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Achievement Walkthrough
I got the idea for this thread from one posted by Frankie B1 in the Quantum of Solace thread. This is a combination of a number of different threads on this forum. There is a lot of great info here but it is spread out - I wanted to condense it so it is easier to follow.

The walkthrough I have done myself on POTUS Detail difficulty while using a number of different threads and the achievement guide (Found Here: Secret Service by YouStayClassy) Hopefully this will help you finish the game a little quicker.

If you like the video walkthroughs they can be found here: Youtube Walkthrough!


Collectible list (phones,weapons and cameras) Posted By: Rocha12


Originally Posted by Rocha12 (Post 2267376)
This lists all the collectibles in the order they appear, I take no credit for any of this, I merely cut and pasted the information from other threads on x360a, and added a word here and there to make it easier to follow. If you want to see the original threads, or to leave a much deserved thanks to the creators, they are here:

The first 22 cell phone locations by forum user Rotary Blaze:
The last 28 cell phone locations by forum user Gooseboxer:
The 27 cameras/turrets locations by forum user rotorschnee:
The weapons locations (from the guide) by forum user YouStayClassy:

I adjusted the abbreviation key from the thread listed above to fit my format and added a few things in some of the descriptions for clarification.

Abbreviation Key:

[Ach] – Achievement
[CP: # - #] – Cell Phone: # Current Level – # Overall (Phone Achievements)
[Cam: # - #] – Camera: # Current Level - # Overall (Camera Achievements)
[Weap: # - #] – Weapon: # Current Level - # Overall (Weapon Tester Achievement)
[FE: #] – Fire Extinguisher # (Loves Fire, Hates Red Containers Achievement)
[Bust: #] – Bust # (No Body Cares Achievement)
[Mine: #] – Trip Mine # - Rogue Agent Level (Too Lazy To Jump And Crouch)

Please post any questions or comments. Thanks!

-- Jedi ObiJoe

Jedi ObiJoe 09-22-2009 03:53 AM

Note: First things first - if you are going to attempt the "Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets" ach you need to use the dashboard glitch. When you die you need to pause the game and exit to the dashboard. Go back into the game and continue where you left off. I had to use it on a number of different occasions and the achievement unlocked no problem.

Inaugural Assault

Achievements Earned:

In Just 30 Seconds A Day
Bullet Waltz
Expert Marksman
Inaugural Assault - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty

Achievements Started:

Weapon Tester
Some Of Them Still Have Minutes
Haven't Found A Color I Like
Opening A Local Wireless Store
Soft Spot


In the very first section go ahead and take the time to hit "In Just 30 Seconds A Day” and “Bullet Waltz”.

“In Just 30 Seconds A Day” - Start with “In Just …” – Do the Crouches and Leans first then Run until the achievement unlocks. Your running is limited so take a short break and run again.

“Bullet Waltz” – Again, do the rest of the Crouches and Leans first then run. You have to run for 3 Minutes total so just keep doing it until it unlocks.

The first part is very straight forward – you learn the controls – follow the marker on your compass to the objective.

Follow the President to the Lincoln Memorial

[Weap: 1 - 1]
- [TS5-M4] You start the level with this weapon. (Pull the Right Trigger to use – Press the Y Button to change guns)
[Weap: 2 - 2] - [.40SS] You start the level with this weapon. (Pull the Right Trigger to use)
[Weap: 3 - 3] - [Stun Gun] You start the level with this weapon. (Click the Right Stick to use)

“Expert Marksman” – As soon as you get control of your character again turn around and unload an entire clip of ammo into a nearby wall.

Click your Right Stick to use the stun gun – you need it for “Weapon Tester” – don’t think you have to hit anything with it just use it.

Switch to your handgun and keep using it until you unlock “Cowboy” – after that you can switch back to your machine gun – try to headshot people throughout the game starting here to unlock “Soft Spot”.

[CP: 1 - 1]
- [Adios] This is located northeast of the Lincoln Memorial almost between two pillars.

Enemies will attack from the front of the building – you can not leave the top while the
President is there.

Kill all enemies to get the next check point – Approx. 25 – 30 enemies depending on how many the other secret service agents kill.

[Weap: 4 - 4]
- [KFM 03] Dropped by enemies in level. (You will have a lot of opportunities for this gun – stick with the handgun for now)

[CP: 2 - 2]
- [I Am El Arma] This cell phone may require a little bit of searching. It is dropped by one of the terrorists in the battle at the beginning of the stage. So it's in open area where the helicopter crashes.

After the battle go to the front of the memorial and wait for the helicopter to crash.

When you are clear to go head toward the downed helicopter and turn Right into the opening of the bushes and pick up the sniper rifle.

[Weap: 5 - 5]
- [M70] This is the sniper rifle you pick up just after the helicopter crashes.

Kill the three enemies then snipe the RPG gunner on the tower across from you.

Pick up the ammo in the tent on the Right turn the corner and snipe the guy by the bill board

Kill the guy that pops out and pick up the cell phone.

[CP: 3 - 3]
- [All Assaults Green] In the area where you have to snipe the two RPG gunners. Kill a man with a hoodie and he will drop it.

Before you pass the two smoking cop cars snipe the third RPG gunner.

Progress forward and kill the three guys at the black SUV, snipe the guy on top of the memorial.

[CP: 4 - 4]
- [Delgado DUI] After (it was before on my play) killing the RPG gunner on top of the Lincoln Memorial (4th gunner), three enemies will attack you as you move north. One of them will have the cell phone. He is wearing an orange vest.
(Be advised that once you start to go north of the Lincoln Memorial in a narrow walkway, a fire will block your path from returning to the earlier part of the level until you kill the RPG gunner at the LCD screen.)

Head toward the downed helicopter again and kill the 4 guys – wait at the opening in the bushes on the right for the 4th guy to show up.

Kill the three guys head toward the stacked boxes – turn around and kill the 5 guys by the white tent.

[CP: 5 - 5]
- [Reacquire Targets] After passing through a narrow path, you will see a bunch of stacked red boxes. There is a dead SS agent leaning on a metal fence.
Northwest of him is a tent. Inside the tent there is a control panel, the cell phone is on top of it.

Snipe the RPG gunner on the crane past the white tent.

Kill the five guys then snipe the RPG gunner on the stand directly across from you.

[CP: 6 - 6]
- [Canisters] After killing the 5th RPG gunner, follow the path until you begin moving east again. There will be four portable toilets in the vicinity and a trailer on your left when you are facing east. Enemy will attack in this narrow area. One of them has the cell phone.

