales. What is wrong with Canary Mary? o.o

    I will take your advice and never buy that game! Glad to hear Plants vs. Zombies is good; I might the the Windows Phone version if it goes on sale and I like the game =) I'm not a big fan of luck-based achievements; they usually tend to annoy me. >_<

    Wow, that thing is creepy looking! Not being able to breathe because of that sounds really bad; I wouldn't want to go that way either! =(
  2. Kairi
    Today 02:23 AM
    Nice! I am a HUGE fan of Spyro, so I think that's a nice find! =) I love retro shops too! There is an awesome retro store near me too called RetroTaku that also specializes in imported games along with retro stuff; I ended up buying my Japanese Xbox 360 there for only $60 and try to go occasionally to see what they have in stock. I would definitely check Super Mega Replay and see if they have a cheap one!

    That is fine with me! XD Super long posts and such has never bothered me; perhaps it's because I'm an avid reader and like reading? "The Ultimate Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookie" sounds REALLY good! O_O If I ever go to a Pizza Hut or have it delivered to the dorm, I will need to remember to order one of those!
  3. Kairi
    Today 02:22 AM
    Japanese is difficult to learn, but it is really interesting to learn! I can always help teach you if you wanted to learn it! ^_^ It seems like quite a few people like trying to do a French accent despite not knowing the language XD If you want to try applying the German, I recommend trying to find someone who also is learning German to practice with! =D Haha even if that was wrong, at least you gave effort and tried!

    You definitely should! The flashlight was only about $7 if I remember correctly, so it shouldn't be too bad. Yeah, that is definitely important! I am not really a big texter myself, there are only about 2-3 people I text often. I have always preferred communicating through an actual keyboard than through the phone's keyboard since I'm slower on that.
  4. Kairi
    Today 02:22 AM
    I'm going in reverse order from your reverse order. XP

    That movie is definitely worth multiple views! I would have make my parents see that movie when I came to visit them so I could see it again, but we ended up seeing Into the Storm instead since they were more interested in which was another movie I wanted to see, mainly since part of it was filmed where I am right now and I wanted to see if I could recognize some of the places from the movie. XD I want to see the Lego Movie sequel as well; I'm sure it will be good whenever it comes out! =)

    Kentucky isn't too far as in across the country or anything from me, but it's not that close. I'm currently in Michigan and I love it here! ^^ I can only imagine how country it must be there! :O
  5. Kairi
    Today 12:38 AM
    [Looks like 4 VMs this time]

    I don't know much about sleep paralysis / fear paralysis, but that sounds terrible! Is there anything you can do to cure that or prevent it from happening? I haven't seen Deadbirds; is that a good movie?

    Plants vs. Zombies is another one that's in my backlog that I plan on starting sometime soon. The Zuma games are the only games from Popcap that I haven't purchased; I am kind of glad that I never did if the controls for it are bad! I dislike when games have bad controls! =/

    I would be proud if I were you too; Banjo-Kazooie is a great game! I recently started playing the Xbox 360 version of it, and it is a lot of fun! I haven't heard of Space Station Silicon Valley, but that sounds like a pretty fun game! Have you tried looking in any retro video game shops? You may be able to find a cheap N64 or a system that plays N64 games in one!

    It was actually 5 VMs; you forgot the very first one you sent before the PM's
  6. Kairi
    Today 12:37 AM
    Most definitely so! Usually they are extremely disorganized and have no idea what they are doing. The last time I had to move in was the apartment, and they had no idea I was living until a half an hour after they told me to come and move in; if this site had a facepalm smiley, one would be appropriate here. XD Ranting is fine, feel free to rant all you want; I'll read all of it! :P Pizza guy?! Now you are really making me hungry! D: I really should go eat something after writing this...

    I know English, French, and Japanese. I wouldn't consider myself fluent in French or Japanese yet, but I am definitely going to improve as I study more. I don't know any German besides "Guten Tag", but I have considered learning some German before; I should probably concentrate on just French and Japanese for now though since those are my majors after all haha. I picked the flashlight up at Gamestop a few months ago; if you go to one, you might be able to find one too! That would be awesome! ^^
  7. Kairi
    Today 12:37 AM
    Yeah, I used to eat a bag a day, sometimes even two, since I love eating it that much XD I only eat it a few times a week now, but I still love eating it just as much! :P Staying away is a wise decision; that stuff is truly disgusting. It is funny looking back on it, but the experience itself certainly was not fun!

    That sounds really good...and now you are making me hungry. XD I am going to have to make myself some popcorn now for dinner or something! I'll have to see if my theater has that next time I go there! I'm not quite sure far that is for me, but it's not that close since I'm in a different state.
  8. Kairi
    Today 12:36 AM
    That's fine, I don't mind reading a lot of text at all. XD

    I liked The Lego Movie; I ended up seeing that with a family member during one of the really short times I was hope this year since nothing else sounded remotely interesting at the time, and we both enjoyed watching it! Apparently they are thinking of making a sequel to that. Most of the movies I see now are with one of my friends since we are both movie buffs that like the cheap tickets. :P We actually might be seeing Guardians of the Galaxy again tomorrow since we are showing some exchange students around campus and helping them figure out where their classes are, and apparently they want to see it. XD I have never gone to the theaters to see a movie by myself, but I wouldn't mind doing so if I were close enough to one that I could walk over to safely; since the cinema isn't that close by, my friend needs to pick me up and we drive there together.

    I'll read that after replying to the VMs
  9. Kairi
    Yesterday 10:10 PM
    [Another four messages for you!]

    I have heard the challenges can be quite difficult; I guess I'll have to see for myself once I get to them! They look like enjoyable games to play though; I think I'm going to get started on the first one after the current tournament that I am in.

    Wow, that is a lot of different games to play all in one day! It seems like he has a good taste in games already as well, Banjo-Kazooie and Minecraft are some solid choices! I think it's best to work on one game before another, but I usually like to have a main game to work on along with 2-3 other games at a time, so if I feel like playing something else for a while (as I have a lot of long games in my backlog), I can take a break from that game and move onto another one for a while.
  10. Kairi
    Yesterday 10:10 PM
    They definitely are, but surprisingly the move-in went really smooth with them being organized and not majorly screwing anything up! Hooray! XD I've noticed that, and they is nothing wrong with typing a lot; I'm guilty of doing it myself quite a bit. :P The degrees will probably help in my case since I'm hoping to be a translator, and I'm sure something that says I studied languages would be helpful!

    Getting a small flashlight is a good move; I got myself a small Assassin's Creed one that I have on my keychain that does the job. =) That didn't freak me out, but that is really strange and sounds like a horrifying experience! D: I haven't had much experience with anything supernatural, but I have heard a few stories from friends saying they have had creepy experiences before.

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