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Rascalov 02-13-2009 10:25 PM

is this game easy to get points on?
I was surprised that this isn't in the easy 1000 list. Because its a game based on a disney movie which usually = easy game. Any opinions from people who have played it are welcomed :)

DarkHitman 47 02-14-2009 12:14 PM

easy 1k in about 7hrs follow achievement guide and collectable you will have no problem:)

xMac73 03-04-2009 05:40 PM

Yes... a very easy 1000.

It took me about 10 hours, but I just took my time and enjoyed playing it a few hours each night until I was done. It was fun and quite simple.

My only few tips would be to use the collectible guide and have a good understanding of the achievements so you don't miss any. One great thing about this game --- as compared to 'Meet the Robinsons' --- is that you can replay levels.

SWAGGART 08-17-2009 02:40 PM

Very easy 1000 took me around 15 hours dont listen to the other posts about doing the game in 7 hours or even 10 only if youve completed the game before will you be abble to do it in 7hours they just like to make themselves sound good.

yakuzzaa 03-23-2010 09:20 PM

jep thats right - 10/15 hours sounds realistic !

donkeyshow555 11-18-2010 03:25 AM

even the road map claims 10 hrs 3/10 difficulty.

DESTRO5 12-11-2010 09:06 PM

Family games are often easy marks.

Chada Darkmane 09-01-2012 11:58 PM

I finished in just under 10 hours so somewhere between 8 and 10 hours for completion is about right.

ChickinOnaChain 09-02-2012 03:16 AM

I got 4 of 37, so it wasn't easy for me. Disney's "Up" was easy, except for the blimp at the end.

WOLVES R SWEET 01-16-2013 01:10 PM

dude so easy and another game is easy to get 1000 on is king kong

Hernan69 02-15-2013 04:13 PM

Super Easy..............

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