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SLEEPAH 12-13-2009 01:27 PM

I need help (29 keflings out of 30)
I have 29 keflings out of 30

How can I get the last one?

I have got all the single player achievements except that one...

I have 6 blueprints not done yet- the six above "Market Square"
I dont know what those are cause they are not appearing for me
just blank blue boxes.... I have everything else complete including castle etc

How do I unlock those blue prints above market square and how do I get that last kefling?

Darish 12-13-2009 08:51 PM

Those other boxes are for the blueprints that you get from choosing the fortune teller over the traders. You'll notice that there are two sets of 6 blueprints, you can get one set or the other but not both. As for the last kefling, make sure you clear the non-renewable resources from the map. You'll find a couple hearts hidden under resources.

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