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StephenG70 06-07-2009 10:13 PM

Good Game?
I was thinking about getting this game as when I picked it up and looked at the backof the bo, it reminded me of Counterstrike for the Xbox Original.

I was just wondering does it actually play out to be anything like Counterstrike? Either gameplay or movement wise?

DivinityCycle 06-30-2009 07:07 AM

Its a very, very mediocre game. You know you're in trouble when the big selling point is "you can shoot guys arms off!" After like half an hour of that the novelty wears off and you start to see how craptastical a lot of things in this game are. Its a rental only.

DivinityCycle 07-01-2009 04:35 AM

I just completed this game on Hard, and now I revise my opinion to "Fuck this game".

KingMongoloid 07-01-2009 08:32 PM

It's pretty by the numbers and in comparison to Soldier of Fortune II for PC/Mac/Xbox it's a piece of shit. But hey if you can find it for cheap pick it up.

Pedle Zelnip 07-06-2009 07:49 PM

Wow, you guys seem extra harsh. There are some parts that are simply not fun (f'n helicopter on hardest difficulty in the Eshkashem level), but for the most part I thought it was a decent game. Not great or anything, but it's a decent shooter.

If you go into it expecting the next CoD4 you'll be disappointed, but if you're looking for a mindless shooter you could do a lot worse than this one.

ViNyLek 07-21-2009 01:49 PM

Well comparing this to SoF2 this game is shit. I won't even mention the very first SoF which is a legend by now and I think it surpasses both of them even though graphics might be outdated story and missions design is just, or rather was at tahat time, something new. So yeah, good thing it's only $10 now just like arcade game and that's exactly what it's worth. For an arcade price this game is decent^^

David x360a 01-22-2010 09:25 AM

Sorry for bumping, just need to vent my disgust with this piece of dog shit labeled Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back. It's simply the worst game I can remember ever playing. Not only is it miserable in itself, it's also full of bugs and glitches. Several times when I have chosen to restart checkpoint upon dying ("Are you sure you want to restart checkpoint?" cmon.. Yes, I'm fucking sure since I'm dead and can't really continue playing), I have been reset to the beginning of a level instead. Very amusing...

When I got to the mission where you have to escort some old prisoner through the jungle, I decided to stop playing. The guy just runs around with his arms over his head and gets killed. Honestly, I thought escorting a prisoner would actually mean that the guy with the gun made the decisions? No, I have to run after him like a bitch and try my best to kill enemies with him blocking my sights. Whoever programmed that prisoner ought to be castrated in public.

Anyone considering to give this "game" a try, DON'T!!! Don't even rent it.


Doominatorx6 03-08-2010 05:30 PM

Oh this game... its more of a guilty pleasure than anything else. The graphics are good, and there are tons of real world guns to murder stereotypical terrorists.

The gore is so over-the-top (throw a grenade down a hallway and several limbs come back at you) it's funny, but it does get old.

It feels sluggish and it can be glitchy at times. And (particularly on hard) can be downright cheap, but for around 10$ you can't complain.
If you love shooters, and if you love shooting dudes in turbans with guns (which if you are an American you obviously have an erection when I said that) this is right up your alley.

Otherwise, just rent it to laugh at the gore.
"Hey, I found some C4 strapped to a dead guy!"

TESTUBE BABY 82 06-30-2010 10:48 AM

i picked this game up when it came out and thought it to be enjoyable and different,people compare FPS to call of duty,F.E.A.R, Halo,all negative comments are harsh ,take this game as it is not a serious shooter and its not competing with the top shooters its just something different thats not so far up its own arse like some games,i still own this game since day 1 and have no desire to trade it in,take it for what it is

BWF SmokeBudnSF 02-04-2013 07:11 PM

fun for a few hours. get the achieves and get rid of it.

dogwitch 08-20-2014 03:58 AM

well it been shuttering the whole game. for no reason. thor is a funner game then this load of horse...... also sorry for bumping this thread also. i love the old SOF games. this is a gun shot to my crotch for the franchise

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