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Diego Knyte 02-16-2010 05:34 AM

Dead Space Money/Item Glitch Guide
Welcome to my Dead Space Money/Item Glitch Guide.

First off, this may be a long read for some. I've included things like tips, tricks and foibles I've come across as it pertains to the gameplay while doing what this whole thread is about. If you want to skip ahead to the meat of it, feel free. If you're new to this game and would like some pre-playin' blah blah or you can't sleep and need to doze off, keep reading.

What these Glitches are and how they work...

There are, on certain levels, some items that can be duplicated via various means. Doing these glitches to duplicate said items can give you more Med Packs and money to aid in the progression of the game and/or gaining certain achievements. Not all items can be duplicated, it appears only a very few can. Doing any of these glitches requires a certain amount of effort from the player by moving an outlined item on specific levels to a certain position, running somewhere or tripping a save point and returning to the item location. Again, most of the found dupable items are outlined below.

This guide was compiled after researching multiple posts, threads and You Tube videos so I could do the glitching myself. An observation was noted that there were at times confusion and/or problems getting the glitching to work for some gamers. I tried to make this a complete how-to and informational resource to help those who are having trouble with these glitches. this guide has also been updated with contributions to this thread.

These glitches in my guide were done on the XBOX 360 version of the game. It appears that these glitches seem to also work on other platforms as well. One thing I will not be condoning nor discussing is the use of a Trainer for the PC/Windows version of the game. Using that is blatant cheating.

There are players out there who are purists when it comes to playing games. Of which they may frown upon the exploitation of glitches, seeing it as a form of cheating. They are perfectly entitled to their opinion. My only request is if you are just going to bash this thread, please don't. This thread is meant to help those who choose to use it. If you got through the game without any glitching, you're better at this game than I am.

With the pleasantries out of the way, on with the guide…

This first post in this thread is tailored towards info and general guidelines which seems to work across the board with 5 known Chapters (Four of which were verified on the 360 version by myself) you can glitch on. Following that will be the Chapter specific instructions and videos. It's kind of a long read but it may answer most of your questions.

General info about saving your progress and glitching...

Do not Save your game in the middle of glitching and do not pick up items into your inventory until you are ready to. The reason is it appears that each item has a specific game Item ID. If you pick up that item into inventory, including a duplicated one, it will register that it was picked up for that current save. If you then save and reload the same save the game will think you have picked it up. You will need to Kinesis-grab the items while duplicating them so you'll have multiple ID items on-screen at once.

Additionally, you will see in the guide that after moving most of the first move of an item to be duplicated, you will be instructed to Save your game. A little contradictory but this will set the duplication point for most of the items. And when you start to dupe you will have 1 plus the first move item in the exact same spot. It's a glitch remember, don't over think it. =)

When you are ready to start a respective Chapter glitch, SAVE your game to a couple of slots BEFORE you start moving items around. This is so if the duplication seems to have stopped way before it should have, a simple reload can get you started again. A couple of reasons it may have stopped are because an accidental item inventory pick-up during a Kinesis-hold or the glitch glitched on you.

And another thing about Saving. You can safely Save to several Save slots without fear of screwing up any "On the same save" achievements like Maxed out. The "Same Save" term refers to the Round you are playing on the skill level you initially started playing on. When you are done with the last Chapter (12) and are prompted to save, do so. Then load that "Completed" game to start anew (on the same skill level but Round 2) with all the stats and inventory from the previous save...

...This includes all the cash and items you have put into the Store Safe! Not to mention you can redo all the glitches again if you need to!

Keep a Node or 2 in your inventory. Some of these glitches require you to use a Node to access Node rooms. It was noticed too that on Chapter 4, for example, every time you walk up to the door it may ask you to use another Node to open/unlock the door. Using another Node is NOT necessary! Just step back a tad and the icon will change. Every Node door throughout the game only requires 1 Node to open, period!

Also you can go online to the XBOX Live Marketplace and purchase a Level 5 suit (I recommend the TANK suit with 60% armor) and DL the Heavy Damage weapons too. This will open up all 25 inventory slots and give you a weapon damage boost to boot.

