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Night Everclear 10-04-2009 01:42 AM

Comprehensive Mutagen and Action Figure Guide w/ Pictures.
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Here is a guide for the 24 Mutagen collectibles and the first 2 of the three different action figures that will unlock the bonus stages so you can get the three optional suits. I only put the first two of each, because they are the quickest to get, you will find many more than the ones that I have listed, but this way you will for sure have enough to get the suits along with the achievement.

I'm sorry that the photos aren't that great, but it was all I had to work with at the time. Even with the bad quality it should still make it easier for you to find the items. I tried to make the descriptions as easy to find as I could while still giving them enough detail for you to find the item if you were having trouble with it.

Chapter 1: Origins

Chapter 1, Checkpoint #1 (Unstoppable)

Wolverine Statue (Action Figure)- Classic Suit 1/2

(No picture for this, but it is kind of hard to miss)After Dog Tag #5 you will come to a stone building with stairs you have to go up. After climbing the stairs there will be a door in front of you that will be a boarded up. You can't miss it. Break into it and search to the right of this small area for the statue, before exiting and continuing on.

Chapter 1, Checkpoint #3 (Stryker's Offer)

Mutagen- Health Factor 1

Attachment 3999

After you beat the W.E.N.D.I.G.O prototype you will talk to Dr. Frost on a large computer screen. She will tell you that you've lost your healing powers and feral senses. You will then need to grab the box that is in the room and push it in front of the door to get to the vent above it. Once you are out of the vent you will be forced to get another box and push it forward in order to grab the power cell. When you get to the power cell turn to your left and double jump to the ledge. It is to your left on the ledge between the railing and some boxes.

Chapter 1, Checkpoint #4 (A Frosty Reception)

Mutagen- Rampage 1

Attachment 4000

After the cut scene where you are shown a portable turret you will be in a hallway. Go straight down this hallway and you will be given two doors you can go through. One straight ahead and one to your left. Go into the one straight ahead of you. You'll see the mutagen in this small room. Just jump over the railing to your right and grab it.

Wolverine Action Figure- Legendary Suit 1/2

After the last vent you have to crawl through and a small cut scene where you cut a guys head off. There will be two shield protecting you in a large room as you begin to control another pair of shields that are on opposite sides of the room of each other. Your goal is to reach the door on the opposite side of the room where the portable turret is mounted. Once you destroy this turret run through the door and to the right.

Mutagen- Vitality 1

Attachment 4001

After destroying the portable turret and grabbing the Wolverine Statue, go down the hall. There will be a door to your left at this corner. Ignore it. Instead go to your right and go up the short flight of stairs. There will be an open door to your left when you get up the stairs. Go into it and you will see the mutagen to your left in this small room.

Mutagen- Experienced 1

Attachment 4002

You will enter a room with a very short cut scene that introduces you to the Grenadier. Once his name is out of your way you will see him on a ledge in the upper right part of your screen. Kill him and the enemies then run straight towards Anna's glowing blue cell. Turn to your right and you will see the mutagen in the corner to the right of the cell.

Chapter 1, Checkpoint #5 (The Escape)

Mutagen- Inner Rage 1

Attachment 4003

You will come to a room where you have to pull out a hummer/military truck. Pull the truck out, but instead of jumping to your left to continue through the game turn right. With your Feral Senses on you will see a small ledge in green. Double jump here and go forward a little was before looking to your left. It is tucked away here. If you miss it the first time you will have a chance to get it again a little bit later when you come back to the truck.

Night Everclear 10-04-2009 01:50 AM

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Chapter 1, Checkpoint #5 (The Escape)

Mutagen- Samurai 1

Attachment 4004

You will be following the Doctor and Anna, once you get off the lift he will start yelling for help. A Goliath and some other enemies will start fighting you. Kill them and then pry open the door in front of you. Now once inside this door turn left and you should see it in the next room.

Chapter 2: The Frozen Tundra

Chapter 2, Checkpoint #1 (Team X)

Mutagen- Unstoppable 1

Attachment 4005

After beating the Leviathan and entering into the temple you will fall through the floor. Grab the statue and pull it out enough for you to jump onto it. Double jump to get back to the floor you were on before falling and it will be right in front of you.

Wolverine Action Figure- Legendary Suit 2/2

Attachment 4006

When you are about to leave the temple you will go up a flight of stairs. At the top of these stairs you will see about 3 machete guys waiting for you. You will notice a path to your right. Go here and turn left to find the action figure. It is before you start climbing the tower.

