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Steve50013 01-10-2010 12:52 AM

Achievement Guide and Roadmap.
I realize there is a complete game walk through that will take you through all the achievements but there still needs to be a guide on how to get the achievements for the main site so that is what will be written here. I'm going to work on it tonight before I go to work and tomorrow on my day off.

- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 12 (200
- Online: 0 (0
- Approximate time for 200 3 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 8
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats disable achievements?: No Cheats

Welcome to the 2nd installment of the Wallace and Gromit Arcade Titles. Instead of fighting off bees this time we are prosecuting evil dogs.

If at any point you get stuck you can refer to this guide HERE.

Missable Achievements:
Memory Lane - Find an object from a Wallace and Gromit movie. Once you have entered the floaty simply go to the other side of the room and inspect the spare track box that is laying next to a wheel barrel and four boxes.
2. Meteorologist - Can the official forecast banish the bully from Felicity’s doorstep? Go into town, and head over to the news stand and select the weather forecast magazine. Then go back to your front yard and use it on either Duncan or Felicity.
3. Mmm... Cheese! - Find this episode's "mystery cheese" in Chapter 2. Once Chapter 2 starts, walk over to the little stand to the right of Felicity. Pull the lever three (3) times and the "mystery cheese" will fall down, then pick it up.
4. Tea, Everyone? Offer a cuppa to all your guests. The only person you have to offer tea to for the story to continue is Major Crum. Refer to the guide on when to offer the others some tea.
5. Clueless - When asked Whodunnit for the first time, accuse the innocent. Accuse everyone but the two dogs and it will unlock.
6. Caramelizer - In Act 3 go into the living room and use the Candyfloss machine, you will receive some and put it in your inventory. Go down the hall into the kitchen and use it on the stove.
7. Doggie Fashionista - Try every accessory once. There is only one combination you need to do in order to progress and that is the bandanna, sailor hat, and fashionable glasses. Refer to the guide for the combination's that can be used.
8. Oh I Say! -Oh he said it! In all seven situations! There are seven instances that Wallace will say "I say!" there is at least one in every chapter, so refer to the guide on where each instance is located.

Conclusion: Once again another easy 200G and I hope to see you around West Wallaby Street. Ocean Notion
Complete Chapter 1

Part of the story and cannot be missed. This will unlock once you have the Sand, Umbrella, and Spotlight. If you need help refer to THIS thread for help. The Guest House Mutiny
Complete Chapter 2

Part of the story and cannot be missed. In order to finish this chapter you must make all the guests in your house happy. If you need help refer to THIS thread for help. Hounds of Horror
Complete Chapter 3

Part of the story and cannot be missed. To complete the chapter you must find a motive, weapon, and a witness. If you need help refer to THIS thread for help. Down the Drain
Complete Chapter 4

Part of the story and cannot be missed. You have to get back to land safely to complete the game. If you need help refer to THIS thread for help. Memory Lane
Find an object from a Wallace and Gromit movie

At the very beginning of Chapter 1 you will have to get inside the floatation device, go ahead and paddle over to the opposite side of the room and there will be a box that says "Spare Track," it is a red box with a white oval, it is behind four crates and next to a wheel barrel (off to the right of the circuit breaker), simply paddle up to it and investigate it. This has to be done before you turn off the circuit breaker. I Say!
Hear Wallace say "I say!" in seven situations.

This will be done throughout the entire game. To Wallace say "Oh I Say!" you may have to do something you wouldn't normally do.

Chapter 1:
1/7 - When you first walk into town as Wallce there will be a spotlight to your left. Walk up to it, highlight it and press A.
2/7 - After talking to Mr. Paneer about the search light, walk to the news stand and select the weather forecast magazine. Walk back to Mr. Paneer and show it to him by pressing X then A. Once the conversation is over observe the spotlight one more time.
3/7 - Over where Duncan and Felicity are arguing there is an umbrella. Select it and press A. (This must be done before you end the argument between Felicity and Duncan.)
Chapter 2:
- Go into the living room (Right of the front door) and Constable Dibbins will be there as well as the two dogs from next door. Select the chew toy on the floor and pick it up by pressing A.
5/7 - In the living room still, activate the Robotic Photographer to the right of Constable Dibbins. It will take a picture of you and put it on the "Memories for Rememebring" Board to the right, look at the board and look at the center photo which should be you.
Chapter 3:
- Once you have the mallet go into the dining room and use it on the gong.
Chapter 4:
- Grab the Yellow Bucket and throw two (2) star fish at Wallace. Meteorologist
Can the official forecast banish the bully from Felicity’s doorstep?

