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A 0 E monkey 08-10-2010 05:49 PM

Achievement Guide and Roadmap
Well as much as I wanted to keep this a rare 1k, after quite a few requests I will write a guide, I think I may also write guide for some more of the rarer asian games out there, so keep an eye out :)

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 660: 1/10
840: 2/10
1000: 4/10
-Offline: 10 (1000
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 35+ hrs
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No Difficulty Setting (I think :p)
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? Microphone, the one inluded, or an older Logitech USB mic)

Welcome to Superstar Karaoke, a Korean Karaoke Game :D The things we do for gamerscore... First off you need no korean at all to 1k this game, though the usual Yes, No, Save, Load etc knowledge is a good start. The rest of the stuff I have already worked out so no problems there just follow this guide :) Generally it is a very easy game, except for one achievement, Get all Greats on a song.

Singing method: there are various methods which work, the TV trick doesn't since the game has no song playing anyways. Humming works the best, a loud, mid range hum does the trick since the game doesn't seem to pick up extreme ranges. For best results change note on each section to assure a 'Great' Rating. Though this is not at all neccessary it seemed to help me get the best results. A monotone pitch also does a good job, though very very annoying, go to this link, select 'Organ mode' and wedge down a note. Turn up the volume loud and I'd advise not being in the same room to as great a degree as possible to avoid instanity, however it does give good results.

Achievements: All Achievements are attained in Superstar mode (the top option), the other options are:

Practice Mode
Quick Play

There are around 300 songs on the disk, perhaps more (and many more as DLC apparantly) and around 25 songs in English, choose an English song you know for easier all Greats. Also note this is a Kids game however the Koreans don't seem to have anything against bad language being sung by kids over there... Joy :D

Note if any XP value are wrong please let me know and I will correct them :)

Note 2: I would advice HEAVILY AGAINST backing out at any point, it is better to fail, as it seems the game doesn't like this, especially regarding the old man achievement as it may not pop the achievement for landing on 5 if you had backed out in the previous run :( << Boy or "Arareru" << Girl or "Fuzurugun" << Middle Aged Man or "Hujulgeun" << Middle Aged Woman or "Tiara" << Old Man or "Nabaru" or "Grandfather Kumoni" << Dog!

I have stated these as I will refer to characters many times within the guide:

Also in the road map I am putting the method of the achievements instead of the names and this will probably be easier to follow:

Step 1: Start Singing!
This pretty much is the 1 and only step to this game, it is very straightforward just long and time consuming. Start off with the Boy, get him to level 4 (240,000XP), by this point you will hopefully have, the S rank achievement, the all Great achievement, the get the boy to level 2 achievement and the unlock the man achievement.

Step 2: Keep Singing!
Next get the girl to level 3 (120,000XP) this should unlock Tiara and give you the get the girl to level 3 achievement

Step 3: Some more Singing!

Now complete 1 'Gig' with the middle aged man, then 1 with Tiara. Get 3 '100 ratings' out of 6 songs to give you the Tiaras singing class achievement.

Step 4: Keep Singing until you are lucky!
Now start singing with the Old man, if you have sung as the other 4 characters already unlocked you will unlock the Dog and 70G. Now keep singing with the old man; after 5 songs you get to use the spinner like normal to select the 6th song, now for the old man achievement you must have the item on the 5th song choice and then land on it - 50G. This is an annoying one since 1 in 5 chance of item being next to 5; 1 in 5 of landing on 5 and one go every 6 songs. That is means a 1 in 150 song chance of getting this achievement... joy. Note earlier inthe Roadmap about quitting out...