At the cue head back the way you came to the Lincoln Memorial – kill the random guy in the bushes on the right.

Kill the next four terrorist one at a time to make sure you get the next phone – you can miss it and you will have to start over.

[CP: 7 - 7]
- [Earn Every Penny] When you return to the Lincoln Memorial, there will be four terrorists in a gunfight with the rest of the SS agents. One of them has the cell phone. If you can, search their body after you have killed one of them. Once you have killed all of them, the level will end quickly. So you must rush to the cell phone and pick it up. If you miss it, you have to restart the level.

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Coup D'etat

Achievements Earned:

Drop The Pin
Some Of Them Still Have Minutes
Merciless Speed
Five Birds With One Boom
No Body Cares
Bow To No One!
From The Hip
Coup D’etat - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty

Achievements Started:

Loves Fire, Hates Red Containers


First and foremost – DO NOT CROUCH AND DO NOT USE YOUR GUN SIGHTS. You will unlock “Bow To No One!” and “From The Hip”. This mission is not that hard just make sure you are paying attention.

[Weap: 1 - 6] - [Grenade] You start the level with this weapon.
[Weap: 2 - 7] - [UZI] Dropped by enemies on level.

[Ach] “Drop The Pin” - As soon as you are able to take control of your character walk next to the nearest wall and throw a grenade at your feet to kill yourself.

[Bust: 1 – 3] - At the bottom of the first set of stairs to your Left there are three bust to destroy.

[FE: 1] - After you turn the corner at the grenade prompt there is a fire extinguisher on your right.

[CP: 1 – 8] - [Target Number Two] At the beginning of the level you will get a prompt to press LB to throw a grenade. You will encounter enemy here. Once they are taken care of, the first room on the left is a small office. The cell phone is on top of the desk.

There are seven enemies to defeat when you reach the hallway with the security door.

[Bust: 4 – 5] – In the same hallway as the enemies above.

[Weap: 3 - 8] - [CQC 800] Found in the office on the right (opposite the room with CP1).

Ignore the last room on the Right – you will exit there later.

Six enemies in the room to the Left.

[FE: 2] – On the far wall of this room with the six enemies – you should see it directly across the room as you enter the main door.

Another enemy in the next halway.

Stop halfway up the stairs and kill the two enemies that attack you.

Don’t cross the next area yet – kill the four enemies on the lower floor to your Right.

Ignore the bust in the far lower room for now – you will be back there soon enough.

Stop at the halfway point of the next set of stairs going down – kill the enemy there.

Hack the computer in the control room – the hacks are different every time. Keep trying until you get it – the first one is the easiest.

When you go through the newly opened door go to the next door way (don’t go through yet) and sit against the wall between the doorway and the book shelf – you get ambushed by four enemies and the bookshelf makes a nice bunker to hide in.

[FE: – 3] – Is on the wall on the Right after the ambush.

[CP: 2 – 9] - [Reservations] After hacking the door open, you will be attacked by three men. One of these has a cell phone.

[Bust: 6] – Straight ahead after you go through the newly opened door.

Five enemies in the next room with the statues - two more patrolling the top of the next area.

Six enemies in the next large room – hold back and let most of them come to you. Keep backing up in you need to heal.

[Bust: 7 – 8] – In the same room.

[Bust: 9] – In the next hallway – also ambushed by one enemy.

From this hallway you can take the first door to the left and follow the rooms around to the bomb – six enemies throughout the rooms or take the last door to the right and follow those rooms around to the bomb – five enemies. Either route will get you to the second bomb.

[FE: 4 – 5] – Take the path to the Left and they are hanging on the walls.

[FE: 6 – 7] – Take the path to the Right and they are hanging on the walls – the first is behind you after you go through the door (this path also hits the next phone).

[CP: 3 – 10] - [Building's wired] In the room northeast of the 2nd bomb you have to diffuse. The room is green. The cell phone is on a bench.

[Ach] “Some Of Them Still Have Minutes” – After picking up your tenth cell phone the achievement unlocks.

[Bust: 10 – 13] – Located in the next hallway after the second bomb.

Two enemies at the top of the next set of stairs.

Six enemies (one of which has the next phone) on the lower floor of the next section – take them out before going for the bust.

[Bust: 14 -17] – Two on each side of the upper floor you are on.

[CP: 4 – 11] - [Vargas's Speech] After diffusing the bomb you will come to a large room with a T shaped stair case. You will be attacked by enemy soldiers here. One of them has the cell phone.

The next area splits in two different directions – both end up at the same spot and the enemy located there will attack you regardless of the side you choose to go down.

At the next area you get a checkpoint and are ambushed by two enemies. If you don’t have any grenades – there are two located at the top of the stairs next to the dead terrorist.

********** Check the Following Link for Help with “Five Birds With One Boom” (Also unlocks “Merciless Speed” if you have not gotten it yet). This took me four tries to get – really easy to get here.

5 Birds With 1 Boom Video Guide Posted By: NOTswaggers

Thirteen enemies in this area. Follow the hint above to get the two achievements.

[Bust: 18] – In the main room on your Left

[Bust: 19 – 20] – In the room to the Right

[Ach] “No Body Cares” – Unlocks after you have shot twenty bust total – you have this level and the next level to destroy enough bust for the achievement.

[Bust: 21 – 22] In the room to the Left just in case you missed two somewhere else in the building.

Jedi ObiJoe 09-22-2009 03:54 AM


Achievements Earned:

Loves Fire, Hates Red Containers
Filibuster - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty


At the top of the stairs to your Right you will be attacked by six enemies (one of which is carrying the next cell phone). Wait at the bottom of the stairs and pick them off one at a time.

[FE: 8] – At the top of the stairs where the enemies attack you.
[FE: 9 – 10] – In the same hallway as # 8 – you will see them when you get to the top of the stairs.

[Ach] “Loves Fire, Hates Red Containers” – This achievement should unlock after you blow up ten fire extinguishers. The game does save your progress so if you reload a chapter and play it again you can unlock this sooner – really no need to though there are plenty to blow up.

[CP: 1 - 12] - [Lost Control] In the hallway with the three fire extinguishers, you'll come into contact with an enemy that is carrying the cell phone.

[Weap: 1 - 9] - [CAWS 50] Found in the office on the Filibuster level (I got mine off one of the first guys you come to).

This area also has five more bust if you still need them.

There are two guys guarding the next bomb.