Chapter 2, Checkpoint #2 (I'm the Best There Is)

Mutagen- Shredder 1

Attachment 4007

After the cut scene where you take the ear piece from the dying soldier and use it. Turn around and you will see it on a rock in the water as soon as you gain control.

Mutagen- Art of War 1

Attachment 4008

As you progress through the level you will come to a part where you have to grab a ledge and shimmy across. It is to the right of where you grab the ledge. You can't miss it, being that you have to go this way to continue through the game.

Night Everclear 10-04-2009 01:58 AM

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Wolverine Action Figure- Classic Suit 2/2

Attachment 4009

After you finally kill this coward of a W.E.N.D.I.G.O, you will come across some waterfalls that you have to get on top of. After you get to a log that you have to balance-walk across it will be right in front of you floating above the water, beside a tree.

Chapter 2, Checkpoint #3 (Ambush)

Mutagen- Savage 1

Attachment 4010

While you are still in the snow forest area, before getting the the fence and the compound, you will have to cut down a small tower to cross a gap. Immediately after crossing the gap, turn right and you should see a dead soldier with a dog tag. Stumble onto to the left of this dead man and you will find a small cave. In here is the magical item you have been searching for your whole life.

Mutagen- Blood Rage 1

Attachment 4011

(I accidentally grabbed this one before I took the picture, but you get the idea.. >.<)

Once in the compound you will have to fight hordes of enemies and a few Goliaths'. There will be a part where another W.E.N.D.I.G.O comes out. If you are facing the door he comes out of then go to the left. In the corner all the way left will be a staircase going down. The mutagen will be in front of the door at the bottom.

Chapter 2, Checkpoint #4 (Roadblock)

Mutagen- Rampage 2

Attachment 4012

You have to hide from the helicopter on a bridge after the cut scene of you blowing up the C4. Once you get to the end of the bridge and kill the enemies there, take a right. Around the corner in front of double doors will be the mutagen.

Mutagen- Healing Factor 2

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You will have to climb a ladder and then the helicopter will start shooting at you again and you'll have to harm some enemies. Make them suffer for the pain you are feeling. As you continue you will enter a control room, where the helicopter gets in front of the windows and starts shooting in at you. The mutagen is by the exit, between the door and the control panel. You can't miss it.

Night Everclear 10-04-2009 02:04 AM

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Chapter 2, Checkpoint #5 (What I Do Isn't Very Nice)

Mutagen- Vitality 2

Attachment 4014

If my description doesn't help you then watch the video on how to get the Wow! achievement. After killing the two W.E.N.D.I.G.Os', Grenadiers', and Goliaths'. You will go past two military vehicles and into the forest area. Turn your Feral Senses on. There will be a fallen tree for you to walk up to get to the first ledge. The ledge after this one you will have to jump to get to. Once on top of this second ledge go forward a few steps and you will see two fallen trees. One in front of you on the ground that will making walking hard for a split second and one just past it to your right. Go to the one on your right and walk up it to the secret area where the sword and skeleton are. It will be in the corner to the left.

Mutagen- Experienced 2

Attachment 4015

You will get in a room where you have to hide from the sniper. As you are running between cover and the generators you will see his laser sights on you. Go all the way towards him, ignoring the stairs to your left and going behind the last generator housing. It will be in the corner to your left.

Wolverine Action Figure- X-Force Suit 1/2

Climb the stairs that you saw to your left before getting the Experienced 2 mutagen. Now go left at the top of the stairs away from the sniper to get the action figure that is all the way down here.

Chapter 3: Days of Future Beginnings

Chapter 3, Checkpoint #2 (Project Wideawake)

Mutagen- Inner Rage 2

Attachment 4016

At the very beginning of this check point you will be forced to go into a vent. Once you drop down from it turn around and you will see the mutagen.

Chapter 3, Checkpoint #3 (Betrayal)

Mutagen- Samurai 2

Attachment 4017

When you finish your oh-so long journey down the elevator you will be in a place you should recognize from Africa. It will be the same place where you used pressure plates. To get down to this area once again you have to cut a rope. To the right of the rope where the wall behind you and beside you make a corner there will be a ledge. You can either double jump here or you can cut the rope, double jump back up to where you started and climb the rope up. You will see the mutagen easily by climbing the rope you cut, it will be on a wooden ledge.

