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Skillet 02-14-2009 01:10 PM

Dead Space Impossible Walkthrough

Welcome to my Dead Space guide! I've worked on this guide for about 4 days now and tried to fill it with about as much information as anybody should need to finish the game on any difficulty. The meat of the walkthrough over the next 18 or so posts contains what I think are the best strategies for completing the game on Impossible mode. The walkthrough is a walkthrough, however and is more than capable of taking you through the game.

Be sure to always search every possible corner along the way though, you could find ammo or medpacks. There simply isn't enough room to list where every item is. I tried to point out the important ones though. ;)

Good luck!


Post 1: Introduction and Index
Post 2: Weapons
Post 3: Enemies Part 1
Post 4: Enemies Part 2
Post 5: Walkthrough: Chapter 1
Post 6: Walkthrough: Chapter 2
Post 7: Walkthrough: Chapter 3
Post 8: Walkthrough: Chapter 4
Post 9: Walkthrough: Chapter 5
Post 10: Walkthrough: Chapter 6 Part 1
Post 11: Walkthrough: Chapter 6 Part 2
Post 12: Walkthrough: Chapter 7
Post 13: Walkthrough: Chapter 8
Post 14: Walkthrough: Chapter 9
Post 15: Walkthrough: Chapter 10
Post 16: Walkthrough: Chapter 11
Post 17: Walkthrough: Chapter 12 Part 1
Post 18: Walkthrough: Chapter 12 Part 2

Skillet 02-14-2009 01:13 PM

Below is a list of the equippable weapons in the game and a brief description of their uses and usefulness.

The Plasma Cutter is the basic, all-around weapon in the game. It's easily the "essence" of what Dead Space is all about. It shoots a thin line of energy to sheer off the arms, legs, and heads of your enemies. Using it's alt-fire turns the line from vertical to horizontal and vice-versa. The Plasma Cutter is always a good choice. Even if some other weapons aren't.

The Line Gun produces a very wide, very powerful line of energy. It's capable of hitting multiple limbs at once and keeps going until it hits something solid. So basically, you could remove the legs of three or four Slashers if they were all lined up right. The secondary fire mode produces a timed mine. Since it's timed, keeping enemies near it until it explodes can be tricky. Stasis makes the job pretty easy though.

The Pulse Rifle is the closest thing to a military grade weapon you'll find in Dead Space. It fires hundreds of little plasma bolts. It's rate of fire is it's greatest strength as the single shots aren't very powerful. Use stasis and grind your enemies up. Alt-fire is great when surrounded. Isaac holds the weapon above his head, the three barrels fall open and the gun fires in a 360 circle capable of making surrounding enemies recoil and sheering off arms and heads if held long enough. It burns through ammo quickly, however so use it wisely.

The Industrial Torch is actually a pretty weak weapon on most enemies. Primary fire shoots a stream of napalm in front of you and secondary fire spits out a "Napalm bomb" which makes your enemies burst in flames. It's a great weapon for Swarmers, Lurkers and actually quite effective on the Leviathan. Other than that, it would probably be better stored in the safe. Especially on Impossible.

Now, this thing is just cool. The Ripper would definitely be the weapon of choice for Jason Vorhees. Primary fire kinetically holds a spinning circular saw blade about 10 feet in front of you for a brief period. In skilled hands, a fully upgraded Ripper can remove the legs and arms of a Slasher in a single "shot". Alt-fire shoots the blade like a projectile, removing legs, arms, and heads along the way.

The Force Gun starts out as a pretty weak weapon until upgraded. Afterwords, it's a relatively reliable weapon. If you get surrounded, use it to send your enemies flying backward and taking damage. It's also great against Dividers and Swarmers. Alt-fire shoots an explosive grenade-like sphere. Obviously, useful. Just be careful especially on Impossible as repeated shots with the Force Gun can send dead enemies and the ammo or credits they drop flying across the room and into a bottomless pit.

The Contact Beam is without a doubt the most powerful weapon in the game. It has to be charged before each shot but it can kill almost anything in a single discharge. Secondary fire plants the barrel of the weapon on the floor and sends a powerful 360 degree shockwave into the legs of your enemies. I'm sure if Necromorphs could feel pain, most of them would be screaming as their legs explode. The downside to all of this power is the fact that you have to pay 2000 credits for each shot at the store. Using this as your primary weapon is not recommended.

Skillet 02-14-2009 01:18 PM

The following post details the enemies and bosses you will face in the game. They are listed in the order in which you first encounter them in the game.

The Slasher is the basic enemy of the game. It comes in three different forms. The male form is the basic Slasher. Usually a flesh color sometimes wearing the remains of an engineering jumpsuit. The female is significantly thinner and always wearing the remains of a green colored jumpsuit. The females can also spew acidic balls of green slime. Removing the head will remove the female's acid spitting attack. The final Slasher form is the Advanced black form. Stronger, faster and deadlier, the advanced form will take about 8 Plasma Cutter shots on Impossible just to remove a leg. They also have an extended kill sequence where they grab Isaac and proceed to chew his head off. Literally. The easiest way to dispatch this enemy is to cut off both arms. If you're surrounded, removing the legs will slow them down significantly while cutting off their heads can send them into a berserker rage, slashing wildly at anything that moves.

The Leaper is the second Necromorph you will face in the game. They are very fast and seem to resemble rabid dogs. They can crawl on walls and leap great distances. In zero gravity, they can fly through a room just like Isaac. Leapers will usually get close to you and try to clobber you to death with their spiked tails or arms. Removing both arms/legs will kill them. Since they are almost always on the floor, it's relatively easy to stasis them and give each arm a few good stomps. Leapers also have a deadlier advanced black form. As with the Slasher, this form is stronger and faster.

Probably one of the sickest things you'll ever find in a video game, the Lurker is what happens when a baby is infected with the Necromorph parasite. It's small, agile, and can crawl along the wall. They don't do as much damage as some other Necromorphs but they can be a nuisance when other Necromorphs are nearby. They're quick and can surround you before you even know they're there. Three tentacles sprout out of their backs when they attack and shoot bony spikes. The tentacles are their weakness. Usually removing two will kill the Lurker. They have an advanced black version as well which can sometimes survive with only one tentacle. Lurkers have an extended kill animation where they leap onto Isaac and stab him in the back. If you don't press A fast enough and shake them from you, they will proceed to remove your head. Stasis is your friend. Use it before they fire their spikes and you should be just fine.

Infectors are strange, bat-like creatures. Their body and "wings" are one and can't be removed from each other. The only part that you can remove is their infection proboscis. You can't shoot it until the Infector is infecting a corpse, however. A basic strategy for Dead Space is to stomp on every corpse you find and dismember them so that if an Infector enters the room, there's nothing to infect. This can also cause problems in smaller rooms as the Infector will turn it's attention to you if there is indeed, nothing to infect. They only have one attack and that is where they leap onto Isaac and pull his head off with their proboscis. Mashing the A button will allow you to wrestle them off, killing the Infector. On Impossible mode, this will leave you with extremely low health and if another Infector leaps on you, you will die. Sometimes it's better to leave a body or two to keep the Infectors busy so you have time to deal with them accordingly. Any weapon will kill them but it's usually easy to stasis them and stomp on them several times or shoot the proboscis as they infect a corpse.

The Pregnant is a Necromorph who's bark is actually worse than it's bite. The only reason it has a threat level of Medium instead of Low is because of it's dangerous cargo. If there is one enemy in Dead Space that you won't want to shoot in a specific spot, it's the Pregnant. Shooting it in the belly will unleash a swarm of small creatures called Swarmers after you. If that wasn't bad enough, the Pregnant will still be able to crawl toward you and slash at your knees with it's arms. On later chapters, they might even carry Divider body parts! Their weakness is their arms. Their legs can also be taken out easily but they are a bit too close to the stomach for comfort. Just pop them in the arms a few times with an accurate weapon like the Plasma Cutter. Once both arms are gone, so is the Pregnant. DO NOT USE the Flame Thrower, Force Gun, Ripper, Line Gun Mines, Contact Beam Secondary fire or Force Gun bombs on the Pregnant. These weapons have an area of effect and 95% of the time, they'll open the Pregnant, spilling it's hellish payload.

Usually found inside the Pregnants, Swarmers come in many numbers. Hence the name. They can also be found in some locations without a Pregnant around. They are relatively slow and weak by themselves. They will crawl along the floor and leap on Isaac. Just repeatedly tap A to shake them off, killing them in the process. In numbers larger than 4 or 5... stay clear of them. If more than two or three manage to affix themselves to you, your health will be drained at an alarming rate. If you accidentally open a Pregnant, or run into a swarm of them crawling along the floor, use Stasis on the center of the group. You should be able to slow them all down with a single shot. Then use an area of effect weapon like the Flame Thrower, Force Gun or Line Gun mines to kill the whole group in a shot or two. You could also stomp on them as long as they're still in Stasis.

The Brute. Probably the biggest, toughest, non-boss in the game. You'll only face 5 of them in the entirety of the game and two of those are black advanced forms. Luckily, you'll only face them by themselves. They aren't very fast but they can outwalk Isaac. They also like to charge like a Bull. Treat them as such when they do and sidestep out of the way. Stasis is your friend against these guys. If you're aim is sure, you can shoot the yellow sections of their shoulders as that's the only spot from the front that is unprotected. Otherwise, you'll have to get behind them. If you keep shooting at a Brute, he'll cross his arms in front of him and cower for a moment. Using stasis on him to get behind him and planting a Line Gun Mine might work to remove his legs. Or you could just stomp on him. Either way, when you remove one arm or his legs, he'll stop moving around as much and instead fire a large explosive blob from his belly. If you're quick enough, you can grab this with Telekineses and send it back. This will usually kill the Brute. If not, another might.

Guardians are the result of a Human being consumed by the strange infectious ooze all over the walls in some places. You'll encounter two different versions. The mature version... which is deadly. And the not so bad adolescent version. The adult version is another story. Stay away from them at all costs. If you get close enough, they will spear Isaac in the head with one of their tentacles, killing him instantly. Instead, wait for it to shoot it's tentacles out of it's body. The tentacles will attacked to the wall around the Guardian. Stasis him and shoot the tentacles one by one or use an explosive. Gas canisters work VERY well, usually severing all tentacles at once. Guardians also spew small fleshy pods that sprout a tentacle not unlike a Lurker's. These tentacles will shoot you with the same bony spikes. Just shoot the tentacle with your Plasma Cutter and the pod will eventually explode. Just stay away from it until it does.

The Hunter is by far one of the most dangerous enemies in the game. First encountered in Chapter 5, the Hunter is the creation of Dr. Mercer. Apparently, injecting the Necromorph parasite directly into the brain of a living host produces one of these bad boys. Luckily, there's only one. But just because there's only one doesn't mean it isn't dangerous. The Hunter is pretty slow and can take about as much damage to each of it's limbs as a regular male Slasher. It plods toward you with a steady determination and has the ability to kill you in one attack if it wishes. To make matters worse, anything YOU shoot off... IT grows back. Since it's technically a boss, it has very specific ways of "killing" it. Those ways are in the walkthrough.

Skillet 02-14-2009 01:21 PM


The Exploder is a very disturbing enemy. With it's arms stretched to touch the floor and it's legs fused together into one appendage... oh did I mention it's head is split down the center and the two halves flop back and forth when it walks? NASTY! The orange pustule on it's left arm is explosive and it basically tries to rush you and blow itself, and you, up. The easiest way to kill one of these guys is by shooting the glowing orange pustule from afar. Creative players can use Stasis until other enemies are near the Exploder and then shoot the pod to kill them all at once. If other enemies aren't near the Exploder, that's okay too. Simply shoot the Exploder's left arm in the shoulder and then use Telekineses to fling the pustule at anything else you would like to kill. Relatively slow, the Exploder is a pretty easy target. It also makes a very distinct screech/chirp when it enters a room to alert everyone of it's presence.