[CP: 2 - 13] - [Inner Circle] After you diffuse the first bomb, follow the wires until it goes into a wall. Now face south and you will see the cell phone sitting on the pedestal of the bust. There is a grenade on the ground to the left.

You are ambushed by another enemy after the first bomb and before the stairs.

[Weap: 2 - 10] - [17A1] Found by the large stairs (same stairs as P3).

[CP: 3 - 14] - [Not the Senate Chambers] When you come to a long set of fancy stairs, you will be attacked by three men. One of them has the cell phone.

When you enter the large circular room you the doors behind you will close and you get ambushed five enemies on the ground and three above. Immediately run forward and duck down behind one of the bust stands. Take out a few of the guys on the ground floor first then get the three above you. After you have cleared the top floor kill the rest on the ground floor.

[CP: 4 - 15] - [For Guadalupe] In the circular room where you get ambushed by guys on the ground floor and from guys above. Kill one of the guys with the shotgun. He's usually on the left side.

[CP: 5 - 16] - [Explosives Discovered] In the same room as #4. It is on a bench to the southwest.

Before you drop down take out the three enemies below you.

[CP: 6 - 17] - [Past, Present or Future] When you drop down in a circular room, one of the terrorists here has it.

You are ambushed by two more enemies after you drop down into the lower room.

Do not run to the top of the stairs – there are four enemies barricaded up there. Go slowly and kill them off one at a time.

Two more ambush you after you cross the barricade.

When you go to help the senators do not fully enter the room. Use the door way and the hallway you are in for cover. Take the enemies out one at a time. There will be several groups that attack. Keep killing them until the objective is complete.

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Urban Legend

Achievements Earned

Hopefully No Long Term Effects…
Turns Out They Don’t Hail A Cab
Urban Legend - If Played on Agent or POTUS

Achievements Started

Camera Shy
No Record

Note: If you intend to do two play throughs DO NOT use your night vision goggles in this mission or any other throughout your first play through in order to unlock “What Are You A Cat?”. If you have having trouble finding your way through the darkened sections click START and go to the options menu. Increase the brightness level to 10. It will help you make it through without using your night vision. The brightness level however does not help with the trip mines. If you do get stuck and need to use the goggles turn them on check for what you need and then reload your last checkpoint. Do not get a checkpoint with them on or it will void the achievement.


When the mission starts follow your compass through the door openings into the hallway.

Keep following your compass down the stairs – no enemies yet.

After the section with the red light you should hear your first set of enemies getting ready to attack.

There are six enemies at the bottom of the stairs – if you shoot the first one then back up they will all come after you. Keep retreating up the stairs if you need to heal.

If for some reason you missed the “Loves Fire…” achievement you can get it here – there are at least nine fire extinguishers in the hallways and stairways leading to the bottom floor.

[Ach] “Hopefully No Long Term Effects…” - When you reach the bottom floor you need to take a Left through the open doors – before you take the Left there is an electric fence in front of you. Walk into the fence and back away as soon as it hits you. Wait for your health to return to normal and do it again. After you hit the fence 15 time the achievement will unlock.

After the achievement follow; the compass marker into the room you passed. You will get an objective update and be stuck behind an electric fence.

To get out of this room – go up the stairs to the extended platform, jump across then crouch to get under the stuff blocking your way. Jump the next gap (stand up first) and walk through the opening at the first fence. Jump the next gap and crouch again. After you exit the crouch stand up and jump the next gap. You can see the door way ahead of you before you take the last jump. The door way and room are both dark.
Follow the compass around and pick up the goggles – remember not to use them if you are going for the “What Are You A Cat?” ach.

Follow the tunnel around to the open area.

At the open area labeled “M2M1” you will hit your first camera. If you get hit by the camera reload your last checkpoint so you can earn the “Cameraman” achievement.

When trying to destroy a camera it is best to shoot the red / yellow light on the side. If you can’t see the light move closer until it turns toward you – back away and shoot it from a distance. Red means it sees you – yellow means it does not.

[Cam: 1 – 1] End of tunnel you get night vision in, but right before the elevator. In a room with a red barrel and a sign that points right and says “M2M1”.

Follow your compass marker up the stairs on the Right, through the door on the Right.

Turn Left down the hallway and Left into the elevator.

After the elevator and checkpoint; follow the hallway to the tunnel at the end. Three enemies attack at the bottom – five more after that (you may have to move forward to get them to come out after you).

When you enter this area you can go straight forward or take the door on the Left. The door to the Left has four enemies – two in each room – the second room has the cell phone.

When you enter the room on the Right you will be attacked by another enemy straight ahead and two more on the raised platform to the Right.

[CP: 1 - 18] - [Diplomacy of Death] After going down the elevator and arguing with your superior. You will come to a tunnel with a rail car. In this tunnel, east of the rail car is a control room. The room to the south east of this has a small control panel in the middle of the room. The cell phone is on top of this control panel.

When you reach the electric fence the room to the left has two enemies, the room to to the right has two enemies. When the guys in the room on the left see you they set off the alarm – all four will make their way to the main area if you sit and wait on them.

[CP: 2 - 19] - [Wichita] Follow the rail/track until you get to an electric fence. you can go either left or right. Go right and you will reach a room with a few boxes and enemies.

There will be two men on a slightly higher level on the north side of this room. There are also two double doors here. You can reach this by jumping on the boxes. One of the guys you killed had a cell phone.

[Weap: 1 - 11] - [RPG] Found in the room full of boxes, same as P2.

Six enemies in the next area – clear them then head up the stairs to the catwalk and the next phone.

[CP: 3 - 20] - [Garfield] After the last cell phone, move to the next room to the south.

Clear the enemies and go up onto the catwalk. You will see it to your north once you get onto the catwalk. The two openings lead to the same spot (go to the one on the Right – there is decent cover on both sides though) – when you drop down you will be ambushed by two enemies on the upper catwalk. After killing them, use the train car and boxes to jump your way up to the catwalk the enemies were on.

The next area has two enemies on the lower floor – you may need to go down the stairs a little to draw the second one out.

Two more attack when you get to the bottom of the stairs – go back up and take them out from above.

Another enemy in the next area you enter.

Go through the darkened hallway and you will trip the bomb and start the next objective.

Turn Right into the first room you come to and kill the enemy there.

When you enter the room there is a hallway to your right – it is full of trip mines. If you want “It Turns Out…” quicker walk into the beams and kill your self – reload the check point and do it again. You do not have to die to get the achievement however and you will unlock it shortly anyway.