Step 5: Carry On Singing! ... The long haul
The final step in your journey to 1K, the Dog!
Now you want to max out the Dog's XP at 720,000XP, while doing this, when selecting the 'Gig' choose the bottom most option when it is unlocked and do this 10 times in a row without failing or backing out for the endurance achievement. Once you hit 720,000XP you will unlock SuperDog and your last achievement (hopefully, as long as you already have all Greats etc)

Congrats 1K Superstar, on a game you have no clue of understanding the songs, unless of course you speak Korean... Enjoy :D

A 0 E monkey 08-10-2010 09:07 PM 연습생 졸업하기
In superstar mode, reach level 2 with Arareru, this is at 50,000XP. A good score on a song can net you up to around 2500XP, there is nothing to this achievement, just keep singing songs, any will do, after choosing this character. The order is always the same: 3 of your choice, out of a small list, then 2 chosen at random by stopping the numbers like a slot machine, then finally 1 more song by stopping a spinner, everyparty style. None of these options matter for this achievement, just keep on singing songs for XP.데뷰 졸업하기
In superstar mode, reach level 3 with Fuzurugun, this is at 120,000XP. Same applies as for the achievement above ^.캐릭터 UNLOCK
This is for unlocking the Hujulgeun character, this is done by singing well with Arareru, after I got a couple of 100 ratings with Arareru this just popped right up. If it doesn't just keep playing as it will pop up very early. S 등급 연속 획득
Very simple; just get S rankings on 3 songs in a row, you don't even have to do particularly well in this game to get an S rank. Just hit most of the notes and you should be good for an S rank, the score doesn't seem to be greatly related to the rank either as you can have an S rank with a score of 65 but a B rank with a score of 80+. I think the rank is to do with the percentage of notes hit and score is the ratings you get: Great, Good etc게임 판정 도전
Get all greats on a song. By far the hardest achievement in the game, and about the only one you may not get from grinding out songs. Now song 'selection' is a huge part of this achievement as I couldn't often get a Great rating on the shortest of notes, so you have to hope for a short song with no short notes to come up. The second method is to find an english song you can do well in and practice it then when you start a new 'Gig' if it isn't in the list of songs, hit B then A and the list refreshes with a new selection. Without this achievment the game would be an easy 1k, this will require luck and patience. Remember, must be done in Superstar mode as well.레전드 랭크 달성하기
Reach Legend rank with the Dog: this is achieved at 720,000XP. Again there is nothing to this achievement but a long grind, just keep using the Dog. I'd estimate around 300-400 songs. To unlock the Dog character, as stated in the Roadmap, use all the other characters once. This is probably the longest achievement, but there is no luck involved which is nice.

The XP required to level up is as follows:
Level 1: 0XP
Level 2: 60,000XP (50,000XP for Arareru)
Level 3: 120,000XP
Level 4: 240,000XP
Level 5: 480,000XP
Level 6: 720,000XP티아라의 노래 교실
Tiara's Singing lesson; get a 100 rating on 3 consecutive songs using Tiara. This achievement is misleading, as, from my experience, they don't need to be consecutive just as long as at least 3 of 6 songs in the Gig are 100 ratings, this will pop. This is not a problem and you will often get 6/6 songs at 100 rating. You needn't get all Greats to get this rating but just need to do pretty well and hit at least around 99% of the notes. There are many songs which have weird parts which you will get many misses, however this doesn't appear to affect the rating, as long as you clear the song.캐릭터 UNLOCK
Unlock all characters, very straightforward, the characters are unlocked as follows:

Arareru: Available at start
Fuzurugun: Available at start
Hujulgeun: Do well with Arareru or just do many songs
Tiara: Do well with Fuzu or just do many songs
Grandfather Kumoni: Reach level 4 with any character (at 240,000XP)
Dog: Complete a 'Gig' with all other characters지구력 테스트
Endurance:towards the legend. Once you have opened up the last 'Gig' with the Dog as you are leveling him up, keep doing it. Choose it every time and complete it 10 times in a row without backing out, failing, switching off your console etc etc. It sounds worse than it is, just hope that you get 60 songs which aren't impossible to pass (there were a few I could never manage which had odd bits which went to miss straight away). However, I never encountered these while playing as the Dog. This is simply perseverance, can be done on the way to the Legend Dog achievement.나바람의 운
Lucky Nabaru, or lucky Grandfather Kumoni; the achievement says it all, you have to get really lucky. While playing as Grandfather Kumoni, you need to have 'item' appear next to 5, then land on 5 when using the spinner to choose the 6th song of the 'Gig'. Persevere and try not to back out of a gig as it may block this achievement. One in 150 song chance of getting this one as stated in the roadmap but nothing really hard about it, just keep completing songs.

