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Fizzmatix 09-16-2009 04:37 AM

Monkey Collectible Guide
WET: Monkey Collectible Guide

There are 45 monkeys located in various places throughout the game. It's fairly obvious when you are close as you will hear them playing cymbals. If you miss any of the monkeys and don't feel like playing through the whole game again, you can use the point challenges to collect any you missed the first time.

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While playing through this guide you will earn the following achievements: Curious! - 10
Collect 1 Monkey Toy. Addict! - 15
Collect every Monkey Toy in a single Chapter. Obsessed! - 25
Collect every Monkey Toy in the game.

Chapter 1

1. Your first monkey will be on your path as you leave the dining room and head through the courtyard. You will find it sitting below a statue as you make your way to the next area.

2. This next one is hidden below the area where you first learn to use the poles for acrobatic swinging jumps. Drop down in front of the water tower and head back towards the camera. You will need to slide under the pipes, you will also find a point bonus here. The monkey is towards the back of this hidden area.

3. Once you progress into the next area you will be shown how to cross over to another building. An enemy will come through the door, kill him and head to towards the air conditioning system on the roof. The monkey is hidden in the corner behind the duct.

4. Once you have made it to the bottom of the buildings you will need to deal with a car charging at you. Once you have done so turn around and look to the back of the alley where you will find the monkey next to a dumpster.

5. Carry on through the alley until you get to the hotel. Work your way up to the second floor and look out for a room with an open door on your right hand side. You will find a bottle of whiskey in here, look to your left and you will see another open door. Enter the door and collect the monkey from the chair. By now you should have earn "Monkey Addict!".

Rubi's Boneyard

1. Before you can collect this one you need to complete the challenge to unlock the door on the side of the plane. As soon as you complete the challenge head inside and go to the far left to find the monkey in the corner of a room.

2. As soon as the cutscene has finished showing you the boneyard (or skip it) drop down and go to your left. Head over to the fence and look behind the old rusty helicopter.

3. Slide under the fence just behind you and follow the large plane along until you get to the back of the boneyard. Look in the right hand corner, it's opposite the Bert Clark & son motor service garage.

4. Head around the side of the garage and look for a fence with the side "positively no admittance". Slide under the fence and climb the far wall. As soon as you get to the top you will see the monkey on your left hand side.

5. You will need to carry on climbing the building from the previous monkey. Make your way to the very top and you will find it behind the water tower.

Chapter 4

1. Head down the alley and up the side of the building. Slide down the ladder on the other side killing the enemies below. As soon as you get to the bottom run to your left and look near the chain-link fence.

2. Carry on following the alley until you get to a big open area with a caracell. This area also will be set alight, just to your right there is a caged room on the side of the building. Use the wall run ability to access this area and collect the monkey.

3. In the same area head over to the store with the pink bunny's outside. You will find the next monkey inside the store behind a chair.

4. You will have to make your way through your first range mode before you find the next one. Carry on until you see a cutscene then a few enemies at the end of a long hallway. Kill them and collect the monkey from behind them. If you wallrun and jump over the fence you won't be able to collect this one.

5. You will enter another big room shortly after the last monkey which is covered in fluorescent coloured paint. Close all the doors and progress on your path, you will be shown a short film. Once the film has finished playing turn around to find the monkey behind you in the elevator shaft.

Fizzmatix 09-16-2009 04:37 AM

Chapter 5

1. Clear the area of enemies and wait until after the cutscene. Head towards the bridge, go to either build on both sides of the bridge and jump over to it. You now need to shimmy across the bridge to collect the monkey.

2. Follow the guy your chasing up the fire escape in the next area after you have killed all the enemies. Once you go through the window instead of doing up the stairs, head downstairs instead. You find the monkey at the bottom in a small room.

3. Keep progressing through the building. At some point you will have to jump over a a gap into a window. Below you will see a big pit of smoke and coloured lights. As soon as you climb through the window look to your left to find the monkey on the kitchen floor.