If you are not using the goggles make your way slowly through the tunnel.

You will hit the first trip wire right after entering the tunnel.

The second one is a little tricky – walk straight forward until you hit the wall – if it did not trip walk to your Right along that wall. At the end of the hall there are two trip mines facing across the tunnel and one facing toward you (the one near the wall) it is going to be better for you if you trip the one along the wall first – you will most likely be too close when you trip the others and it will kill you.

After you trip the alarm walk forward until you hear the enemy – step back into the tunnel and wait for them. Four enemies will attack – if they don’t take a few steps out to draw them out.

Further down the area you will be attacked by six more – four on the ground (one of which is around the corner), one above on a cat walk, one around the corner on the catwalk – use the shipping crates for cover. The room with the cell phone is before you turn the corner.

[CP: 4 - 21] - [Who Are They Talking To?] After tripping the laser which sets off the alarm and closes the doors, you will be back in the tunnel with the rail cars. As you move southwest along the tunnel, there will be a room on your right. When you enter this room, the cell phone will be on the left side.

After you turn the corner you should be looking at a catwalk with a set of stairs on your Left – the computer to turn off the alarm is on the Right on the catwalk.

When you enter the room that you just opened there is a trip mine on the Left – it wont kill you if you back up when the explosion goes off.

The hallway to your Right that you have to go down is FULL of trip mines!

Walk slowly against the wall on the Left side of the stairs – when you trip the mines back up and you will not be killed – when you set off those mines they all blow up and your path down the hall is clear.

[Ach] “Turns Out They Don’t Hail A Cab” - If you died on one of those trip mines you should have hit enough to unlock “Turn Out They…”. If you have not gotten it yet the checkpoint is right before this part so kill your self and do it again.

Follow the path on the bottom floor – stop when you get next to a large blue machine – you will be looking at a camera attached to the ceiling.

[Cam: 2 – 2] Past the double doors you hack to open to the hall full of lasers. Right adjacent to a computer terminal you have to hack to open the fence door.

Before you move to the terminal on your Left shoot the Camera behind it.

[Cam: 3 – 3] Right behind the computer next to the 2nd turret.

Drop down to the floor on your Right and shoot the cameras before you go through the newly opened gate.

Jedi ObiJoe 09-22-2009 03:56 AM

Urban Legend Cont.

[Cam: 4 – 4 and 5 – 5] After hacking the computer, one on each side of the fence door that opens. (You can shoot the one on the Right through the fence)

When you go through the newly opened gate the phone is in front of you.

[CP: 5 - 22] - [Invaded by Costa Sentava] You will reach a point where there are 4 turret cameras (Cam 2 - Cam 5) and you have to hack a computer to open the electric gate. After opening the gate, you will see it on top of some boxes on the Right as you pass through the gate.

When you turn Left toward your compass marker you will be facing five large green boxes – three on the left two further down on the right – THERE IS A TRIP MINE ACROSS THE OPENING BETWEEN THEM. Walk slowly along the far Right side wall (you will be facing the boxes) – trip the mine and back up.
Before you go forward much more shoot the two cameras you can see down the hall.

[Cam: 6 - 6 and 7 – 7] Down the hall from the Cam 4 and Cam 5; in a small area with lasers and a sign marked “Storage A1-3”.

There are five trip mines at the cameras as well.

Walk along the Left wall (Left if you are facing the cameras).

You will miss the first one – hidden by the silver barricade behind the two green boxes – it is cut off by the rail car in the middle of the room.

The next two beams are directly in front of the rail car – the other two are across the door you are headed to.

I didn’t have much trouble on the Rookie difficulty but I did on POTUS detail. When you get to the end of the rail car look Right and you will see that you can jump on the rail car. From the rail car you can now jump (or from the ground if you would like) on the stack of small boxes directly in front of you. You should be able to see the trip mines on the south west wall in front of you but not the ones on the small boxes pointing toward the south east wall. From the top of these boxes you can now jump south west toward the door.

Jedi ObiJoe 09-22-2009 03:56 AM

Collateral Damage

Achievements Earned:

The Memory Of A Goldfish
Collateral Damage - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty


Start this mission slowly – do not jump down off the platform yet. Turn to your Right as you step out a little bit and the first camera will be alerted. It will move toward you – kill it then step out further to trigger the second one.

[Cam: 1 - 8 and 2 - 9] Right when you start the level. They are at the end of the hallway but move up to you.

After you destroy both cameras drop down and head north west toward the compass marker.

There are two trip mines on the other side of the door on your Left but they won’t hurt you.

There are also three mines on the other side of the A2 pillar across from you and two more on the A2 pillar next to you. From the door opening toss one of your grenades (you start the mission with two) at the A2 pillar across from the door opening and back up quickly. After the explosion the room is now free of mines.

Now go up the stairs and follow the walkway into the darkened room.

Look up at the lights if you are having trouble getting through without your night vision – the single lights lead down a hallway the + shaped lights indicate an intersection in the hallways.

There are three enemies patrolling this area. Go to the first intersection and look Left down the hallway. Wait here for someone to spot you – you don’t want to go down the hallways without your night vision if there are enemies – they can see you just fine. After you kill all three take the first Left indicated above then turn Right at the next intersection.

Follow this all the way to the end to get the cell phone.

[CP: 1 - 23] - [Pinned Down] this phone is dropped in the darkened room after you kill the enemy. (Personally I think it is in a constant position – located at the end of the hallway next to a dead body and some ammo)

From the cell phone turn around, turn Right at the intersection, turn Left at the next, then

Right at the next.

After you cross the catwalks you will find the computer you need to hack – fail the hack on purpose to get the next two cameras.

[Cam: 3 - 10 and 4 - 11] Fail the first computer you have to hack twice. It’s located after the dark corridors.

When you drop and cross the threshold of the newly opened door it triggers the next two cameras. They have a pretty good range so you may want to back up behind some boxes and take them out one at a time.

[Cam: 5 - 12 and 6 - 13] Right after opening the door that triggers the 3rd and 4th turrets.

Proceed down the hall but before jumping over the fence: they move toward you.

To cross the fence jump on the brown cases on your Right, jump across to the big green boxes then jump over the fence.

Now go up the stairs into the war rooms on your Right.

Straight ahead in the next area there are enemies patrolling – kill the first one and it will set off the alarm.

Go to the top of the next set of stairs and wait for three more to come through the door.

Three more enemies scattered throughout the rooms – progress slowly – they can flank you if you are not careful.

