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killer7 05-03-2009 01:49 PM

Here is a link to the games walkthrough. You should get most of the achievements using this guide. For the guide use the red colored story.

For the other achievements use the green colored story. At the only point where you have to make a choice save before choosing and run through each story. At the end just reload from the save point and do it for all 5 stories. Pretty easy 1000. Don't have to think or even play...hint(rubber band the R trigger). <--Japanese only.

TGI PassionPiG 07-10-2009 03:34 AM

I'm a little confused killer with what your saying. Are you saying that you can rubber band the R trigger through the entire game, reload the save, pick another character and repeat? Will this get u all the achievements? Is there any gameplay required? If this is the case i dont understand why you would need that walkthrough u posted?

WhiskeyWarriors 07-10-2009 06:29 PM

I have been playing this all day now, it seems as simple as it says just save your game whenever a choice needs making and pick one of the choices, if you have picked the wrong one you will be returned back to the main menu, so just load up your save and select the other option, note: this game is very long and boring!!

TGI PassionPiG 07-11-2009 07:08 AM

Yes i have done this all the way through both red and green stories. I after finishing both im stuck on just over 500gs. Where do the other achievements come from? As you say theres usually only one route that doesnt lead to game over. I did note that about 3/4 of the way through red story there was a 4 way choice/option - does this have any significance?

AMainComptonese 10-03-2009 12:33 AM

No Offense , but this thread is "ratard" ... just follow the guide and INSIDE the options ;

there is an option to just Press RB , NOT hold to skip scenes faster whether they have been read or not.

Maybe , you should open a Language learning book before attempting anything in the options .

jds78 07-13-2011 11:22 PM

of the 4 choices which one gets you the achievements on the red playthrough

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