4. This next one is quite hard to find. You will need to slide down a ladder to kill a few enemies, you will see a large dragon in the background with a few small apartments. You will need to go through an apartment and kill two guys. Your going to jump over a gap where the ladder on the other side falls and make your way around to another building. Kill everyone but don't climb up and over the fence just yet. On top of the other building, turn and face the small apartment you had to go through to work your way up. Jump over to the roof and collect the monkey.

5. For this last one carry on from the previous monkey, you need to jump two big gaps, you will know when your in the right place as a small video of Rubi jumping the gap will give it away. Don't go up the ladder in front of you but enter the room on your left hand side to collect the monkey.

Chapter 7

1. Once you get to the shore you will soon encounter a mine field. you will need to wallrun around and jump onto a rock. Instead of jumping over to the next platform in front of you go to the right and make your way up the rocks. You need to make your way around and get on top of the wall you just wall ran across. You will find the monkey near the zipline pillar.

2. Keep progressing around the cliffs until you come to to a fallen bridge which you will need to climb. Watch out as flaming barrels will be thrown down on top of you. Climb to the top and enter through the roof of the building. Drop down and go through the door. Just to your right if you look up high you will find the next monkey.

3. You will need to progress on through the wine cellar until you enter a room where you will have two big wine barrels pushed down towards you. Kill the enemies and get up onto the lacking above using a wallrun. You will see the monkey on the right hand side of the small barrels on the shelf above.

4. For the next one carry on until you have made it through all the fire and escaped up the ladder. You will be shown a random movie clip, once the clip ends you will be outside. Shimmy around the ledges, you will find the monkey on the first baloney you pass as you progress around to the right.

5. Progress through the rest of the chapter until you end up in the area fight. Kill all the enemies and then climb up the scaffolding. You need to work you way back down the platforms until you get to the other end with the high raised part of the scaffolding in the middle. it's quite easy to post as it covered in a blue tarp. Climb up and you will find the monkey and access to the zipline.

Fizzmatix 09-17-2009 04:15 AM

Chapter 8

1. Progress through the level until you find the mini gun. Kill the horde of enemies and work your way around the buildings to get on the other side where you will find a rope bridge. Cross the bridge, jump over to the other side of the walkway and jump across to the beam. Shimmy left and then drop down, the monkey will be directly below you.

2. Progress onward, you will climb up and then have to run across another bridge. The bridge is rigged with dynamite so be careful and get to the other side. Once over jump down the hole in the floor and turn 180 degrees and look behind the creates in the corner.

3. Carry on your path until you enter a freezer with hanging ice blocks. You will need to kill a few enemies before you progress into the arena. once you enter the arena kill all the enemies and close all the doors. Before you exit return to the door you enter and you will notice an open room with hanging ice blocks. Smash through the block to collect the monkey.

4. You will encounter another range sequence which will lead onto the docks and a cutscene. Head down the build you are on. You do an acrobatic slide down the ladder to kill the enemies below. Walk down the ramp just in front of the ladder and look underneath to find the next monkey.

5. Head out from under the stairs and follow the path, instead of going right keep following the walkway forward until you come to a big pile of crates. Smash through the crate to collect ammo and the last monkey of this chapter.

Chapter 9

1. This one is a little out of the way but it's easy to get to. Progress through the building with the dragon and climb the sign to get into the apartment building. Climb up the wall and kill the enemies on the other side. Before you jump the gap go to the right and drop down the hole where you will find the next monkey on a mattress.

2. Keep climbing the outside of the building until you have climbed up the dragons head and jumped inside. as soon you land look to your left and wallrun up the pillar to your left to access a hidden room with a monkey.

3. progress through the building, you will come to an area with a neon light saying "Madam Chang's" carry on climbing and deal with the enemies you encounter. A door will open which will then require you to shimmy to the next area. Before you open the door go to the left and around the corner where you will find the next monkey on the floor.