Three more show up when you kill the first three.
When all enemies are dead the alarm will turn off and you can go and hack the computer.

Before you start the hack familiarize yourself with the area and reload your weapons – if you fail the hack you will be attacked by three more enemies. If you fail crouch down and use the wall behind you for a little bit of cover. Shoot them quick and change weapons instead of reloading.

After you head back downstairs you will be attacked by four more enemies.

Before you enter the large war room, take your time to kill as many enemies as possible – fall back and use the wall for cover if you need to heal.

I counted fourteen enemies in the large war room – if you don’t see any take a few steps into the room and they should come out.
After you clear out the room head upstairs to the darkened hallway – the hallway is clear to the computer.

The computer opens a new area filled with trip wires if you trip one they all go off – if you plan on not using your night vision try this:

Stay to the Left of the door – you can see the two trip mines on the Right side.

Turn Left on the platform – you can now see two more sets in front of you – hug the Left wall and crouch – you should pass right under them.

Follow the pathway to the next door – turn Right out the door and you will run into two more sets just like the last two – crouch and hug the Right wall this time.

Walk forward under the second one and you will drop to the next level.

The door you are trying to get to is now two levels below and in front of you – I found this next part by accident – after the drop above keep walking forward – there are small holes in the walkway near the doors on your Right that will drop you to the next level (you don’t have to fight your way through the large number of mines on the other side).

After you drop down again you will see a set of stairs leading to the floor – the floor is covered with red electric warnings – it won’t kill you instantly but you can not stand on it for very long.

Now you can either try your luck jumping on the crates and boxes in the middle – you need to find a low spot or you can jump along the Right side wall – there is an open area on the Right with no electric in the floor directly across from the door you need to go into. From there you can jump your way across to the open door. The floor will hurt you a little but as long as you keep jumping your way across it won’t kill you.

When you go through the door turn Right and you are now in the missile silo room.

[CP: 2 - 24] - [Black and White Politics] after the 3rd terminal, go through the tripwire beam rooms and you will end up in the Missile Silo room. Go down the second set of stairs and the phone is on the corner of the platform. (Description is deceiving – take the first set of stairs on your Left, at the bottom of those stairs turn Left and take the next set down again – the phone is in the corner on the Right near the missile)

When you enter the room with the computers and the stairs in front of you there are two enemies on the floor above you. Shoot at them from the stairs and they will run away.

There are now five enemies in the next room – when they see you the alarm will sound – kill them and it goes off.

The computer you need to hack is on the Right when you enter the room.

After you hack the computer go upstairs through the newly opened door and follow your compass objective marker.

When you get to the top a door opens to your Right – there are three enemies there – step forward a little to draw them out. After you kill the three a fourth appears on the catwalk to your Left.

[Ach] “The Memory Of A Goldfish” – I unlocked this achievement by accident. When the door opened I checked my list and still did not have the last phone so I started to backtrack to find it – the achievement popped as I had gotten half way back to the last control room. When you get to the top and the large door opens; the enemy has set up a number of trip mines in the room. After you get their attention someone will eventually walk into one by accident.

Mine Locations in this room: (if the achievement has already popped blow up the mines as you find them – it will help in the next section.

* The first pillar C1 - to the Left in front of the cat walk (higher – angled down toward the pillar ) to the Right on the C1 logo on the far Right wall (straight across).
* Pillar three Left side – chest height (straight across)
* Pillar four Left side – higher on the Left wall (straight across head height)
* Pillar four Right side – lower on the Right wall (angled up)
* Pillar five Left side – attached to the pillar (straight across head height)

[Cam: 7 - 14 and 8 - 15] In “Storage Area C1”, the dark area at the end of the level. (Camera 1 is between the first and second pillar – Left side; camera two is between pillar three and four still Left side of room)

I counted seven enemies scattered throughout the room – before you get to the end of the room make sure you have blow up all the mines on the Left side of the room – you will be running back through this area.

After you round the corner a large door opens and you are attacked by three enemies in the computer room. As soon as you kill them turn around and run back to the main control room you were in earlier – this section is timed – do not wait for Doyle to tell you to go back – head that direction as soon as you kill the enemies in the computer room.

When you get back to the control room there are seven enemies on the lower floor – kill them then hack the computer to stop the count down.

After you successfully hack the computer head back upstairs to where you just were.

At the C1 storage area you will be ambushed again by your enemies – three more at the entrance (again) and four more further along.

Jedi ObiJoe 09-22-2009 03:57 AM

Rogue Agent

Achievements Earned:

Camera Shy
Awful Surprise
Don’t Tase Me Bro
Too Lazy To Jump And Crouch
No Record
Rogue Agent - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty

Achievements Started:

Like Static With Unconciousness

Note: Refill your taser every chance you get – it only holds thirty rounds. Remember you are not to kill any of the agents in this level and the next.


Take down the three agents in the room with the taser – if you get a good shot on the first one you can unlock “Awful Surprise” if not don’t worry there will be plenty of chances.

If you follow the hallway instead of going into the room you will get the three other agents from the back entrance.

[CP: 1 - 25] - [The Smell of Conspiracy] after you taser the open room of agents, go up the stairs and the phone is sitting on top of the desk in the northwest corner room.

Switch to your machine gun to take out the cameras and the mines.

[Cam: 1 - 16, 2 - 17, 3 - 18 and 4 - 19] In large room near the beginning (same as P2), labeled as “Supply Depot A”. One in each corner.

Walk toward the cameras to get their attention then back away – it will make it easier to kill them.

[CP: 2 - 26] - [Shut Him Up] after the checkpoint, you will enter a room with four turret cameras. The phone is sitting on top of a tarp covered crate at the base of the far stairs hugging the wall.

[Mine: 1, 2, 3] After the phone and before you head into the tunnel labeled Line A – just before the dark part of the tunnel you can see them on the right side – shoot one and all three blow up.

[Mine: 4, 5] After entering the tunnel hug the Left wall and watch the Right wall – you will see them on the Right below a sign that says “Turntable”.

[Cam: 5 - 20, 6 - 21, 7 - 22, and 8 - 23] In the dark hallway between “Supply Depot A” and the turntable room. (Drop below the rail car to get the second set)

After the cameras switch back to your taser to fight the agents in the next area – it helps to stay on the rail car for as long as you can – the boxes help protect you from the agents.

Take out the three agents then drop down off the rail car – do not pick up the ammo yet – there are a lot more agents still to come.

