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X07 LEGENDKILLA 05-20-2010 11:01 AM

I know there have been previous post's with regards to glitching but no matter what I do it always glitches on the ice level. I've played this 2 times now and I really need some advice on how to stop this happening.
Should I just ignore picking up any totems on the ice level and just collect them all with level select??

I managed to unglitch my game by copying the glitched save onto my memory card. I went back and mimicked the last bird i did and it dropped a dreamcatcher as expected. When i went to the next totem that was previously glitched it gave me my final totem. I don't know if this is a guaranteed way but it worked for me.

Vindicaire 02-19-2013 08:19 AM

Ok, I will connfirm this, as I needed one totem and even after replaying the level twice, its still came up a a dreamcatcher. I copied the save onto a flash drive and played it.

At first I was annoyed, as the missing totem popped as a dreamcatcher. I then decided to collect one anyway. And there it was...the missing totem. So...

Confirmed, I would suggest getting the glitched one and the one after it!

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