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Krazie 06-06-2009 08:52 PM

Achievement Trading/Squad/Teammates Thread
Use this thread in order to trade online achievements with other forum members.

O4OUR 04-26-2011 02:32 AM

For those who would like to add me ahead of time, i will be playin as the lawful side (at first) on release day. Whoever would like to join me for this new and engaging experience add my XBLGamerTag

Hellbringer26 04-30-2011 05:31 PM

I am down for it let me know what time you want to start

Pr0ph3cy 05-01-2011 12:28 AM

Official Party/Squad/Teammates Thread
Post here to makes new friends and join a team

O4OUR 05-01-2011 04:55 PM

1st playthrough is Security Engineer for me. Add me if ya wanna co-op our way thru. :uzi:


UndeadGamer 05-03-2011 07:49 AM

Lawful meaning Security and not Resistance i take it? What time you plan on playing it? Cause i'm going to get it as soon as the store opens at 10am CST. Let me know cause i'm down either way even though i know i'll end up being resistance more then anything.:uzi:

Pr0ph3cy 05-03-2011 10:09 PM

keep this thread alive so someone else doesn't make another one plz

SWAGGART 05-04-2011 03:53 PM

Count me In for any achs that are a bit tricky, other ones I dont mind playing for the experience which I do with most multiplayer games, Thanks. GT: ZIGGYTR0N (with a zero)

SirPuny 05-05-2011 06:25 AM

I'm down for some organized play.

Add GT "Sir Puny"

Love Struck Beast 05-05-2011 01:17 PM

Count me in...
I plan on going medic or engineer really dont care what side

TAI JASON 05-05-2011 01:19 PM

Where you got the game from?!? Early release again?

The Betrayer142 05-06-2011 04:09 AM

Security Soldier, engineer, or medic. Not sure yet. Let me know if you're on a lot.

Pr0ph3cy 05-06-2011 06:10 AM


Originally Posted by TAI JASON (Post 4204808)
Where you got the game from?!? Early release again?

no just wanna get a thread up before the game releases so people can make friends early


Originally Posted by The Betrayer142 (Post 4205895)
Security Soldier, engineer, or medic. Not sure yet. Let me know if you're on a lot.

Oh trust me...i'll be on a lot LOL

Hansathan 05-06-2011 02:21 PM

I'm down for some teammates. GT is Hansathan. I will be on roughly 6 pm EST Tuesday.

O4OUR 05-06-2011 05:33 PM

Add me if you plan on goin security first. :uzi:

Kuragari1 05-06-2011 07:09 PM

Add me, thinking about medic or soldier, don't care which side.

judge08 05-06-2011 07:43 PM

ill have this on monday anyone else gettin the game early or realease day im down for playin. been lookin forward to this game for a while just add me GT: judge08:uzi:

DOPE BOI 05-07-2011 07:46 AM

Got the Game right now. Add me

Love Struck Beast 05-07-2011 10:55 AM

grrr...cant wait till Tuesday.

Marie 05-07-2011 01:15 PM

Hi Ryan :D lol.
U better get brink Tuesday or u will get :uzi:

Mighty Goliath89 05-07-2011 01:29 PM

still don't know whether I will be playing resitance or security first but feel free to add me because I will be playing this game alot when it comes out, thanks :D


Edit: also will not be able to play till friday due to me being in england and all :(

DOPE BOI 05-08-2011 05:42 AM

Well I have had the game for a couple days and will play what ever side. Currently playing as soldier but more than likely we will have to change classes anyway to adapt to objectives, or let the AI do it.

Will be online a lot so just hit me up

x Akwellen x 05-08-2011 11:30 AM

i dunno which faction I'll end up playing first but add me in when i finally get this game on Thursday. I should be on quite abit

GT Akwellen

Pr0ph3cy 05-08-2011 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by Marie (Post 4208333)
Hi Ryan :D lol.
U better get brink Tuesday or u will get :uzi:

hi Marie LOL you silly

Koz 05-08-2011 03:51 PM

I'll probably be going as Security, but that's not to say I won't play as Resistance at some point.

Anyone can go ahead and add me if they'd like a great team player.

EDIT: Got a new mic. :)

ArcticNinja0418 05-08-2011 07:19 PM

Will have the game on the release day, I will be playing has an engineer or soldier.

GT: ArcticNinja0418

drakes_guardian 05-08-2011 07:33 PM

I'll be on as soon as it comes in work I'll play whatever the team needs add me and I'll play when I'm on.

DOPE BOI 05-09-2011 01:01 AM

Well I have ran through both sides of the story and even did the 4 what if missions, took about 2-3 hrs. I played on default, which I think is easy, but can see it taking much longer playing against humans or hardcore AI in the campaign.

The AI is the worst, they hardly ever help with main objectives or even protect you when you have to hack, etc.

I will go through again if anyone wants to play.

jasonjuk 05-09-2011 10:08 AM

im online now if anyone wants to play :)

gt is jasonj uk

Death by Kuvasz 05-09-2011 12:55 PM

I'll have it release day, most likely stick with medic but will mix it up with some operative. Oh, and I play team based games as they're supposed to be played, as a team.

GT: Death by Kuvasz

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