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Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 10:46 AM

Gold, Tome, and Intel Locations so Far
G = Gold Bars/Bags
I = Intelligence Documents
T = Tomes

M2 – the city
Intel 1 – located in the black market hideout upstairs in a china cabinet that you open using the accessible power.
G1 – When you are at the K safehouse, make your way to the attic. On the opposite end of the room from the stairs leading up, is your first bag.
G2 – as soon as you exit the safe house and are following the man, before you go up the stairs in an alcove is the next bag.

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 10:47 AM

G3 – after taking out the two Nazis standing guard after he says “theres a patrol”, go down some stairs, fight some more Nazis, and around the corner to the left there is a chain fence. Behind the fence is the next bag near some boxes.
I2 – as you round the corner after g3 moving along with your objective you will notice some stairs to your left. Go up the stairs and move past the set that leads you down on the other side. Sitting on the stone railing, with a nazi flag in front, is intel 2.
G4 – the next bag of gold is not located in the same location that I2 is. Go to the right corner in a lit alcove to find G4.
G5 – To the left of the alcove that you found G4 in is a sewer. Remove the hatch, drop down and G5 is right behind you.
I3 – In the Nazi patrol house, go upstairs. In the dresser that you search is 3.
G6 – The safe right next to the dresser in a locked safe is G6.
G7 – On the other side of the barricade and the Nazi patrol house, there is another set of rooms you can go into. The door on the right will have a green emblem that you cannot access yet, but the left door will be open. Go through and head up the stairs. You will meet another black market agent, and standing behind him, behind some barrels will be G7.
I4 – After you are finished with the two houses, continue under the bridge passed the nazi check point. There will be an accessible door on your right. Enter the house and head right under the stairs. There will be a guy talking about paying back what he owes the black market. I4 is right behind him.
G8 – as you enter the room with the truck that is preparing to go to the dig site, jump on to the hood of the truck and then onto the top. Scale the cross beams that are going across and straight N from both door ways in a corner is G8 up on the cross members in a corner.

Back in the city – Midtown West - after the dig site
I5 – Now that you have veil powers, go through the hallway on the right across from the Nazi outpost and enter the door. The intel is sitting to your left on a desk.
G9 – Move passed the Nazi Camp, passed the two staircases, and you will see some veil stairs in between two buildings straight in front of you. Go up them, and into the house with the wood plank leading through the window. Turn around once you enter the window and it is in between two wood pieces.
G10 – Go back out the window, across the plank, shift to the veil and scale the roof to the hole in the building that the veil has created. Go downstairs passed the two guys, turn around and in a cupboard under the stairs in a steel case is G10.
T1 – If you remember the sewers you transgressed to get G5, you need to go back there. Go into veil mode passed the door, you will see a red skull block in the wall. Bash it to reveal Tome 1.
I6 – Continuing through the city your marker will tell you to continue straight up the stairs. Instead go left through an open gate. Immediately to your right you will find a locked gate. Passed that is a house you can enter. Upstairs in a filing cabinet that you search is scope intel.
G11 – continue passed the blockade and archway from the I6 house and move through a lit alleyway. A door to a house right in front is accessible. Enter and find the piece in a closet to the left.
G12 – If you remember a sewer lid that could not be accessed when you first entered Midtown west across from the Black market, this is the location you must enter. Head to the right down the hall and it is on your right in an alcove across from the black market door.

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 10:48 AM

T2 – In the tavern area with the statue horse, switch to veil and located directly in front of it is some veil stairs. Climb those, mount the fire escape and break the stone panel to reveal the time.

