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  1. jackanape
    02-17-2014 09:25 AM
    Frankly YOU bring nothing good to this site, and your attitude over at TA is also appalling but at least you do them the courtesy of providing very good guides (I won't dispute that). But if all you are going to contribute here is your histrionics then please feel free to never come back.

    Also, nice try claiming that your guide would have answered EVERY question in the Lightning Returns forum. People are asking general questions about the game and plenty of other users are happy to step in and help out. Maybe because they are not selfish, arrogant individuals like your good self. THAT is what helping people is about. Not just linking to your guide and assuming that is a catch all answer to everything.

    Now please PM me if you have anything constructive to add. Or feel free to not use the site if you really don't like it. Otherwise I think we are done here. FYI I deleted your message because it was rude and arrogant, simple as. I put it back so others can share in your attitude.
  2. jackanape
    02-17-2014 09:25 AM
    Now I made a genuine comment about you doing a guide here, in the thread you posted in, BEFORE I knew you had done the guide you linked. I never slapped you down and then asked you to do a guide - I asked you to do a guide rather than link elsewhere, and then you claimed my attitude meant you would not do a guide for this site as a result.

    Now once I found out the linked guide was yours it was obvious that you never had ANY intention of doing a guide for us, as you never have at any point in the past, so your claim that I had "stopped" you doing a guide for our site is a blatant falsehood. You clearly do ALL of your guides for TA and have no intention of putting them up over here so to claim any different is disingenuous on your part. It was just your little attempt to try and make me look bad in public and that I had caused the site to lose out on a guide - I get that, very good work.
  3. jackanape
    02-17-2014 09:21 AM
    Seeing as you can't grasp this I'll make it simple - it is a site wide rule that we DO NOT allow links to guides posted on other sites, not my own selfish attitude. I have no doubt that sometimes a few slip through the cracks as the mods can't check every single forum all of the time. I told you this in a reasonable manner and your posts since then have been appalling so please don't claim a lack of respect on my part.

    Frankly the only person with a shitty attitude is you. As I've seen that you behave just as immaturely over at TA but they clearly put up with your crap because you have contributed 43 guides for them. Whereas HERE you have contributed precisely nothing. You have merely come onto our site and then posted links so that people can go and visit YOUR work elsewhere (on TA and Youtube) so the only person you are helping is yourself. Seriously, you have linked three of your guides here now with zero intention of actually producing a guide for our site.
  4. jackanape
    02-13-2014 09:32 AM
    Tell me: do they just post up links to guides here (and nothing else)? Or do they post up our entire guide/description and then put a link/thanks at the end (if at all)? It's the latter and it helps us in no way, as if people can read all the info there why would they click on a link.

    Again, I have no issues with people posting their own stuff on both sites, that is their choice, but if they only post it on one or the other then there is probably a reason for that and it should be respected.

    I would also point out that if I saw something on here that had been ripped off from there without permission I would have it taken down - it works both ways.

    EDIT: Ha ha, so the guide you were linking on TA was your own? Classy move. In which case why were you "writing" a guide for us. Surely it is already done?
  5. jackanape
    02-13-2014 09:32 AM
    You claim that you want to help people no matter which site they use and then say you aren't going to do a guide for here because of one post. That is amazingly hypocritical.

    My post was not selfish in any way - it was accurate. In order for us to have enough money to keep the servers running, attend events and publish news/reviews/guides we need to bring people to the site not send them away. Also, to clarify, you think I'm selfish for NOT wanting people to use my work elsewhere without permission?

    How is that selfish? It's the way ALL gaming websites work, even the one you seem to hold up as some shining bastion of purity - when in fact all they do is allow (and encourage) people to steal work from other sites and post it there as their own (or with a small disclaimer if they get caught). THAT is selfish, as they are using other peoples hard work to get more revenue for their own site.


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