Probably the most pitiful "enemy" in Dead Space. The Wheezer has no actual attack. Heck, it can't even move. All it does is sit there, wheezing and filling the room with it's poisonous gas. Though you can be killed by spending too much time in the same room with a live one. Killing a wheezer is as simple as walking up and stomping on it a few times. Just watch your oxygen meter.

The Leviathan is a massive 10 kiloton growth living inside food storage. I sure wouldn't want to find this thing in my pantry... Using three tentacles, the Leviathan tries to sweep Isaac's feet out from under him. Shooting off the tentacles makes it open it's maw and fling the same explosive sacs that the Brutes shoot from time to time. You can send the sacs back or just shoot the bright glowing core with a quick, accurate weapon. On Impossible, be sure to stock up on lots of ammo. You'll need it.

By the time you face your first Divider in Chapter 8, you'll have killed several Divider body parts in a few of the previous chapters. Just like the name implies, Dividers... well, they divide. Shooting off a leg or just causing enough damage for it to "die" will cause the Divider to fall to the floor and break into about 6 different sections. The legs, arms, head and torso all remain living and scuttle around with a mind of their own. They all have the ability to leap onto Isaac and strangle him to death though they seem to prefer jumping and slapping him in the face. A Divider will always be heard before it's seen. It makes a sad, howling, moaning noise before you see it. The Divider itself has the ability to club you with it's arms or shoot a long tentacle from it's neck... area... that strangles Isaac. Shoot it in the legs until it falls apart and immediately use Stasis to slow down all of the parts before they can crawl away. Stomping on them works but weapons with splash damage like the Force gun or Contact Beam's secondary fire can kill all of the parts at once.

Alright, this thing is just weird. I don't even know why it's called a slug. It looks more like a giant crab. It also has the same tentacles that the Leviathan has and it stuck itself to the com array dish like a giant suction cup. It seems pretty harmless when you first see it, but springs to life when you shoot at it. Five tentacles emerge from it's back and it rips pieces of the ship off and flings them at the gun you're sitting in. It's a pretty dull fight but at least it doesn't last that long.

Twitchers remind you of something from The Grudge or one of those other strange poltergeist movies where the evil things seem to have muscle spasms. Besides the disturbing twitching that they are name for, they are extremely fast. Their speed is the result of Marines who had stasis modules built into their armor being infected. The module gets fused into the Twitcher's body making it very fast. So fast, they have the ability to dodge most weapons like the Line Gun or the Ripper. Your own Stasis module is your best friend. Besides their speed, Twitchers are about as strong as normal Slashers. Stasis them and remove their arms to kill them or at least a leg to slow them down and try to not have nightmares about them when you go to sleep.

Apparently, Audry Simmons from The Little Shop of Horrors was first reincarnated as the Gravemind in Halo 2. Then for some reason, the guys over at EA decided to bring him over into Dead Space, call him the Hive Mind, give him a really bad attitude and turn him into en epic boss fight at the end of the game. The Hive Mind controls smaller Necromorphs telepathically and was released when the crew of the USG Ishimura started mining the planet of Aegis VII. They popped the cork and a giant alien worm was released. Typical sci-fi stuff. No matter how cheesy it is, the Hive Mind makes for one epic boss fight.

Skillet 02-14-2009 01:28 PM


During the following posts, please keep in mind that my preferred load out is the Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Pulse Rifle, and Force Gun. Obviously, you can use whatever weapons you want but I think this is the most balanced load out and all of the weapons play a specific role. The guide is written around these four weapons.

Now, on to the walkthrough!

After a short cut scene you finally gain control of your character. Familiarize yourself with the controls. Turn around from the front of the ship and head to wards the back, turn to your left and look around the corner, there is a small med pack. Exit the ship and turn right. Head into the first corridor and go to the door that has the blue outlining. Blue doors and containers are unlocked and red doors/containers are locked in Dead Space. Enter the next room and then, once prompted, head into the door at the back. Turn right and walk to the computer at the end of the room. After the soldiers in the adjacent room are introduced to a Slasher, a door will be unlocked behind you. Hold RB to sprint down the hallway. You'll probably take a few hits from Slashers following you and jumping out of vents but they barely do any damage at all. At the end of the chase sequence you'll find an elevator. Enter it and be sure to turn around to activate the glowing control panel. The elevator will take you to a room with a door on the opposite wall that is locked by an electronic lock. Turn left out of the elevator and grab the Plasma Cutter on the workbench.

There are some crates and lockers scattered around the floor here. Grab everything that you can and turn to the locked door. A single Plasma Cutter shot should do just fine.

Be sure to back away from the door after opening it because a Slasher will be right on the other side. A couple shots to each of his arms should do the trick. You can also shoot his legs if he seems to be too fast for you.

Now head through the same door and down the hallway. Turn right through the next door. On the top of the ramp is a small med pack and at the bottom is an audio log, grab it and continue into the next room. You will meet up with the remaining two crew members, Hammond and Kendra. After they are done talking with you, save your game and loot the room for ammo and credits. Continue on. Enter the next hallway and turn right. At the end, turn left. Head into the next room and turn right. At the other end of the great hallway you'll find a door that's violently opening and closing. If you like seeing Isaac die... you can try to run through the door. When you're finished with that, pick up the stasis Module laying on the floor near the door.

Stasis will work on the door. Slow it down and go through. Once in this hall, save your game and turn left from the save station. Once near the door, the lights will go out. Don't panic, you won't be attacked. Go through the door to enter the Tram Room. To the right in the corner is probably one of the most important things in the game, a Power Node, grab it then head to the screen at the bottom of the ramp.

Activate this arm and then head to the top of the ramp, once at the top a necromorph will jump out and advance to wards you. Kill it and head down. Open the locker on the wall and another necromorph will jump out of the vent next to it. Kill it and then turn around and go to the computer screen to activate the other arm. This one wont stay so once you activate it and it is close to being fully extended, aim at it and use your stasis on it to freeze it. Quickly run up to the top of the ramp and initiate the tram repair. After a brief message from Kendra, a Slasher will climb through a vent to your left.

Kill it and exit the same way you arrived. Once you enter the hallway, exit through the malfunctioning door again. You'll have to use stasis on it like last time. Turn right and continue down the hallway. Two enemies will crawl out from a vent in the floor. A Leaper and a Slasher. Stasis them and stomp on them if you like. Now head into the next hallway. At the top of the ramp, turn right and continue down the hallway. You may have killed the Slasher at the end of the hallway before going to the tram room. If not, he's laying on the floor. Playing possum. Might as well stasis him and shoot him in the leg now. If you step too close to him, he'll attack. Finish him off and save your game. Turn left and continue to the elevator. Enter the elevator and exit once it stops.

Upon entering the large room beyond the elevator, a Slasher will jump up from below onto the railing ahead of you. Another Slasher will come from the right. As soon as you see the first jump onto the railing, stasis him and shoot his legs. If you're lucky, he'll fall into the abyss. Turn right and the other Slasher should be approaching you. Shoot the explosive gas tank as it walks by. Once both are dead head to the right, once you get to the middle of the walkway a Slasher will jump out from straight ahead and another will come from the left. Kill both and continue on this walkway. Once you get to the elevator, a Slasher will start coming from behind you, kill it and enter the elevator. Once at the top, continue along the catwalk straight ahead. Beware, the Slasher on the floor is not dead. Continue across the catwalk and kill the Slasher that jumps out of a vent near the end. Grab the maintenance bay keycard and the other goodies, including a repair invoice for the USG Ishimura, and then head back to the elevator. A Slasher will pop out of the vent at the end of the catwalk. Deal with it in the usual fashion and enter the elevator again.

Make sure your Stasis is charged and aim your cutter near the center of the elevator door. As soon as the door opens, a Slasher will charge. Stasis him and finish him off. Exit the elevator and turn right. Follow the ramp to the top and enter the locked door using the maintenance card you picked up. Inside the room will be the data board, a power node, a medium med pack and an upgrade bench.

Grab the databoard and use the upgrade bench if you wish. Exit the room and a Slasher will approach from a vent down the ramp. Another Slasher will be to your right. I recommend using Stasis on the one to your right and then flinging an explosive gas canister at the one down the ramp. Finish off the first Slasher and continue to the right. Follow the path and there will be another Slasher playing dead on the floor. Kill him or stasis him and run to the elevator, your choice. No matter what you choose, enter the elevator. When the door opens, another Slasher will come around the corner, kill it and head back down the hall and into the main tram room. Put the data board in computer on the far left of the room, then go to the computer to the left and activate the tram. After Kendra and Hammond leave in the tram, head back to where you found the Plasma Cutter. Enter the elevator again and when the door opens, you'll see a Slasher at the other end of the hallway. Don't waste your ammo yet. Follow it, and you'll find it seconds before entering a vent. If you are quick, you can stasis him before he gets away. Be sure to watch your back as another Slasher will enter the hallway from a vent behind you. Kill them both and continue down the hallway and into the next room. Collect any supplies and continue to make your way toward the ship.

After exiting the next room, you will be attacked by a Leaper. Kill it and head into the ship to the front controls and activate the ship. Quickly exit as the ship will start to explode and Isaac will be thrown from the ship. As he is staggering back to his feet, a Slasher will climb onto the railing to the right. At the far end of the platform, another Slasher will advance toward you and a Leaper will crawl on the wall at the far right of the room. Stasis them all and deal with the ones closest to you first.

Continue back the way you came and re-enter the security station. A large door on the left is now unlocked. Enter and loot the area for supplies. Continue on and enter the tram room. You'll find a store in front of you and a bench to the left. Upgrade whatever you see fit and enter the tram.
End Chapter 1.

Skillet 02-14-2009 01:37 PM

As the tram comes to a stop, walk over to the creepy lady stroking the armless, legless, headless guy. She says a few last words and drops the TK Module for you. Pick it up.

Use the store on the left if you need to, then remove the two large boxes blocking your progress and proceed down the hallway. The schematic for the Flamethrower is here. Continuing on, you'll come to a relatively large room and Hammond will contact you on your radio. Save your game and then enter the door to the right of the save station marked Research Wing. Follow the hallway until you reach a malfunctioning door. Stasis it like the one in Chapter 1 and continue through. Head towards the center of the room and a Quarantine lockdown will begin. Quickly follow the path on the right and run all the way to the other end. Turn around and wait for the Slashers to enter the room and pick them off one by one as they try to reach you across the walkway. Be sure to watch your right side as one or two usually make their around that side. After looting their bodies, look for a legless Slasher crawling around in the lever level. You can kill him by shooting an arm from the upper level. Take the elevator down. Once on the lower level, head to the room that is directly across from you, there should be a headless Slasher making it's way towards you. Kill it and then three more Slashers and one legless Slasher will show up. Use Stasis on all of them and then run to the other side of the room. Keeping the research tables between you and the enemies will keep them from rushing you as you shoot their arms. Head back towards the elevator. When facing the elevator, enter the room to the left.

In here will be some ammo and a save station, save if you want and then head into the next door. The lights will turn to a greenish ting and you'll see a man banging on the window ahead. Watch his grizzly death and then enter the door on the left when it unlocks. After advancing several feet into the room, you'll be introduced to the Lurker. If you're quick, you can stasis it and shoot it. If not, it will always charge you and try it's extended kill attack. Tap A as fast as you can to shake it off and kill it with a kick to the head.

Take the small elevator up. You'll see a Lurker run across the your path. Taking a few steps forward, another Lurker will burst through the display case on the right. Kill them and continue through the door ahead. Grab the Thermite and anything else that you need from the room.