T3 – Looking passed the horse (directly behind it) you can see this location. It is in an alleyway.
I7 – In the same area as T3 to the left of the horse is the warehouse which cannot be accessed yet. Enter the alcove and to the right behind some boxes is the intel. The fence may or may not have been locked before.
G13 – At the Fork where the road signs read Schliemannstrabe and Steinerplatz, take Schliemannstrabe passed the flags till it dead ends in a room. Break the door and behind it in a case is the next piece.
G14 - Continuing passed G13 down the alley, flip to the veil which reveals the stairs on the wall with a sniper on the cat walk. Take him out, go up the veil wall stairs and enter the building. On the desk to the right is the next gold piece.
G15 – from the alley that the safe house is in, you will speak to a man, on some stairs to the left of the safe house that will tell you the rooftops are a good place to scale. Go until it dead ends and turn around. There is a ledge you can use to get onto the roof top. Follow it around to the right and you will see a wood balcony that you can jump to. Jump to it and go through to find the gold.
G16 – Across the street from I6 there are some boxes that you can jump on to access the roof. Jump on the roof and follow it around continuning to jump higher on the left side. When you get to the top look right and break the window out, enter and collect the gold in the cupboard.
G17 – In the same room as G16, there is a veil symbol on the wall. Enter into veil mode, cross through the wall, go across the roof tops across a plank leading from one house to another. Behind the over turned cabinet, is G17.
G42 - In the rafters in the same room as G17 is this gold piece.
G18 – Accept the mission from Caroline and follow XX to Mid East. Once there, go to through the door to your immediate right, find two guys who have just killed a Nazi. Continue through the closet in the back and the gold is on a shelf to the left.
I8 – The next house on your left is accessible after G18. Enter, go up the stairs and underneath a corner table is the intel about grenades.
G19 – in the same house as I8 in the room following the I8 find under a desk is the gold.
G20 – Exit the G19 house and follow it around to a hole in the wall into another building. First door on your right has the gold.
I9 – exit the structure that G20 was found in through the same way you went in and follow it around to the right. You will notice a door that leads back to Mid West. Passed that down a hall is the intel about “wanted for treason – Engle” under a table.
G21 – Before you go down the road where all the troops are stationed, passed the two locked doors, on the opposite side of the G20 building is another alley with a ladder going up. To the left of the ladder is another gold box.
G22 – In the same garage you start the church mission in, as soon as you enter the building there is an alcove to your right with the gold stashed in plain sight.

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 10:48 AM

Church Area
G1/19 – Down on the second floor on the right side of the stairs under a bookcase that is leaning against the wall.
G2 – Upstairs on a balcony in between where you emerge from the building.
G3 – near the machine gun nest with the shield, it is to the right of the stairs leading up, in an alcove.
I1 – It is in a heap of rubble to the right of the first MG42 behind the blue shield.
G4 – As you approach the second MG42 nest, before you take the gunner out, the gold is on a shelf.
G5 – there is a hole in the roof where a beam has fallen through in the second MG42 nest behind the blue shield. Jump a few times and get your ass up there. Follow the beam around to a set of boxes in that same scaled area. It is facing the area you came in and near some flames
G6 - Scale to the other building and through the doorway to the left is the next gold piece in a bag after G5 and I2.
I2 – Intel Two is on the balcony on the outside to your right on the wall after you jump up through the roof.
G7 – after G6, shift to the veil and go through the right side wall onto the catwalk. Go down the catwalk and across to the other side of the street.
G8 – after you dynamite the door following everyone through the gate, go through the second doorway on your right will be the next bag behind a chair.
G9 – As you progress everyone will hide behind a wall for cover. Behind them near some boxes is this one.
G9 – Passed the blown apart walls where everyone is hiding for cover, on the right side (left side of stairs) is an alcove that has it in a steel box.
I3 – Up the stairs next to G8 is the first piece. (warning for mortar fire)
G10 – where the heavy trooper emerges, behind him and the wall.
G11 – In the first garage/engine room/machine shop you come to after the blown apart gate in the next area passed the heavy trooper. There is a gate that is open, look in there.
G12 – behind the two cars in the garage that were impossible to park.
I2 – on a desk at the top on the second floor of the garage all the way around counter clockwise in that office.
G12 – behind I2
G13 – With mortars going off all around you after you jump down from the blown apart garage, follow the wall left to a blown apart shop with a gold piece in it. Water will be cascading from something.
I3 – in the house across from where you emerge from the mortar fire house “Victory is nearly ours!”
G14 – At the end of the alley there are a bunch of Nazis firing at you through the windows. You have to veil through a wall at the end of the street across from the I3 house.
G17 – Before breaking the wooden planks to drop down for IX, there is a bathroom to the right. Next to the tub, is this gold piece.
I4 – Progress through the rest of the area along the wooden planks through all the bombed out apartments. You will drop through the floor and walk by a furnace. Just passed the furnace in the next room on the desk sits “sewers” schematics.

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 10:49 AM

T1/1 – Down in the sewers you will come to an open area with skulls that have candles sticking out of them. Go in back of the altar, squat down and break the opening.
G 18 – In the church straight ahead behind the machine you need to destroy is a gold piece, tough to see, amidst the electronics.
G15 – Behind the bench of the gates to the immediate left of the church entrance and exit to Mid West loc.

Thanks coverop for helping me find the couple that I needed on the Church Level.