What you can glitch duplicate and what Chapter...

Currently there are 4 Chapters I have verified to contain specific locations to duplicate certain items. Two additions for Chapter 2 were added and an alternate method for Chapter 3 too but they are personally unverified as I don't have the game anymore. The dupe glitches are as follows…

Chapter 2: 3,000 Credit Bill - unverified - see video
Chapter 2: 10,000 Credit Bill - unverified - see videos
Chapter 3: 5,000 Credit Bill
Chapter 3 alternate: 5,000 Credit Bill + Med Pack - unverified - see video
Chapter 4: 5,000 Credit Bill, Large Med Pack and a Gold Semiconductor
Chapter 10: Large Med Pack
Chapter 11: Ruby Semiconductor and the Peng Treasure

It appears that these dupe-able items have a Maximum number of times it will duplicate per location. I've read that different players have different numbers, some more & less. Not sure exactly why but here's my numbers…

3,000 Credit Bill - unverified - see video
10,000 Credit Bill - unverified - see videos
5,000 Credit Bills - Maxed out at 630K each location
Large Med Packs (5K each) - Maxed out at about 24-27 each location
Gold Semiconductor (3K each) - Maxed out about 20
Ruby Semiconductor (10K each) - Maxed out about 20 (Some report WAY more)
Peng Treasure (30K each) - Got 50 to dupe but didn't try to find a Maximum

The maximum amount of actual Store usable credits you may have at any given time is 999,999. For items that you still have that you want to sell, put them in the Safe and sell later as needed. Anything you sell after a million is wasted and will not count. After the Chapter 3 glitch, watch how much you spend and have room for a potential full take of 630K on Chapter 4. Otherwise you'll waste cash.

Buy a bunch of Nodes for 10K each at the Store and upgrade most of your suit and whatever guns you like at a Bench. Don't waste Nodes on empty Node holes unless you need to fill them to reach other upgrades. Blank Node holes do NOTHING except bridge the path to other upgrades.

One more note...

Some players have posted that no matter what they try, duplicating the items did not work. Someone stated there might have been a 2nd run of this game that had patched this ability(?) but as of yet is unconfirmed. Although I played the game entirely offline and got all of them to work, I loaded the game while online to check for an Xbox Live patch. None loaded when the game booted and I started a test game. If there was a patch for my version of the game it would have downloaded long before starting a new game.

Updated Feb 19th, 2010: I just realized that I played the gray boxed Platinum version of the game, so it's probably safe to say it's NOT a first run burning. So if this dupe glitch just won't work for you, I'm at a loss. GL!

Updated Oct 11th, 2010: Added intro paragraph on what duplication glitching is as suggested by Tyger7. Also added a Chapter 2 3K Credit Bill video and description excerpt supplied by qoob in this thread.

Updated June 26th, 2011: Added a Chapter 2 10K Bill dupe description and videos supplied by halopriest. Also added an alternate method for the Chapter 3 5K Bill which allows for a Med Pack to dupe as well from JuSt BLaZe.

Next post, ON WITH THE DUPING!!!!

Diego Knyte 02-16-2010 05:36 AM

Chapter 2: 3,000 Credit Bill

This was posted in this thread by qoob to dupe a 3K Credit Bill. I have not verified this for the 360 version because I don't own the game anymore. The Video below for the PS3 version looks legit enough to add to the guide.

"As soon as you get out of the monorail you get your Kinesis upgrade. After you pushed the boxes away you will come to a big room where 3000 credits are inside. Don't pick them up because you can duplicate them :). Open the door on the right side of the save point, grab the credits with your kinesis and go down the hallway until the credits disappear. Go back up the hallway and back through the door to the save point and once again through the same door. The credits should now be floating in mid-air. Grab them from a distance and shoot them against the wall (on the side where the corpses are).Go down to the point where the credits are floating and then go back up the ramp to the corpse by the door and you should here a sound, the credits in mid-air are back again. You just have to go up and down and repeat the last steps..."

