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  1. Slaughter.
    04-07-2015 08:31 AM
    Do you have any tips for the Dunwall City Traisl? I thought I thought I remembered you saying there was a youtuber who did really good guides for all of the trials and achievements.
  2. Fragarach Luin
    03-18-2015 08:46 PM
    Fragarach Luin
    I've wanted to play Thief as well, but I very much disagree with putting it in tier 3. A friend I trust assures me it's easier than Dishonored minus DLC, and the same definitely can't be said of the Hitman HD Collection. But whatever, what's done is done.

    And yeah, those other games are no joke. MGS Collection I know next to nothing about, except that it's all offline, so that's nice. Chronicles of Riddick, though...there are multiplayer achievements that require four-person boosting, so I'm on the lookout for people to do it with. Perfect Dark Zero requires a co-op play through on the hardest setting, so that one can be hard as well. And I don't know anything Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
  3. Fragarach Luin
    03-18-2015 08:12 PM
    Fragarach Luin
    Oh, that's a real shame then. It sounds like you would have crushed that tier months ago if you had your 360...oh well, it's not as though any significance is attached to first or second in a club. Slaughter will probably be somewhat on your heels though, so don't tarry too long. Do you think you'll go for tier 3?
  4. Fragarach Luin
    03-17-2015 05:50 PM
    Fragarach Luin
    Wow. I just want to apologize for appealing to remove Amy from the Knife in the Dark tier 2 requirements when I did...I'm sure you would have been happier if it had happened before you suffered through the 100% in that game. At least it'll still count when you apply for the tier.

    Also, in the interest of fair play, you should know that I keep an eye on your games completed, because I absolutely intend to get that tier 2 award first. As far as I can tell, we're the only two who are even close to getting the award, since we've both beaten Dishonored, you've beaten Amy and I've finished the Hitman HD Collection. Good luck with Splinter Cell; you better be ready to fly through Sniper Elite--it's my last one.
  5. Slaughter.
    07-15-2014 11:08 PM
    I'd be happy to make you another signature if you'd like.
  6. BiggD
    04-06-2014 06:46 PM
    Anything to get me to 5! But it has to be games I already own. Can't be going outta my way to get that award Dude…The Elder Scrolls VI. If Skyrim was awesome, the next installment is going to be unfathomable by gamers.

    Yeah, that one! The last room's glitch worked really well, but it was the room before that. It had two guards. One guard would ALWAYS spot me no matter what. Ugh :/ Didn't even bother using the Oil Tank trick for By My Hand Alone, as I tried that Trial just thrice before giving up entirely. Such a shame that DLC was tough. Thankfully I only bought it for $2.50.

    But there's rumors of a sequel according to that leaked image a few months back. Maybe something will be revealed at E3 in two months!
  7. BiggD
    04-03-2014 09:56 PM
    The cell-shade graphics are freakin' awesome. I was really turned off by them at first (by looking at trailers) but once I actually played the game last year, it was awesome. The humor in the second game got a little too annoying, but it's still good, too. Oh well So long as it gets chosen and it helps me make my way to the bronze award for Community Gaming!

    Definitely get around to Fallout 3 soon, either for the tournament or during the summer. It's a slow paced RPG and can be boring, but the Fallout games are great. I love them.

    I don't think so either. Those damned Trials for Dishonored are turning so many people off. Shame…on my old tag, I could never finish the achievement for Assassin's Run no matter how close I got. It wasn't even the guard on the stairs; rather, I'd always mess up in the second to last room somehow That, and By My Hand Alone and Void Star were just ANNOYING. Ugh.
  8. BiggD
    04-03-2014 02:39 AM
    Borderlands is fantastic. I played the second over the summer and it's one of the most enjoyable Co-Op games ever! Vote for Borderlands 2 for May's replay event - even if you don't have it - just so it gets chosen

    Yeah, I'm REALLY picky with what I play and purchase. I've made a few exceptions, and hell, even on big games that I never had interest in at first, such as Dishonored, Skyrim, and Fallout. Can you believe that?! I guess it's good to make exceptions, but it's rare. I hope my team beats you in either Curling or Bobsleigh

    AP does look pretty gross, yuck! I've decided against going for Tier 1. I REALLLLLLLLLY don't wanna play Dark and AP :/ I'm eager to see you complete it soon and be the second person!!
  9. BiggD
    04-02-2014 06:17 PM
    Undecided if I am going to buy new games, or recomplete/replay game I had played on my old tag. I know for Bobsleigh I am buying LocoCycle on the Xbox One. And I plan to use Borderlands and Borderlands 2 for Curling and Rowing (which my team gets an automatic win ).

    Other than that, I might take it easy with my spending. As you can see from the VGO Discussion Thread, I try for refrain from buying and even playing games that I don't like, just for the tournament. I know the whole point is to win, but I hate playing silly, stupid, or bad games. What are your plans?

    And I completely missed your reply from last week! Definitely look into Ground Zeroes. It's cheap and was so much fun. Oddly enough, my favorite game I've played on the Xbox One. I just saw Jack Frost completed Alpha Protocol. I think he's done with Tier 1 and will be getting his Knife in the Dark award soon
  10. BiggD
    03-24-2014 03:50 PM
    NEVER. I wouldn't dare think of it I'm using a cheap, quick Xbox One game for Bobsleigh

    I think Hardcore is indeed…too hardcore, LOL. But I think you'll do fine with it (maybe ). I'd personally recommend MGS: Ground Zeroes over Thief. I liked it that much.

    Yeah, Slaughter has an infatuation with me getting around to Deus Ex but it might not happen. I always view my gaming as such: If I skipped the game when it first came out, I don't have interest to go back to it. Also, definitely so many stealth games I was gonna give that Club a go but I can't force myself to do Dark, VA, and AP for it!

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