Mid east
I10 Across from the Golden Dawn hideout here is a doorway you can enter. Inside on the table is the intel.
G23 – In the same garage as I10, jump up on the boxes, break the wooden crates in your way and secure G23.
G24 – Back outside, across from the Golden Dawn HQ there is an alley. Proceed down it and climb onto the catwalk to your left and enter the room following. The gold bar is on the crate.
T4 – after jumping off the catwalk back into the alley, continue down it until you find a veil font. Switch to veil mode and look into the alcove on your right. There will be a breakable hatch for the next tome.
G25 when you enter the garage to go to the farm, first jump on the truck. Jump into the back and then jump on the boxes to your left. Scoot back as far as you can and do a running jump to the left side. The gold is in plain sight.

G1 – Next to the MG42 on the other side of the house
T1 – The tome is located right near this area too. If you go back the way you came along the wooden fence, shift to the veil and you can see the block you must break in back of the first farmhouse.
G2 and 3 are in the next farm house after the nazi truck pulls up to your left. Its up in the attic.
I1 – Farmhouse next to the barn.
I2– Same as I1.
G4 same as above Ix
I upstairs
G5 upstairs
I4 – upstairs
G6 – cross into the shed that was locked through the second floor of the farmhouse. It is on some pallets near the entrance down to the cellar.
G7 – in the barracks in the cellar
G8 – When traveling through the garage after the barracks you will find it near some crates after you pass the first car, it is in front of the crates on your right.
G9 – in the barn on a book shelf near the tractor.
G10 – Travel down the elevator in the barn. Once you reach the bottom climb the ladder and it is to your left.

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 10:49 AM

G11 – on the opposite side of the catwalk there is a doorway near the stairs on the right.
T2 – When you are walking across the catwalk there is a random pipe that goes up at a 45 degree angle that you can jump to from the middle of the catwalk. Jump on that follow it up to find tome 2 (thanks Glitchwerks)
I5 – In the caged room near the shield that the guy you untie deactivates
G12 – After untying the resistance fighter and the shield being disabled, go to the room on your left, enter the veil, and move down the corridor to the bag of gold.
G13-14 in the electric room through the double doors you have to veil through after you destroy the orb that disables your powers.
G15 – Drop down to the orange cavern after you destroy the orb that disables your power and in the right corner is another bag.
G16 – The second mg42 that has a shield, veil through the walls and it is to his left.
G17 – up above
G18 – As you emerge into the lake area, there is a walkway to your right that has a case on top of it.

– you cant beat a youtube walkthrough. Coverop is putting out 1 per day.

Before the Hospital – Midtown East
G26 – after speaking with the Golden Dawn, follow the path past the tanks that were burning into an intense fire fight. There is a building on the left side that has a ladder going up the side. Take the ladder into the room for this one and it is on the shelf.
G27- After picking up G26, go down the hallway in the same house until you come to the last door and it dead ends. Open it and jump across to the small opening in the building. Break the box and it is located right behind there.
G-28 Continue passed the hospital entrance and you will find an alley with a crate blocking it. Jump the crate and the bag is directly behind.
G29 Follow the same building set around counter clock wise, just passed g28, flip into veil, and go up the ladder on the side of the building. Look to your left and you will notice a ledge that has the bag of gold on it.
G30 – Passed the archway that goes to Mid West, there is another alley that will take you to Mid West as well. Near there is a doorway you can enter. To the left of the front door on the right side of the table is this one.
I11 – upstairs from G30 is this piece of intel in a filing cabinet.
I12 – Next to the cabinet on a bookshelf in the same location as I11.
T5 – Leave the building of I12 and continue going Counter Clockwise. You will come to a Nazi patrol gate and find a ladder leading up the side of the building. In an alcove to the right as soon as you get up is another ladder leading down to a dead end. Drop down from that little ladder in the alcove, spin around, flip to Veil and break the bank for T5.
G31 – right around the corner from the SS headquarters area is an alcove with a veil ladder up the side of a building. Climb it, jump on the catwalk, enter the room and behind some filing cabinets on the right is the next bag.