This is done in Chapter 1, after you return to your house from the town, after getting the weather forecast. Walk over to where Felicity and Duncan are arguing for a cut scene. Once they stop listening for the thunder use the weather forecast on Duncan or Felicity. Mmm... Cheese!
Find this episode's "mystery cheese" in Chapter 2

Once the chapter begins go ahead and walk over to the right, there will be a stand that says Punch And Judy Show. Go ahead and pull the lever three times and the "mystery cheese" will fall down, go ahead and select the Cornish Yarg and the achievement will unlock.

Steve50013 01-10-2010 04:01 AM Tea, Everyone?
Offer a cuppa to all your guests

When Chapter 2 starts head upstiars and use the kitchen door, you will get the tea from Gromit. Now it is your job to offer it to every guest in the house.

Edwina Gabberley - In the Dining Room next to the front door. In order to offer her the tea you must first cheer her up. You need to listen to the last thing she says and then "concider" something in the room, it is a little tricky but refer to THIS thread if you need any help. Once she has been cheered up you can then offer her the tea.
Constable Dibbins - He is in the Living Room (the door right of the front door). Simply walk in and offer him some tea.
Major Crum - Once you have offered some to Edwina and Dibbinshead back the cellar, walk up to the Major and offer him some tea.
Felicity Flitt - After finishing with Major Crum walk all the way over to the right and talk to Felicity. Once you are done with the conversation go ahead and offer her some tea.
Mr. Paneer - Simply enter the cellar and offer him some tea. Clueless
When asked Whodunnit for the first time, accuse the innocent

After you uncover Duncan in the Cellar, go ahead and accuse everyone in any order but Poddgie-Woo or Tinkie-Wee. Once you have accused everyone go ahead and accuse either Poddgie-Woo or Tinkie-Wee. Doggie Fashionista
Try every accessory once.

Once you are done accusing everyone in the dining room. Go ahead and exit and enter the living room. Felicity Flitt will be looking inside of a dress up kit go ahead and inspect the kit. Go ahead and use the Bow tie, Top Hat, and Heart Glasses. When the duo come down go ahead and do what you must to get the motive and weapon before you continue. Once you have the Motive and Weapon, go get the Police Sketch and the small Sailor hat from the Kitchen (After you tell Constable Dibbins to question Major Crum), and head back to the living room and inspect the dress up kit, and select the Spiked Collar, Fez, and Prince-Nez Glasses. Then either walk out the room and back in or just wait a few seconds and the duo will leave. Go ahead and inspect the kit once again, but this time select the Diamond Collar, tiara, and the movie star glasses. once again either leave and come back or just wait. Time for the last selection, once again inspect the kit and select bandanna, sailor hat (after using the one in your inventory on the slot), and trendy sunglasses (after using the fashion magazine on Felicity). Caramelizer
Try to cook some sugar in Chapter 3.

Head to the Living Room and activate the Candyfloss machine to receive some which will be placed into your inventory. Go back to the dining room and talk to Constable Dibbins and select Major Crum, he will then head into the kitchen. Walk up to the stove and use the Candyfloss on it.

Restricted-Access 07-22-2013 08:27 PM

Steve... PLEASE restructure your guide, so that the achievements you MUST work on so you don't miss any on the first play-through... are listed FIRST! The ones that can be gotten at anytime should follow second, and the ones that unlock as you play the game should be LAST (except for games that have MP - those should be DEAD LAST).

Anyway... I'm not faulting the info in your guide, just the order in which they are listed. If you have other guides you've listed... you might want to take a look at the order those are listed in, too!! :)

P.S. I will delete this once you've made the changes and I am made aware of it (you can message me through Xbox LIVE).

exit9500 07-23-2013 04:37 AM

There's no reason for him to change his guide. He gives good explanations on how to get each achievement and in his roadmap lists each achievement that is missable and gives a brief explanation on how to get it. Compared to many guides that I have used on here that is a huge advantage, as most just say that there are missable achievements (sometimes how many) but not actually which ones are missable. You can then use this information to look up the achievements in the guide.

This leaves two points of view on achievement hunting:
First that you play the game to get the achievements
or Second you play the game to enjoy it and then finish up any achievements.

Most people in the First group (which it sounds like you are) would read through the entire guide before starting the game and set up a plan, or at least get an idea, on how to get the achievements. While the second would play the game blind first and then do the same.

As for the walkthroughs, I assume you are talking about tastefulmrship's walkthroughs, where right at the beginning he says that the walkthrough will get you the achievements, but you will miss between 25-50% of the game. The quote is from his intro to the Episode 1 walkthrough.


Originally Posted by tastefulmrship (Post 1983383)
I can't be held accountable for the results! This walkthrough is set out exactly how I did it, it does work! HONEST!
If you follow this walkthrough as it is you will get all 12 achievements in the correct order, however you will have experienced about 75% of the game and well under 50% of the conversations (256 on the leaderboard).

I should also note that the achievement hunting styles I listed earlier assume that you are going for all the achievements and that you either want a blind (no previous knowledge generally for enjoyment) or achievement maximization first playthrough.

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