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Mulsiphix 04-02-2007 03:48 AM

Boss Strategy Guide (Perfect For Boss Blitz)
I came across a FAQ for Heavy Weapon over at Within the only FAQ for the game there is a boss section that details each boss, includes its weaknesses, and the authors strategy for defeating each boss. This FAQ should cover everything needed to complete Boss Blitz. All credit goes to the author of the FAQ Xdaamno. Enjoy! :woop:

Boss 1: Twinblade
Difficulty: 1/10

Appearence: A large duel-winged plane. Not much else to say about it,

Weapons: Two homing rocket launchers, positioned in the middle of
each 'wing'.

Destructible Parts: It's two rocket launchers can both be destroyed, leaving
it unable to attack.

Strategy: Overall, fairly easy. Stay the furthest distance away possible,
and shoot each missile as it comes. If you need to destroy one of the
launchers, do so. In this case, it may be a good idea to position yourself
directly underneath the other, so you can immediately destroy each
missile as it appears, or soon after. This also makes taking out the other
launcher particularly easy.

Boss 2: Battleship
Difficulty: 3/10

Appearance: A larger battle frigate equipped with various weapons and
a main 'building' in the center.

Weapons: Two plasma cannons on each side of the ship fire two plasma
shots, but only one side is visible at first. Also, the middle of the ship fires
a homing missile.

Destructible Parts: The plasma cannons can be destroyed. When the first
two are destroyed, the ship moves across and reveals another two for you
to defeat.

Strategy: The main problem here is the plasma cannons, which can deal
considerable damage. You should be able to defeat it simply by attacking
the middle, but, if necessary, take out one of the plasma cannons.
Defeating both will just add another two, and you could of defeated
the thing itself before you dealt with all these. Aim your fire at your
target, and strafe underneath it, according to the plasma shots. Shoot
the missiles when possible.

Boss 3: War Blimp
Difficulty: 3/10

Appearance: A large bomber blimp, with a logo on the front

Weapons: Two stages, which it switches between. The first has the blimp
firing tough roto-mines, which are hard to defeat with your primitive weapons.
The second fires a ray upwards that makes small meteors rain on your head.

Destructible Parts: None.

Strategy: Since the blimp is so big, this is all about strafing. All you need
is constant fire and good dodging skills. For the roto-mines, don't bother
shooting them; dodging is a better idea. Try to strafe underneath it since
the roto-mines vertically arc towards you. Being in a corner can get you
blocked in. The meteors are relativly easy to dodge, and require no real
skill other than that.

Boss 4: War Wrecker
Difficulty: 3/10, 6/10 if you don't know what you're doing.

Appearence: Looks like a crane base with a moving tower. A wrecking ball
is attached to the top.

Weapons: Remember the very first boss from Sonic? Almost an exact copy.
A large wrecking ball that is mounted on a tower sways from side to side.

Destructable Parts: None.

Strategy: Constant fire makes this a game of survival. As the wrecking ball
swings down from one side, it has a blind spot just below it. Follow in the
'tail' of the wrecking ball so that it never swings towards you, but instead
in front of you or over your head. Once you get the gist of it, it becomes
pretty easy.

Boss 5: Gorillazilla
Difficulty: 5/10

Appearence: Looks like an army version of Donkey Kong, really.
Humourusly brutish.

Weapons: Fires large missiles over his head, that explode. They fire 6
plasma shots in a hexagonal pattern. He then proceeds to jump the other
side of the field, before jumping back/firing more.

Destructable Parts: None

Strategy: Keep your fire trained on him. While he shoots the missiles, keep
your gun on him as you can't stop them exploding. Pay attention to the
plasma shots and dodge appropriately. Keep your distance. When he starts
jumping, look for a gap in-between his jumps and stroll through to the other

Boss 6: Eyebot
Difficulty: 6/10

Appearence: A large central eye with 6 extendeing tentacles.

Weapons: A plasma turret that comes from his 'eye'. When he's finished with
this, his outstretching tentacles/stalks will light up randomly, and fire a
lethal laser underneath.

Destructable Parts: His tentacles can all be destroyed, leaving him with a
plasma cannon.

Strategy: Make sure to dodge all his plasma fire, and keep your weapons
trained on the eye. When he is shooting lasers, pay careful attention to the
stalks. If you are underneath a glowing stalk, move, fast. When he is in this
mode the eye cannot be damaged.

Boss 7: Herd Zeppelin
Difficulty: 6/10

Appearence: A massive floating bust of the leader who installed communism
in Russia.

Weapons: Shoots armoured and unarmoured homing missiles. Can use a
bombsweep, flying overhead, constantly dropping bombs.

Destructable Parts: None

Strategy: When he is using homing missiles, keep as large a distance as
possible. Any that your spread shot do not destroy, deal with yourself.
Your defence orbs might deal with a few, but don't rely on them too much.
When he does his bomb sweep, keep moving towards the other side,
through his bombs, firing your gun forwards but slightly in the air, to destroy
any bombs above you. Then proceed to mow him down with whatever
weapons you have.

Boss 8: Mechworm
Difficulty: 9/10

Appearence: A hugh mechanical worm-bug with a 3-part segmented tail and
a viscious-looking head.

Weapons: A headbutt attack when he digs underground and blasts
upwards.Boulders fly out when he blasts from the ground. There are
several redsections on his body, which produce homing missiles.
Can leap outfrom underneath you after a third of his health is gone.