You Tube Video by AkumaKAERU

Chapter 2: 10,000 Credit Secret Bill

This was posted in this thread by halopriest to find and dupe a 10K Credit Bill. Unverified but videos look legit. Should work on all versions.

"When you enter the vacuum you have to get the 10.000 credits first. Therefor run to the other door but don't walk through it yet, instead turn right an watch a corpse passing by (from right to left). A little left to the corpse you can see the credits...

"Grab the money from outer space with kinesis and carry it back from where you came from. Drop it in the small room and save. Now grab the credits drop them at the save station, walk to the elvator [sic] and back to the room with the credits."

Youtube video by mitko1251...

Youtube Video by RexRage37...

Chapter 3: 5,000 Credit Bill

There appears to be 2 methods. The first is just the 5K Bill and the last is for both the 5K + Med Pack.

Here's what I did…

At the bottom of the shaft, where you have to go through the fast moving door which requires Stasis to slow down. Ignore the Node door to the right of this Stasis door at this time. Go through the Stasis door, kill the baddies and reach the Save Point. SAVE to 2 or 3 slots. Go back down the ramp, down the hallway and through the Stasis door. Use a Node to open the door. Kinesis-grab the 5,000 Credit bill and return the the Stasis door. Drop the bill, slow the door then Kinesis-grab the bill again and carry it through. Drop the 5K bill on the tile before the hallway drops down about a foot (I believe it's the 4 tile).

Return to the Save Point and Save to one of your save slots. It is OK to save this first move to set the duplication respawn point. Now, walk down to where you dropped it, Kinesis-grab it and move it to the 3rd tile. The first time you'll probably see another 5K already there, move that one there too. I wouldn't Kinesis-throw it here as you might loose it through the floor. After moving it return to the Save Point but do NOT activate it. Just let the icon change. Go back down and to-do, another 5K! Note that if you run back up and down from the save point you will probably see the cash respawn.

Keep doing this until it stops. If it seems like it stopped duplicating early because either you picked up the bill by accident into your inventory or the glitch got glitched, this is where that duplicate save you did on another slot comes in handy. Reload the save where you have to go back through the Stasis door and start over. For the full 630K it'll probably take you about an hour and change. Save when you're all done.

Also note, for this Chapter and only this one, the audio goes wonky the longer you have been glitching the cash (on the XBOX 360 I know anyway). Just keep going until you are done. Save the game, then quit entirely. Reload the game, then that last save, and the audio will be back to normal. Now use this money to upgrade your suit, Kinesis and Stasis when you reach the next Store and Bench. Also some weapons if you like.

Used these videos for help. The first video is what I did…

You Tube Video by r0x0t0...

You Tube Video by Scorpius41…

You Tube Video by Sargeant Beckett for the alternate method...

Chapter 4: 5,000 Credit Bill, Large Med Pack (5K each) and Gold Semiconductor (3K each)

Here it goes…

You'll get to the part of the level where a door blows out on your right and suddenly you're in a vacuum. Straight ahead of you is a door with a Bench and to the left of that door is a hallway to an airlock. Go through the airlock, clear out all the baddies while avoiding the blue gravity particles coming from the floor. You'll notice there's another Node door in this room. Return to that Save Point you passed before the door blew out and again Save to 2 slots. Return to that Node door and open it.

OK, there are 3 items here to duplicate. The 5K bill, a Large Med Pack and a Gold Semiconductor. Do NOT try to dupe all 3 at once, you will short-change yourself! Start with the 5K as it's the most yummy. Additionally, only pick up the one you are duping first. One of the videos below show the guy JUST entering the room as to not let the door close behind him. This is NOT necessary and you'll probably won't grab the cash first. Walk in and position yourself to Kinesis-grab the 5K bill and leave the room by dropping, open door and Kinesis-grab etc. Drop this 5K in the middle of the room where the round door is in front of you (Going through this door enters vacuum). Now run and resave so this'll be the respawn point.

