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MattDB87 04-08-2009 09:06 PM

Total Points needed for level 10
at 1 mil, how much more?

richc666 06-29-2009 11:25 PM

Out of interest, how many points was it? Or is it on a kill/death ratio?
Just curious, I'm only level 4 at the moment but enjoying it.

MattDB87 02-16-2010 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by richc666 (Post 2108936)
Out of interest, how many points was it? Or is it on a kill/death ratio?
Just curious, I'm only level 4 at the moment but enjoying it.

sorry i didn't say how i did it, but now i can't remember how i did.

i played with droopylizard and pyrofenixVA. they might know.

EDIT!: I used this method.

Two or more people to perform this action.


1. Go to XBox Live > Ranked Game > Host to start a new ranked game. Dismiss the message saying that the host has changed the car class.

2. Press Y to go to your race options. Leave it on Circuit, choose Containment, take the players down to however many you have participating (2 or 3 is ideal), forward, and change the class to whatever suits you.

3. Select a car with Machine Guns for one of your two weapons. Assault is easiest, since its default.

4. Have everybody who's agreed to help ready up. They're done at this point.


1. Player 1 drives forward, around the semi truck with the trailer to the left and pulls a sharp U-turn, pointing towards the bridge. There should be boxes on your right and a tanker and bridge supports on your left.

2. Player 2, 3, etc. doesn't have to do anything. Really. They can put their controller down and watch TV while Player 1 is working on this. Their cars will automatically drive over the edge, straight in front of the starting line, respawn, and repeat.

3. Player 1 should fire machine guns as Player 2, 3, etc. spawns, continue firing until after the player(s) pass, and cease firing to let the MGs cool down. If done correctly, Player 2, 3, etc. should be driving directly on a crossing path in front of you, from right to left. Fire at their left side as they cross (about two or three hits should ping off the doors) before they drive off the edge into the water. If you landed a single hit, you'll get creited with a Wreck kill.

4. Remember to let off the MG's... it's not Rampage, and they will overheat. Repeat as necessary. You can get about 200,000 wreck points (40 kills) in about 5 minutes.

5. After a suffiecient time has past, or people are getting bored, complete the race.

6. The best way to get them to apply to your rank is to have one person in the party score the points until they are a rank 10 (since it seems to base rank increase on kill differential). Then, toggle it up and help out the people who got you where you're at.

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