You'll be back in the large room with the lower level where you were ambushed by Slashers. Leave the way you first entered and go back through the malfunctioning door. Sprint as fast as you can ahead until you see the two female Slashers making their way down the hallway and then turn around and run back through the door. There are no vents in the hallway so the only way the Slashers can enter is through the malfunctioning door. Wait for them to run into the door and be killed then re-stasis the door and continue. There's a Stasis Station ahead to refill your Stasis power. Once back in the central room, use the store and save then head into the other unlocked door that leads to the Imaging Diagnostics Wing. Continue through the hall and past the creepy headbanging guy. Turn left and enter the room. There's a workbench in this room to upgrade your weapons as well as a locked door on the left. If you have a power node to sacrifice, enter the room on the left for the ammo and other goodies that you can sell at the Store. Once you're stocked up on loot, go into the last room and there will be a large orange machine in your way on the far end of the room. Use TK to move it.

After moving the large platform, two Leapers will enter the room and attack. I like using stasis and stomping on them but the Plasma Cutter works just fine. Enter the only unlocked door on this side of the room to find a guy dying on the floor. Watch the vent in the back of the room when picking up the power node. A Slasher will pop through when you pick up the node. Exit the room after killing the Slasher. Use TK to pick up the power conduit on the floor and place it in the empty slot on the wall then take the elevator to the top. Continue along the walkway. If the large orange platform that you moved earlier isn't bridging the gab between the two walkways, move it and proceed across. A Leaper will exit one of the vents along the wall. Kill it and continue to the right. A Slasher will jump through the vent on the left. Kill him as well. Turn right again and use the platform to cross another gap in the floor. Save your game if you wish and shoot the electronic lock by the door on the right. Go through and you'll enter vacuum. Watch your air meter as you proceed through this area. If it reaches zero, you'll die. You'll come to a door. Enter and cycle yourself through the airlock. Emerging into the next hallway, enter the next door into the zero-g therapy room. Turn off the gravity and spend a few minutes getting used to the controls. When you're ready to continue on, grab one of the power conduits with TK and place it in the empty slot and enter the room.

Grab the shock pads and whatever else you need from the room and exit. Two Leapers will enter the zero-g room this time. Stasis and the random gas canisters floating around usually work pretty well. Exit the room the same way you first came in. Cycle yourself back through the airlock and you'll be back out in space. Turn to the right and there will be a Slasher walking through a doorway. Kill him and continue. When you open the next door and enter the ship, a Slasher will drop from the ceiling. Kill him as well. Enter the next door and cross the movable platform again. Turn left and pull the platform back to cross again towards the elevator. A Leaper will pop out of the vent here. Kill him and take the elevator back down. Be careful when heading back down the hallway where the guy cracked his face on the wall as Swarmers will come crawling around the corner. If you're working on your One Gun achievement, Stasis them and stomp on them. If you have another weapon with a large splash damage radius, use it. Continue down the hall as normal and enter the main room. Save and store if you wish. Then go over to the barricade and blow it open with the Thermite and Shock Pads.

Go through the now open door and follow the hall to the next room. There's some ammo lying around, grab it and enter the other door into the very poorly lit surgery room. After walking around the room for a moment, two Lurkers will spring into action and attack. Kill them and use the power conduit in the corner to unlock the large door. You'll enter a creepy looking hallway. A Lurker will dash across the hallway ahead., wait where you are and he'll come back. Kill him and walk forward until you see a Female Slasher come around the corner from the right. Killer her and proceed from where she came. A Slasher will crawl out of a vent on the floor. Stasis him and turn around. Another Slasher should be approaching from behind you.

There's a locked door here that you'll need a power node to gain access to. The schematic for Line Racks can be found inside. Continue down the hall and enter the large door to see a crazed woman kill a man and slit her own throat. Save your game and exit on the other side of the room into a long hall. At the end is a Lurker waiting to jump out and yell BOO. Kill it and enter the Morgue. The small glass room on the other side houses Captain Matthius' body. When approaching the room, an Infector will drop from a vent in the ceiling and infect the Captain's body.

You can't do anything yet so stomp on one of the corpses in the room. When the advanced Slasher that used to be the Captain is about to break the glass, get ready. Kill him first. Watch out, he's pretty tough compared to regular Slashers. Then turn your attention to the Infector which should be busy infecting the other corpse. Stasis the Infector and shoot the long proboscis that it seems to have jammed into the person's skull. Cutting that off will kill the Infector and if you were fast enough, the corpse should still be a corpse and not another advanced Slasher.

Grab the Captain's rig from the body and pick up whatever else you need. Enter the elevator next to the glass operation room. You'll enter back into the rather disgusting surgery room. Enter the door on the far side of the room and an advanced Slasher will drop in from above. Kill him and continue back to the tram.

End Chapter 2.

Skillet 02-14-2009 01:41 PM

Leaving the tram, follow the hallway into the small control room. There are plenty of supplies in this room. Head straight ahead into the small control center and stomp on the dead engineer a few times. You'll see why later.

After looting the area and buying whatever you need from the store, enter the door on the right of the room. Follow the catwalk down and turn right. A Slasher is playing dead on the floor here. Teach him how deadly that is and loot the small room nearby for some ammo and another schematic. Once you grab these head back to the stairs and go through the doorway the Slasher was laying in. There is an upgrade bench here if you choose to use it. Continue into the next room.

In this room, head up and then go to the left and continue around the corner. Once you get to the corner a Slasher will drop from the ceiling. Kill it and continue around the corner. You will come to the gondola controls, use your kenises to move the gondola to where you are at, then continue up the ramp and go to the left. A Slasher and some Swarmers will pop up. Kill them and do a 180 and use TK on the lever. Go back to the Gondola and step on. As you start to get close you can several Slashers milling about. They will swarm you as fast as possible so try to deal some damage before the gondola stops and the doors open. An advanced black Slasher will come down the ramp straight ahead, shoot the gas canister on the left to kill him without any trouble. Follow the ramp up and to the left. Then continue up the ramp to the right. As you start to get to the top at the end of the walkway, a Slasher will enter a vent. You can kill it if you have the chance, but it may get away. Once up the ramp, head left. You will come upon a save station, a schematic for the Ripper, and the other refueling mechanism. Again, grab the lever with TK and pull it to the bottom. Then start making your way back to the gondola. As you start to head back you will be attacked by 3 Lurkers. If you have the Line Gun, stasis the little things and use a mine to take all three out at once. Once they're dead, get back on the gondola.

A Slasher will run up the ramps as you near the dock but don't waste your ammo on him. Follow the ramps the same way the Slasher went, picking up anything you need along the way. You'll be able to see the control room at the top of all of the ramps and an Infector is inside. See? Stomping that corpse earlier was actually beneficial. Enter the door on the right side of the window and kill the Infector. Use the store and save if you need to, then head into the elevator that is on the opposite side of the room of the save station. Exit the elevator and follow the hallway down, pickup any supplies from the lockers as you go. Skip the middle room and continue down to the end to pick up the rest of the supplies, there is also an upgrade bench here if you need to use it. Once you've grabbed everything head into the center room and activate the decontamination process.

Upon starting decontamination, three Necromorphs will jump through a vent in an adjacent room.They funnel into the room you're standing in by two different vents. The first is a Slasher on the left. Kill him and another Slasher will enter though a ceiling vent on the right side. Finally, a Leaper will enter through the same vent the first Slasher broke open. Kill them and once the decontamination process is done head through the next door into the next room. Loot the room and continue through the next door. Once you enter you will be in zero-g and there will be two Leapers that enter the room from a couple of different nearby vents. In zero-g, they can sneak up on you pretty quick. Stasis them and stomp on them to save some ammo. Jump to the floor below. Once on the ground, move the first of the two large turbines toward the center but stop just before putting it into the slot. You need to use your stasis on the spinning part to slow it down, then put it in.

Do this to the other turbine and two Leapers will ambush you. Kill the in the same fashion as the first two. Return to the upper level and find the glowing control panel. Once you activate it, gravity will be restored and you can take the elevator behind you down.

The next part can be a bit tricky. The large Centrifuge arm will start spinning around the room. Wait in the alcove and as soon as it passes, sprint to the right and enter the next alcove. A Slasher will drop from the ceiling. If you can stasis him, you can push him out of the alcove where he'll be killed by the Centrifuge. Again, wait for the arm to pass and sprint to the next alcove. There's an o2 station here to refill your air supply. Wait until the arm passes and then refill your o2. Once the arm passes again, sprint to the next alcove. You'll see a Leaper beat you to it. Stasis him and push him into the path of the Centrifuge as well. Or you could just stomp on him. Either way, when he's dead, wait for the arm to pass and sprint to the next alcove. This one has an elevator. Take it up to the upper level and then exit the Centrifuge room.

Save your game and leave the airlock. You'll be attacked by the first giant tentacle in the game. As it drags you along the floor, shoot at the large orange pustule on the side of it. The Plasma Cutter works well for this. Or the Pulse Rifle. Once it's destroyed, continue back to the decontamination room.

You'll encounter a Slasher after clearing the decontamination chamber. Kill him and proceed back to the control room. Save your game and turn around. There will be a large round airlock door on the opposite side of the room. Go through and enter the cold blackness of space. There is a large section of the ship floating away from the ship. Jump to it and a Leaper will soon join you. Kill him and jump to the next section back towards the ship. Another Leaper will crawl from the vent on the "floor". Stomp on him and turn left. There's an airlock door up in an alcove on the wall. Enter it and you'll be in a room that looks like it's been covered in Necromorph vomit. Not exactly true but that's what it looks like.

Follow the platform around to the elevator. The doors here open to storage rooms with supplies that you might find useful. Take the elevator down a level and continue to the other side of the second level making sure to loot the rooms here along the way. Watch for Swarmers in one of the storage rooms. Take the elevator down to the bottom floor.

The room that requires a power node has the schematic for Ripper Blades. Once you have that, walk towards the large malfunctioning door but don't use stasis on it. Once you get relatively close to it, a Slasher will charge at you from the other side. The door will kill it for you. Now stasis the door and step through. Grab one of the gas canisters here with TK and approach the ramp leading up. A legless Slasher and some Swarmers will start to descend the ramp. Shoot the canister at them to kill them all and start climbing up. Turn right, then left. Save your game and enter the door on the left. A few Slashers will be milling about in this room. Kill them and a Pregnant will emerge from behind the computer console at the far end of the room. Be sure not to shoot it in the belly. The Plasma Cutter works great for taking off it's arms. Once all of the enemies are dead, search the entire room for supplies.

Now, stand facing the computer console. Don't activate it yet. Look to the left and you'll see a small alcove. That's where you're going to run. Equip the Line Gun if you have it and make sure your Stasis meter is fully charged. When you're ready, activate the engine sequence and then run to the alcove.

A Slasher will drop from the Ceiling vent right next to you, deal with it then turn your attention to the Slashers and Leapers advancing towards you from across the room. Use Stasis to slow them down and the Line Gun to destroy groups of two or more with the mine. If they are lined up, use the primary fire to cut the legs off of two or three at a time.

When all enemies are dead, activate the control console again to start the engines and then exit through the same large door you entered. Enter the matching door straight ahead then back into the control room. Head towards the tram hallway and a Slasher will attack. The Line Gun should make quick work of him if you still have it equipped. Make your way back to the tram and the level is complete!

End Chapter 3.

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Once you exit the tram, follow the hallway on the left. You'll enter a security room and a large arm will burst through the screen on the left. Just stay away from it and you'll be fine. Continue on using the store if you like then hang a left and go through the door. You're now in the main atrium. Taking a few more steps forward, an asteroid will crash through the room. In the "back" of the room... according to where you entered, you'll fine some stairs that lead down to a save point. Save if you want but it really isn't necessary. Turn around and continue down the stairs and take the elevator down. The Level 3 Suit schematic is on the floor here. After grabbing that, continue forward through the next door and enter the Bridge to meet up with Hammond.