Now to dupe that cash! Open the round door and Kinesis-grab the bill, then throw it to the back of the room. You don't need to let the door close. Again, like the Chapter 3 dupe, there's probably a second bill already there. Throw that one too. Now run back to the door where the Bench is and let the doors' icon change. I didn't have to open it. Now run back and open the round door and the 5K should have respawned. Again, Kinesis-grab it and throw. Rinse and repeat! Now some have stated that they had to enter the Bench room and let the benches' icon change. If the first didn't work then try that. Also keep in mind that you'll be needing Air because you're in a vacuum! Either use the Air cheat found in this thread here or let a door close behind you to exit a vacuum. There were a couple of times I spaced it and died, thus had to restart the dupe run. DOH!

OK, you got 630K or as much as you need (whichever comes first) and you're ready to dupe the next item. Go and Save again but instead of starting up with duping the Large Med Pack, return to the Store room on the second floor. This is to make sure your path of baddies after you dupe is clear. If you like when you get back to the Store unload all your inventory except your guns with full ammo. The ammo currently loaded in your guns do not show in your inventory slots. If you don't have all 25 inventory slots free you may have to Kenisis-grab items from the dupe spot, up the elevator and back to the Store. You may only get about 24 Large Med Packs to duplicate, which is plenty! But if you do get more either live with what you can carry in your inventory or move them all to the store. Your choice. Return to the Store and move them to the Safe or sell em'.

After the Large Med Pack, finish up with the Gold Semiconductor. Same way as before. I duped 20 of them which all fit into my inventory and they sold for 3K each at the Store. Not much compared to the 630K in Credits but it's nothing to shake a stick at! Save when you're all done.

Used this video for help...

You Tube Video by StudyTheSequence

Chapter 10: Large Med Pack (5K each)

This one is to dupe some Large Med Packs. Get to the part of the level where the Church leader guy (I forget his name) is on the spinning monitor in the center of the room. His blah blah is looped. Clear out this room of vermin and go to the room where the Node door is. No need to unlock it yet. Or do, your choice. Return back up to the Store to make sure the path is clear again. Return down to that spinning monitor room and again use 2 save slots at that Save Point you passed.

Open the Node room and Kinesis-grab that Large Med Pack. Go back thru the door leading to the monitor room and drop the LMP to the right of the door. Run back to the Save Point and Save then return to the dropped LMP. Kinesis-grab both of them and move 'em. Return to the Save Point and trip the icon save, do not open the save screen. Go back to the where you dropped the LMP. You'll probably see it respawn so hang tight if it's not there when you return.

Like the LMP from level 4 you may only get like 24-27 of them before they just stop respawning. Kinesis-grab them up to the Store or pick them all up in your empty inventory. Whichever works for you. Return to the Store and move as many as you like to the Safe.

Used this video for help...

You Tube Video by HayateSlash


Diego Knyte 02-16-2010 05:36 AM

Chapter 11: Ruby Semiconductor (10K each)

Alright, this is a weird one, if not tricky. You can choose to leave this one and go straight to the Peng Treasure duplication as it might be more worth your time. The Ruby Semiconductors are worth 10K Credits and the Peng Treasures are worth 30K Credits each. If you HAPPEN to get 100 Ruby's to duplicate, which I couldn't get close to and you get them back to the Store you'll get 1 Million Credits for a 1-2 hours work. For about an hour of work you'll have 1.5 Million with the Peng Treasure after duping only 50 of them. This is PLENTY. You're just 1 level away from completing all 12 Chapters and if you plan to stick out another full Round for the One Gun achievement, this is more than enough money.

Instead of describing how to duplicate the Ruby Semiconductor use the video below for help.

You Tube Video uploaded by KingCoffeeduck

Chapter 11: Peng Treasure (30K each)

For duplicating the the Peng Treasure there's a video which has you do it the same way as the Ruby Semiconductor. It seems to work but was really tricky to do and kind of a pain for me. I didn't get more than 5 to duplicate.

The video of the first method is just below but you can choose to skip to my sure-fire alternate method after it...

You Tube Video by KingCoffeeduck

My alternate Peng Treasure method…

I happened upon an alternate method by accident. For me it was way more consistent and less cumbersome.