One to the Left and another across to the Right

Use the room to your Left before the rail car as a hiding place – walk past the front of the rail car then turn around and run back to the room you just left. The wall will give you a little cover when the next four agents attack. Crossing the rail car seems to trigger them.

After you take them out go ahead and refill you ammo.

[CP: 3 - 27] - [Bead on Pierce] after you clear the turret and tripwire beams in the tunnel, you will be engaged by agents. You will be in the train depot chamber. One of the agents you taser will drop the phone.

Go across the room and up two flights of stairs – circle around to the control room.

Take out the three agents in the control room then hit the switch for the turntable.

After the turntable stops head back downstairs and drop down under the grate to get into the red area labeled “Line B Power System Cooling”

[Cam: 9 - 24 and 10 - 25] After flipping the turntable switch the first time and crawling under the tracks on the way to the “Power Systems Cooling” room. At the start of the dark rail tunnel.

[Ach] – “Camera Shy” – Unlocks after you destroy the 25th camera.

[Mine: 6] When you get to the open area go in the door to the Left at the first corner (to the Right) there is a mine at the bottom – jump it.

[Mine: 7] Around the next corner is another – jump it as well

[Mine: 8, 9] Around the next corner there are two more one low and one high – before you pass these crouch and shoot the camera.

[Cam: 11 - 26] Up the stairs at the end of the dark hall with the laser mines on the way to the “Power Systems Cooling” room.

Now from the safety of the top of the stairs you can shoot the last two mines. After you destroy them go back around the corner after the first two (use the wall for cover as much as possible).

When you get to the top of the area and you see the door on your Left crouch and move forward slowly. The agents below do not know you are there and now is a great time to get “Awful Surprise”.

There are seven agents on the lower floor – if you can not get them so show up you will have to drop down – there is a lot of cover to work with.

After you take out the agents go up the stairs on the east wall and use the duct work to cross over and drop into the restricted area.

Three agents ambush you immediately after the camera.

[Cam: 12 - 27] After jumping the fence from the ceiling duct work in the room with the fans, at the start of the dark hall on the way to the generators.

[Ach] – “No Record” – This achievement unlocks after you destroy the last camera.

Make your way down the stairs – at the bottom when you round a corner you are facing an agent walking away from you. If you still don’t have “Awful Surprise” you can’t miss this one. Walk slowly just to make sure. There are two agents here but the other will see you when you tase his partner.

There are four agents in the generator room. Take them out and hack the computer.

[Mine: 10] Before you turn Left to go toward Supply Depot A stop at the door way – there is a trip mine low – jump it and you can shoot it from a distance.

[Mine: 11, 12, 13, 14] As you round the corner and you see an office on your Left there are four mines attached to the ceiling.

[Mine: 15] There is another at the end of the hallway to the Left.

[Mine: 16, 17, 18] Immediately after you shoot 15 turn around (face south) head toward the blocked hallway – you can see the mines on the other side.

When you reach Supply Depot A there is now an agent there. If you wait long enough and tease him he will come down off the catwalk and chase after you – if you do this it should save a few taser rounds.

Use the tunnel to make your way back to the turntable control room again – the path should be clear this time.

When you reach the White House tunnel you will be attacked by five agents. Again don’t pick up the ammo until you take them all out. One of these five has the next phone.

[CP: 4 - 28] - [Embassy on Fire] after returning to the train depot chamber once you re-power the grid, you will go in a tunnel with many agents. One will drop the phone when tasered. It’s right before the staircase with all the white house signs.

There are ten agents at the top of the stairs in the final room.

Jedi ObiJoe 09-22-2009 03:57 AM

Habeas Corpus

Achievements Earned:

Like Static With Unconciousness
Haven’t Found A Color I Like
White House Electrician – If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty
Habeas Corpus - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty

Note: In this level you will come across Secret Service agents as well as Sentavan Terrorists. In order to get "Like Static..." and "White House..." you need to tase all of the enemies you face. I'm not 100% sure that killing the terrorists with a machine gun will void the "White House..." ach so I wouldn't take the chance. If someone know for sure please let me know.


[Weap: 1 - 12] - [Taser] You start the Habeas Corpus level with this weapon.
[Weap: 2 - 13] - [TAR 5.56] You start the Habeas Corpus level with this weapon.

Follow your compass market to the stairs – go up the stairs – there are five enemies patrolling here – take them out one has the phone.

[CP: 1 - 29] - [White House Tour] as soon as you go up the stairs, you will taser an agent and he will drop the phone.

At the top of the stairs continue to follow the marker – take a Right, a Right, then a Left – you should be facing a room with a bust in the middle – when you move toward the room you get a checkpoint and ambushed by five enemies. Use the hallway corner for cover.

You should now be facing a hallway with an overturned bust and stand. Start down the hallway and turn Right into the first room. Use the space behind the rear Left side book shelf for cover if you need it. Kill the two enemies and pick up the next phone.

[CP: 2 - 30] - [Poet] upstairs, you will come to a room with a bust statue in the centre of the room. Clear the agents and go right into the next area. Turn right into the first room. Once inside, you will get ambushed by two agents. Once they are tasered, one agent will drop the phone.

At the top of the stairs there is a Sentavan patrolling – when he sees you he runs away to get backup. If you wait at the top of the stairs or use the large square pillars for cover you should be in good shape. Three agents attack you at the door. Don’t forget to hack the door on the Right of the open door you have to go through to get the next phone.

[CP: 3 - 31] - [Veep Terrorist] at the top of the stairs (dual entry), there is a door to be hacked. Once inside the room, there is a cell phone sitting on a dresser.

The Sentavan that ran away is through the next doorway on the Right after you enter the room. Two more enemies are in the general area.

When you get close to your compass marker there is a closed door that agents will blow open. Make sure you have someplace to take cover – they will come after you – there are eight enemies that attack after the door is blown open.

[CP: 4 - 32] - [Nameless Assassin] agents will blow a door down. Taser all the agents. One drops the phone.

There are four enemies that ambush you when you enter the darkened room. One drops the next phone.

[CP: 5 - 33] - [New Sentava] after clearing area with number 4 above, go up staircase and finally go down a series of steps. You will enter a dark room. Taser all guards and one will drop the phone

Two more enemies down the hall. Don’t forget to reload any time you find ammo – the taser does not hold enough.

[CP: 6 - 34] - [Number One Observatory Circle] when you checkpoint that ask you to assist in the assault on the oval office, look for door in the hall with a keypad. Once inside the room, the phone is laying on a desk.

