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suley786 04-26-2009 12:05 PM

Money Problem in Bots...
im trying to get the 1 million dollar achievement, but everytime i turn it off and then come back on it my money is back down to like 5000.

please can someone tell my why or help

cbkste 04-26-2009 12:20 PM

same happened to me i replayed on co-op and got it then but it does go down all the time.

suley786 04-26-2009 12:25 PM

i probably woulda got it by now but the stupid ass game is pissin me off

MBCPeanut 05-05-2009 04:43 AM

This also happened to me. I was saving during a co-op run on Hard, needed a couple thousand on the final level to break $1,000,000. When I finished the session and went back, I was dropped to something like $85,000. If I had known it would be such a waste, I would have purchased all the weapons/taunts/counterkills with the money instead of saving it. Really pissed me off.

Otonielgt 05-14-2009 01:16 AM

i dont ;like it one bit

Barad 05-15-2009 02:07 PM

this problem sucks it happened to me bt i gt the achiev at the end

srf_1999 05-24-2009 05:49 AM

Me Too:(:mad::confused::eek:

Jaskier 06-13-2009 07:22 PM

Same thing here. I had well over 500,000 and got tired of playing for one day. Next day... well, you all know what happened. I'd suggest replaying mission 8 over and over again in one session to unlock it and have it out of the way.

jds515 09-23-2009 02:02 PM

This is BS. I could understand how a developer could overlook something like this during testing, but not if it's directly related to an achievement. I had around $900,000 when I stopped playing and I pop it in the next day and I'm down to $300,000. Total crap.

xianizradx 09-28-2009 02:16 PM

Just keep reloading chapter 8 and get all the money crates, it seriously took me maybe 20 minutes from 5000 to a million. Its the part when you go down the hole and there is 3 money crates, and when you walk out there is 3 guys jumping out of a window, there is at least 10 total crates in the one scene, plus there is a phone there also where you can buy all the weapons and combat moves with that million.

Heroic Deeds 09-28-2009 07:53 PM

Yeah this also happened to me, I think it disrupts the game if you play co-op:confused:

kingofkings dfa 10-20-2009 07:23 PM

happened to me 2 im just gunna replay chap8 me thinks

dorkzilla123 12-08-2009 06:23 PM

Just play the game with a friend on easy, go through all the chapters looking for every piece of money and you will get it. The playthrough is about 4 hours on easy, 5 on hard cause we looked for all the posters and targets. We got the achievement just as we got to the last helicopter battle.

Billythefish 03-09-2010 11:15 PM

once you've completed the game, go for the golds by selecting levels, you shouldn't need to buy any more weapons and it just keeps adding to your cash. sooner or later millionaire pops up!

DOA_Rose 05-15-2012 07:42 PM

I got the game from Gamefly on 5/14, sent it back 5/15. Beat it with like $960k, started up the 1st level again to grind out the last little bit for the 1 mil cheeve and it dropped to like $540k. I might pick it up in the cheap bin at Gamestop at some point, but that is total bs. It's bad enough cheevos I earned in Scott Pilgrim, Homefront, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and Lego Clone Wars refuse to unlock...

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