After a brief talkin' to by Hammond, go back the way you came. Don't mind the Slasher in the escape pod, he'll be dealt with. Take the elevator back up and save your game. Follow the stairs back up to the main floor and go to the opposite side of the room. When you near the large door, a Brute will break through. On easy or medium, just shoot him in the shoulder a few times with you Plasma Cutter. On Impossible, he'll be significantly stronger. If you have the flame thrower, you could go down any of the staircases in the room. For some reason, the Brute is deathly afraid of stairs. Lure him close to you then go down the stairs and he'll turn around and walk away. Stasis him when his back is to you and unload on any part that appears to be full of orange juice. After taking enough damage, the Brute will eventually give in and drop dead for you.

After defeating the undead gorilla, enter the room he was kind enough to open for you. There is a power node and computer panel here that activates the elevators out in the atrium. There's also a workbench here if you would like to upgrade something.

Head back out into the atrium and enter the elevator in the center of the room. Take it down and enter the hallway beyond the next room. Enter a room with thin walls that you can partially see through and continue to the right. You will see a Lurker come around the corner and get killed by a malfunctioning gravity panel. That's a hint. Don't step on it. Avoid the panel and advance to the other end of the room. Take a left and you'll see some more gravity panels along with a Slasher and a Lurker. A creative way to kill them is to stasis them and push them onto one of the gravity panels. You could also use the Force Gun to push enemies into the panels if you have it. Kill them and continue around the corner. A Slasher will try to come into the room behind you. Treat him as kindly as you did the others and keep pressing on through the room. Two more Lurkers will ambush you ahead. Deal with them and you'll come to a hallway with a door that's blocked by some carts. Move them with TK and enter the next room. Taking a few steps inside, a Brute will smash through some of the orange bunkbed things all over the room. Weal with him the same way you dealt with his buddy. Just don't expect to find any stairs to scare him away. When he's lying in a pool of his own blood, continue to the back of the room and stasis the broken wires. Don't touch them before using stasis or you'll die instantly. After using stasis on them, move behind them and use the computer panel to shut them off.

Exit the way you came, heading back to the elevator. Two Slashers will attack. Kill them and take the elevator back up to the atrium.

Upon arriving in the atrium, the room will be locked down in quarantine and 6 Leapers will begin to enter the room one by one. If you have the Line Gun, try to run around in circles to make two or three Leapers group together and then stasis them. Shoot a Line Gun Mine or two next to them to kill them all at once. If you would like to save ammo, stasis the last 1 or 2 and stomp on them a few times. There is another elevator behind the one you just exited, take it down to level 1.

Exit the elevator and take the door into the next hallway. When you get close to the bodies on the floor, the wall on your right will open and the room will explosively decompress. The room ahead contains some supplies and a workbench if you need them. Other than that, follow the hallway and enter the door on the left. There will be two Slashers walking around the room. One of them is dragging bodies to the center of the room. The Line Gun works wonders here as they'll come straight at you. Stomp on the bodies but leave one untouched. Continue towards the back of the room, avoiding the gravity panels along the way. A Lurker will attack from the left. Kill it and active the computer console. Head back to the front of the room and two Infectors will enter. One of them should be busy infecting the body that you left intact, the other will probably be close to it and end up turning it's attention to you. If they're close enough together, stasis them and us a Line Gun Mine to kill them both. Exit the room back into the hallway and follow it back to the elevator. Once in the elevator, take it up to level 3.

After the creepy guy walks away, enter the hallway and take a left. A Pregnant will be in the small room ahead. As you kill it, an advanced back Slasher will drop from a vent int he ceiling. Kill him and enter the small door on the left. Follow the hallway to the next elevator. Once in the next room, use the airlock to enter space once again. This next part is kind of insane. Asteroids will slam into the surface of the ship about every 10 seconds. You have to be standing behind one of the large gray boxes every time this happens or you'll be killed. There are o2 stations on a couple of the boxes that you can use to refill you oxygen. Use them right before running or jumping to one of the other boxes. When you get to the other side of the ship, enter the door and save your game.

This has to be the worst part of the game in terms of sheer design. You basically have to play Asteroids... only you can't move the ship and you have to use tiny lasers to point and shoot giant asteroids coming towards you. The only help I can really offer here is saying that you don't have to fire both guns at once. The righter trigger controls the gun on the right and the left controls the gun on the left. Unless there is a particularly large asteroid headed your way, use them one at a time to avoid having both of them overheat at the same time.

After a set number of asteroids are destroyed, Hammond will get the gun working on it's own and you can leave this room to the large outside runway again. No danger of behind crushed this time so simply run along the spine of the ship to the other side. Watch out though, two Leapers will emerge from vents on the ground along the way. Enter the airlock and then the elevator. Take it back to Level 2 and you'll be in the atrium. Head back towards the tram. Right as you round the corner near the store, a Female Slasher will drop from the vent in the security waiting room ahead and another will bust through the vent behind you. As soon as you see the one drop from the ceiling ahead, stasis her and turn to your right. Kill the one there and then turn your attention back to the one that is probably about ready to change back to normal speed. Once they're both dead, continue to the tram.

End Chapter 4.

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I really hate this level. Let's try to get through it as quickly as possible.

You exit the tram into the Medical Wing from chapter 2. The first order of business is to head back to the main room where you blew open the barricade before. After Kendra unlocks a door for you, enter it. It's next tot he store. Near the end of the hallway, two Lurkers will attack. Kill them and press on. When you enter the next larger room and see the large orange platform moving back and forth, find one of the red gas canisters. Take it with you to the top of the small ramp but don't go down the other side just yet. Drop the canister and slowly look left and walk down the ramp. As soon as you clear the glass wall, stasis the Guardian attached to the wall. Turn and pick up the gas canister that you drop with TK and when the Guardian's tentacles shoot out of it's body, shoot the canister at it. This should destroy the guardian in one shot. If not, the Plasma Cutter works to cut off each tentacles as they stick to the wall around it.

When the Guardian is dead, take the elevator up to the walkway like you did in Chapter 2. Approach the gap with the platform moving from side to side and a Lurker will come out of a vent on the other side. Kill him and then use stasis on the platform to slow it down and cross to the other side. Be sure not to ride it into the electrical arcs between the two walls.
Continue around to the other side and use stasis again to slow down the platform and move to the other side. Head down the hall and to the right into the next room, take the elevator down and grab the audio log, then head into the room on the left. Grab the supplies, the power node, and the schematic for Force Energy and then go to the computer and obtain the chemical capsule with the DNA inside it.

After a brief ons-sided conversation with Dr. Mercer, the Hunter will be unleashed upon you. Stasis him and shoot off one arm and one leg. He'll seem to die and then he'll regenerate both limbs and stand up to attack you again. Kendra will tell you to run. You should listen to her. Run through the door that you used to enter the room and continue across the hall. Enter the next room and you'll be back near the elevator and the Guardian that you killed. Head back towards the low ramp in the center of the room and some Swarmers will crawl out of the large opening on the left. Stasis and the bottom of your boot should do the trick.

Continue out of the room into the next hall. Don't worry about the Hunter here he doesn't do anything. Follow the hallway back to the main room and enter the door that you blew open in Chapter 2. Don't forget to save though.

Keep moving down the hall and enter the waiting room. Dr. Mercer is here and decides to flap his gums some more. When he walks away, get out your most powerful weapon and head through the door on the right. Run to the opposite side of the room and turn around. The Hunter will drop from a vent in the middle of the room. A Lurker will enter to your left, two Female Slashers will enter the room over in the right corner and a male Slasher should also enter once they are dead.

Shoot the Hunter in the legs first and Stasis him when he's down. Then turn your attention to the Lurker who should be ready to shoot you with it's spikes. Take off two of it's tentacles as fast as possible. Stasis the Hunter again. The two Female Slashers should be pretty close to you by now. Stasis them if you can and then kill them. The final Slasher should already be in the room, kill it and Kendra will tell you that she got the doors working again. Exit through the larger door that should be somewhere on the right and take a deep breath.

Follow the hallway forward and to the right. Be sure to grab another gas can along the way with TK. Keep heading forward and there will be a Guardian on the left side of a big door. Shoot the canister at him when he shoots the tentacles out of his chest to kill him and then enter the large door he was guarding. On the other side of the room is a save station, use it and then enter the small door behind you. Welcome to Dr. Mercer's office. I love what he's done with the place. Gather whatever you need and then go to the chemical computer and grab the canister with the poison sample.

Dr. Mercer will contact you on the radio and then vent the atmosphere out of this section of the ship. Run out of his office and head back the way you came. Once you enter the hallway with the Guardian, some Swarmers will come towards you from straight ahead. Don't even think about using the flamethrower here as it doesn't work in Vacuum. Stasis and your boot or a Line Gun Mine will suffice. Continue down the hall to the room where you left the Hunter. Open the door but don't actually enter the room. Just stay close enough to the door so it doesn't close. The Hunter is here but so are two Pregnants. None of the enemies will advance through the open door to kill you. Simply stasis the Pregnants from the safety of the hallway and shoot their arms. Once both Pregnants have been killed shoot the legs out from under the Hunter and stasis him. Pick up whatever the Pregnants were carrying quickly and enter the small door back into the waiting room. Run back to the main room and there will be a small glass security room next to the save station. Enter and use the console in the back to restore life support in this part of the ship.

Save your game and use the large door next to the store again. Follow the hallway but watch out, the door at the end will slam shut once and if you're running, there's a small chance it could kill you. Enter the next room and then the door on the other side next to the still-dead Guardian. Enter the Chem Lab where you first found the Hunter and activate the chemical mixer again.

When it's finished, enter the door on the right. If you turn right, there are some extra supplies and crates on the floor. Grab what you need and then follow the hall back past the door and to the save station. Save and then enter the large door on the left. Hurry and grab all the ammo on the floor. Once you do that, Dr. Mercer should be finishing his little speech and the Hunter will emerge from the vent in the floor directly in front of the viewing platform. Stasis the Hunter and turn around. Three Lurkers will enter from various points around the room. You're effectively surrounded. If you have the Line Gun, use it to make quick work of the Lurker's tentacles and when all three are dead, enter the closed-in space in the center of the room. By now the Hunter should be out of Stasis, lure him into the room and shoot off him legs. Then stasis him again.

Run to one of the doors on either side of where Dr. Mercer was standing and enter the small control room. Mercer isn't here but there is a control console. Be sure to say something cheesy like "Chill out, bub!" and then activate the console in the center of the room.

Now that the Hunter is frozen in the proverbial Carbonite, use the door to your left to exit the control room into a short hallway. Leave the hallway and you'll be in a tram room. Hop aboard and breath a sigh of relief. The Hunter is gone... for now.

End Chapter 5.

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Exit the tram and head left. If you enter the bathroom in the hallway, there are some Swarmers that pop out of the toilet. Exit the bathroom after grabbing the supplies you want and head right. Keep following the hallway to the elevator. Activate it and step into the small room beyond. Turn right and follow the hall to find Hammond sitting on the floor.

He and Kendra will talk about about the air. Apparently it smells really gross or something. When they're finished chatting about it, follow the hall to left and through the door into the main control room. There's a store on the left and a save station inside the small control center directly in front of you. When you're ready to continue, enter the door to the right of the store. Follow the hall to another door and you'll be in a room with five large red tanks on the right side. When you see a flashing red light and hear a beeping noise, get out of the way. Steam is about to vent out of a small nozzle right under the light. The tank in the middle doesn't release steam. Wait for the first two to release steam then move in front of the center tank. The next two should spray steam all over. Run past and turn right onto the elevator. At the top, a Slasher will be ahead on the catwalk. Kill him and proceed towards the large door ahead.