Destructable Parts: Body sections that produce homing missiles can be

Strategy: Pay attention to the ghround rumbling; he will come out of that spot,
so move away quickly. When he is above ground, aim for the head. When
the head drips below ground, start to shoot the lastmost segment. This will
destroy him as fast as possible. Basic dodging skills are also needed

Boss 9: H-Bot
Difficulty: 8/10

Appearence: A huge robot on a... pogostick?

Weapons: Homing missiles and laser eyes. He can alsol and on you and
destroy you.

Destructable Parts: His arms and missile launchers can be destroyed. When
his arms are destroyed, his eyes active and starting shooting lasers.

Strategy: This guys is actually pretty easy. Move under him when he jumps
upwards. Constantly fire at his head, and the incoming projectiles. The laser
eyes are dangerous, though. Stay as close to him as possible so to reduce
the y trajectory of the laser, making it ultimately less deadly since it covers
less ground.

Mulsiphix 04-02-2007 03:50 AM

The following bosses are reincarnations of the ones you previously fought,
but upgraded.

Boss 10: Twinblade
Difficulty: 3/10

Extra Changes: A twin-plasma cannon that fires methodically from the
center to the edges and back.

Boss 11: Battleship
Difficulty: 6/10

Extra Changes: The plasma cannons are made even more dangerous, with
twice the fire rate.

Boss 12: War Blimp
Difficulty: 5/10

Extra Changes: Increased duration of the meteor shower, along with a
larger number of roto-mines.

Boss 13: War Wrecker
Difficulty: 7/10

Extra Changes: The wrecking ball, after gaining momentum, now sprays
debris when colliding with the ground, too.

Boss 14: Gorillazilla
Difficulty: 6/10

Extra Changes: He takes two jumps instead of three, giving you one less
opportunity to pass under him.

Boss 15: Eyebot
Difficulty: 7/10

Extra Changes: The laser cannons that shoot from his stalks now fire at
double the rate.

Boss 16: Herd Zeppelin
Difficulty: 7/10

Extra Changes: He now fires two homing missiles instead of one, at a time.

Boss 17: Mechworm
Difficulty: 10/10

Extra Changes: He now creates more debris, and has a longer tail to shoot
missiles with.

Boss 18: H-Bot
Difficulty: 9/10

Extra Changes: He now fires his laser eyes at twice the rate.

Boss 19: 'Secret Weapon'
Difficulty: 10/10

Appearence: A large pod coated in steel.

Weapons: There are three stages that he switches to upon health damage.
1st: He will fire lasers either straight down, diagonally or in a helix shape.
2nd: You will be bombarded with plasma shots, and the occasional nuke.
3rd: A shower of homing missiles will constantly attack you.

Destructable Parts: Well, itself. You can break it's shell off to reveal a new

1st stage: If you can keep your distance, it's difficult for him to attack you.
Try staying at the very edge of the screen, where you rarely get hit. The
lasers will eat your entire shield and orbs up in one shot, so make sure
you aren't hit.

2nd stage: Make sure to pay attention to the plasma shots and keep your
weapons trained on him. You should be positioned directly underneath him,
firing upwards, so any nukes he releases you are immediately destroying.

3rd stage: Pretty standard tactics, dodge and destroy the homing missiles,
while doing your best to wear his health down.

Rioto 04-30-2007 04:12 PM

I hate this mode!!! i make it easy to the last boss but i always get noobed by those lasers or nukes :(

deathbypig37x 05-05-2007 11:46 PM

Thanks for putting this up! (Although I probably will never unlock boss nlitz mode...:( )
Thanks again man, this is REAL detailed.

swirlymanx 11-10-2007 09:44 PM

Thanks for making it, helps out a lot

Kyanite 06-29-2008 06:31 AM

I take issue with what this guide says. Gorillazilla jumps three times both times you fight it, and its rockets can be shot down. The first time you take on Head Zeppelin, it fires more than one homing rocket at a time. The second time you fight it, its rate of fire has increased. I don't know what the author is talking about when he says Battleship only reveals two cannons at a time. Every time I fight it, all four cannons are firing at me. The second time you fight Mechworm, it stays underground for a shorter amount of time.

Other than those issues, this is a good guide.

XLO 05-25-2009 05:46 AM

thanks for the guide, I just got this game today and I'm at level 13 so when I finish the game I will use this for the achievement.

GHF BoltHawk 04-16-2010 06:28 PM

sweet thx dude helped me out alot the only problem i had was getting past the 2nd war wrecker and the 2nd mechworm

Dr.Philzzgood 01-08-2011 02:35 PM

Great guide thanks a lot ;)

strat08 06-21-2011 03:26 AM


Originally Posted by Kyanite (Post 965569)
I take issue with what this guide says. Gorillazilla jumps three times both times you fight it, and its rockets can be shot down. The first time you take on Head Zeppelin, it fires more than one homing rocket at a time. The second time you fight it, its rate of fire has increased. I don't know what the author is talking about when he says Battleship only reveals two cannons at a time. Every time I fight it, all four cannons are firing at me. The second time you fight Mechworm, it stays underground for a shorter amount of time.

Other than those issues, this is a good guide.

What was left out in the guide description is that the author was playing this game in standard def (480p or something like that). The game plays slightly differently for either graphics setting. Some people claim that the game is easier when you play in SD, but I've never really noticed a difference in difficulty.

DucknahEireann 06-21-2011 03:48 PM

Cheers for the guide. The games only 400 points on Deal of the Week so im going to invest in it.

Talaron 07-17-2011 11:57 PM

I found it a good strategy to save all nukes in Boss Blitz for the second phase of the last boss. So, you can make sure you won't have to replay everything again just because of the nukes.

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