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tsukasa1288 01-14-2010 02:07 PM

All achivements translated to English
The long hillside road - 30g
Clear the prologue and this will unlock

CLANNAD - 100g
Clear all scenarios and this will unlock

Secret Achievements

My hair, I'm still going to grow it longer - 50g
Clear Kyou Fujibayashi's scenario

The full bloom cherry blossom - 50g
Clear Tomoyo Sakagami's scenario

The spacious garden - 50g
Clear Kotomi Ichinose's scenario

The day will someday come - 50g
Clear Fuko Ibuki's scenario

Through the thick and thin together - 50g
Clear Nagisa Furukara's scenario

Continuing from here - 50g
Clear Ryou Fujibayashi's scenario

The brightness of just two people - 50g
Clear Kappei Hiiragi's scenario

The journeys end - 50g
Clear Toshio Koumura's scenario

Always near - 50g
Clear Misae Sagara's scenario

Gentle scenery - 50g
Clear Yukine Miyazawa's scenario

Add up the fun - 50g
Clear the Sunohara siblings' scenario

The first radiance - 30g
Obtain your first ball of light

Fantasia World - 50g
Obtain all the balls of light

The palm of a small hand - 50g
Earn the true ending for After Story

Ultimate Weapon Sakagami - 40g
Earn a 64 hit combo with Sakagami

Fuko Master - 40g
Change your class to "Fuko Master"

Glory of the Furukawa Bakers - 50g
Clear the grass-lot baseball scenario

This way to Fluttering Heart-Beat Academy - 40g
Clear the game-book called "This way to Fluttering Heart-Beat Academy"

"Jet" Saito appearance! - 40g
Cause "Jet" Saito to appear

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! - 50g
Earn the Sunohara ending

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