If you have a powerful weapon like the Line Gun or something with a large blast radius like the Force Gun, equip it. Upon entering the room, turn right and move to the corner. Turn to the left and continue a little ways being sure to keep an eye towards the center of the the room.

From the opposite sides of the room, 5 Slashers and 3 Lurkers will enter the room seemingly at once. Stasis is you best friend here. Try to group them together or get them to Line up then use your most powerful weapon to deal with them accordingly. Be sure to watch your back as the room is large with multiple paths and it's not uncommon for a Lurker to get behind you and pounce.

Once everything is dead, head to the room that is past the central elevator and on the right. In here will be the first of the 8 Wheezers, stomp on him a few times to put him out of his misery. An advanced black Slasher and a Lurker will enter the large room where you killed all of the others. Don't go out there. Instead, find the vent on the floor and wait in this room. Watch the vent and the two Necromorphs should find their way inside soon. Kill them and then leave the room.

There is another room on the opposite side of the large grow chamber. It's to the left of the elevator. Go inside and stomp on the Wheezer a few times to kill him and then exit the room. A Pregnant will be waiting for you straight ahead out of the door. Stasis it and deal with it however you see fit. Go to the elevator in the center of the room and take it to level 3. There are some supplies and a Ruby semiconductor here. Take what you want then get back on the elevator and take it to level 2. Circle back behind the elevator and go through the door. There are some corpses in here. Stomp on all but one and then go to the back of the room and kill the Wheezer. Turn around and face the door where you entered. Two Infectors will crawl from under a shelf. The first should start infecting the corpse you left and the other should be close to the first. Stasis them both and grab on of the gas cans in the room to kill them both.

Exit the room and pass the elevator. Follow the catwalk to another door and enter. Exit this room through the next door and you'll be in a dimply lit hallway. There will be an Exploder standing about halfway down the hall. Stasis him and move forward. When the other Exploders spawn far behind him, stasis him again and then back away. When the other Exploders are just about next to the first stasis-ed Exploder, shoot he first one in the bright orange pod. You should have just killed three with about two Plasma Cutter shots. Two more will enter from the far end of the hall, shoot them in the orange pods as well and then walk down the hall and enter the next room. Walk through the doorway and you'll be in the zero-g refrigerator. Jumping around in this area, you'll find a large door on the wall. Use TK to slide the door open and two Lurkers will jump through.

Turn around as soon as you see the first Lurker fly through the open door and stasis him. The next should land right next to the first. Stasis that one as well. If you have the Line Gun, shoot a Mine next to them to kill them with little fuss. Try to kill them as quickly as possible because they can move to the walls and ceiling around you quickly and cause some trouble. Jump through the door that you just opened and you will find another sliding door. Open it and jump through. There will be a Lurker in this area. Kill him. Jump to the floor then go through the door into the next room. Take the elevator down and there will be a power lock on the next door.

Don't go in the incinerators just yet. Wait for the "fins" on the walls to open after each blast of fire. and you will be able to see more power locks. Shoot them from here. Once you destroy the last lock, a Slasher will enter the incinerator. He should get burned by one of the blasts. As soon as the closest blast subsides, enter the incinerator. Run as fast as you can from each room to the next but watch your back. A Slasher should get killed in the first blast chamber but he's capable of getting close in the broken chamber where there is no blast.

Once you emerge from the other side of the incinerator, you will find a Wheezer. Stomp on him and then take the elevator up. To the right is a path that leads to a room with plenty of loot. The the left is the way to continue the mission. Take what you need from the right and then advance past the elevator that you just used... to find another elevator. Take this elevator down and you'll find yourself in the large grow chamber where you were ambushes by all of the Slashers and Lurkers earlier.

Skillet 02-14-2009 01:59 PM


As soon as the elevator doors open, run out into the room and turn right. Keep running and turn left... pass the Lurker. When you get into the center of the room, turn around. There will be two Lurkers and a Pregnant following you. Now that you have enough space to move, Stasis the Lurker and kill the Pregnant. That give the Lurkers what-for. Once they're dead, exit the grow chamber through the large door and head back across the platform. Take the elevator down and pass the steam vents again. Once you're in the central control room, use the save station and then turn left to the side of the room where the infection is spreading.

Enter the door and follow the hall to another door. The bacteria has covered the liquid tanks here so there are no steam vents. Instead, a Guardian is on the wall at the other end of this hall. Stasis will keep him still while you use the Mine from the Line Gun or just use the Plasma Cutter to shoot off the tentacles. Once he's dead keep moving down the hall. The door on the right side in the middle of the room has a Slasher inside... so open with caution. Go back to the Guardian and turn left. Take the elevator up. Walk across the platform and enter the large door. This grow chamber isn't full of happy rainbows and sunshine like the other one. Walk towards the right side of the elevator structure in the middle and a Brute will attack. Just like any other Brute, you can either stasis him and shoot his shoulders with an accurate weapon, or try to get behind him and unload on his legs and back. Either way, when he falls, head to the room on the left side of the elevator. Inside is a Wheezer, kill him and exit. Go to the elevator but instead of riding up, go to the computer console next to it.

Open the glass floor and there is another Wheezer hidden underneath. Be quick and shoot him a few times. When he's dead, take the elevator up to level 3. There is a Wheezer on the catwalk here. Kill him and then take the elevator down to level 2. Straight ahead and to the the right is a door. Enter and save your game. Proceed through the next door and there will be a semiconductor on the floor. As soon as you grab it or try to walk down the hallway, a giant tentacle will attack. Just like the giant tentacle in chapter 3, shoot the orange pustule on the side as it drags you along the floor. When it's dead, enter the door at the end of the hall and into the next room. You'll arrive at another zero-g refrigeration room but this one is covered in that nasty brown infection.

Jump up from where you are at and then look to the power generator, you will have to jump to the power generator, then into a room to the right of it, first slow the generator down using your stasis and jump to it, then jump into the room to the right. Once you arrive in this room there will be two Lurkers on the wall to the right. Kill them and proceed to the next room. The next room contains two Lurkers and a Wheezer. Deal with the Lurkers in whatever suits your fancy and then kill the Wheezer. Now head back the way you came. On your way back, you can turn off the generator using a blue control panel then jump all the way across the next room to the floor of the first. Exit the refrigerator.

Advance through the hallway to the end, saving the game if you wish. Make your way back to the main grow chamber and take the elevator down to level 1. Leave through the same large door you used to enter this chamber before the Brute fight and there will be three Slashers on the walkway ahead. The Line Gun works GREAT here as the Slashers are usually lined up. A few shots and bodies later, take the elevator back down and proceed through the hall so the main control center. Once there, save your game and use the store if you must. If you're playing on Impossible, stock up on as much ammo as you can and be sure to buy a few extra medpacks. When you're ready, activate the large computer console next to the save station.

Be sure to save your game if you haven't already and step through the door beyond the purifier. You'll be in a long glass hallway. Unfortunately, the view is blocked by that thing brown... crap.

Continue down the hall and enter the next door. You can' proceed until you place the poison that you made in Chapter five into the vent system.

Once the way is clear, step through the door to meet the might Leviathan. Probably the most entertaining boss in the game. The Leviathan will spring to life with a roar. Three large tentacles like the ones that have grabbed you twice already will shoot out of it's "body". They will try to smash you if you're close or they'll sweep along the "floor" if you're far enough away. I suggest staying farther away and when the tentacle starts to attack by extending and sweeping the floor, aim with your Plasma Cutter and jump straight "up" to the other side of the cylinder. The tentacle should finish it's attack and you can shoot the orange pod a few times to sever it. Repeat on the remaining two tentacles. Once you do this, the Levi will get pretty cheesed off. He'll open his mouth in the center which will grow bright orange. Then he'll spit the same explosive bags that the Brutes shoot at you.

The Leviathan will spit five in a row. The easiest way to deal with this is when he roars, stand still and aim right for the center of the orange "core" in his mouth. When he spits the first ball, use TK to shoot it back. It will collide with the second orb. Catch the next and do the same. As with most things in life, third time's the charm. The third orb that you catch won't have a twin following it. So shoot it back down Levi's throat and you're good to go.

Repeat. Depending on the difficulty, it could take two or three... or maybe 6 or 7 explosive balls to finish him off. You'll know when he reaches about 50% health because he'll try to use his tentacles on you again. Sever them the same as the first time and then kill him.

Another way to defeat the Leviathan is if you have the Flamethrower. Don't use it on the tentacles. But... when he starts spitting the explosive balls, run to the side to avoid them and after all five are destroyed use the flamethrower's secondary fire to light up Levi's orange core. It does about as much damage as one of the explosive balls and is a bit easier than sending the balls back.

Any way you choose to fight him, kill him and then leave through the same door you entered the room in. Make your way back to the tram and exit the level.

End Chapter 6.

Skillet 02-14-2009 02:06 PM

Exit the tram and follow the hall to a medium sized room. At the opposite end is a large elevator and a save station. The small areas on each side contain some loot and a workbench. Upgrade what you need, grab some supplies, save your game and then call the elevator. You can't help the poor Miner so walk past him and active the controls on the left. Select Floor B Processing.

As you descend, back yourself into a corner and grab a weapon like the Line Gun. 4 Slasher will drop from vents along the walls as the elevator passes them. The Line Gun makes quick work of them. When the elevator stops, exit and follow the hallway to the left. If you have the Line Gun, keep it equipped. Turn right and a Slasher will drop from a vent in the ceiling. Kill it and a Pregnant will round the corner. Two more Slashers should be behind the Pregnant, Stasis as many as you can and shoot the arms off of the Pregnant. If you're lucky, the shot will pass through the Pregnant and also hit the Slasher behind it.

When they're dead continued down the hallway and turn right. Follow the path until you can turn left. There are some other paths through the area that load to some supplies. Pick up what you need then head down the ramp in the back of the room. Save your game and go through the door.

Follow the hallway right and a Slasher will come around the corner. Plasma Cutter should work just fine here. There's a store and some supplies here. Do what you have to do then continue down the hall on the left. There's a large hole in the wall that you can walk through. Stand around for a little bit and a couple of Leapers will enter the room. If you look up towards the center of the room, there's a large gravity beam with rock and debris being pulled to a smelter. There are also some reddish colored asteroids floating around the room. About 5 in all. Use TK to pick them up and then fling them into the beam.

After destroying two or three asteroids, two Lurkers will enter the room and attack. Kill them and finish destroying the asteroids. Now, go to the computer panel that turns on the gravity but DO NOT activate it. Instead, turn around and use a power node to unlock the door. Then exit, activate the gravity control panel and then go inside the room. Hurry up and run over to the corpse where all of the supplies are and turn around to face the door. There's a single vent where the Necromorphs will enter single file. There should be about 5 Exploders and 4 Slashers. Once the room is filled with body parts and the enemies stop coming, leave the room. But be careful, there will be a Pregnant just outside. Kill it and you're home free. Follow the path on the right all the way around the room and enter the door on the other side of the room. Near the back of the room is the mining access key. Pick it up.

The only other door in this room leads to a couple of hallways. Follow them and you'll find yourself in a familiar hallway. Take the door on the right and save your game. Continue back up the ram and keep to the left side. Follow the room to a short hall where a Leaper will drop through a vent in the ceiling. I always feel the need to stomp on him a few times. You could do the same. Take the path on the right and then make a left onto the elevator. Active the console and choose Floor D Maintenance.

Exit the elevator take a few steps forward and immediately stasis the Infector that crawls across the doorway ahead. If you have the Line Gun on you, plant a Mine next to him. Turn left and you'll find another Infector that has probably already found a corpse and is busy turning it into an advanced Slasher. Stasis him and shoot him a few times or stick another mine next to him. With the Infectors dead, grab whatever you need and enter the door at the back of the room. Be careful though, there are some explosive pods on the floor.