After clearing out the Docking Bay waiting area, following the elevator ride near the Tram, enter the Hangar and watch the cutscene of the Shuttle landing. Return and Save your game to 2 slots BEFORE you pick up the Peng Treasure. Return to the Hangar and the Peng is to your right and down in the recess between the ship landings. Kinesis-grab it and return to the waiting area. Drop the Peng in the middle of the room in straight sight of the big door to the left of the Save Point. Enter the small Security door to the right of the Save Point. Run to the far right of the room past the door in front of you. You should hear a "Pa-Woosh" sound which plays when you walk over an in-game trip-wire. Return to where the Peng Treasure was and it's there again! Pick it up and repeat! You can opt to Kinesis-throw the Peng at the door while making your way back to the waiting area. This might make it a tad quicker.

Like I said, I duplicated about 50 of them then stopped. I did activate that "Pa-Woosh" one more time and looked and another did respawn but I left it. I bet more could have been gotten but I'll leave that up to you guys to decipher. A million and a half credits was more than enough for me. When you are done, do that Kinesis-grab thing and get them back to the Store. Sell enough to get 999,999 and Safe the rest.

Forgot to mention, if you haven't already, you can get the "There's Always Peng [15G]" Achievement here after your initial dupe-start save and before you dupe. If you want the 'cheeve quick, Kinesis-grab it, pick it up into inventory, BLIP goes the 'cheeve then reload the save and start duplicating it. If you don't care about it yet, Dupe away! You'll get it when you reach the store and pick up the first Peng to sell.

Here's the video of my Peng method…

My You Tube Video...

So there you have it, Glitching Credits and Items in Dead Space. You'll have enough credits for the Maxed Out (upgrade all weapons) by the end of the first play through.

Thanks to The Mau5 and everyone who contributed.

If I forget to add anything or you have things to contribute, share it. This guide will probably not be updated as I've moved onto other things.

Thanks and frag safe!

- Dk

Ninja x360a 02-16-2010 09:20 PM

This should help me get Maxed Out a bunch faster, saving me multiple playthroughs :woop:
Then again, I might judt do multiple playthroughs..

uDontWanaDoThat 03-03-2010 04:44 PM

Peng duping shortcut (ruby as well)

Originally Posted by Diego Knyte (Post 2791599)
Chapter 11: Peng Treasure (30K each)

For duplicating the the Peng Treasure there's a video which has you do it the same way as the Ruby Semiconductor. It seems to work but was really tricky to do and kind of a pain for me. I didn't get more than 5 to duplicate. The video of the first method is here...

This works and well: However unlike the video I found that just bringing the Peng into the room and walking past the door while close to the wall (watch vid in original post for exact locations) will make it do its vanishing act (making going through that side door with peng not nesssary) So after the vanishing act of peng walk to the far wall then walk back to the side door activate it and step back to the same wall as the save point in the corner facing the far wall on the other side long enough for it to close and reset again then the peng should appear again just pick it up with Kinesis and drop anywhere by the exit door (Which should be to your right) after which you can then run to the wall again and back to the door activate and step back. Rinse and repeat. I was able to dupe 53 of them before they stopped apearing.

Added: the door that the vid tells you to always go to for every dupe (the one leading to save point) you do not need to go to this door at any time during the duping it looked like he needed to do so but the dupe works without going to that door.

(Warning) If you pick up the peng (rather than kinesis-Grabbing it) you will be unable to dupe it although I haven't tested this to know for sure (never tried to drop it after I started picking them up so I don't know if it gives the option to drop it. Even so I herd that if you do pick it up you can't dupe it)

Also you can also do this with the Ruby Semiconductor using the same method as the peng however I found the only to make it appear is after you go the the wall and back to the door once u activate it and step back wait for the door to close and finish resetting once its done take a step forward towards where the item spawns it should just appear on the floor or suspended in mid air (when i did it it was in mid air every time)