After the checkpoint you will run into a lot of enemies four when you round the corner – four more after you take out the first four. Be careful with you ammo and don’t run after them – they will come to you.

[CP: 7 - 35] - [CVX shipment] found on one of the enemies storming the oval office after you kill him.

[Ach] – “Haven’t Found A Color I Like” – Unlocks after this phone if you have collected them all up to this point.

Jedi ObiJoe 09-22-2009 03:58 AM

Last Stand

Achievements Earned:

Weapon Tester
Last Stand - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty


You start the mission in the oval office – no more taser thankfully. You will have to kill around a dozen enemies – hard to count – from three different windows. When you kill them all you get a checkpoint and a cut scene. You can use your grenades if you need the grenade kills ach.

The newly opened door on your Left leads to the rose garden.

You are ambushed by eight enemies in the rose garden – use the pillars for cover if you need to.

[CP: 1 - 36] - [Package was Delivered] laying in the rose garden. I am not sure if it fell of an enemy after he was shot, but after you clear the area, search the ground near the centre.

[Weap: 1 - 14] - [TCW .308] Found on a table just after you enter the building again, after the rose garden.

[Ach] - Weapon Tester - You unlock this achievement if you have picked up and used all of the available weapons in the game. If you have been following the walkthrough or at least the collectible list you should have no problem unlocking this one.

[CP: 2 - 37] - [Secure Meetings] on the floor right next to the TCW .308.

Make your way to the snipers nest on the roof to help out – you can shoot through the rail – back up if you need to and take out the RPG guys as quick as you can.

After about a dozen enemies you get a check point and are directed to down to the next level.

[CP: 3 - 38] - [Media Blackout] after clearing the enemies from the roof as a sniper, rejoin the agents. Once the fire fight ensues, turn around and phone will be on a shelf in the oval room.

Same thing as above – back up and use the office for cover – take out about 12 – 14 enemies (the other agents help a little) and you get a checkpoint.

As you make your way back there is an explosion and they call you back to where you just were – another 12 – 15 enemies later you get another check point.

[CP: 4 - 39] - [Educate Him] after clearing all the enemies from the sniper post, you are called back to the oval office. When you cross the rose garden, there is a guy lying in the middle of the garden. The phone is near him.

When you get back to the oval office another 12 – 15 enemies await you. Kill them all and the mission is over.

Jedi ObiJoe 09-22-2009 03:59 AM


Achievements Earned:

The Best Defense…
Extraction – If played on Agent or POTUS Detail Difficulty


Head forward toward the pool house – kill the enemies that attack – five and you get a check point and a cut scene.

[CP: 1 - 40] - [Gas] After you clear the pool area, POTUS goes inside the pool building.

The phone is on the ground around the empty swimming pool. It was dropped by one of the enemies you killed.

Ten enemies near the large tree – stay back and most of them will come to you.

[CP: 2 - 41] - [For Our Family] in the next area, you will be ambushed by enemies near a large tree. One will drop the phone when he is killed.

Four enemies in this area – don’t forget you should still have a sniper rifle – it works good at a distance. Reload both weapons when you have a spare second.

[CP: 3 - 42] - [Payday] in the next area, on the ground near a dead agent. He is up against a wood table with three wooden chairs.

Eight enemies near the two vans – use the first van for cover.

[CP: 4 - 43] - [Presumed Dead] you will pass under a wooden walking bridge. Clear the enemies. One drops phone near the large vine covered gazebo.

There are another eight to ten enemies in this area.

[CP: 5 - 44] – [Beach House] right next to number four, before you cross the bridge, it is behind the hedges next to a dead agent.

Six more enemies as you cross the bridge before you get to Marine One.

After you get aboard Marine One you are in charge of the chain cannon. Pull the Right

Trigger to fire – it does not need to reload and you do not run out of ammo. Kill all enemies you see – if you are in trouble with your armor just reload the last checkpoint – it tends to give you more health than you had at the time of the checkpoint. After four or five enemy attacks you finish the mission.

Jedi ObiJoe 09-22-2009 09:55 PM


Achievements Earned:

Opening A Local Wireless Store
The Exact Opposite Of Your Job
POTUS Secured
What Are You, A Cat? – If you did not use night vision at all during the game
Countryman – If you didn’t kill any of the Secret Service Agents
Expatriate – If played on Agent or POTUS Detail Difficulty
Yeah, I’m Pretty Awesome – If played on POTUS Detail Difficulty
Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets – If played on Agent or POTUS Detail Difficulty and you did not die


As soon as the mission starts move to your Right against the wall and use the cabinet for cover – you will be attacked by five agents. If you stay against the wall they will move toward you one at a time. Switch your hand gun out after you kill all five – pick up a the rifle with the scope it has a much better clip and rate of fire.

There should be another agent around the next corner.

Six enemies in the next area – stay back and take them out from a distance.

[CP: 1 - 45] - [Throwing Down Their Arms] after you enter a briefing room with the large white dry erase board in front of you, turn right and go around corner. The phone is on the floor near a dead agent.

Three enemies in the second room with blue carpet.

[CP: 2 - 46] - [Bail Out] you will clear two rooms with blue carpet. When you exit, the phone is on the floor behind the seats you are facing.

After you round the corner in the next area you get attacked by two more agents.

Go down the stairs to the lower level – when you reach the “B area” cross the threashold of the door then back away and kill the agents that attack from a distance. You will be attacked by seven enemies here – stay away from the fire extinguisher on your Right.

[CP: 3 - 47] - [To All my Agents] after you cross in the “B area”, you are ambushed by a lot of enemies. One enemy drops the phone when killed.

Go to the back and hack the computer.

As you make your way back you will be attacked by three more enemies.

When they block the door and you turn around you will be attacked by two more enemies.

Two more at the top of the stairs – four more after that – one has the following cell phone.

[CP: 4 - 48] - [Agent Foster] after you find the alternate route, go up the stairs. An IED will explode. Kill all the enemies and retrieve the phone from the ground after it is dropped.

Turn around and go through the door on your Left – kill the next three.

[CP: 5 - 49] - [Coming Home] turn right at the top of the stairs. Kill the guy at the end of the hall. To the right, you will see an enemy at the base of the stairs. Kill him and he will drop the phone.

As you make your way to the back of the plane you will be attacked by two enemies after the two blue rooms.

Three more in the next room.

After you grab the freeze spray you are attacked in the first blue room by three enemies.

As you exit the second blue room you are attacked by five more.