There is a gondola that you need to pull towards you with TK. Climb aboard and activate the controls. As the gondola slowly crosses the chasm, pods with tentacles will be shot onto the two walkways on the right and left. Use the Plasma Cutter to shoot them. They're the same things that Guardians spew out of their stomachs. Try to avoid their shots, they sting pretty good on Impossible. When you reach the other side, Nicole will come out and talk to you. Get off the gondola and go through the door. There's another door here, put your back to it and wait while Nicole goes to the computer to unlock the door. You have to protect her. 4 Slashers will attack her one at a time. After you kill about 2 of them, one will jump onto the railing in front of you and come after you. Kill it. And another should jump onto the railing on the right and two more will attack Nicole. A Lurker will also make an appearance on the wall to your left. The Line Gun is best for this section but the Plasma Cutter will also work well. When all of the enemies are dead, Nicole will talk to you for a second and the door behind you will be unlocked. Go inside and grab the SOS Beacon.

After grabbing the Beacon, leave the room and go back to the Gondola. Take the gondola back across the void. This time, there won't just be tentacles, there will also be Lurkers. If you're having trouble aiming, try to focus more on dodging their attacks. You don't have to kill them all. Just be sure to turn your attention to the dock before the gondola arrives as two Slashers will come from the right and left as the gondola comes to a halt. Kill them, save and go through the door and back to the elevator. On your way, there will be an advanced black Slasher on the floor. Kill him.
Climb into the elevator and choose Deck C: Mining. Take a few steps forward and two legless Slashers will crawl around the corner and two Lurkers will climb along the walls ahead. Stasis and a Line Gun Mine work wonders here. Go left and enter the next larger room. A Slasher should be coming down the ramp at the far end about now. Kill him and go up the ramp. If you active the workbench here, a Slasher will attack you from behind as soon as you are finished. Kill it and then pull the power conduit out of the wall behind you. Carry it back to the noisy dust storm room but don't venture too far inside. Three Exploders will try to ambush you. Back up and if the first Exploder gets too close, knock him back with the power conduit. Shoot their orange pods and then pick the conduit back up. Enter the dusty room and enter the doorway on the other side. Place the power conduit in the empty slot and take the elevator down.

Head down this hall and grab all of the supplies and the text log, then take either door into the next room. In here you need to untether the asteroid. There are two inside the room, and three in open space. Once you move in far enough, you will be attacked by two black Leapers. Kill them and take a look at the asteroid, aim to the lower left corner of it and when the two spinning things on it move away, jump to it, then quickly run around to the outside portion.

Two Lurkers will ambush you on the asteroid. I like using the Force Gun to blast them away. Very entertaining. Anyway, when they are dead, press A to plant the beacon.

Watch your air meter. Now turn to one of the large spinning blue disks. Jump next to one and shoot the exposed glowing blue section behind the spinning safety guard. If it's spinning too fast, use stasis on it. Destroy two outside and then go to the edge of the asteroid. Once the giant arms move out of the way, run inside and jump to the closest wall or floor. Destroy the two tethers inside and then exit through the same door you entered.

Follow the hall to the left and a legless Slasher will drag itself around the corner, kill it and take the elevator up. Grab the power conduit out of the wall and make your way back to the room where you found it. Avoid the fire bursting from the walls from time to time. Place the conduit back where you found it and take the elevator up.

Follow the short hall to the control room and then over to the console. Release the asteroid into space.

Grab your most powerful weapon and then walk backwards from the control console and to the right. This is where you will need to be. When Kendra stops talking, walk over towards the door and as soon as the room gets locked down, back yourself into the corner. Two Slashers will enter the room, kill them and then two advanced Slashers will enter. Kill them as well and quarantine will be lifted. Exit the room, take the elevator and then go through the dusty storm room to the main elevator. Choose Deck A: Preparation. Then back yourself into a corner. An advanced Slasher will drop from the ceiling. Use stasis or he'll charge you and can kill you easily on Impossible. Kill him and then exit the elevator. There will be a few Divider parts crawling around on the floor. Kill them and head back to the tram.

End Chapter 7.

Skillet 02-14-2009 02:10 PM

I really hope you have a nice, upgraded Line Gun for this.

Exit the tram and follow the halls past the store and into the atrium. After a few steps inside, the room will be locked down and about 5 Exploders will enter. Kill them as fast as possible. Afterwords, two advanced Slashers will enter the room. Stasis them if you have to and kill them. You can try to run around them and use a Mine to kill them while they're stasised. At some point during the battle, an advanced Leaper will join the fray. Try to stay away from him and take him out in a couple shots.

When the quarantine is lifted, enter the elevator that isn't full of goo and take it to level 3. Head through the door ahead and turn left. A Guardian will be straight head. Stasis him and use something powerful to be rid of him quickly. Advancing forward, there is another Guardian on the wall on the other side of a large door. Kill him as well and then head back to the save point down the hall. Go through the door the Guardians were flanking and listen for the moan. A Divider will shamble around the corner ahead.

I suggest using stasis and then using the Line Gun to shoot the legs out from under the Divider. When it hits the floor, it will break into several pieces and you can use stasis again. A single mine should kill all of the body parts left over.

Continue down the hall, use TK to move the debris in front of the large door and then enter. Use the workbench if you wish and then take the elevator up. Enter the door and then climb aboard the gondola. This one is really fast. When it stops, climb off and enter the next door. You're now in the comm station.

There's a door to the left along the far wall. Enter it and turn right. Enter the next door and you'll be in zero-g. Wait right where you are. Three advanced Leapers will work their way towards you, landing on the wall below and crawling over the edge. Stasis them one by one as they crawl to you and then kill them. The Force Gun can also push them over the edge but they'll come back. When they're dead, take a second to study the large comm array map on the wall.

The map shows which receivers are damaged and which are still functional. The three green in the center ring are fine right where they are. Remove the three red receivers and replace them with the green receivers around the room.

When all 6 of the receivers in the center circle are green, exit the room. Go back to the control room and activate the computer panel.

After a short message and a brief chat with Kendra, exit the control station to the speedy gondola. Climb aboard and ride back. When you enter the following door, turn right and an advanced Slasher will be riding up the elevator. Take care of him in whatever way you like and ride the elevator down. Exit through the large door and turn right. Enter the elevator and when you exit, go through the large to to... another ADS cannon.

At least you don't have to play Asteroids this time.
Grab the controls and shoot the giant creature ahead. It has 5 tentacle arms with the designated yellow weak spots. Its only attack is to rip chucks of junk off the ship and throw it at you, which can be shot to avoid damage. Try to shoot any tentacle that is holding a piece of debris before it has a chance to throw it. This boss can be a bit annoying if you try to hit all the arms at once. Try to spread the damage around, but focus mainly on one tentacle at a time. As the number of tentacles are reduced it is easier to avoid taking any damage. Remember to use both of the triggers separately to avoid overheating both at the same time. After all 5 tentacles are destroyed, it will detach from the ship and float off into space.

Exit the ADS cannon and turn right. Follow the hallway back through the large door and then take the elevator back tot he atrium. You'll hear another Divider. Exit the elevator and turn right. Deal with him the same as the first and then head back to the tram. After passing the store and turning right, a Pregnant will round the corner ahead. Kill it and you're home free.

End Chapter 8.

Skillet 02-14-2009 02:13 PM

This chapter is pretty run and gun. It's best if you do it as fast as possible.

Exit the tram and follow the hall on the left. Use the store if you must and then head into the next room. There will be some green orbs floating around. There's a large door on the "floor" and the USM Valor can be seen on the other side of the room. Note where all of the green orbs are so you can grab them as fast as possible. If you're on a low difficulty, you can move all of the orbs on top of the door. Then stomp on the electronic locks lining the door. There are 6. Once that is done, open the door with the control panel and all of the orbs will be thrown into space at once. This will also spawn three Lurkers and three Leapers.

This is why it's best not to place the orbs on the door when playing on Impossible. Instead, stomp on the power locks and then open the door. A Lurker and a Leaper will spawn, kill them and then grab a green orb and shoot it out the door. Doing so will spawn two Lurkers. Kill them and toss another orb out the door. Two Leapers will enter the room. Kill them and you are now clear to shoot the remaining orbs out the door. Spawning them after each orb will keep you from getting surrounded too quickly.

When the orbs have all be cleared from the room, enter the USM Valor. Enter the door ahead and you will see a Slasher-like Necromorph run to the left. Don't try to shoot him. Just follow him. There's a save point ahead, save and then enter the door on the right. You will find the Twitcher that you've been following. Try to stasis him before he runs away and kill him. You can move the large cargo containers here with TK. Move the first container forward until it won't go anymore. Walk through the doorway that you just made to the rest of the room beyond. A Twitcher will step out from behind one of the crates ahead. Stasis helps on these guys a LOT. Use it. When the first twitcher is dead, another will jump from the vent ahead. The exit is forward and to the left. As you head for the door, another Twitcher will burst through the vent by the door. Kill him and then go through the door.

In this next room, grab whatever you need and head left. There's a door to the right. Enter there. Follow the hall and you'll find a door to the left. Try to open it and the power conduit will explode. Turn around and run to the other end of the hallway. An Infector will drop from the ceiling and try to infect one of the corpses on the floor. By the time you kill it, a Twitcher should show itself from around the corner. Grab the power conduit in the wall here to replace the one that exploded. Now enter the elevator and Dr. Kyne will contact you.

Exit the elevator and head through the hall on the right. The door straight ahead leads to the armory. You should hear the Divider right when you open the door. Don't actually enter the room, just stand back and kill the Divider. Once it and all of it's living parts are dead, run straight across the room to the shooting gallery and turn around. Look towards the workbench and 4 Exploders will jump from the vents. Stasis the first and them shoot the pod when others enter the room to save ammo. When they're dead, turn around and activate the shooting range. Shoot the red ones. The Pulse Rifle works well if you have it. The Plasma Cutter is also fine.

When you're finished, use the workbench to upgrade whatever you want and then enter the door on the opposite side of the room. Continue on to a room where there is a broken surgery laser. Take a step or two into the room and a Twitcher will exit the vent on the far side. 99% of the time, it gets killed by the laser. Stasis the laser, wait a few seconds and then sprint to your left. Another Twitcher will enter from the far side of the room and probably get killed by the laser as well. Exit the door in the back right section of the room. Run forward a bit until you see an Exploder. Stasis him and shoot the orange part to blow him up. Turn right and two more should drop from the vents above. Stasis the first since he'll probably be right next to you. Move and and shoot the orange pod when the other gets close to him. There is a completely random Twitcher here as well. Sometimes it doesn't spawn.

When they are dead, enter the door at the end of the hall into he Barracks. This part can be very hard. I recommend the Line Gun since it can penetrate multiple enemies at once. Take a few steps into the room to get the quarantine to lock the room down. Get back to the door as fast as you can and back yourself into the corner. A Pregnant will enter the room, Stasis is and be very careful about shooting it. The last thing you need is a flock of Swarmers crawling all over you here. There will also be about 5 Exploders, 2 Lurkers, 2 Leapers, 2 Twitchers and a partridge in a pear tree. Stay in the corner, stasis the Twitchers and Lurkers, and try to shoot the Exploders from afar when they have other enemies near them. With a little luck and if you keep an eye on your health meter, you'll be fine at the end of the confrontation.