(Note: for some reason the ruby conductor doesn't like to appear every time it seems like you have to move forward at the right time after the door resets about 2-3 seconds don't know why you need to move forward but it wouldn't ever appear unless i did and if i waited to long i got nothing)

the first vid in original post says that the peng dupe is vary difficult however I disagree I had to fiddle with it for no more than 5 min b4 I got it to work after that (and my modifications to what he did in the vid i was duping one about every 10 seconds 30k every 10 seconds is amazing even if you have to drag what u cant carry all the way to the store (so they don't go poof gone on you) so I say if you plan to play more play thrus or need to get upgrades really fast getting 34 of them will be more than enough to complete the game and 34 of them will yield over 1mill in credits. however the max is 999,999C so if u dupe more than 34 of them save the rest in the safe or they will be sold for nothing.:woop:

(2nd of 10 posts for ability to edit profile)

weasel7711 03-03-2010 10:25 PM

Thanks for the guide.

vueduebabe 04-15-2010 01:06 PM

In chap.10 you can also dup. the ruby conductor thats behind the bunks using the same method used for the med pack. Great guide it helped me out a lot. I'm on my 2nd play through now and and used the chap 3 money glitch and it quit early 3 times,but i was able to dup the med. med pack about 20 times.

Audiomonk 04-19-2010 10:25 PM

Nice guide to help me max out! Also, this will help with my gamerscore!

jai92 04-20-2010 02:12 AM

Thanks for the guide mate :)

Will probably do the CH. 10 and 11 ones because I think I passed the other two!

MigrantAleXx 04-20-2010 07:39 AM

Nice i can finaly get the last achivment befor i attempt the game on impossible :) thnx alot :drunk

guillermo316 05-07-2010 09:32 PM

this doesnt dissable achievement right?

Sphinx USMC 05-08-2010 10:06 PM

So I was just doing the last one (the PENG treasure), and when I dropped it in the room with the save (same as the video), then ran through the door on the right to make the "woosh" sound, and when i came back to where i dropped it in that same room, it duped there! it was pretty sweet, it only took about 10seconds per dupe and made about 30 before i stopped.

Diego Knyte 05-17-2010 03:25 AM


Originally Posted by guillermo316 (Post 3065741)
this doesnt dissable achievement right?

Correct, you'll still get your cheevo's! :)

Diego Knyte 05-17-2010 03:28 AM


Originally Posted by Sphinx USMC (Post 3068513)
So I was just doing the last one (the PENG treasure), and when I dropped it in the room with the save (same as the video), then ran through the door on the right to make the "woosh" sound, and when i came back to where i dropped it in that same room, it duped there! it was pretty sweet, it only took about 10seconds per dupe and made about 30 before i stopped.

Nice! That made short work of 900,000ish smack-a-roos! :cool:

IS Achilles SI 05-18-2010 11:10 PM

Great info on all the glitches. They helped me beat the game on the impossible difficulty...don't know how I could have done it without the stasis refill cheat!!

newbsicle 05-25-2010 12:12 PM

If you're using the duplication method found in Kingcoffeeduck's video, make sure you run past the point of where the treasure spawns after tossing it across the room. Next touch the far door, then the door closest to where it re-spawns and it will come up every time. Then just repeat the process however many times you like.

iincrdblhlk 06-12-2010 06:55 PM

Hey Also on the LEVEL 10 LMP dupe.. when you exhaust the Med Pack.. You can go ahead and move that bed thing, and theres a Red Ruby Chip thing on the ground, do the same thing drag it out to the Room with the TV thing.. save and keep going back n forth and that Ruby thing is worth 10,000

XxBlueSpade2xX 06-29-2010 08:31 AM

This was a HUGE help! :) Thanks a lot.

Drones 07-03-2010 09:44 PM

Genius! Thank you.

Dazed iLLusion 07-05-2010 03:19 AM

Great Guide! thanks! :)

Daaanty 07-11-2010 01:18 AM

Sweet. I just started this game last week, so this will be a huge help.

Tyger7 07-19-2010 11:45 AM

It'd be nice if you put in an introduction of some sort, like before everything. The first thing I think people should know about this, before attempting or reading further, is what exactly the glitch is. How does it work? I haven't tried it, as I saw this while on Chapter 5 of impossible (plus I don't need the achievement for maxing everything and using only one gun this play). Just an example of what I think would be good for describing.

