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Spartan 04-14-2007 04:16 PM

Achievement Trading Thread
Post here if you are looking to trade online achievements with people.

Krazie 05-02-2007 08:55 PM

Looking for online matches?
Post here if you're looking for some friendly competition with some x360a members! This is only for friendly games, if you want to trade achievements, see the achievement trading thread.

GOSFreak 06-01-2008 04:56 AM

I rented this for a few days, so if anyone is interested in playing some, let me know. GT: GOSFreak.

ShaunMichael80 06-01-2008 05:54 AM

i am in but im not sure how exatly all those ranka ch's can be done anyone know

BOMB SQUIRREL 06-01-2008 07:26 AM

help everyone
;)hey,ill like to get sum acheevs online so send me a friendsreq or message and we can play see ya

Basic_Elite 06-01-2008 01:09 PM

Hit me up with a FR or a Message. I'm impressed with this game, but the horrid Lag kills the MP Exp. So I would like to hurry and get the Online Achievements and then play the MP with some friends against Bots. Add me. Basic Elite

david288 06-02-2008 07:30 AM

i need them all

sir gibo 06-02-2008 08:10 AM

i am looking for some players as no one seems to play it :( i think it is a very good game plz some one come on line.

Gerror 06-02-2008 04:42 PM

Send me a f/r Im willing to help ;)

sTyLeZ 06-03-2008 10:59 PM

Anybody want to boost all online achievements tonight, send me a f/r
GT: s T y L e Z xX

OMOXO 06-04-2008 09:06 PM

Boost Boost
Any 1 Wann Boost Tonight Hit Me Up Ill Be On All Night

WeeSteveyG 06-05-2008 11:15 AM

im looking for matchs. it never finds any when i search.

dethklok 06-11-2008 12:30 AM

if anyone wants to boost for this game hit me up on xbox live GT = stinkyx dead x

boofarama 06-16-2008 05:43 PM

message me i have 2 consoles and we can boost all online achievements...

boofarama 06-16-2008 05:44 PM

i have 2 consoles with 2 games so message me and we can boost...

Nutty Scouser 06-17-2008 01:28 PM

Nutty Scouser --- im in message me quake wars

Nutty Scouser 06-17-2008 04:17 PM

GTag Nutty Scouser - message me quake wars

boofarama 06-17-2008 08:26 PM

message me please...

Molneze3 06-19-2008 11:27 AM

I just rented this game, so if anyone wants to play, send me a message.
I'll just have it for this weekend.
Boofer, i sent you a message to play

Molneze3 06-19-2008 11:39 AM

i've got this game all this weekend, message me if you want to play

boofarama 06-19-2008 03:31 PM

ok kool mate

boofarama 06-19-2008 03:31 PM

kool kool no one platys this game online..

INFCTED 06-21-2008 05:11 AM

Am online for the next 48hrs so hit me up if u wana boost...

Gamertag - INFCTED

GuitarGod69 06-23-2008 04:30 PM

i should be getting this game thru gamefly today or tomorrow so if anyone wants to boost online achievements, let me know or add me GT= xxHEADSHOTxx300

Nutty Scouser 06-24-2008 10:04 AM

GT - Nutty Scouser

evil666lord 06-26-2008 05:16 PM

I'm looking for someone to play 2v2 against bots with, no one I know has this game. gt is evil666lord.

Nutty Scouser 06-27-2008 01:00 PM

I have 1 achievment left for this game but im gona keep it because i love the game..... message me if you need help

t_money89801 06-29-2008 01:54 AM

looking for one person to help get the online achievemets. send me a fr to ooT Money Incoo

n3cromung3r 07-08-2008 10:39 AM

I rented this game, and have it until July 11th. Willing to boost any/all achievements. GT is Bob Bollick

glock18forlife 07-08-2008 07:53 PM

I don't have any MP achievements. GT:Kevownage

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