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Apple 02-22-2009 01:04 AM

Road Map
-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 40 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000g: 4-6 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of playthroughs recommended: 3
-Number of achievements that can be missed: None
-Glitched achievements: No

This game is easily done in one sitting and shouldn't give you too much trouble. It earns it's 2/10 difficulty rating because most kills only take one shot, and you rarely die. Any collectables that are missed in a mission can be replayed again at anytime.

Depending on your skill level with FPS' you can either do this game in one playthrough, or it may take you as many as three. I say that because the game allows you to play it on Hard first, which allows you to get the Target Times achievements, Collectables/Barrels, and the Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty achievements.

This road map will focus on three playthroughs, although it isn't the quickest way, it is the easiest way to 1000.

Step #1: Easy Playthrough

You're going to need a few things handy before you start. First, you will need the Barrels/Bonus Objectives/Collectables List. You will need to follow this guide the entire game to get the eight Rank Achievements (General, Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, Pioneer), the two Bonus Objective Achievements (Attention to Detail, To the Letter), and the one Barrel Achievement (Demolitions).

Start the game off on Easy. You should get Smell the Roses, Attention to Detail, and Chancellorsville on the first mission. Continue with the second mission on Easy and when you complete it you should get Pioneer, Corporal, and Cold Harbor.

Continue with the third mission and you should unlock Sergeant, and Hampshire. Move onto the fourth mission and you'll unlock Lieutenant, Gettysburg, and you may unlock Reporting for Duty. If you don't unlock it after completing the fourth mission, you will unlock it after completing the fifth mission. It just depends on how many kills you get each mission.

Once you complete the fifth mission you'll unlock Captain, Major, and Martinsburg. Continue on with the sixth mission to unlock Grand Gulf. Then, after you complete the seventh mission you'll get Colonel, General, and Jackson. Sometime before the last mission you should unlock More Than Enough.

Complete the eighth and ninth mission to receive Lynchburg and Vicksburg. Then do the 10th mission to earn Vicksburg Gate, Demolitions, To the Letter, and War Survivor.

Since you just completed the game you will unlock the bonus mission Siege of Vicksburg. Get the Ironclad achievement now.

Step #2: Target Times

Now you will want to go for Sprint to the Finish, Minuteman Medal, and Overachiever.

Replay the fifth mission on Easy, use the guide and you'll unlock Sprint to the Finish and Overachiever after completing it.

Now run through missions 1-4 and 6-10 and make sure you complete them under the target time to pick up Minuteman Medal. You will get the Tough Guy achievement in between your Target Times missions. You can do the Target Times at the same time as your Hard playthrough, but it makes it much tougher.

Step #3: Hard Playthrough

Make sure you use your skill points to raise your skills from when you ran through the game on Easy. This will make your Hard playthrough a breeze.

Finally, run through each mission on the Hard difficulty and you'll unlock the War Veteran,and War Hero.

Step #4: Finishers & Conclusion

It's time to finish off the last of the achievements. This is when you go for Marksman, and Bullseye.

These last six achievements are left over because they're all weapon kills. You will more than likely unlock the majority of them by just playing through the game, but if you haven't, this is where you're going to want to finish them up. (Sniper, Close Combat, Raining Grenades, Quick Draw, Cannons Away, Gat-slinger.)

A 2rue boofer 03-27-2009 02:26 PM

nice road map I can tell you worked hard on this it is very nice will use when going for 1k :)

imatat2freak 04-01-2009 06:49 PM

Nice post, easy to follow. I will get this game, thank you for your time in putting the guide together.

bigquackster 11-08-2009 05:51 PM

hey i saw this game for 19.99 and im wondering if its worth it

xBTCx Corrupted 04-17-2011 05:03 PM

Any hints on completing "The Great Train Raid" on hard? I can't get past entering the car with the gattlen gun, keep getting killed just before the train takes off.

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