What The Glitch Is and How It Works

This glitch will duplicate certain items at certain points of the game. Not every item can be duplicated, there are only a few known places that this will work. It involves getting to a point in the game that has an auto save, normally positioned by a door that has items. You open the door and use telekenisis on the item you want duplicated. Now backtrack and lay the item on the ground. Every time you pass that autosave, it will respawn the item that you took thinking you hadn't grabbed it yet. Keep doing so until it stops respawning (some items seem to stop after a random amount). Now grab all the items at once, do what you want with them, and then save. Read below for specific locations this has been found to work.

Now, I don't know how it works really, and haven't tried it. This is just what I got out of browsing through it. I just think an explanation of what someone is about to do will help. Looking at the youtube videos, I can't really tell what's going on besides the duplication. Maybe I just like knowing what exactly is happening while the glitch is taking place. I'm sure people can just mimic it and it'll work. Just an idea!

Fullbrook 07-20-2010 06:36 PM

Awesome guide, helped tons.

For the Peng treasure I did how you outlined, worked like a charm.

On my impossible play through I was going to grab a couple pengs just incase I needed some healthpacks for the end.
What I ended up doing (totally by mistake) was grab the peng as soon as you enter that area and drop it outside of the big door. The door will be locked at this point until you go do the next part of the mission. Once you are able to get back into the room with the save station, and the little room that makes the noise, it will spawn where you dropped it outside of the big door, saving time running all the way down where it normally spawns.

It just made it a lot faster since you don't have to wait for the big door a second time on the way back, or run the extra distance.

CPADRON19 07-22-2010 01:00 AM

Hey also on chapter 10, there's a ruby semi conductor in the bunk area in the same room as the Large med pack and you can dupe that too, so when your done duping med packs you can go straight to those.

mr1861 07-26-2010 01:48 PM

Thanks for the awesome guide...I played and beat for the fist time and am planning to do the impossible mode this week...this will help! MR1861

mr1861 07-26-2010 01:54 PM

I love

medionex 08-03-2010 12:12 AM

this will certainly help with impossible. cheers!

Sixfeetbehind 08-23-2010 12:46 PM

The "Peng Duplication"-Glitch helped a lot! Thx very much, I have the "Maxed Up"-Achievement now!

qoob 08-24-2010 01:27 PM

You can also dupe in chapter 2:

As soon as you get out of the monorail you get your Kinesis upgrade. After you pushed the boxes away you will come to a big room where 3000 credits are inside. Don't pick them up because you can duplicate them :). Open the door on the right side of the save point, grab the credits with your kinesis and go down the hallway until the credits disappear. Go back up the hallway and back through the door to the save point and once again through the same door. The credits should now be floating in mid-air. Grab them from a distance and shoot them against the wall (on the side where the corpses are).Go down to the point where the credits are floating and then go back up the ramp to the corpse by the door and you should here a sound, the credits in mid-air are back again. You just have to go up and down and repeat the last steps...

TheMovement81 09-03-2010 08:38 AM

I don't think anything like this has been mentioned yet so I wanted to add that I found a way to make the Chapter 10 med pack dupe go a bit faster.

Make the necessary saves and open the node room as usual. Kinesis grab the med pack and take it just before the door leading back to the room with the guy on the monitor. Just drop them in the corner to the right of the door. (The door is named something like Sleep Bunks C if I remember correctly)

Now....instead of running all the way to trip the save icon thing, just go through the door and run straight ahead and go down the few stairs that lead to the middle of the room. Apparently there is a "whoosh" (checkpoint) thing here so once you go down the stairs just go back up and re-enter the node room. The med pack will be respawned and you can continue duping this way.

Doing it this way was quicker for me. However, when I did it I got 16 med packs and then it stopped duping. This may be different for other people, it just needs to be tested more I guess. Anyway, I just thought I would pass it along for anyone looking to save a bit of time for this particular duplication.

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