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Col Boom Stick 04-03-2007 03:13 AM

How I smoked BMF
Just thought I would pass on a nugget of advice on beating this game on hard difficulty. Yes friends, I like you was pissed off at this game and ready to fling this disc across the room into the kitty litter box never again to pop it in my hallowed XBox. However there was a light. I struggled my ass all the way through this game. Im talkin 30-40 attempts per fight to get by. Until finally gettin cheesed out repeatedly by that fat bastard E-40 at what I was hoping was the nea r the end of the game. I noticed one little thing and afterwards I beat the final 5 or 6 fights on my first try including that Wheatly tool twice. If you just keep moving around your opponent without attacking and you dodge one of his attacks, you can very easily grab him back before he starts his next attack. I think it helps if you make your character 6'7'' so you have a longer reach. I stayed just out of blast radius and kept circling till I was close enough to him after a missed attack. Grab, chuck, spin that funky music white boy, repeat. Give it a shot, I went from nearly whipping my controller across the room, rolling the last 5 fights effortlessly. :)

Shaaady Souljah 04-03-2007 04:28 AM

pretty similar to how i beat it on hard...and i think i only lost twice the whole way through.

i would sit and wait for them to come at me. as soon as they are close to in range, start a roundhouse attack. this will stun them and then you can grab and chuck like Boom said. just another way, if you can't make them miss.... :)

I xp I shELmo 04-03-2007 12:29 PM

snap its much easier being a counter fighter, i just reversed and blocked everything then threw them at anything!

Seankichu 04-03-2007 12:34 PM

hoes fo sho
goddammit i already sweated through this the hard way, by fighting man to man.

You'd like to think that i may have come out all the better for it with Leet skillz or something but all i got was a nervous twitch that scares the hoes away.

ah well, at least i still got my girl Platinum (that backstabbing whore)...

PrinceWilliam93 04-04-2007 03:54 AM

How I was a BMF when I got BMF
I played and beat the game on hard difficulty, but not after finishing on the other two difficulties at least 10 times.

I learned a strategy that is very useful in beating Wheatley at the end.

Wheatley's fighting style is Muay Fly, and the two best fighting styles to use against Muay Fly are Ghetto Blaster, and Black Panther.

Oh and another thing: Wheatley's kicks look like they're going high, but are most likely going low, so block low, which is probably the advantage that Muay Fly gives you when using it.

Hopefully, this will help you become a BMF yourself, and be able to prove it.:woop:

MnM 04-23-2007 02:25 PM

major situation on my hands...
aight guys here's the deal, i was doing BAL (build a label) on hard from begining to end, but somewhere about half way thru i went back to the main menu and did a couple of secret achiev's. All good so far, but since i was still having MAJOR pains on 'hard' i changed it to 'easy' and did the achiev's (this was before i read this post and started KILLING it on 'hard'). well that was all yesterday i came back today and starting doing BAL again, did 2 or 3 fights and was like "wow this seems REALLY easy...." finished the fight i was in and checked the difficulty, and sure enough it was still on 'easy' cuz i forgot to change it. so i changed it to 'hard' and hoped for the best as i went and finished out BAL. beat Wheatly x2 and no achiev :eek:. So know i know u can't miss ANY fights on 'hard', but here's my real Q: do i have to go back and do EVERY fight again on 'hard' or JUST those few fights i did on 'easy'?? big big thx guys.

ps-i'm looking to trade wins for achiev's too, hit me up.

clear31 04-24-2007 10:34 PM

i read somewhere you have to do it from the very beginning on hard. Cant change it.

MnM 04-26-2007 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by clear31 (Post 249343)
i read somewhere you have to do it from the very beginning on hard. Cant change it.

that can be taken 2 different ways

1) u have to have the diff. selected before u start ur career and it won't change
2) it must remain on hard diff. throughout and not be changed

see my prob is i did 2 matches on easy, so i was HOPING that if i go back and do those 2 matches again on hard it'll unlock, anyone know for sure?

nvm, i returned the headache, aka 'icon', thx for the help tho guys

DarkManX4lf 03-15-2008 02:51 PM

Geeze I'm having a hard time with playing BAL on hard. I keep trying to circle the opponent and try to grapple them but it seems to work sometimes and soemtimes it doesnt. I am having a tough time with Jonny Nunez in the beginning, I beat him once but the second time I am fighting him its way too hard. You can circle him and make him miss but when you try to grapple him after his miss he comes with a quick punch and gets in a combo....

Trying to reverse doesnt help either he just grapples me, and doing combos...he just blocks or reverses.....WTF!

Killer66250 03-26-2008 05:04 PM

good advice.

Killer66250 04-01-2008 02:16 PM

When I did it I circled them as soon as the attacked/missed I did a directional attack.

EOU Findub 04-20-2009 10:08 AM

Basically, what I did (and am currently doing and smoking through the game) is block their attacks, grab and throw them into a speaker or whatever and scratch. I can usually end the match really fast and beat the snot out of the enemy.

The computer will block 90% of your strikes and if you try to grab them without blocking or dodging, they beat the crap out of you/grab you first. This is such a shitty game I can't believe I rented this shit. Def Jam FFNY and the first one was incredible.

EDIT: I know this thread is really old...I just thought it would help without making a new one.

SenSporky 04-21-2009 11:12 PM

ha yea man ffny was alot better

HamsterLV 07-20-2009 04:23 PM

Damn! 8) I finally got this damn s***! Wasn't THAT hard, but it sure made me swear a LOT! S*** ass game! Now the only thing I need is 200 online wins and I am done with this crap!

Bjernagris 05-23-2010 08:57 PM

Great advice in this thread. Also I could add that it is very easy to grab the opponent if you do a directional attack close to the camera, so that the opponent gets hit towards the screen. That way he won't move away from you (and cannot recover before you can get to him and grab).

KingRep 12-19-2011 11:22 PM

Good to read all the tips im only a quarter way through the game and already dont wanna finish lol.

Finished game just learned to block then get a quick grab in after i learned how to do that i finished only losing to Wink (Sticky Fingaz) cause he reverses to much.

Mr914 02-08-2012 11:27 AM

Great info, allowed me to get the full 1000. I had this game for four years LOL.

ll3DxShArKyll 04-20-2013 11:31 PM

hard is crazy but im a try to calm down to play it

ll3DxShArKyll 04-20-2013 11:31 PM

i tryed to grab them but it didnt help

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