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 10:50 AM

G32 – Continuing CCW around to where you entered the area is a sunken doorway that leads to the sewers. Enter, move passed the guy, and take the ladder down to the sewers. Its on your left as soon as you drop down.
T6 – The hammer was a dead give away. The tome is located at the dead end from the ladder.
G33 – Follow the sewers and you will come to a ladder that leads to a warehouse of some type. Climb the stairs all the way to the attic space and the bag is on the table.
G34 – Advance through the warehouse until you come to a walkway that has a door with just a small piece of wood that you have to jump to and open. You will emerge on a balcony outside. Look to your left and you will see a spanable area that you can jump over to. Jump over and enter the doorway there. Kill the Nazis and go up the ladder to the attic space for this bag of gold hidden behind some boxes.
T7 – Flip to veil mode at the hospital entrance to reveal this tome.
G35 – In the fountain where all the shelling is occurring – facing the hospital is gold piece.
I13 – From the two exits to mid west from mid east – take one of them. There will be a man asking for help in the warehouse for you to complete his mission. The intel will be in a house that leads back to the main part of midtown west from the alleyway that doesn’t lead anywhere in Midtown west - you have to take one of two houses. This house is closest to the Southern Mid East/West Exit in Midtown west. It is on a table with a giant map being above it.
I14 – Upstairs in the exact same house of that listed above is the last piece of intel for Midtown. Boo Ya. This piece is located in a cabinet you must search.
G36 – Same house as I13 and I14. It is in a bag upstairs leaning against the wall.

Midtown West
37/44 – As you leave the officers house shift into the Veil. Climb the veil ladder on the side of the building that the horse statue is facing. Vault left from the veil stairs onto a wooden eave. Follow that around, jump on top of the balcony and the gold is located under a sheet of plywood.
T8 – Across from a Nazi camp that has a huge hole in the wall where the billboard is falling into and near where you start the church mission, there are some stairs that lead to two locked double doors just like the hospital area. On the ride side of the brick stairs that lead up to the locked doors is the tome. This is also the location that has the alleyway where you can access Mid West.
38 – Right across from T8 under the Nazi Billboards in the attic that is all blown to crap is another. Jump onto the crates and onto the brick wall that is severed. Jump onto the Billboard that is busted and onto the roof. Move around to the far right side of the downed billboard and drop down on the small piece of brick ledge. Crouch and squeeze past the billboard on the far right side and in the back of the attic space is the gold in a steel case.

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 10:59 AM

Watch the videos - they are so much better than me explaining it - I will have the hospital done today before coverop puts his vid out tomorrow - Its a race, but I cant compete. As for the first gold piece in the farm area, thats what I missed. The first farm house (dont know how the hell i missed it - I was checking the trees and everywhere) there is a ladder that goes up to the attic. Take it and 1/19 to complete the list for the farm is done.

xrnzaaas2 08-21-2009 11:02 AM

I also couldn't find the 19th gold on farm and I've been very thorough (had no problems finding books and intel). :/ THanks fot the movie. Now that I've seen it was the last collectible I've missed. Damn it. ;)

And thanks for the info on city collectibles because they're also hard to find. :)

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 11:42 AM

Easy bubble boy ache
I call em Aches cause most of the time they are a pain in the ass - So anyway, as soon as you get the shield crystal, just stand there for about 10 minutes and let them ding away. It adds up pretty quick.

P1TTMAN 08-21-2009 11:57 AM

So far, looks good! :) There's also a pretty good guide here, if you want to cross-reference.

And you can add that G11 on Train Station is on the ground in the ticket booth, in the middle of the last room of the mission (with floating nazis and stuff).

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 12:24 PM

Thanks Pitt

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 01:49 PM

G1/7 – As soon as you enter it is on your left on a shelving unit.
I1/4 – The first room you arrive at upstairs next to a radio. It is in a filing cabinet.
G2 – in a store room as you move past the balcony next to a desk.
I2 – In the garage that has the locked gate for the codebook, go upstairs and as you enter, on your left under the desk is intel 2.
G3 – In the same office as I2.
G4 – Go through a door that leads to an overturned office in the G3/I2 room. There will be stairs to the right of this door. Near one of the overturned desks is the bag.
G5 Downstairs from G4 in a steel case on the shelf to your left as you enter the room.
I3 – In a cabinet that you have to search directly across from G5.
I4 – There is a door located to the left of the overturned desks where you find G4. Take it onto a balcony. Enter the next door into the office for this intel.
G6 – Same as I4.
G7 – In the giant crate room where you need to drop down into the locked cage to retrieve the objective, look to your left as you are squatting through. If you are standing on the Veil symbol that you drop down from, it is in a crate alcove on your right.