[CP: 6 - 50] - [Our Mission] after retrieving the freeze spray, work your way through the plane. Right after the checkpoint, shoot the guy at the top of the stairs and he will drop the final phone.

[Ach] “Opening A Local Wireless Store” – This achievement unlocks after you have collected the final cell phone.

After you use the freeze spray turn the corner and kill the two agents.

[Ach] “The Exact Opposite of Your Job” – do not go forward from the corner and do not use your sights – your targeting marker will turn green when you are aiming at the President – Red when you are aiming at the Senator. Shoot the president for the achievement then reload the last checkpoint.

[Ach] “What Are You, A Cat?” – If you did not use night vision at all during the game
[Ach] “Countryman” – If you didn’t kill any of the Secret Service Agents
[Ach] “Expatriate” – If played on Agent or POTUS Detail Difficulty
[Ach] “Yeah, I’m Pretty Awesome” – If played on POTUS Detail Difficulty
[Ach] “Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets” – If played on Agent or POTUS Detail Difficulty and you did not die

That's it - you don't have to jump out of the plane - there was not a 60 second timer - you are done. Well, if you played on POTUS Detail difficulty. If not you get to do it again.

A 2rue boofer 09-23-2009 02:31 AM

you are the man i need a walktrough for this game :)

Jedi ObiJoe 09-24-2009 03:34 AM

Ha ha, thanks. The game is not that bad and you can easily knock out almost everything in two playthroughs (one if you don't mind a lot of mop up). There is a lot of great info on this forum and the guide is great but everything is scattered. I just wanted to help out a little. Hope is works.

xxXI Dave IXxx 10-12-2009 11:52 PM

Hey thanks a ton for this Jedi! This served the purpose you intended, in that I never needed to visit 1 other thread or guide. Everything needed is right here in one place. Thanks for taking the time to throw it all together, and thanks to the OP's for their contributions as well.

TheFalcon 01-31-2010 04:50 PM

this guide was incredible. i never once had to look at any other guide for forum thread to 1000 this game because of the immense detail put into this. thanks jedi for making what probably would have been a pain in the ass game to 1000 a whole lot easier.

newbsicle 01-31-2010 10:59 PM

Thanks for the guide. I was having some trouble on urban legends, at the end; the part with the 5 trip mines. This guide helped me get past it.

RedmptionDenied 02-11-2010 03:18 PM

Thanks for putting this together. Always nice to have one page up for everything.

Earthbound_X 07-28-2010 04:27 AM

This may be the best guide I've seen here at 360a, awesome job!

shadedmuse 08-17-2010 04:14 AM

in urban legand I have gone upthe stairs and tried jumping acrossand it won't workwhen you push a to jump you just fall back down to the ground floor.

Requinox 08-29-2010 01:46 PM

Just finished my 1000/1000. Here are some tips that may be helpful for others in the future:

Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets:
I agree that this achievement should be done as a second playthrough. Once you play through the game once on POTUS and learn where everything is, going through again on Agent difficulty is incredibly easy can be done in around 3-4 hours, maybe even less. I'm not sure exactly, since it unlocked for me after Habeos Corpus for some reason (I didn't actually need to replay the entire game).

The only thing that can kill you at this point should be close-range shotgun blasts, accidentally hitting a red chip during a bomb defusing (regularly computers are ok to fail at, although additional guards might be summoned), and tripmines/bombs (which if you played through the game already, you should be familiar with the ones that cannot be shot out without you dying in a fiery explosion). I didn't bother jumping over trip mines. Too dangerous. I would use a grenade instead (unless it could be shot out safely)

The Memory Of A Goldfish:
A really easy place to get this is at the beginning of collateral damage (I did it on level select on the easiest difficulty) . When you get to the first dark area with the cross shaped lights on the ceiling, turn left, then turn right, take out the guard that will be there. Another guard will enter your line of sight. Take him down too. While you're doing this, the 3rd guy will flank you on the left. Very close to him is a trip mine. If you shoot it, the explosion will kill him and you'll get the achievement.

Expatriate (Surviving the beginning):
The guide's tip for the beginning of the level not particularly helpful. Around 5-6 guards always swarmed me at the beginning and it was very hard to take them all down without dying (and there was no time to reload your gun).
In my opinion, a much better opening strategy was to immediately run forward and jump over the counter on the left. (Then immediately crouch down). The guards will come more slowly, and you can easily pick them off from this position (either from the top of the counter, or through the "walking" portion near the left wall.

They Shouldn't Have Bunched Up

I tried doing this at the beginning urban legend and reloading the checkpoint, but it never unlocked. So I just followed the guide's instructions and played Last Stand. Use your grenades at the beginning (don't bother using them on the balconies, since the range is horrible). When you get to the second balcony (the one you have to defend twice), there is an RPG on the table in the room. Use that to kill everything below. There should be plenty of ammo in the boxes.

Try to get hit them where they bunch up. The best shot during the first firefight at this balcony is the white tent on the left. The explosion radius of the RPG is fairly large and will take out everyone around the tent.

jamie1000013 10-08-2010 12:10 PM

Thanks so much for this A* for effort man. Easy to follow and very descriptive, made this game a breeze to far. Thanks!


If you get lost in a dark tunnel and you are going for "are you a cat" shoot your gun it lights the whole room up.

Shoot every fire extinguisher you see. I swear these bad boys killed me more times than anything else.

killkenny 10-10-2010 06:32 AM

[Cam: 12 - 27] After jumping the fence from the ceiling duct work in the room with the fans, at the start of the dark hall on the way to the generators.

[Ach] – “No Record” – This achievement unlocks after you destroy the last camera

You should change the description for No Record it does not unlock until after the level ends, not when you destory the 27th camera

l.maciver 10-14-2010 05:44 PM

I can confirm you need to finish the level to get the No Record achievement.
nice walkthrough, going to use this to 100% this game.

chaotikilla 09-01-2011 08:43 AM

been searching for a guide for ages and now i've found 1. Mr president here i come!

secondfavorite 02-28-2012 12:15 AM

great guide man, horrible game, but great guide. Almost makes me want to dig this game out and see if I can get those last 3 achievements

xboxplayer209 01-13-2013 12:41 AM

Secret Service
Hey for secret service,can you reload checkpoint if you die,instead of going to the dashboard,for the "Gives instead of takes bullets" achievement?I'm talking about if you die before the message pops when it tells you to load last checkpoint,I really need to know!

FailedSeppuku 08-22-2014 02:20 PM

Thanks a lot, the guide was impeccable

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