4. You will need to beat the arena and kill the band before you can get this next one. Once the band is dead head backstage to progress but before you start climbing go to your left and down a small set of stairs.

5. Once you have watched the cutscene slide down the ladder and kill the two enemies. One your at the bottom head up the ramp behind the ladder to find the next monkey.

Fizzmatix 09-17-2009 04:15 AM

Chapter 10

1. Head over to the land hand side of the room where you killed a guy in a small room. The monkey will be directly in front of you as you enter.

2, 3 & 4. Head over to the table where you pick up your weapons and clothes in the cutscene. Look in the far left corner to find them sat on a small table.

5. Climb up onto the platform above from jumping on the big table next to the monkeys. Shimmy across to the other platform. Kill the two guys who rush out of the door as you. Before you enter turn so your back is to the doorway and look to your right. You should be able to see a small platform, jump over to collect the last monkey of this stage.

1. As you start you need to leave the jetty. Run forward and go to the right, you will need to swing across the acrobatic poles to get behind a small shack a little higher up.

2. Jump back across and go to the left, kill the four enemies outside and work your way up into the building above. Once inside look for a doorway blocked by crates, you will find the next monkey hidden behind them on a small lookout.

3. Carry on until you have to fight with a large group of enemies and kill the guy using the mini gun. You will soon take control of it, after you have finished using the mini gun go to your right and drop down the elevator shaft to collect the next monkey.

4. You will need to kill more enemies and a cutscene will start. As soon as it's finished head inside the building and down the stairs. You can't miss this one as it's right next to the acrobatic bars you need to use.

5. Before you collect the last monkey you will need to make your way past a few machine gun enemies, complete the rage mode section and then finish the arena inside the processing plant. Once you finish the arena a set of stairs will lower. Run to the very top of the stairs and look behind you once you get to the top. You will find the last monkey next to a few boxes and an ammo box.

Annalie 09-18-2009 03:41 PM

Sweet thanks :)))

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wow now with pictures :D awesome job! I colected mine already, but this will be a lot of help for other ;) again nice work.

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Good work on the monkey guide man, really well done, there were 2 nasty little monkeys givin me the right hump

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Great guide there i'll have to use that when i go for the monkey's

DJBeatMongrel 09-20-2009 10:09 PM

Great guide. You helped me get the last 2 monkeys I needed.

The picture for chapter 12, monkey 3 needs to be fixed. I noticed you made the picture but you just need to change the link in your post.

Fizzmatix 09-20-2009 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by DJBeatMongrel (Post 2366168)
Great guide. You helped me get the last 2 monkeys I needed.

The picture for chapter 12, monkey 3 needs to be fixed. I noticed you made the picture but you just need to change the link in your post.

Fixed, i didn't even notice that, must have overlooked it while proofing the guide.

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Great guide, many thanks it helped a lot.

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thanks this is a real help

Ralph The Rogue 09-25-2009 01:45 AM

An excellent guide. I was missing the first monkey on 6, 8, and 12. Took me about two minutes per map to find them. Saved me hours of searching. Thanks.

Joe Tobacco 09-28-2009 03:38 AM

Good Job dude, thanks ;)

xRaDiENTx 09-28-2009 11:36 PM

thanks to your guide i spanked those monkeys

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Great Job!!!!!!!!!! i was able to find all the monkeys with little or no trouble at all, Kudos!!

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good job... but the achievement not worth it :O

bertos55 10-20-2009 04:03 AM

thanks for the guide, needed a few i didn't see as i ran through the game the first time. appreciate it very much!

I am Fred Power 11-03-2009 07:16 AM

Good guide helped me find the last monkey i needed thanks

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Thanks for the guide, it really helped me clean up the last few I needed after I finished the game.

Ali_P_84 01-23-2010 12:17 PM

Nice guide, really helpful. There were points when I could hear them but had no idea where they were, this guide helped clear up the last few.

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Great guide. Will have the rest tonight because of this. Thank you. =]

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