After the battle, search every nook and cranny of the room for the loot that's hidden everywhere. There should be plenty of ammo to replenish your supply. There's also a store to sell anything that you don't need. When you're done, head through the door on the right side of the room. Follow the hall a ways and you'll come to a large door. Enter and take the elevator up. On either side of the elevator are two spare engines that you can move with TK. Push them forward and stay behind them so you don't get caught in the fire blast. As you're pushing the engines forward, the will be three power locks towards the center of the room.

Shoot the locks on both sides and the fire blasts will stop. Then you can take the Singularity Core.

Once you have the core, take the door on the right and follow the ramp down. When you enter the next room, Hammond will run into the room behind the glass. He'll talk to you for a moment and an advanced black Brute will enter behind him and tear him apart. There's nothing you can do. The Brute will throw Hammond through the window and come after you. Stasis him and deal with him the same as any other Brute. He can take a lot more damage though. I suggest using Stasis and the Plasma Cutter to take off one of his arms. He'll then shoot the explosive bags at you. Grab one with TK and send it back. When you've introduced him tot he floor, grab the diamond semiconductor and walk through the window. Exit the room and take a right. The ship is falling apart.

Take a right and put the power conduit in the socket. Take the elevator down and go left. You'll exit the Valor and be back in the room where you threw the green orbs out the door. Jump across to the door on the side of the Ishimura and enter.As you're walking down the hall, a Twitcher will run into you. Kill him and head for the tram.

End chapter 9.

Skillet 02-14-2009 02:16 PM

This chapter is relatively long so I'll try to be brief.

Exit the tram and follow the lanterns into the large worship room. Stomp on the bodies here to dismember them and collect whatever supplies you need. Use the elevator next to the store to go to the upper level. Save your game then enter the door next to the workbench on the other end of the hall. Dr. Mercer is in the room ahead. Along with Jacob Temple. Temple doesn't make it. Trun left and advance down the hall. Enter the large door on the right into the cafeteria. The room looks large but there's too much jumnk in the way. Follow the only available path around and take the elevator down. You'll hear and see two Dividers. Line Gun or Force Gun is best here if you have them. When they're dead, go to the back right corner of the room from the elevator and pick up the crew key inside the supply crate.

When you have the key, take the elevator back up and then exit the room. Turn right and enter the next hallway. There's a Guardian on the wall to the right. After doing some damage or if you get too close, an advanced Slasher will drop from the vent in the ceiling in front of the Guardian. He can cause serious trouble if you haven't already killed the Guardian. If you use stasis on him, you can use the Line Gun to shoot right through and possibly remove several Guardian tentacles as well. When both are dead, enter the door right to the left of the Guardian.

Head through the hall and then into the next room. Now go into the room ahead and a Giant Tentacle will grab you, shoot the yellow weak spot and then turn around and enter the door to the left of where you entered. There's a TK lever here. Pull it down and then exit the room. There will be an advanced slasher ahead, kill him and head back the way you came. Now go through the door to the right of the one you just came from.

You'll be in vacuum now. Head down the hall and into the next room, in here will be a Pregnant and a Slasher. Kill them both and enter the door straight ahead of where you first entered the room. Move forward and a Lurker should crawl along the floor. It's a black advanced version so he' a lot tougher. Shoot off his tentacles and go down the hall on the right. A legless Pregnant will crawl along the floor towards you. Stasis it and stomp on it a few times. Take another right and pick up the Nav Card.

Take the hall to the left and then turn right. A Twitcher will drop from the ceiling. Should be easy enough to kill. The door ahead has a bunch of supplies in it and the door to the right leads back to the main room where you killed the Slasher and Pregnant before. Enter the supply room if you must then take the door on the right. Take the door on the left to exit the room and then the elevator back up. Exit this room back to the cafeteria and three Exploders will hop out of the vent on the right side of the wall. Stasis... shoot the orange thing. Pretty simple.

Continue down the hall making a left and then a right. Go through the door and you'll be back in the creepy worship room. Take the elevator down and use the store if you must. Then take the door to the right of the store. A black advanced Slasher will drop from the ceiling on the left. Kill it and if you want, you can try out zero-g basketball by entering the locker room to the right. There are instructions in a text log in the locker room that will tell you how to play. Before you play though, jump to the second platform in the basketball room and three Lurkers will attack from all sides. Stasis and the Force Gun work very well here. If you play zero-g basketball, you will play 6 rounds (or less if you choose).

When you're finished, exit the court and there will be several lockers that are not unlocked. They have verious rewards inside. An advanced Slasher will attack once you leave the room. Kill him then exit the locker room and follow the hallway to the right. Enter the elevator. Continue until you find the dark sleeping area. There is a seemingly solid wall to the left but they're actually all bunk beds that can be moved with TK. Make small doors in the bunks to advance into the room. You will reach a large pile of bodies and find a woman laughing on the floor. She'll blow her brain out the back of her head and behind her is the second nav card. Dr. Mercer will say a few words and the Hunter will drop through a vent in the ceiling. Stasis him run back through the room, moving the bunks along the way to block the Hunter. An advanced Slasher will enter at one point and attack. Kill him. When you reach the entrance to the room, the Hunter will drop from another vent in the ceiling stasis him and run through the door. When you enter the main room here, the Hunter will be kind enough to drop by. He'll bring a few party guests. Too bad they're major jerks.

The key here is to run to the other side of the room as soon as you enter. You'll face about 3 advanced Slashers and a few advanced Lurkers. Plus the Hunter. It's like a rock star bash. Use the Line Gun to spice up the party. The Mine and Stasis work pretty well here. When Kendra unlockes the door, make your escape. Just be careful, the Hunter likes to drop from a vent in the ceiling here. Just skip the save station and run straight for the elevator.

Get off the elevator and follow the hall back to the creepy worship room. Be careful, there will be an advanced Slasher and an Infector in here. The Slasher will come from the left as you pass the store. And the Infector is always somewhere else. Usually looking for a corpse. Kill them, buy whatever you need at the store. I suggest Line Racks and Force Energy if you have the weapons. Then take the elevator up and save your game. Enter the door to right of the save station and meet with Dr. Kyne.
This next part can get pretty hairy so firepower is a must. If you hav ethe Line Gun, equip it. When Kyne stops talking, head through the door on the right. The door at the opposite end leads to a room with four Pregnants. As soon as you open the door, Stasis the first Pregnant that you see. The Line Gun aimed at it's shoulders should take off both arms in just a few shots. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Don't actually enter the room, the Pregnants won't walk through the door.

When they're dead, grab what you need from the rooms on either side and enter the hallway beyond. Save your game and then enter the door into the shuttle bay. This part will be very hectic and can cause problems on Impossible. Find the entrance on the left side of the shuttle. Go inside and fix the singularity core.

Dr. Kyne will contact you telling you to wait here. Don't though. Instead, exit the ship and go into the room on the right. If you have the Force Gun, get it out. Walk over to the terminal and test fire the engines.

As soon as you do this, turn around. The Hunter will drop from the ceiling vent by the door. Use the Force Gun to knock him down and then stasis him. Equip your Line Gun and then run from the room. Turn left and wait for a Twitcher to exit the vent on the floor ahead. Kill him and then run around the back of the ship. When you're on the right side, turn to the left and there will be a vent on the wall. A Twitcher comes from here. Kill him. By now, the Hunter should be exiting the vent on the floor where the first Twitcher entered the room. Wait for him to start crossing the platform behind the ship... use the Force Gun again and then stasis him. Run back to the control room. If a Twitcher gets in you way, stasis him and run past. Test fire the engines and the Hunter will die. Any Twitchers that you left alive will exit the room.

Take a breath.

Turn right and activate the docking clamps to release the shuttle. Dr. Kyne will fly the shuttle out of the room. Exit into the hallway again, past the four dead Pregnants and when you take the elevator up, Dr. Mercer will contact you. Exit Kyne's office towards the wrship room and you'll find an Infector still in the process of transforming Mercer into an advanced Slasher. If you let it continue, you'll have to fight both. I say, don't give Mercer the satisfaction of being turned into a Slasher. Stasis the Infecotor and kill it before it can finish the job. Then stomp on Mercer a few times because it's insulting and now he'll never be turned into what he aspired to be. Head back to the tram.

End Chapter 10.

Skillet 02-14-2009 02:20 PM

Exit the tram, move past the store and enter the hallway on the left. Don't waste ammo on the Exploder, he won't do anything you to. Continue down the hall, past the bathroom and then into the first door on the right.
This room is a PAIN. But there is an easy trick. It will save you a ton of heartache. And ammo....

When you enter the room, stay on the balcony. If you have an accurate weapon like the Plasma Cutter, stasis the Pregnant below to make the job easier and then remove it's arms. There's also an Exploder milling about down there. Kill him if you can. If you can't seem him, or don't like the idea of "sniping" your enemies, take the lift down to the lower level. There are tons of supplies in this room. Don't mess with the computer console down here yet.. instead loot everything that you can grab. This next trick requires a maxed out TK Module. If you don't have it fully upgraded, I suggest you get back tot he store, sell some ammo or other useless things that you're carrying and buy a power node or two. Once it's upgraded, come back to this room and active at the computer panel.

AS SOON AS YOU ACTIVATE THE PANEL... turn and run as fast as you can back to the elevator. A Slasher will jump out of the vent to the right. Shoot it's legs with he Line Gun to remove them or it's possible for it to jump through the vent on the balcony. Take the elevator up and stand on the very corner of the balcony. As close to the marker as you can get from here. Then use TK to grab the marker and move it down the track. From this position, you can move the marker almost all the way to the end.

You will lose it right before it makes it to the far corner. Aim for the very tip of the corner that is closest to you and you should be able to grab the Marker and push it the rest of the way down the runway and to the left. It will be lifted to the floor above and you can turn around and simply walk out of the room.

If you don't use that trick... be in for a huge fight. Once the marker is lifted onto the track, a Pregnant, 2 Slashers and a Lurker will attack. The Line Gun and stasis are all you can really use here. Or some other powerful weapon. Just don't use something on the Pregnant that could open it. When you grab the marker and move it a little ways down the runway, the same roster of enemies will attack. Plus, you'll have giant tentacles trying to crush you from below. When you get the marker to the end of the runway and it's lifted tot he floor above, another Pregnant two advanced Slashers and an advanced Lurker will attack. Obviously... it's better to use the "glitch" on Impossible.

Either way you do this... exit the room when the marker is taken to the floor above and follow the hallway back towards the tram. Turn left once you exit the hallway and enter the door elevator here. Follow the hall and you'll enter the security room from chapter 1. Save your game and get ready for another big fight. The Force Gun will keep enemies away but I prefer the Line Gun. Walk towards the big door that leads to the shuttle bay. As soon as the room is locked down in quarantine, run back to the save station and put your back in the corner. Stasis and shoot anything drops out of a vent. There will be 4 Slashers and two advanced Slashers all entering the room one after another. When they're dead and the quarantine is lifted, head through the large door to the shuttle bay. Turn right into the next room and then go out the open door on the left. Watch Dr. Kyne land the shuttle and then head back. Take the first door on the left, follow the hall and you'll find a platform overlooking the shuttle bay with a terminal on the railing. Activate the terminal to shut off the gravity.

Before doing anything else, jump down to the docking runways. The two large platforms where the shuttle in the beginning docks and the new shuttle is docked with Dr. Kyne now. Between the two is a large gap. Laying down in this gap is the PENG treasure. Grab it if you're looking for the achievement. It sells at the store for 30,000 credits. Once you have peng, jump down to the floor where the shuttle is docked. You will see another runway. At the end of this runway is the marker. When you get close to it, 5 Lurkers will jump out of the vents to the left. The Line Gun works wonders here if it's fully upgraded. The Lurkers will usually go down in one hit to their tentacles. Kill them and grab the marker. Follow the path and hit the switch. You need to push the marker to the right, flip the switch again and then continue pushing it to the shuttle.