Officers House
I1/4 – Downstairs in the study on your left. Its in a desk that you must search.
G1/11 – same area across from the desk
G2 – in the pantry area passed the kitchen under the sink
G3 – From the pantry go upstairs through a door to your right. There are two women in the bedroom with you and the gold is in the corner. Don’t shoot them…
I2 – Go upstairs in the main part of the house and in the soldiers quarters on your left sitting on a storage container is I2.
G4 – Under the 2nd bed in the same room as I2 on your left.
G5/6 – Leave the soldiers quarters and go passed the stairs to floor 3. Round the corner and there is a bedroom on your left. The two bags are sitting on a desk across from the fire.
G7 - On floor 3, round the balcony and enter the room. To your right is a cupboard you can open with G7 in it.
G8 – Near the fireplace behind a chair in the sitting area in the same room as G7
I3 – As soon as you are able to open the glass double doors in the same bedroom, it is straight ahead of the doors in a desk you must search.
G9 – on top of I3 desk.
G10/11 – in the secret passage in the book shelf. Both bags are located to your left.
I4 – in the secret passage of G10 and G11.
T1/1 – Directly below the painting you must smash in a box with a movable lid.

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 05:45 PM

SS Headquarters
I1 – In the filing cabinet you must search behind the desk
G1 – On top of the filing cabinet
G2 – Move through the first door that you come to and turn right down a long hall. Proceed into a communications center and in the closet on the left in a steel case is G2.
G3 – Next to the closet door is another office room. In there.
I2 – On top of the desk in the same room that you found G3.
I3 – Entering the first room to your right at the top of the stairs, the cabinet that you must search directly in front of you holds the intel.
G4 – The gold is to the left on a desk near I2.
G5 – in a safe against the far right wall in the attic that you go up to destroy the Veil disruptor.
I4 – After the attic move down the hall to your right and the first room will hold this in a searchable cabinet.
G6 – Same place as I3.
G7 - on the way out of the complex through the offices on the first floor, follow it around until you get to a dark shelved in alcove. The bar is in a steel box to the right.

FakePlasticTree 08-21-2009 05:53 PM

This should be helpful. I've been doing alright finding the gold and intel, but I often miss Tomes. I couldn't find the one in the church through three playthroughs of that level.

braedinfalln86 08-21-2009 05:53 PM

awesome. this must have taken you forever.

Paladin Malac 08-21-2009 06:38 PM

Paranormal Base
G1/10 – As soon as you walk in the base it is to your right, next to the stairs.
T1 – Grab G1, flip to the veil and turn around. It is in an alcove to the right of where you came in.
I1 – On the crate to your right next to Prisoner 1.
G2 – Next to a locked gate up the stairs from where you rescued Prisoner 1.
G3 – next to G2.
G4 – Go up the stairs and follow that around until you see a sacrificed girl. Go into the room to your right and the gold is in a steel case.
G5 – The double doors in front of the sacrificed girl led will lead you to a caged room on the left. It is in here.
I2 – Next to G5.
G6 – Going back out into the main hallway and down into the sacrificial alcove will yield another bag.
I3 – Up on the third floor where you rescue the second prisoner in a searched file cabinet is the next piece.
G7 – same room as I2
G8 – Before you run into the final room to rescue prisoner 3, jump off the balcony onto some crates below for this gold piece.
G9 – under some breakable boxes in the room before you rescue the third prisoner.
I4 – In the desk near the windows in the same room as you rescue prisoner 3.
G10 – on the same desk as I3.

Midtown East
G39/44 – As soon as you leave the paranormal base, head out and down the stairs. Behind the stairs is G39
G40 – Before you head into the cannery, flip to veil and turn around. Start walking back out and in the open warehouse area, you will notice a veil ladder. Climb it for G40 in a steel case.
G41 – After you beat the cannery, advance to through the new sewer system that you have to take to get to downtown and to the left of the black market guy in an alcove is G41.

alvarado52 08-21-2009 07:15 PM

this hurts my eyes. Good guide, but some structure to it would be nice (like color codes, spacing)

xrnzaaas2 08-21-2009 07:36 PM

Yep, best collectible guide for this game I've seen so far. Keep up the good work (with the vids as well).

John Cena NL 08-21-2009 08:52 PM

Good guide,will help a lot for finding all.

MarcoPolo360 08-21-2009 09:05 PM

Again, I say <3 .

Paladin Malac 08-22-2009 01:32 AM


Originally Posted by alvarado52 (Post 2283974)
this hurts my eyes. Good guide, but some structure to it would be nice (like color codes, spacing)

Ya first guide - Next time we will see about making it a bit more presentable.