Mutagen- Unstoppable 2

Attachment 4018

Soon you will come to a larger room, if you have your Feral Senses activated then you will see three large statues. One you will have to jump to it's feet and unblock it's path like you have done earlier in the game. Before jumping to the lower area look to you right, where the three statues are facing. There will be stairs that you will have to use after freeing the statue. The mutagen is under the stairs in plain sight.

Night Everclear 10-04-2009 02:08 AM

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Chapter 3, Checkpoint #4 (Raven's Explanation)

Mutagen- Shredder 2

Attachment 4019

After the cut scene where you are talking with the hot blue chick turn to your immediate right and go all the way to the corner.

Chapter 3, Checkpoint #5 (Bolivar Trask)

Mutagen- Art of War 2

Attachment 4020

You will come to a Cryo room, it will be the room you have to freeze yourself in. There will be two control panels that are a few feet from each other. The first will allow you to turn the Cryo machine on and the second will give you control of the teleporter. You will have to move this teleporter from side to side, to pull out a power cell in order to progress through the game. You should be able to see the mutagen on top of the frame that is holding the teleporter where it is. Don't move the teleporter yet. Just into it and you will be in the Cryo room. Now double jump on top of the platform that is just above the teleporter. If you miss anything in this room you can get it when you come back through after you've frozen yourself.

Wolverine Action Figure- X-Force Suit 2/2

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From the mutagen above there will be a ledge you can grab onto from the platform that Art of War 2 is sitting on. Use your Feral Senses to see it then grab it. Go all the way to the right and you will see the action figure on the platform in this corner. Happy Birthday.

Mutagen- Blood Rage 2

Attachment 4022

Now get back to the teleporter's controller. Make the teleporter go all the way to the right through the wall here and jump in. You should get the Cake! achievement when you jump into the teleporter because this is where the cake is. Seriously, Happy Birthday. Now go to the other end of this room and you'll have the mutagen.

Mutagen- Savage 2

Attachment 4023

You will go down a second elevator, it will be the elevator after your long balance walk. Go left out of the elevator and kill the three enemies then you will see a walkway to your right. Go to the end of it and grab the mutagen.

Night Everclear 10-04-2009 02:12 AM

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Chapter 3, Checkpoint #6 (Wideawake’s Secret)

Mutagen- Healing Factor 3

Attachment 4024

After you see the big Sentinel, you will have to use a teleporter like you did in the Cryo room. Do the same thing as in there. Make the teleporter go through the wall. Make it go all the way to the left and you will see the mutagen in this secret area. Go through the teleporter and pick this up as well as an achievement.

**This will be the only achievement you will get for having mutagens. So if you want to continue getting them, then you are doing it to make the game play easier and not for another achievement. Although having level 3 Experienced and Samurai do make a few other achievements come faster..

Chapter 3, Checkpoint #7 (Headache)

Mutagen- Vitality 3

Attachment 4025

You will go down an elevator and see the torso of a Sentinel. There will be large sliding platforms that you have to jump on to in order to progress. There will be a ladder after your second jump. It will be the first ladder you see. You can't miss it, because you have to go this way. Climb up the ladder and you will see the mutagen to your right.

Chapter 3, Checkpoint #8 (Finding Agent Zero)

Mutagen- Experienced 3

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You will have to shimmy across a ledge and jump across a waterfall. The mutagen is in the walkway right above the waterfall. Once you pull yourself up go right towards the waterfall and into the wide door way and you will see it.

Chapter 3, Checkpoint #9 (Aim for the Head)

Mutagen- Inner Rage 3

Attachment 4027

You will see the Sentinel's hand go down an elevator. Once you are in control again turn to your right and go all the way to the large locked door. It is in front of this door.

Mutagen- Rampage 3

Attachment 4028

Once you get off the lift, turn left. Walk this way until you get to the Lift Controls, which need a power cell. From here go right. You will see a ladder, turn left and continue down the walkway and you should see another ladder to your far right. Go towards the second ladder and the mutagen will be to your left.

Night Everclear 10-04-2009 02:21 AM

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Mutagen- Samurai 3

Attachment 4029

After you have some fun with the Sentinel's hand, go down the middle corridor and up the elevator. Once you are off the lift look to your left and you will see the mutagen on the right side of the stairs. It's in the same room where you have to control a teleporter.