Patmaster 08-11-2010 07:53 AM

my HERO man... I'm gonna tell ya if it works once I receive that very "unique" game... ;)

MachineAres 08-21-2010 10:26 AM

I love how you assume everyone in the world just plays games to get gamerscore and that no one on this board speaks or understands Korean. I speak Korean, love Korean music, and love karaoke, so this game is win all over for me, not just some game to meaninglessly tack onto my gamerscore pile :) Thanks for the guide, though.

Y O D A 08-23-2010 01:20 PM

Hey, nice work on the guide:)

Edit: Nevermind

A 0 E monkey 08-25-2010 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by MachineAres (Post 3427969)
I love how you assume everyone in the world just plays games to get gamerscore and that no one on this board speaks or understands Korean. I speak Korean, love Korean music, and love karaoke, so this game is win all over for me, not just some game to meaninglessly tack onto my gamerscore pile :) Thanks for the guide, though.

I didn't assume that that was the case at all, I admit I played it to complete it, however I only played it in the first place because I had played it before and enjoyed it. I love all music games as you can probably tell if you look at my card. However it is likely the case that most people on the boards here do not speak Korean, and thus these are the people I have aimed this guide at.

The game is so simple that the main barrier against 1k is understanding the game and what to do in it, therefore anyone who speaks korean probably wouldn't need a guide anyways. I didn't, however, assume that noone could read Korean, I said as much in the roadmap. I'm sorry if I offended you but on a predominantly English forum, in a pretty much dead thread of a 2 year old korean game I figured that there wasn't anyone else to write the guide, my bad.

AMainComptonese 07-11-2012 01:26 AM

Great guide and can't wait to get back to this game. It's a fun, easy karaoke game.

a_correa4 11-07-2013 09:44 PM

Thanks for this guide! A big help to those that dont speak korean. Just got this for easy gamerscore and will try to 1k.
Thanks again

tma 01-18-2015 01:58 AM

For future reference: instead of wasting time with getting the boy to level 4, use the girl instead. You need to get her to level 3 anyway, while you only need to get the boy to level 2 for the achievements.

Additionally, I worked out a good song to use for the all GREAT in a song achievement, I made a separate post about it so check the forum for more information.

tma 02-27-2015 10:09 PM

The achievement for maxing out the Dog character (레전드 랭크 달성하기) is glitchy and may not unlock when you hit 720k XP. If this happens, play some songs with another character and it should unlock. I just had this happen to me, and the comments on the TA solution also support this.

The odds calculated for hitting the Old Man's special item is only 1/25, not 1/150. You don't need to factor in the 6 songs being played, because they are always played, so it's only 1/5 * 1/5. It still means that, theoretically you'd be playing 25+ sets with the Old Man, at 30 minutes a set, so assuming that probability was a guarantee (it's not) you'd be looking at up to 12.5 hours of play just for that achievement. Probably more, because chance is like that.

PLM 08-24-2015 03:53 AM

Do I need a Korean Xbox for this game? I have an American and Japanese Xbox now. Thanks!

tma 08-24-2015 04:03 AM

Your Japanese console will work fine.

tma 10-25-2015 05:58 AM

I have a theory regarding the Lucky Nabaru achievement (the one that requires getting an item on a 5 with the Old Man character).

I'm not sure where the "back out glitch" theory came from - I'd love to know the source, because it seems like a really random thing to correlate with this achievement not working. My current theory is that there isn't actually a back out glitch, but there is actually a hidden requirement for the achievement itself that some people just luck out and hit.

My current theory is that the random song selections after the third song (where you randomly select a bunch of numbers) in a set must also have a 5 in it, and then you need to hit the 5 with an item on it. I've won the item on a 5 a few times now but never with one of the random songs having a 5.

If anyone can point me to the actual source of the back out glitch theory I'd appreciate it.

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