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darkboy1200 08-03-2009 02:19 PM

Doesn't play offline?
For a while I didn't have a Xbox Live account, this is after I made the purchase. One day, the game is telling me it's a demo, but I obviously purchased it. I can play the full game when online, but if I don't wish to renew my subscription for a certain amount of time, then I can't play the game offline that I purchased. Keep in mind, I have played the game offline before. Has anyone else had this problem?

Compgeek_36 08-04-2009 05:15 AM


For a while I didn't have a Xbox Live account, this is after I made the purchase.
Maybe I'm tired, but i find that a tad confusing:confused:...

So I'll spew out some information that could be usefull, cause you never know, right?

Arcade games, when purchased, are native to the xbox on which it's downloaded on originally, you can play this online or offline regardless of profile. now if you move your harddrive over to a new xbox, because you were the one of the very few people who had Xbox tech woes (i only had to return mine 5 times!) you will find that while online, your games work magicly and you enjoy your trips to the kingdom of keflings, or fights with a fouled mouth ryming witch. Yeah, so much fun, right?

WRONG. you entering a world of despair, where aliens will rip your head off, the seemingly unpossible task of maxing geometry wars, or just getting your head around space giraffe. your games, they don't exist, at least when the ethernet cord is pulled.......

once you stop screaming at this relization, you think, "gee compgeek 36, how do I get those games to work offline" And i'll say something like this,

look at and through some searching you;ll find a spot for regristration and repair, make sure your xbox that you have right now is registered to your gamercard, then do some more searching around and you'll find a webpage were it lists all your games/content bought for each xbox, then you can say, "hey website, i want all my stuff on this lonely registered console." and it'll say,"I don't know dannnyyy, you won't be able to do this again for twelve months" so you say "I feel like today is a good day, i'll accept to these obscure rule" then follow the golden road through the website, and start downloading your history and poof, your back home safely with a pair of magic slippers and your dog isn't dead anymore!

Now, heres a list of what i feel sorry for:

1. I feel bad for not finding the urls for you, but i haven't had to do this for about a year or 2 so i don;t remember, and they are hidden in it seemed
2. sorry for ranting
3. not to sure if this is related to the question you had. it seemed like either an identity crisis with an xbox or an xbox live gold->silver woe... and the gold to silver woe i have no idea about...

newbsicle 01-06-2010 12:13 PM

If you've had your console fixed between the time you bought the game online and now then chances are it's the infamous drm glitch.

Check this link out if it sounds like a possibility.

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