Mutagen- Art of War 3

Attachment 4030

Once you free Wraith, there will be a cut scene, when you get control again turn around. The mutagen is on the left side of the cell that was holding Wraith.

Chapter 4: Mardi Gras

Chapter 4, Checkpoint #1 (The Corbeau Casino)

Mutagen- Blood Rage 3

Attachment 4031

There will be a cut scene with Gambit and you will be introduced to the Assassin. Once you kill the Assassin walk through the doorway that the Assassin and Gambit came out of during the cut scene. This is NOT the door that you kick open. It will be to your far right at the top of the stairs. Right of the door you kick open to follow Gambit. Make sure to get this before going out of the room where you fought your first Assassin or else you will have to replay the level.

Chapter 4, Checkpoint #2 (High Rollers Lounge)

Mutagen- Savage 3

Attachment 4032

(Hehe...Okay so I accidentally got the mutagen in this one as well..again you see where I'm talking about.)

After using your claws to scale the side of a building, two Assassin's will break through the glass windows to your left. Kill the Assassin's and then jump into the window they broke out of and you will see the mutagen.

Night Everclear 10-04-2009 02:26 AM

and finally the last two.
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Chapter 5: The Wolverine

Chapter 5, Checkpoint #1 (The Beginning of the End)

Mutagen- Shredder 3

Attachment 4033

From the main area that you start in go into the left door using the pressure plate. You will have to stand on a pressure plate after going to the left and lung at an enemy to progress. Shortly after this there will be a long section of the floor that is a spike trap. In the middle of this section to your left will be a boarded up doorway. Break the boards and enter the room to get the mutagen.

Mutagen- Unstoppable 3

Attachment 4034

When you go to the left part of the main area that you started in there will be a statue that you must push down, so you can go through the main door. When you get to the very top, you will have to fight a flaming machete champion and all of that. Kill them all and look at the wall directly behind the movable statue. It is breakable. Break it and you will have your last mutagen. Achievement!! Not really...but at least you have them all now. :P

Night Everclear 10-04-2009 02:30 AM

There it is. Sorry for the crappy photos and for the very few that are missing the mutagen being in the picture and...the first few action figures that don't have pictures. I'm on my final play through right now, so I will try to get better pictures along with the few that I'm missing. No promises though, but I will try. ;) Anyway I hope this helped and I double(quad) posted to make sure everything went well with the previous ones. Enjoy.

Creek 10-07-2009 01:31 PM

hi. there seems to be a problem with your photos :(

can u tell me how i can get the last costume?

Night Everclear 10-11-2009 08:27 PM

Can you not see them? You have to be logged in to do so...If you cant see them even while logged in then tell me and I'll put them on photobucket and link them where they show up better.

At the end of chapter 2, where the sniper has a red beam on you, go up the stairs and to the left. Go all the way down there and you'll find the first action figure.

The second is in chapter 3 on the 5th check point where you are in they Cryo room. It's where you have to freeze yourself. You have to jump onto the track of the teleporter, where Experience 2 mutagen is at and then grab the ledge here. Make sure to have your Feral Senses on so it will be outlined in green. Grab that and shimmy to the right and there will be a platform with the second action figure on it.

Now just fight yourself, the way you did to get the other suits, in the bonus part of the menu and you'll get the suit after you win.

OneSweetShannon 10-12-2009 03:01 AM

Thanks for the guide (and I can see the pictures fine.) I found most on my own, as I'd started before the guide was posted and never bothered to check again to see if one was up. I missed a handful, so this was just what I needed! Great job with the text descriptions, they were very easy to understand.

Night Everclear 10-12-2009 11:39 PM

Thank you very much. I wasn't sure if it would be easily understood. I'm glad that it helped you out. :)

Oblivion Knight 12-15-2009 10:44 AM

Brilliant guide, used it and got all the mutagens with relative ease! :)

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nice guide I was looking for a mutagens guide, good work.

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Excellent guide!! Just what I needed to complete the achievements! :)

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Your guide was invaluable during my playthrough! Great work. As an aside, what is everyone's favorite mutagen?

Agent Aero 04-27-2011 09:57 PM

I'm trying to go back and get a few level 3 mutagens, but they're not there. I have all of them at level 2. Is it because i'm using the replay mission feature? And not getting them through the story progression?

dfmstanley 05-19-2011 10:47 PM

tks a lot for this guide!

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i followed your guide but my achievement not unlocked... what i need to do?

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