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ThePumpkinKing 10-08-2009 02:23 AM

How to Download the "Prey in the Darkness" Map Pack (Outside of EU)

Here's How:

From your PC:

1. Register a UK hotmail account at

2. You'll need a postal code to do this, so use "W11 2BQ".

From your Xbox 360:

3. Log out of your regular LIVE profile and sign up for a new Xbox LIVE membership using the UK email account that you just created. (You can just use your current telephone number for this part. But I just entered 123456789 for this part.)

4. Decline the offer for a Gold membership. Do NOT use a free month of gold if you have one: This content is now free for Silver members.

5. Go to the Game Marketplace > Browse > B > Batman: Arkham Asylum > Prey in the Darkness. Download it.

6. Log out of the UK profile and log back in to your regular profile.

7. Enjoy the DLC. =)
This information is extremely useful for those of us outside of Europe who want to download the Second Map Pack, "Prey in the Darkness." I tested the method. It works great. I've also refined the instructions so there won't be any questions as to how to do what.

Credit goes to Reaper98 for originally posting the method.

And if you're curious as to why this is in it's own thread: It's because the thread it was originally in doesn't really tell you that this is there in the title. It's also quickly disappearing into message board obscurity.


SoaringEagle 10-09-2009 06:15 AM

thanks man, unfortunately i had to snitch a month gold card cuz i got it the day it came out.

the postal code got me, but you can also just join LIVe from online, but create ur account from the xbox live server and select UK or wales ;)

Ackis 10-09-2009 02:55 PM

I keep on getting sent to CA registration for some reason.

Dogmatictea 10-13-2009 03:50 PM

You, sir, are a revolutionary. Any other content for games that only came out in the UK?

lunabanchee cuz 10-13-2009 09:55 PM

does this DLC (or any batman DLC) include new achievements??

tekkamaki 10-14-2009 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by lunabanchee cuz (Post 2438079)
does this DLC (or any batman DLC) include new achievements??

nope. The actual dlc contents available are achs-free..

MothMan 10-15-2009 12:57 AM

Great tip, thank you very much!

Reaper98 10-15-2009 04:42 AM

Thanks :)

CrimsonBohemian 02-22-2013 12:58 AM

Does this method work with EU, Japanese, and Australian games?

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