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Current Value 06-20-2010 11:43 AM

Easy way to win???
Does anyone know an easy way to win via spamming button/character combos?? this game is the least completed game on my whole profile (225/1000) , i didnt really enjoy the game enough that i will never bring myself to play it again unless there is an easy/cheap way of winning?? i normally wouldnt resort to tryna go cheap on a game like this but its my only option, as i just dont enjoy this game (soulcalibur 4 FTW!!!)

Union 360 06-24-2010 04:47 PM

Dunno if there's really an easy way to win in this game. You DO have to pick a character that you're most comfortable with, though. I'm a Lau man myself. I rely on the variants of the PPPK combo to do the most damage, but a lot of time it's just recognizing when to attack and when to block.

One helpful hint, though: I've found the AI tends to get screwed up if you start a PPP(down)K combo. The AI will block high to stop your PPP's, but the sweep will knock them on the ground. Then you can use a down attack to eek a bit more health out of them. Doesn't always work, but it helps.

Biggest thing I've learned from playing VF is to know when to attack and when to block. This game isn't like a lot of other fighting games where either party can be an attack sponge. VF--players and AI alike--will punish you BIG TIME if you leave them an opening.

EnkiduV3 06-27-2010 01:25 PM

Virtua Fighter isn't a game that rewards the player for knowing 1 move. Sure, using the same easy combo over and over again might work against the Kyu's and most Dan's, but once you get to the 7th, 8th, or 9th Dan opponents, you really need to learn every aspect of your character (and also learn the game in general).

If you didn't like VF5, I suggest forgetting it. As a matter of fact... since you are resorting to asking for cheap spam combos to win, I recommend that you stay away from Virtua Fighter altogether. Not just because it is my favorite fighting game franchise and you are asking us to taint it's reputation for being the most technical and execution heavy fighting game, but because you clearly don't care for that style of fighting game. I noticed a lack of Tekken on your list as well.

Soul Calibur is great, but it is one of the easiest fighting games of all time. VF requires quite a bit of skill and dedication to become even decent. If you aren't willing to put even a little effort into it, it isn't worth playing.

Not to sound like a judgmental asshole, but I'm a little surprised that you haven't played SF4. I'm a huge fighting game fan, and love almost every series, but SF4 is your next logical step up. I can imagine the jump from SC4 to VF5 was quite unsettling.

Current Value 06-28-2010 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by EnkiduV3 (Post 3243361)
Not to sound like a judgmental asshole, but I'm a little surprised that you haven't played SF4. I'm a huge fighting game fan, and love almost every series, but SF4 is your next logical step up. I can imagine the jump from SC4 to VF5 was quite unsettling.

Yes it was, my girlfriend brought me virtua fighter 5 and i normally dont just put the disc in my console and play it (thats normally for my 'tester' account for completion purposes).. Anyway tekken 6 i havent gotten around to yet, as for SF4 i have played it, not on my account thow, SC4 is definantly 'easier' then VF5, i first played SC2 on the original xbox & loved it, so had an idea of the characters/gameplay,etc. Having being new to the VF series & putting enough time into this game to see if i truely enjoy it, and obviously dont, i think i will just accept there is nothing 'easy' about VF5 unless u truely enjoy the way it plays as a fighter and game itself....

WolfheartSpell 08-19-2010 10:58 PM

Well, I must say there's an easy/cheap way to beat MOST of the characters, not only the Kyus or Dans, but also Sentinels, Defenders, Vanquishers and even Conquerors (done this several times) by only using 1 button: the lovely yellow Y.

Character to use: Akira Yuki

This works with almost everyone, sometimes you do need to block though.
Best ways to use the cheap way is by either doing YY, wait, YY again, wait, YY again. Usually you win after about 7 seconds.

Another way, practically the same is: ->->Y, wait until they get up, -->Y, wait until they get up again,... You get the picture. The good thing about this is that you can knock them down, go back and keep at distance for when they try to kick you while getting up. Rinse and repeat and it shouldn't be a problem.

You'll have to block here and then, but that's it.

But as I said, it doesn't work with everyone. Just keep trying or try to learn their moves...

If you want to prevent losses during your quest mode just turn off auto-save and save whenever you want. But if you're having let's say a winning streak of 10 just quit out of the match as it won't count as a loss.

Dennoman 08-30-2010 07:22 PM

I prefer using Wolf.

For lower ranked (and easy AI) characters: if you're fighting in an arena with ring out possibilities, simply go to the edge of the arena but leave plenty of space so you can block if they attack. Then block, wait for the gap and go for his HCF + throw roundhouse grab. Hurls them out of the arena pretty much every time.

You can also use this strategy without ringing people out. The roundhouse grab does craploads of damage, so use it every time you see an opening. The reason why I use the roundhouse grab is because it's the single most damaging grab in the game and it has great reach because Wolf kinda lunges for their legs.

Up until... 5th Dan or so you can just spam them to death with punches and kicks to make it faster when you're highest rank and just picking off characters that don't have a yellow star yet.

Current Value 10-27-2010 03:15 PM

Thanks for the feedback, i shall be on this as soon as i ccomplete fable 3.

Destro 02-27-2012 08:48 AM

I know this thread is old, but damn you should had give the guy a break.... he was not asking for easy ONLINE win, but for cpu wins in the uber long and boring quest mode.

I liked this game, had fun playing online, hell even to an extent quest mode was ok for a while, until i finished the last big tournament. But now its only "arcade grinding" damn its boring and just a work for pts thats it... so yeah i go around and spam the running knee with my Sarah all the time... This is just one long muthafreaking grind and thats it. The developers need to be a bit creative for quest mode for us to really goes into it and like it...

I had VF4 on PS2... i played VS and all, but in quest... i done like 50 fights and thats it... i got bored so fast, there was no achievements back then,

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