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  1. merzitar
    03-12-2012 11:54 PM
    Sorry for taking a while to reply! I would have done so sooner, but I haven't been on my PC a whole lot.

    Well I'm not going to stop you of course, but it's just so terrible! It's nothing like a Silent Hill... nothing has a symbolic meaning.

    The problem is, he doesn't even have the same personality. He's not going to be Dante in my eyes if he looks and acts completley different.

    LOL, are they even going to release Versus? The last bit of information was three years ago, wasn't it?

    Yeah, I don't tend to play Multiplayer much either. I don't know... I find single-player to be more enjoyable... maybe I am old fashioned lol. I still enjoy multiplayer, of course.

    Oh yeah, I know that feeling! lol.
  2. merzitar
    03-10-2012 01:43 AM
    That's an awesome list!
    Mass Effect 1 and 2 are amazing, so I can't wait to play no.3 and see the epic conclusion. I've gotten really attached to my Shepard, so I hope no harm comes to her lol.

    Silent Hill HD Collection, I can't wait for it! We get it on the 30th in the UK. Downpour I will get, but I can wait a while until I have the money (it does look better than Homecoming, but still.... just don't get me into a rant on Homecoming lol)

    the two Resident Evil games look great, especially RE6.

    DMC... I'm dreading it, but I'm certainly getting the HD Collection.

    I only liked Far Cry 2, and Far Cry 3 looks similar, but more improved.
    Far Cry 2 doesn't have much of a story, but it's still pretty fun and the environenments are so beautiful! The only thing that is stopping me from 100% it is the online achievements... because people camp too much lol.
  3. merzitar
    03-10-2012 01:12 AM
    ...PART 2

    Oh, I know what you mean, I really need to save my money if I'm going to buy all the games I want this year (I had to leave Catherine until it's cheaper).

    3 HD Collections
    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
    Resident Evil 6
    Tomb Raider
    Far Cry 3

    I think they're the most important. Your list?
  4. merzitar
    03-10-2012 01:11 AM
    No problem, thanks for accepting me! ^_^
    Oh, that's never good, although I wish I could find a job right now.

    Exactly, I just wish people gave constructive criticism because screaming "You suck" is just pathetic.

    Awesome! I am really glad you like her. I always worry that if I recommend someone an artist, they'll hate them and then I will feel like I have wasted their time lol.

    You never know, someday you might pick it up. I feel that I am able to think of a great piece of music, but the problem I have is getting it out of my head.

    I'm not up to much, apart from gaming lol. I've started Final Fantasy XIII-2 now and it's amazing! I think I prefer it to the original XIII game. I also got Mass Effect 3 through the door today, so I'm aiming to complete FFXIII-2 and ME3 before Silent Hill HD Collection comes out, but I am rather doubtful! lol. How about you?

  5. merzitar
    03-06-2012 02:05 AM
    That's cool. I kinda just write whatever I feel like writing! lol.

    I know how you feel there, people on YouTube can be really mean for no reason. I have seen someone getting a lot of abuse for "being an awful singer" when she was actually better than the original artist!

    No problem! I'm glad you like her. One of my favourite songs of hers is called Chouwa oto ~with reflection~; definitley worth checking out ^_^

    My main problem with the piano was actually playing separate melodies with each hand.. just couldn't do it. HAHA, thank you! Though I will say that my main problem is probably because I have a terrible free MIDI program! lol.
  6. merzitar
    03-03-2012 02:20 AM
    HEHE, ok - sounds cool enough. Awesome! I like writing, too (I wrote a load of fanfiction a long time ago... but pretty much all of it has gone now except one or two The Simpsons fanfics lol) Yeah, an English degree would definitley help you towards you aspiration.

    That's really cool! I'm sure you're just fine -- do you have any recordings on YouTube or whatever for me to listen to? ^_^

    Yeah, she has a lovely voice. I am a big fan of voices that are either different/interesting/beautiful. Ever heard of KOKIA? She has a great voice and style:

    I've always wanted to play the piano. I also wish I could compose music properly... you'd probably laugh your arse off my my music!! lol.

    Sadly, I have never been outside of the UK, but someday I would like to travel the world.
  7. merzitar
    03-02-2012 04:05 PM
    I'm sure it will be! It will probably feel strange at first because of the change of culture, but I think you'll find it really enjoyable and worth it. So are you going there to concentrate on one subject, or several?

    You're a singer? That's always awesome. Are you in a band, yet? Or do you prefer to be solo? I love Amy Lee and Evanescence (mostly their first album, Fallen). Piano is my favourite instrument because you can create so many moods from it. Do you like Chopin?

    Aww, I'm sorry about that! ^_^ Do you know where they went? A place I love is Cheddar Gorge.
  8. merzitar
    03-02-2012 01:29 AM
    That sounds like a fantastic opportunity! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Arigatou, I'll ask if I ever need any help ^_^

    I listen to most types of music. Usually, I'll like at least once artist from any genre. My favourite genres are Classical/Video Game, J-Pop, and Metal. Favourite artist... that's a tough one, but I would say either BoA or Koda Kumi. What's your music tastes?

    HAHA, it's ok - I love answering questions. I do indeed live in England. Some places are really nice with the scenery and stuff, but some parts, like where I live, is BORING!! lol.
  9. merzitar
    03-02-2012 01:15 AM
    Oh, the Nintendo 64! Those were the days ^^ So many hours spent on Goldeneye.
    WAIT, You're going to Japan? AWESOMEE!!! I've always wanted to visit Japan. I'm planning to study Japanese once I finally find a job to afford the lessons (I only know a few basic bits of Japanese at this moment). But I know what you mean, but I think they get most US/EU releases. LOL, I'm the same: Music and Games are like a curse.

    Aww, that's alright. This is why I love the internet. It can be a great place to find new friends ^_^
  10. merzitar
    03-02-2012 12:30 AM
    Thanks for the add, by the way ^_^

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