Along the way, you'll be attacked by two advanced Leapers. Stasis them and shoot a Line Gun Mine at them. It should kill one but there's usually one left. Just stomp on him a few times and continue pushing the marker. You'll need to flip another switch to the load the marker. Then two more Lurkers will attack. Kill them and then jump to the large black screen above the control console. Jump down and then restore gravity. Head down to the run way and Dr. Kyne will be waiting for you. Kendra will kill him and fly away in the shuttle before you can board.

After a very long gloating video from Kendra, Nicole will contact you. Head back to the place where you turned off the gravity and there will be a door unlocked for you. Follow the ramp behind the door. The next room contains a Guardian on the far wall. Stasis and the Line Gun's Mines work well here. Just watch out, he usually has three of his little tentacle pods waiting for you where you open the door. When he screams his awful sounding death moan, pass him and enter the door to the control room. The video monitors are going nuts in this room... creepy.

Do as Nicole says and activate the orange terminal. Kendra will be angry that you are pulling the shuttle back to the ship and she escapes by using the shuttle's escape pod to go to the surface of Aegis VII. No matter. Be sure to collect the diamond semiconductor here and then head back down to the shuttle. When you reach the docking runway where the shuttle is, three advanced Leapers will be running towards you. Kill them and then board the shuttle.

End Chapter 11.

Skillet 02-14-2009 02:23 PM

By far the most difficult mission. Simply because of how many enemies are thrown your way. I'll go through the "boring" parts as fast as possible.

From the start of the mission, run down the ramp and you'll see a track. Grab the flat cart on the track to the left and drag it to the right. Place it right in front of the shuttle. Then hit the switch. Once the marker has been placed on the platform, drag it all the way down the track and the right. You can place it right up against the door but the door you have to enter is locked. There is a socket on the wall here.

Enter the small building to the left of the socket. There's a large door to the right, open it and two Infectors will try to infect the bodies laying in this room. Stasis them and kill them before they can achieve their goal. There's a store, workbench and save station here. Do whatever you have to. I hope you have the Force Gun, Line Gun and plenty of ammo for both for the parts ahead.

Grab the power conduit from the room with TK and take it through the large door. When you open the small door to go back outside, you'll hear a Divider. It's to the right outside the door. Stasis him and use your Plasma Cutter to take off a leg. It will break apart. Stasis it as fast as you can and use your Force Gun to kill the rest of the parts all at once. When it's dead, grab the power conduit and put it in the socket. A large door will open. Push the marker through and then enter the small door on the left. Live through the dull task of cycling the marker through the airlock and push it up again the bridge that's in the way. This part can be VERY difficult. Grab the Force Gun or Line Gun... whichever has the most ammo. Cross the bridge here and activate the switch. Pull the marker past the bridge as fast as possible.

Next, push the marker towards the next bridge. Run to the other side and hit the switch to raise the bridge. Stasis it and then pull the marker under it so the bridge can't fall. The room should've went into quarantine before you could even raise the second bridge. Quickly run across the first bridge, take a left and run all the way to the back corner. Turn around and the enemies will come pouring in. There will be about 5 advanced black Slashers, 4 advanced black Lurkers, and 4 Exploders. Stasis... stasis, stasis, stasis, STASIS. Try to catch three enemies at a time in stasis right next to each other. Most of them will cross the bridge so you can shoot a Mine there and then stasis them as they get close. Some of the Necromorphs will drop from a vent by the door ahead. The Slashers like to charge, usually missing your Stasis orb when they do. Instead of shooting them with Stasis first, shoot them with the Line Gun or Force Gun... or even Plasma Cutter if you have to. Just to make them stagger for a second. Then stasis them and finish them off.

This part is very difficult. If you die, keep trying. If you don't get the marker under the second bridge before the enemies start attacking, you're basically screwed. The Marker holds the bridge up so enemies can't cross. With both bridges down, there's nowhere to hide. They always surround you. Just die and you'll start right before raising the first bridge. About 15 seconds before the room goes into quarantine. There are also some green crates scattered around the room. Don't go to them, pull them to you with TK.

When all of the enemies are dead, the quarantine won't be lifted. Pull the marker past the bridge that is resting on it and then to the left. Lift the bridge blocking your path and pull the marker past it. You'll hear them before you spot them, four Exploders enter the room. Raise the bridge again and stasis it. Turn to the right and run across the bridge. Turn left and there will be an Exploder getting close to you. Kill him and then turn right. Three more Exploders should come from this direction. If there are only 2, turn to your left as the third probably dropped from the vent by the door.

End Part 1.

Skillet 02-14-2009 02:28 PM


When the Exploders are dead, the quarantine will lift and you're free to scavenge the room for ammo, health packs, and credits. When you've collected everything you need, enter the small door on the right of the marker. Not the left. Cycle the marker through and then enter the next door. Take cover behind the pillar on the right. There are two Guardians guarding the door ahead. When you're behind the pillar, the tentacles bags that they shoot won't be able to hit you. Use whatever weapon you prefer to sever their tentacles. I just used stasis when they shot their tentacles straight out of their stomach and then used the Plasma Cutter and fired as fast as I could at all of them. When the first is dead, kill the second, then slowly step around the pillar and shoot the tentacles on the floor until they are all "dead".

Scavenge the room for supplies. There's a store and a save station. Do whatever you need to then enter the door that the Guardians were guarding.

You'll be in a zero-g tube. step down and follow the tube forward. Eventually, you'll be attacked by an advanced Lurker and an advanced Leaper. They can kill you easily because of the close quarters and disorienting shape of the tube that you're in. When they're dead, continue down the tube. Take note of the fan blades here. When you reach the "bottom", refill your stasis and use TK to flip the switch.

Jump back up into the tube and head back through. The fan blades are spinning now. Stasis the first and move through. This right past this blade, two more advanced Lurkers and another advanced Leaper will attack. You could stasis them, get behind them and use the Force Gun to push them into the fan if you want. Otherwise, deal with them like normal and continue. There's another fan blade to get past and then you're free to exit the tube. The large room now has an advanced Brute. He seems to be a bit tougher than the one that killed Hammond. Deal with him the same way though.

When he's dead, you're free to raise the bridges and pull the marker through. Save your game, buy what you need at the store and continue through the airlock. Loot the room beyond for supplies and then be prepared for one of the toughest parts of the entire game. Exit the door and pick up the supplies to the left and right as fast as possible. Don't even touch the Marker or get near the platform next to the track. By the time you have the supplies, two advanced Lurkers should attack one right after the other.

A Twitcher or two will also attack. Pull the Marker forward and head towards the platform next to the track. Three large tentacles will rise next to the platform. Pay no attention to them yet. Instead, turn around. Two more advanced Lurkers and a Twitcher should attack. There will also be an advanced Slasher. Kill them and then turn your attention to the first tentacle. Kill it and then turn around. Two more advanced Lurkers and another advanced Slasher should attack. Continue a little way and kill the next tentacle. Another advanced Lurker, a Twitcher and an advanced Slasher should attack.

Turn around and kill the final tentacle, when it's dead another advanced Lurker and an advanced Slasher should attack. When they're dead, you should be able to pull the marker the rest of the way down the track and to it's pedestal. Just keep and eye on your back because another enemy might attack. Finish pulling the marker to the end of the track and then activate the terminal.

After a brief talkin' to from Nicole, she'll disappear and you'll hear a voice tell you that the gravity tethers have been severed and the chunk of the planet that was suspended over the colony is now falling. Turn around and enter the glass structure. The outer walls will close and then open. You'll see Kendra... she's stealing the marker. After another long moment of exposition from her, she'll run away. Turn around and enter the door. Follow the hall as quickly as possible.

Now, the next enemy is the Hive Mind. I suggest using the Pulse Rifle and the Plasma Cutter. Their accuracy makes the fight a bit easier. You can sell your Line Gun and Force Gun if you want then buy the Pulse Rifle and a bunch of power nodes. You shouldn't need many medpacks. If you have a Large medpack in your inventory, keep it and keep a Medium medpack if you have it. That should be all that you need and even that's more than enough. Upgrade your Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle to the max if possible and then stock up on ammo for both. Mostly the Pulse Rifle though. When you're ready, head outside. Don't try to head towards the shuttle. Stay behind the large boxes and away from the corner of the building and use TK to pull the green boxes toward you. They have Pulse Rounds and Plasma Energy in them. Take it if you have the room and then grab all of the gas cans laying on the ground. Shoot them away because the Hive Mind can hit them and they explode. You can take damage if they do. When you're ready, head between the crates and the building and the Hive Mind will show itself.

His first attack is the ground pound. He'll swing a tentacle back and slam it into the ground. If he swings back the left tentacle, run to the right side. If he swings the right tentacle, run to the left. They can be dodged pretty easily. After each "slap", he'll roar at you. Use your Plasma Cutter here to shoot the large orange pods on his face. Don't shoot one at a time, either. Shoot each one around his face making sure not to shoot one twice. You'll wear them all down to the point where one more hit will destroy them. When three are destroyed, he'll grab you and pull you up into the air. While hanging upside down, switch to your Pulse Rifle and shoot the two remaining orange pods on his face. Since you whittled them all down before, it should only take a single shot to destroy them.

When he drops you back down to the deck, he'll open his chest and you'll see more of the orange pods lined up. Make sure you destroy one each time he does this and you don't get hit by the tentacles. If you do, he'll shoot Pregnants at you. Since the last thing you need are Pregnants swarming all over the deck, dodge the tentacles at all costs.

He will also use both tentacles, one right after the other. You can dodge these pretty easily. When he gets mad because he hasn't hit you yet, he'll open his chest and you can unload on the orange pods. He'll go down rather quickly. Make sure once you destroy the final pod, you run as far away from the front of the platform as possible. The Hive Mind will land on the edge of the platform and could crush you if you're too close.

When he's dead, turn left and run to the ramp of the ship. Once you touch the edge of the ramp, you're finished.

End Chapter 12.

Skillet 02-14-2009 02:31 PM

And that's it! If you just completed Dead Space for the first time, why don't you try Impossible? That's what the above guide was built for anyway.

If you just beat the game on Impossible.. congratulations! Enjoy your 150 gamerpoints!

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it helped somebody. Or at least made for a relatively good read.

Now, if you think there are any errors with my guide, please send me a private message. Or if you know of another, possibly easier way of completing a certain part of a chapter, please send me a message. If it seems viable enough, I'll try to fit it into the guide and give proper credit.

bombfirst885 02-15-2009 04:03 AM

Holy shit amazing guide! A++++

III Curtis III 02-18-2009 03:40 PM

Thanks for this!

YX THE KING XY 02-18-2009 10:26 PM

Dude, seriously probably the best guide i've seen on this site.

Mist 02-18-2009 11:46 PM

Holy crap, kudos to you! I'll be sure to take a peek at this baby once I start Impossible! :D

S IIVII O K 3 Y 02-19-2009 01:19 AM

Only if all guide's was as easy as this to follow.. 10/10 man great job.

Int3rnalF3ar 02-19-2009 10:53 PM

This is a really good, neat guide. Congratulations.

JRJ3 x360a 02-20-2009 06:13 PM

Wow this is definantly the best guide i have seen on this site before. I have just beaten chapter one so i am gonna use this now all the way through :D

Last Shaman 02-20-2009 10:50 PM

thanx for the guide this is gonna help me alot when i play this game on impossible difficulty

House of El 02-23-2009 07:20 PM

this has to be ,by far the best guide i have seen in a long time. i know this shit takes alot of work and i just want to thank you for all the hard work you put into this guide. really amazing and good context . this is gonna help me get my 1000

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Definitely one of the best walkthroughs I've read on this site! Kudos and thanks!

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This is the best guide on here by far. People need to make more guides like these. Thanks for your most excellent guiding!:)

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