Steve50013 08-22-2009 02:32 AM

Into the acheivement guide this goes :)

Suki 08-22-2009 08:03 AM

just to let u know this is awesome m8 this as far as i am concerned is the real guide to this game as they are the only 3 ach's that are hard to get the rest are stragiht forward, lets hope when u finish it u can put it all together on one post and they link it from the guide, awesome job m8 and thx for your hard work.

Waterboy908 08-22-2009 09:40 AM

Seems like you and coverop are the two dudes really supplying us with real information. I've been using your guide for freeroam areas and coverop's video guides for the missions so far. Congrats on the guide so far and I hope you get to be part of the guide, you've been a really big help.

NarrBitaYarr 08-22-2009 06:27 PM

Hey dude, thanks for your efforts thus far, I am looking forward to seeing a great, complete guide from you in the future. Well Done!

I do, however, have some concerns. I am following your guide, but it seems to not add up yet. I know it is incomplete, but it seems very hard to follow.

For example,

Originally Posted by Paladin Malac (Post 2282662)
G16 – Across the street from I6 there are some boxes that you can jump on to access the roof. Jump on the roof and follow it around continuning to jump higher on the left side. When you get to the top look right and break the window out, enter and collect the gold in the cupboard.

I6 is not located in this post, nor can I find it anywhere, which means I have no reference point for this. Between post #2 and #3, there seems to be a lot missing. I would recommend that when you do end up finishing this, that you continue what it is you are doing by listing them in order of accessible appearance. So I guess just fill in the slots with some edits.
My other tidbit of constructive criticism would be to generally organize this better when you are finished. Maybe colour coding or something, just so it's a tad easier to read.

I hope you continue and complete this, I will most certainly be using this once it is done. Again, thank you and I applaud your efforts. :bow:

ponypo2001 08-22-2009 08:58 PM

Shall defo use this.Thanks for the effort to you and the video maker.

Recnamocard 08-22-2009 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by Paladin Malac (Post 2282662)
G16 – Across the street from I6 there are some boxes that you can jump on to access the roof. Jump on the roof and follow it around continuning to jump higher on the left side. When you get to the top look right and break the window out, enter and collect the gold in the cupboard.
G17 – In the same room as G16, there is a veil symbol on the wall. Enter into veil mode, cross through the wall, go across the roof tops across a plank leading from one house to another. Behind the over turned cabinet, is G17.

Also in the room with G17 is another gold, if you jump on top of the overturned cabinet and look in the rafters.

As I spent hours looking for my final piece of gold in Midtown...after being able to pass the burning tanks in Midtown East you should be able to access all but two pieces of gold in Midtown.

One of them is on top of the SS HQ, after doing the rescue mission you'll leave the HQ on a roof, under the metal steps as you enter onto the roof is a gold. If you miss this before leaving the roof you can NOT get back to it without replaying the level from a save file.

The final gold is behind the door that unlock to go to Downtown.

Paladin Malac 08-22-2009 11:32 PM

There is so much here it is really quite difficult to put together a decent guide without a map. For Prototype, one was able to look at a map and check off when completed. This guide was put together merely as a direction for when I run through it again on Uber and dont want to delay - If I miss a few at that point it wont really matter much.

Direction is so very key, and NSEW has been added to downtown direction. This is my first, so please forgive that it was written in haste. I enjoy playing much more than I do writing.

If I do write for Arkham Asylum, I will try to make it so that it doesnt look like a rat looking for cheese in a freakin maze wrote the guide.

Lets just hope the gentleman that recorded his frap gold, tome, and intel finds, does so for the rest of the game before we all lose our minds from following this one.

Thanks for those last midtown pieces.

recoil47 08-23-2009 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by Recnamocard (Post 2287629)
Also in the room with G17 is another gold, if you jump on top of the overturned cabinet and look in the rafters.

As I spent hours looking for my final piece of gold in Midtown...after being able to pass the burning tanks in Midtown East you should be able to access all but two pieces of gold in Midtown.

One of them is on top of the SS HQ, after doing the rescue mission you'll leave the HQ on a roof, under the metal steps as you enter onto the roof is a gold. If you miss this before leaving the roof you can NOT get back to it without replaying the level from a save file.

The final gold is behind the door that unlock to go to Downtown.

Could someone tell me where this "G17" room is? I cant find it anywhere. As was said above, there is no I6 in the guide so I cant use it as a reference. I've been only on top of one roof, and there was no window that I could see to break and gain entry into a room as described. Can someone point me to where in Midtown that area is?


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