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enzo gamerz 11-05-2008 03:53 AM

Achievement Trading Thread (PC)
Use this thread in order to trade online pc achievements with other forum members who playing on the computer !

if anybody have the pc version of quantum of solace , send me a message or a fr and ill gonna boost with you!

njoymgmt 11-06-2008 07:33 AM

did you by any chance set up xpadder to use with this game since it doesnt support 360 controller? is so could you share profile and setup you used I can't seem to make a good one.

igorjl 11-10-2008 02:44 AM

I want to boost, i'll help too, if anyone interested post here, or send me a message

I'm pretty much available all the time :P

oDD Reflex 11-11-2008 05:24 AM

I know this thread isn't meant for questions but can anyone confirm the PC & 360 versions are stackable? If so I'll be getting it for PC in near future ;)

Corpsebean 11-23-2008 07:13 AM

Looking to boost all MP achievements too.

Tag is Corpsebean.

Hooligunn 11-28-2008 08:10 AM

I'm up for it, add me. Just make sure you say your from X360A so I know.

Gamertag is Hooligunn

T3XAS_LONGHORNS 11-29-2008 03:25 AM

I need to boost with this, if anyone is doing this, please invite me and say you are from X360A!!!!

K00PA TR00PA 11-30-2008 04:59 PM

I added the guys above me. I just need the golden gun achievement and im willing to help with yours.

skylinedan94 11-30-2008 08:18 PM

i know its completly off subject but i have never worked out how the (pc) games work.

do you buy it for your pc and play it on your computer but you link your gametag or something.

can someone answer (private message or not) as i would really like to know as then i could stack achievements

K00PA TR00PA 11-30-2008 11:44 PM

Yea, you can stack achievements for this game. There are several you can stack, fallout 3, gears, 007 and viva pinata. All you do is install and then sign in with your email that you used for your 360 gamertag and it links it.

NathAttack 12-05-2008 03:25 PM

Nobody plays online on PC :(

Looking to boost ALL online achievements, you scratch my back, I scratch yours.
Please, if you have a headset/microphone, have it ready :P

Add my GamerTag: NathAttack
And send a message to let me know why you're adding me ("quantum of solace boosting" would pretty much cover it ;P ).

njoymgmt 12-07-2008 09:23 AM

yea anyone want to set up a date and time? it looks like you need 4 players?:uzi:

MajinFro 12-11-2008 03:58 PM

I'm looking for a few good men (or women) to knock this out. Toss me a fr and a message stating why. We will at least knock out all of the none weapon/money achievements.

nastymoebie 12-14-2008 03:31 PM

hey i'm searching for some guys to get the online achievements.
if you're interested, send me a message.

cYa nastymoebie

WraithDK 12-21-2008 07:11 PM

I'm up for boosting PC MP ach's in this game too - just add me as a friend, and tell its for the QoS-game :D

BioHazard117 12-26-2008 01:15 AM

If anyone wants to do some PC boosting add me. GT: BioHazard117

GonzoMaster 12-29-2008 04:13 PM

Me too hit me up if anyone wants to boost.

Ganondorf6667 12-29-2008 07:06 PM

Same here i need to boost ive sent everyone FR to see if they want to play!

SoulC 01-04-2009 09:07 AM

I am looking to boost this game (PC-version), so please hit me up. Thank you!

STILL JOEkOOL 01-05-2009 11:24 AM

anyone still boosting 100,000 credits cuz i will boost also just send me a message

FlyingSMonster 01-08-2009 05:25 PM

Looking to get all MP achievements is anyone is interested.

FlyingSMonster 01-10-2009 03:47 AM

Still looking to get the golden gun achievements, as well as other game mode specific ones. send me a message is you want to try them, though we will need 4 ppl to do them.

enzo gamerz 01-18-2009 08:35 PM

send me a fr or a message , boost all online achievements

FlyingSMonster 01-24-2009 06:01 PM

I only need one more achievement, the 100 golden gun kills one.

Please msg me if you want to boost it

GT: FlyingSMonster

Grizzlegrom 01-29-2009 04:12 AM

I need all the online if anyone is getting a group together

commievid 02-10-2009 02:46 PM

Also want to get all the multiplayer achievements done, if anyone out there is still boosting, send me a message!

Tag: Commie VID

oDD Reflex 02-10-2009 04:10 PM

I was soooo ready to buy this game on PC after finishing single player on 360, but after sitting through the long and dragged out process of "sniper shotty mode" aka POS MP, I decided not to get it. Goodluck to the rest of you who have to go through the process of getting MP achievements.

GonzoMaster 02-14-2009 12:48 PM

If anyone wants to boost this game let me know. I currently have 3 computers with this game ready to go.

omegamustard 02-20-2009 08:35 AM

I'm boosting all online achievements for this. If you are interested, message OmegaMustard

K00PA TR00PA 02-20-2009 05:46 PM

I have a game night setup for this game tomorrow (Feb 21, 2009). It starts at 2pm EST. We will start with Golden Gun. I will try and message all the above people by the end of today.

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